Subject: Bad Santa-2 BAD SANTA-2 Written by Eugene Marvin �aka- NPhillydogg@aol Being fresh out of jail, I was crashing on my brother’s old uncomfortable couch, when he got me a gig working in the mall as a Santa Clause for the xmas holidays! At first I was straight up against the idea, but it wasn’t like mofo’s were knocking down my door with offers of work, so I took it, despite the humiliation I KNEW I’d feel! My job as Santa was to walk around the mall greeting customers, taking pictures with them [when asked] and directing them to various shops along 3 levels `for their shopping convenience’…! It was a shit job, but I needed the cash! Just yesterday I had the pleasure of butt-fucking a male customer in the 3rd floor restroom [after he nearly made me nutt while squirming around in my lap with his kid]…! It was an unexpected perk I didn’t foresee coming [no pun intended] when I took the job! But now that it happened, my dick stayed half-mast most of the time [seeking further potential], swaying back and forth in my bright red Santa pants, flopping from one leg to the other as I walked! MANY of the shoppers noticed it [as did my faggot boss]…! When he hired me, he kept the office door open because he was scared to interview me alone in his office! He knew I was a convict, and he knew [through my brother] that I was fresh out of prison -fully rehabilitated of course [but he KNEW (just by looking at me) that I was a bootie snatcher in prison]! He barely even looked up at me the whole time with his nose buried in the paperwork! He asked for my measurements, then found me a Santa suit in my size, basically throwing me out into the mall with no experience! I was walking around in the food court, when I saw him sitting at a table, staring at me as if he saw a ghost! Well, it wasn’t really ME he was looking at…it was my DICK! Even from across the courtyard he could see the outline of my `baby buster’ swaying back and forth between my legs! He called me into his office shortly after, asking if the pants were too tight…? “Naw…they feel aiight to me…!” I said, shifting around in them, his eyes falling straight to my dick, staring as if he expected it to burst out and scream `SURPRISE!’ “Does it LOOK too tight…?” I asked, thrusting my hips out at him…! “uh…um…uk…” he stammered, unsure what to say…! “Did somebody complain…?” I asked, curiously! “Oh no…no…” he clarified quickly [his eyes still focused on my lump]! “…I…I just noticed…, I uh…I just happened to SEE…, uh…I just wondered…if it felt a little…tight…is all…!” he said, all without looking up into my face! I could feel my dick starting to grow, given all the attention it was getting! The manager’s eyes widened as he shifted about uncomfortably in his seat [as if something dangerous just walked in and was about to attack him]…! I pretended like everything was normal…as if I wasn’t sporting BIG WOOD in his face…! “You aiight, Jim…?” I asked, noticing how his chubby pink face was suddenly changing colors [turning red-faced], as he pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose…! “You need a glass of water or something…?” I asked, standing directly next to him, resting my hand on his shoulder [as if I gave a shit]…! “I…I…I’m alright…” he stuttered, grabbing a bottled water off his desk to take a much needed swig [lubricating his dry mouth]! Once he got himself under control, he nodded towards my crotch and said: “Looks like we have a uh…, problem…in your pants…!” I looked down… “Oh shit…” I said, groping the length of my tool through the cheap red material…! “…I ain’t even realize it grew like that…!” I lied! “Thing has a mind of its own, y’know…?” “I SEE!” said Jim, as I traced the outline of it with my fingers…! “Mind if I wait HERE til it goes down…?” I asked, politely! “I don’t want to scare any of the customers…!” “That’s a, uh…GOOD idea…!” swallowed Jim [still staring]! We both waited in awkward silence! Then I said… “It might go down faster if I had somebody who could help MAKE it go down…!” I suggested, moving in closer til my dick was practically touching Jim’s shoulder…! He just continued to sit there, paralyzed! “You been a good boi lately, Jimmy…?” I asked [acting as Santa], running my fingers through his wispy sandy-blonde kocaeli escort hair! “Is there anything in Santa’s