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Banister guy.

I suppose life is full of surprises, so when Henry asked me around to play some games – well was I naive or something in never imagining they would be the type of games he had in mind?

“I have fancied you ever since I employed you in my company Peter” he confessed, and there was I thinking it was because of my academic ability.

You see what I mean – naïve or what?

My my ex-girlfriend always used to say I was and she dumped me because I overdosed on the booze, and laid flat out on the main road, scaring her to death. But there was something else too, that I’ll mention later on.

“I don’t want to be living on tenterhooks going out with you!” she said and that was that.

But it didn’t seem to matter much, because I could not ever give her what she wanted and that caused a bit of a problem in itself.

Naivety again; I never knew I had gay tendencies, not until Henry that was, and then I found out, with a big kick up the ass (figuratively speaking) or, being crude and factually speaking, when he crammed that immense cock of his up my ass.

Then I knew I was gay because, although it hurt like hell the first time, I actually enjoyed it once the initial agony was over.

I love the way he has me on the banisters. I call him ‘banister boy’ now because he loves to fuck me every way on the stairs, he reckons that is the best way to enjoy all those positions we achieve together.

That is how it started really, a tepid love affair at first but soon developing into a very committed and passionate one.

Then I discovered the games he had in mind were sex games.

After our first meet at his pad, and after coffee and a brief chat about past and present; he invited me upstairs to his bedroom, and although I was a little apprehensive at first- because by that time and after the things we chatted about, well I was well aware of his intentions.

He had this way of looking at me with piercing eyes that seemed like he wanted to ravish me, his posh kaçak iddaa Oxford accent was a turn -on though, really rich and deep in tone, and there was something about him that made me shudder through and through in the most delightful way.

He invited me to go up first, I was wearing my tight blue brush jeans which he had already said I looked good in – but now, as I climbed the stairs he was raving about the way I moved.

Momentarily I felt the brush of his body behind and the feel of his hands encircling my thighs, at this point his face was more or less level with my hind and then I felt his hands tighten around the front of my thighs and, raving about the quality of my ass, I felt his first intimate move as he rummaged his face into the crevice of my hind, and really went to town – rubbing his face into me like crazy.

It was strange, it was sudden but I was enjoying it. My first hesitations when I tried to resist by moving myself away, were soon rectified when his strong hands prevented me. I felt a push in the nape of my back as he forced me to bend with so much ardor and movement, I clung onto the banister rail to gather some support as he grasped the buckle of my belt, unzipped me, and downed my jeans with such vigor and stealth that I felt I was being attacked by a mad animal.

As soon as he had downed my jeans his head was into me again, sniffing and squeezing between my cheeks as he roughly spread them.

It had all happened so quickly and I was beginning to realize what true homosexuality was all about as I felt his mouth and tongue working my asshole like there was no tomorrow. In fact everything I may have thought to be crude just an hour before was now a sheer delight; and the feel if his intimate oral touch and the hungry caress of my tackle, was making me feel quite different to the way I had ever felt before with a girl.

Angela, the one who dumped me, had often tried to arouse me both with touching and oral but It never worked, I could never get a hard on and she called kaçak bahis me a wimp and concluded I was ‘gay or something.’

Now, thinking about it, as Henry busied himself still beneath and between, prompting me to raise up one leg on the next stair for easier access, I knew I as gay and that the hell, I was enjoying something so wonderfully new and refreshing in my life, that Angela, although she was a sweet girl, could never have achieved – even when she prompted me to touch her there, it didn’t feel right at all and to put my cock into her was way beyond my expectations. So instead, having got herself so worked up, she yearned for me to masturbate her, in the back seat of her car of all places, but I just couldn’t arouse the interest and the very thought repulsed me, so instead she did it herself and I never saw her again.

But there was no repulse with Henry, all the time he was complimenting me on my splendid ass and how he had always wanted to fuck me.

For quite a time he seemed happy enough to exploit me on the stairs, he showed me positions I could never have imagined, like when he laid his head beneath my crotch and said to smother him with what he called ‘my glory’ and with both legs spread wide apart, one lower and one higher on the stairs, I enjoyed the most wonderful feel of his presence underneath me and he must have enjoyed me like that for ages, at one time I was concerned he could not get his breath but he urged me on, not to stop the intensive smothering, that is what he wanted so I gave him it until I felt all my bits beneath were numbed with his incensed working of me..

“I want to fuck you to death” he said after a pause, his fingers still thereabouts, teasing and rimming me, slapping me, it was all feeling so beautiful and I felt the tangs that prompted me to feel him, touch and suck him and it was sheer delight. The taste was divine, his scent a real turn on and I loved the sensuality of his balls.

We played games, there on the stairs, chuckling as I mimicked the way illegal bahis he used his full erection to slap my ass, and the feel and touch of the sheer intimacy of his beautifully defined ‘jap-eye’ was a dream as I so enjoyed massaging it with my tongue, until I felt the spurt of his pre-cum over my lips.

His cock was well developed and I hoped he could get all inside me, it would be the first time unless you can count those experiments teenagers do discovering the workings of sex, and I remember having several time enjoyed the feel of a bulbous screwdriver handle plunged up my ass with the aid of lashings of Vaseline. It took a time but eventually I got it all inside, even walked around with it because the feel in movement was divine.

But now this was the real thing and I was thinking a screwdriver handle could never equal the real life pliability of a well-placed full erect penis working inside me. It was a dream I could not wait to happen in real life.

And my dream was soon to come true as Henry placed me in position so he was to the rear and with a few movements on the stair steps, he found the absolute perfect position to access me for that first most important fuck that would herald the first of many to come.

It was beautiful, the feel of him first entering me and, with the aid of his hands, arranging my hips, moving them side to side to help his passage, I was able so sense a wonderful feel of sheer ecstasy I could never have envisaged, working it into me it hurt some, like he said it would, he took it out and covered it with lubricant and soon it was inside again. All snuggled up and warm as I felt the initial pain again diminish and become a beautiful feel of a numbness edged with warmth and delight as he continued the fuck with deeper and deeper insertions, as he started to thrust in and out of me.

It was gorgeous and I told him so afterwards.

“Just like you, Peter” he said with a beautiful smile and I knew I was his for as long as he wanted.

“Forever?” he suggested.

“Forever and ever” I replied. You are my banister guy.

I grew to love Henry every way
He showed me the way I never knew
With him it was right to be gay
And on the banisters too!

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