Bad Kitty Ch. 06Bad Kitty Ch. 06


Hope you enjoyed reading about Kat and Ethan’s exploits as much as I enjoyed writing their story. As always, any feedback would be much appreciated.

The way Kat was smiling into my eyes looking happier than I’d ever seen her as we walked hand in hand toward the bridal shop, had me feeling like I was walking on air.

Finally, I couldn’t believe, after all we’d been through, everything seemed to be going right for us.

She’d been in the shop last week helping my mother pick out her wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials with Kat’s father. Which I guess in a weird way would kind of make us siblings — at least once our folks were married. Kat had looked at a few gowns then, too, mostly to appease her father, who was hoping she’d marry his old friend from their church. But now she’d be looking for something to wear for our wedding tonight, since she’d finally come to her senses and agreed that she could never marry William, the old geezer her father had chosen for her. And now all she wanted was me.

Like 24/7. God, the woman was insatiable.

We made love for hours this morning. Once she finally accepted my proposal, I think realizing that I was actually going to be her husband, only made her want me more.

The moment we got inside my apartment, she got me out of my clothes so fast I could hardly believe it was her down on her knees lapping at my cock, like a hungry little kitten, desperate to get her fill of me. And before I lost it and came in her mouth, I picked her up and carried her to my bed and happily returned the favor, savoring her pussy till she was screaming my name and almost tearing my hair out by the roots.

Then after crawling up her body, smiling into her eyes I spread her legs and nudged my erection inside her. And Kat just sighed so sweetly, like she needed us to be joined for her to feel complete. And believe me I feel the same way about her. When I’m buried between her legs, holding her close, there’s nowhere else that I’d rather be. It’s heaven just to be able to hold her in my arms and kiss her, never mind make slow sweet love to her. But now that we’re finally going to be man and wife, we can enjoy each other whenever we want, and no more sneaking around or trying to hide that we’re together.

Lucky for me, there also happens to be a nice men’s wear shop next to the bridal salon. And before we went in, I pulled her into a doorway of an empty shop, stroked her cheek and asked her, “Are you happy?”

When she smiled into my eyes softly sighed, and said, “Very. I can hardly wait to marry you, Ethan.” As I kissed her, I could actually feel my heart swell in my chest, at the same time my cock was swelling in my pants, not only from the sweet taste of her lips, but because of how good it sounded to hear her say that she wanted to be with me forever. I lingered over her lips, till she finally moaned and stroked me in her hand, right through my pants. Then she giggled and pulled back, whispering, “Guess we should probably save something for the honeymoon, huh?”

Already imagining how crazy hot that was going to be, having insatiable little Kat for my blushing bride, I rolled my eyes as I got out my wallet and handed her a credit card. And I told her, “Get the dress you really want, because we’re only going to do this once. And I want it to be as special as it can be for you.”

“But can you afford it?” she asked me, looking worried. “You know I can buy my own dress, and you don’t have to pay for it.”

Since we’d never talked about money, she had no idea that I was doing just fine. So finally I filled her in. “Guess I probably should tell you that along with a couple of friends, I’ve got my own tech firm and I do more than okay. So, no worries, just get whatever dress tickles your fancy, and don’t even look at the price tag.”

She looked a little shocked as she stared up at me. “I had no idea you had your own business.”

Rubbing my hands up and down her arms, I told her, “To be honest, before you moved into our building I was looking at putting some money into real estate and buying a place in the country on a couple of acres of land. But the moment I saw you, I decided I’d stay right where I was to see where things might go between us.”

She grinned. “You never told me that.”

“Yeah,” I kissed her again. “Love at first sight, I guess.”

Closing her eyes, she wrapped her arms around me and softly sighed. It just felt so good to see her so happy especially knowing that she was finally going to be mine, and I was the one that put that blissed-out look on her face. “I think I felt the same way about you,” she confessed, pressing her lips to my neck and sliding her tongue up to my ear. “And I couldn’t believe you were my neighbor when I first moved in. I was so blown away to think you were right across the hall, and just too hot for words.”

Knowing she’d lusted after me too, had me both surprised and delighted. Guess we were just destined to be together.

I Escort Esenyurt took both of her hands in mine as I told her, “Well, after this, we’re looking at rings. And I want you wearing the most beautiful ring we can find, so you’ll always know how much I love you every time you look at it.”