package you might WANT this year…?” I teased! Jim glanced up at me for a second [over his glasses], then licked his lips…! “I…I’m MARRIED…” he said [almost as if he regretted it]…! I ran my hand up the back of his head, massaging his neck…! “That don’t mean you can’t enjoy the present Santa has for you…!” I said, as his eyes dropped back down to my dick…! “Why don’t you just reach down inside Santa’s package and pull out your gift…!” I offered, as Jim hesitated for a second [mauling it over in his head]…then timidly reached up and started groping the big thick hard-on through my pants…! “Oh god…” I heard him groan as he felt the crowbar underneath…! “Take it out…!” I whispered [huskily], starting to breath heavily…! Jim slowly reached up and pulled the drawstrings keeping my pants up around my waist [just underneath my Santa jacket], then latched his chubby fingers into the waistband before slowly pulling the pants down off my hips until my big, thick, and hard black ex-con DICK sprung UP and out into the air, [practically hitting him in the chin]…! Jim’s eyes lit up like a kid staring at his first xmas tree! “It’s all YOURS, Jimmy…do what you want with it…! No one has to know…!” encouraged BAD SANTA, as Jim stared at my 9.5″ monster like a baby looks at a tit…! He licked his lips [getting them ready for a workout], then leaned in [as if in a trance] and started kissing and licking my dick all over…painting it wet with his spit! I leaned back against Jim’s desk, as he positioned himself in front of me [in his swivel chair], and started licking me up and down like a lollipop! I’d heard rumors [mostly from my brother] that Jim was married to another guy [gay marriage]…but I suppose maybe his man wasn’t sporting what I was sporting in my pants…otherwise he wouldn’t be slobbering all over me right now…! Jim oval his little thin lips around my fat dark sausage and started eating like he hadn’t tasted dick in years…! At first I didn’t think he’d be able to get his little tiny mouth all the way around my thick crank, but he somehow managed to stretch his lips wide enough to get over half my meat inside! I must admit I was impressed! I didn’t expect much from this blow job! Jim seemed like one of those sweaty office types with something stuck up his butt! I suppose its usually his husband’s dick, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t the stick in the mud I pegged him to be [my brother would be so surprised when he hears that Jimmy (who was HIS boss also) had sucked my dick]…! Jim bobbed his head back and forth on my prick for a few minutes, going deeper with every forward stroke, taking MORE of me in his mouth! I ran my fingers through his hair a few times, pulling on the back of his skull to help him go even deeper at times! I noticed the top button on his pullover shirt was open, and reached my hand into the neck of his collar to squeeze his man boobs…! Jim went crazy when my thumb and forefinger found his erect nipple and started twisting it! He went into overdrive and started sucking me wider…bobbing his head harder and faster as if trying to beat the clock! I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face all the way down into my groin, making him deep throat my dick to the root for the first time [cutting off his air supply]! Jim bucked and jerked a couple of times as I held him steady, his chubby cheeks ballooning bigger as he blew air and spit into my pubes on the exhale! I finally let him go of his head after about 30 seconds, watching as he fell back [coming up off my spit soaked dick completely] to clutch his throat and gulp down as much AIR into his lungs as possible! His mouth was agape as he sucked in air as if he’d been held underwater for hours! As soon as his lungs were full, I grabbed the back of his head again, then pulled him back down on the shiny wet prick, making him deep throat me again! I’m not sure how big Jim’s husband’s dick is at home, but it obviously ain’t 9 and 1/2 inches, as he clearly needed more practice getting it down! I held his head for another 30 seconds or more, forcing him to open that throat, giving him a crash course in prison-101! Some of the best HEAD a man will ever have is behind kocaeli escort bayan bars…cuz most cocksuckers [black, white, Hispanic, or other…] learn how