Bar Circle C Ranch Ch. 03Bar Circle C Ranch Ch. 03


Chapter 3

Kelly came home extra frisky that night. She asked me to get a bottle of wine and some glasses. She went and sat on the fur rug by the fire. When I got there, she was naked and wrapped in a blanket. This is going to be a good night I thought to myself. I poured her a glass and before I could pour myself one, she asked me: “to go to the bedroom, undress put on the cock cage and bring oil, the paddle and Jeff.”

She thought I was crazy when I first started asking her about Jeff and asking her to tell me about it. She kind of reacted like I did finding out bigger guys were with her when I said it turned me on thinking about her with other bigger guys, however just like me, she evolved. Over time she grew to enjoy it as a fantasy and to tease me about it. Much later in our life, I was reading more and more cuckold porn and the sub hub in chastity idea really turned me on. So, I stopped at our local adult store and bought my self the Jail House cage. It is stainless and brutally strong. It is actually too small for me, so morning wood erections are incredibly painful.

She was not home when I got home. So, I went skinny dipping jumping naked into our freezing swimming pool. I refuse to spend the money to heat it so it usually between 60 and 65 degrees. I know from experience jumping every evening after work that it causes massive shrinkage. I stayed in a few bone chilling minutes to make sure I was small enough for the cage. It was still hard to install. I had to coat my cock and balls with baby oil. The only way I can fit in the ring is to push my cock inside out and shove one ball at time through the base ring and then push my back inside out. Getting my cock into the actual cage is not easy either due to my thickness. So, I have to push in slowly sliding over each ring of stainless steel. I cannot get it all the way by hand, the only way the head gets to the bottom of the cage is by attempting to get hard in the cage. Then I slide the cage onto the base ring being careful not to get my cock meat stuck on the two little stud that make sure you cannot rotate the cage and get out.

That first day I caged myself and then got dressed for dinner. We went to our favorite little Bistro and had appetizers and wine at the patio bar. It was there that I told her about the cage. I showed her a picture of one on my phone. She blushed and said: “oh my that is something else.” Since we were at the bar, we were side by side I grabbed her hand and put it in my lap. Her face when she felt the steel cage my penis was trapped in was priceless. She whispered: “so how does this work.” I told her: “I would do anything she wanted, please her orally and with Jeff.” I handed her the keys and said: “you get to decide when I am released.” That first night she let me out after I had pleasured her. Over time I encouraged her to lock me longer.

One time I met her and her two closest girlfriends at the same bar for Happy Hour after work. They were celebrating my wife’s birthday and had been Pendik Escort there since they started a late lunch. They had all had a lot of wine and were beyond blotto. Apparently, they had been talking about sex as women full of wine often do. Her friend Anne leaned over and says quietly: “Kelly told us about your obsession. Cindy and are still shock and told Kelly we did not believe her, so she said we could prove it to ourselves.” As she said that she slipped her hand into my lap and grabbed my caged cock, her eyes lit up and she said: “I know what I am getting Bob for my birthday.” Cindy slid her hand in my lap and traced the bars of the cage and cupped my balls gently. She said aloud kind of to know one, “I do not think I could get Don to wear one unless I tied him up first. There is a thought.” She looked to the other women and said: “we have shopping to do.”

I paid the bill and drove the three to an adult bookstore. It was so hot being with three fairly drunk beautiful suburban MILFs looking through all of this sexual material, especially being in my cage. This is very high-end store, most of the workers are women, normal looking suburban women to college age women, it was female owned. You enter on the right side of the building while not many young people go there that side it is not required to be over 21 as it is mostly lingerie, costumes, surprisingly lube and the S something must have her really turned on. She hears me return and does not stop. I tell her you look beautiful baby. Thank God I put the cage in the bedroom, or I would never get it on now. She is usually embarrassed to touch herself even when I ask her too but tonight, she does not stop.

She says, boy do I have something to tell you. While I tell the story, you get down here and help me out. First with your mouth and then with Jeff. You know how you usually do it slowly and sensually, I want it hard and fast. So, kiss me a bit, then firmly suck on my nipples while I continue fingering myself and then get down there and make me squirt. “Yes, Ma’am” is my only response. As I lean down to kiss her. Our tongues dance a few times, and lifting the paddle off the rug, she says: “but first some motivation.” She has me lie across her lap. This is the first time she has ever spanked me without me asking for it, I am so hard in the cage it is insane, cock meat is bulging out between each ring of steel. “I want a nice angry fuck with that big cock, so I am going to make you angry. Not the usually twenty, you are getting fifty she says.” Usually, she does a gentle hand warm up, so my bottom is ready, but not tonight, this is punishment and meant to sting. I can tell from the first swat that she is serious. She hits my ass harder than ever, there is no pause to let the pain sink in, the swats come fast and furious. The spanking was over amazingly quickly. She drops the paddle and says get to work and make it angry or the paddle is coming back out.