to deep throat within the first few months [weeks] of their sentences! Once they’ve been targeted a `bitch’, every dick in the joint will try to seed their throat! And he’d better learn how to deep throat quickly, or he’d DIE with a dick down his throat! It’s happened before! Prison guards have come into prison cells to find one of the 2 inmates dead of asphyxiation…only to find out through the coroner’s report that the guy had been throat fucked and suffocated to death! I can’t imagine telling a widow that her husband [her MAN] died in prison with a big dick down his throat! What a last image to give a wife! I released Jim’s head as he fell back in his seat, panting for breath [as if he’d just ran a marathon]! “It’s…it’s too BIG…” he complained, having had enough! “YOU got this dick hard by staring at it like you could handle it, n’shit…!” I grumbled [making him even more nervous (always works in prison)…]! “I was minding my own business until you called me in here…! Now you say you can’t take it…?” “I’m sorry…!” said Jim, wiping drool from his chin…! “You gotta get me off…!” I insisted! “You can’t send me back out there all hard-up like this…! If you can’t suck it…then let me fuck your ass…!” “I…I CAN’T…” said Jim, horrified…! “…I’m…MARRIED, remember…?” “I don’t give a fuck…” I snapped [forgetting for a second that I wasn’t still in prison]…! “…I want some ASS…!” “Bu…but…my husband would KNOW if someone fucked me…” he cried, his eyes switching from my angry facial expression, down to my dick, and back up again…! “…especially someone as big as YOU…! You’ll RUIN my asshole…!” “Well we gotta do something…” I said, refusing to let him off the hook! “…let me GRIND it on your ass at least…! I can cum all over your butt…! That’s fair, ain’t it…?” Jim looked hesitant… “Alright…” he agreed, reluctantly…! He stood up and lowered his khakis [and his punk briefs] just under his fat marshmallow ass…, then bent over his desk as I got into position behind him! I spit onto my fingers, then smeared them up along his hairless ass crack [wetting his cunt-hole] before introducing my dick…! I slid my big spit wet crank up and down between Jim’s buns, watching my big black dick slide back and forth through his marshmallowy cheeks! I have to admit it looked kinda HOT watching my dick slide through those pale white globes! I smashed them together around my dick [like a hot sausage and buns] as I fucked back and forth, making Jim groan aloud as if getting fucked! After a few minutes of play fucking, I wanted some REAL ass [not pretend]…so I pulled back and added more spit to his hole, then aligned my dickhead up against his pink entryway and pushed in…! “OOOHHH…” groaned Jim, rising up onto his tip-toes when he felt my dickhead starting to wedge him cunt! I could feel his asshole clenching tightly [trying to keep me out], but I just added more pressure, and my dickhead popped straight through his faggot ring, sinking inside! “…NO…PLEASE…DON’T…!” he begged, trying to squirm from under me as I gripped his pudgy waist with my huge hands, holding him in place as I speared him on the rest of my dick, sliding all the way into him…! “Just relax, man…” I advised, grinding against his meaty bottom! “…it’ll all be over before you know it…!” “Please…” pleaded Jim not wanting to cheat on his husband…! “…not here…someone might hear us…!” “I’m too HOT to stop now…” I informed, as I started thrusting through him, fucking his hot ass…! “…but I’ll try to make this QUICK…!” I promised! Jim started to relax once he realized I wasn’t stopping until I was finished…! “Just don’t cum IN me…okay…? My husband gets very jealous…!” he pleaded! “No problem…!” I said [not giving a flying-fuck about his man], closing my eyes, paying him very little mind as I fucked in and out of fat bottom! Jim’s asshole wasn’t as tight as the str8 married man’s ass I fucked yesterday, but it was as warm and snug as any PUSSY I’d ever fucked! I couldn’t help stabbing through it, driving all 9 and 1/2 inches into him, slamming my pubic bone into his backside! Jim izmit escort did his best to keep from yipping out too loudly and notifying everyone in the offices that he was getting nailed up the ass! He bit his lower lip and grit his teeth to keep from screaming too loudly every time I dove my hips home! I