As I slide off her lap and up, we share the Pendik Escort Bayan most passionate kiss ever. I touch my ass and feel how hot it is. After a boastful aggressive kiss. I suck and pinch her nipples as she rubs her clit. After a few minutes of boob play she picks up Jeff and starts sucking him while putting her other hand on the top of my head pushing me between her legs.

Her cleaning waxed lips are swollen and absolutely soaked. I slide between them and lick away. I play with her lips and tongue fuck her trying to tease like usual. She slaps the side of face and say I told you angry, get the clit so I go aggressively on her clit, alternating between sucking it and flicking it with my tongue, I look up and she has Jeff deeper in her throat than I ever recall. I can feel she is ready for her first orgasm already. She grabs and handful of my hair holding my tight to her and says stay right there and keep doing that. Almost instantly she begins to squirt soaking the rug.

Usually, her clit is sensitive for a bit and she wants a break before I continue but not tonight, she holds me head there a just say again. I continue my work until she squirts two more times. After the third squirt, she pulls my head up and says role over. I brought the Jeff that straps on my mouth, she cums from oral or her on top. Before straps it on she lowers her rosebud to my face and has me lick her ass for a while. After a few minutes she straps Jeff on my face there is about four inches of penis in my mouth and nine more for her, with big black ball that sit on my chin.

She usually takes Jeff slowly because of his enormous girth but not tonight. She hops on and takes him in one motion, all the way down to his bas and may face. She starts riding my face like she is galloping her horse. I am talking hard, fast, and aggressive, she is out of breath. As she starts to come the first time, she says I learned something today at the barn that I cannot wait to tell you about. She stops pumping and stars grinding, grinding is how she cums. I can barely see above her, but I see she has a hold of each nipple and is twisting them back and forth while pulling them away from her body as far she can. It must be pleasure and pain because she is about to cum like crazy, but I can see her wince when she pulls be tits to the extreme.

At last, she squirts all over me moaning like a woman possessed. After her orgasm she rolls off and drops onto my chest. I think I do not know what she heard but my God I cannot wait to hear. She lays there slowly catching her breath. After probably ten minutes she removes the cock from my mouth and kisses me gently. Looking into my eyes she says: “thank you, that was just what I needed, sometimes a girl just needs a good hard fuck from a nice big cock — too bad yours is not that big.”

We kept kissing as my hands caressed her body feeling all her lovely curves. She looks at me and says: “I know you are super tuned on right now, but you Escort Pendik are not getting unlocked today.” She tells me to: “pick up the oils, she is worn out from riding and fucking and needs a massage.” I think to myself great more torture. I get to touch everything but not use it for my own pleasure. I kiss her forehead and profess my love for her and pick up the oil. I roll her face down and being on her shoulders. She tells me to: “make certain that my cage is always touching her body somewhere during the massage.” As I work on her shoulders, she starts to tell me what she learned at Wine Wednesday about the meaning of the logo and brand and about the secret club. She said: “this was always a fantasy we have had a lot of fun with, but I could never in my head see a way through the logistics of actually cuckolding you and becoming a Hot Wife. What turned me on so much is with this club. This club that is a secret run by someone I already know; I could see a real possibility that we could do.”

I continued to caress her and rolled her over and started making out with her. I told her “I was thrilled with the news as well and amazed by her performance today.” She thanked me and kissed me back. She told me: “I am a woman on a mission, I am going to get really close to Karen and learn what I can about the club. The cost, initiation process, anything I can. I am also going to ride around the Club House and see if I can see anything.”

Once she is all covered in oil. Her massage is complete, and she looks blissfully relaxed. She looks at me with a devilish smile and says: “thank you that was amazing. Now I want my husband to make gentle love to me. Kiss me like you do, gently play with my breast and nipples. Eat me gently, including all the teasing you are so good at giving me. When you are done and after I have a nice gentle orgasm from my loving husband you are going to get the vibrating butt plug prostate massager. I am going to put it in your ass, pump it up nice and big and turn it on high. Then I am going to roll over and let you grind your caged cock over my oily ass, and you have my permission to orgasm if you can.”

We made out for ever, I made sweet tender lover to her body with my hands and my mouth. I brought her to nice slowly building orgasm and swallowed nearly all of her squirt. After she caught her breath, I went and got the plug and lube. She put me back over her lap and worked a few lubed fingers into my ass and then the plug. She pumped it up extra thick and turned it on high. I got up and she rolled over presenting me her sweet little ass. My cock was killing me in the cage, but I needed to cum. I started grinding on her oily ass my hands under her gently cupping her breasts. She was talking quietly about cuckolding me at last and getting a real big cock or two again. When she said or two, I came.

Cumming in chastity is fairly easy for me but odd. The cum does not shoot out it dribbles. There is no rush or euphoria but the pressure in your balls is better. I lay on her back, my cum on my belly as she quietly continued her story of our future with the Club House. We briefly fell asleep together, before going to take a bath together and then back by the fire to enjoy our wine and some cheese and crackers and continue our Club House talk.

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