reached up and grabbed the sides of his face as I fucked him, lifting his head up off the desk as I stuffed my grimy fingers in his mouth from both side [wedging his mouth open]! Jim reared back, his gut still touching the table as I slammed into his ass over and over again! I fucked him hard and deep, sending my dick straight into his belly as I stuffed my fingers as far into his mouth as possible [keeping him quiet]! After about 5 full minutes of steady uninterrupted fucking, I pulled out of his cunt and made him strip off his pants…! Jimmy was hesitant, but did what I told him as I turn him around [facing me] and pushed him back on the desk and lifted his legs in missionary position! Jimmy’s head was pressed up against the wall, with his ass pulled down towards the edge of his desk, -his pudgy gut all scrunched up as he stared down at my wet dick [which was about to be shoved back up his ass]…! I realigned my tool to his garden, then rammed my way back up inside his yard, causing his mouth to gape open as his eyes bulged [his pupils all glossy and glassy with lust] as I pushed straight through him to the root and resumed fucking! Jimmy pushed his hands up into my chest, trying to limit the depth of my dick in his cunt [so I wouldn’t wreck shop (like a BULL in a China Shop)…], but I wasn’t gonna be denied this opportunity as I gripped his waist and started pounding his ass like a fiend! Jimmy squirmed about uncomfortably, but his cunt was no match for my steely dick as I started power-fucking him roughly…! “UHG…! UHG…! UHG…! UHG…! UHG…!” he grunted painfully every time my balls slapped into his body! I loosened the thick black leather belt around my waist and allowed my Santa jacket to fall open, revealing my bare brown muscular chest! Jimmy’s tongue practically dropped out of his mouth as he stared up at my muscular frame…, making the grievous mistake of reaching up to tweak my erect nipples, sending me into overdrive as I started pounding him even harder than before…! “URRHHH…! URRHHH…! URRHHH…! URRHHH…!” he grunted aloud as my fuck-thrusts increased! I pushed his pudgy legs back out of the way, then pounded his fat cunt missionary style, slamming balls deep with every stroke as I buried my ramrod in him repeatedly! Jimmy’s dick was rock-hard and pulsating [just under his navel], before suddenly spewing streaks of white cum all up over his belly! I could feel his pussy snapping around me, milking my bone as I continued to fuck him for another 5 full minutes…! “Please…stop…” begged Jimmy [having already cum], accidentally knocking item off the desk as he tried to find a more comfortable position…! I locked his legs so he couldn’t move, and continued to plow his hole nonstop, barreling through his body like a harpoon through a whale! Jimmy could feel me building momentum as I hammered him hard, each crash into his bottom sending my dick nearly 10 inches into his rectal chute! “Arrhhhh fuck…” I grunted, feeling my dick starting to thicken and swell [finally], just before I rammed all the way into him and started grinding around in his ass…! “…ARRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…!!” I yelled aloud as I came [uncaring who might hear in the offices], shooting directly into him, spitting wad after thick searing wad into his battered entrails…! “OHGOD…! OHGOD…, I FEEL it…! I can FEEL you coming IN me…!” gasped Jimmy, coming again as his little dick started spurting cream up over his belly again…! I kept my dick planted up his ass for a few minutes until my orgasm subsided…, then I physically pulled out of him and helped Jimmy down off his desk [as he grabbed tissues to clean the leakage already starting to ooze from his well-stretched hole (good luck explaining THAT to his husband)…], and onto his knees, making him suck my dick clean with his mouth…! Once he was finished, I tucked my plump dick back into my Santa pants and headed for the door…! Now that I had the manager in my pocket…I knew I’d be walking on easy street! Written aol Join me on Facebook for quick updates on what stories I may be working on next. Or hit me up email for comments and suggestions. ___________________________ Please DONATE to Nifty if you enjoy reading erotic stories like these for free online!

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