Kat’s eyes went all misty as she looked up into mine. “I’m just so glad we’re actually getting married, Ethan.”

And so was I, especially with how hard I had to fight to convince her that we were made for each other.

Tugging her into my arms, pressing one last kiss to her lips, I gave her ass a little squeeze, pressing her tight against my erection and giving her pussy a little rub that I knew she’d enjoy — which naturally had her whimpering in protest when we pulled apart. Yeah, our honeymoon was going to be crazy hot if just a kiss could get her so worked up that she already had her leg winding up around my thigh, eager for more.

As she smiled coyly into my eyes looking hopeful, I shook my head to let her know it was not the time or the place, since anyone walking by could see us. But damn, she was pretty and so tempting, flashing those gorgeous dimples, with all that long red hair, and those bright blue eyes. Never mind a body that wouldn’t quit. No damn wonder I was head over heels in love with her and couldn’t wait to make her mine. Which had me tempted to ignore the foot traffic passing by and just go for it, tuck her into the doorway, pull up her skirt, zip down my fly, and give her what she needed. But thankfully sanity prevailed and we finally pulled apart.

Once we got to the bridal shop, hand in hand, we took a minute to look at the dresses in the window together. And I noticed the way her eyes lit up as she stared adoringly at one that I thought was the prettiest dress I’d ever seen, not that I’d noticed all that many. But just the thought of her in a big white wedding gown agreeing to commit her life to me, had me realizing, not only how lucky I was to have found her, but that this thing was really going to happen. Now all we had to do was get on that plane and get ourselves to Vegas and tell each other, “I do,” and we’d finally be married.

She tugged down my head, kissed me one last time, and whispered, “Hmm, I do love you,” over my lips, and I just shook my head and rolled my eyes as I watched her disappear into the store.

After that, I knew I had to be smiling like an idiot when I went next door to look for a tux. I still could hardly believe we were really going through with this, and she was going to be all mine and we wouldn’t have to worry about her father, William or anything else pulling us apart anymore.

I tried on a few different styles, but really liked the look of a nicely fitted classic black Armani, especially since it was a perfect fit and nothing had to be altered, considering how tight we were for time. We’d already booked our flight, and had a nice garden wedding chapel booked for the ceremony for later tonight. So by this time tomorrow, we’d be man and wife, and now, barring an act of God, nothing was going to keep us apart.

Stepping out of the store, I had the suit bag draped over my shoulder, still smiling my ass off, eager to meet up with my gorgeous little Kat, when suddenly I almost shit when I saw them coming straight at me.

Damn, walking up the street, hand in hand were the parents — my mom smiling up at Kat’s father and heading straight for the bridal salon where Kat was inside trying on dresses for our impending wedding.

Now what the fuck was I going to do? Considering the fact that her dad was still planning on having her marry that old fart William, I didn’t think they’d be too happy to discover she was shopping for a dress to tie the knot with me tonight.

My mother looked up and noticed me first. Smiling, she waved as they approached me, and said, “Oh, Ethan, what a nice surprise! You’re out shopping, too?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I uh, needed to get a suit.”

Kat’s father nodded his approval, as my mother tipped her head, looking like she’d love to get a peek at what I’d bought. So I quickly changed the subject, before she got a look at the tux that I’d have to try and explain. And I asked, “So, what are two shopping for?”

Mom nodded her head at the bridal shop. “We’re just coming to pick up my dress for the wedding. I had to have it altered. It was just a little too long for me.”

Realizing they were about to walk in and find Kat trying on bridal dresses, I could feel myself starting to sweat. So, I dug out my phone lied my ass off and told them, “Hang on, I just got a text that I’ve got to answer.”

Then I stepped away and quickly texted Kat, “Go and hide in a fitting room, our parents are outside and they’re going into the salon now to get my mom’s dress!”

Two seconds later Kat texted back, “OMG! What should I do?”

“HIDE!!” I texted her again, and then put my phone back in Esenyurt Escort Bayan my pocket. Doing my best to casually saunter back over to join them, I tried to act cool, and not let them know that my heart was almost beating out of my chest as I wracked my brain for what else to say to them. I knew I had to stall to keep them from going into the store, at least to give Kat enough time to get into a fitting room and hide, but I also didn’t want to start blithering like an idiot, and make them suspicious. Plus, whenever I got really nervous, my mom could always tell that something was up.

Still, I felt awful standing and lying right to their faces about what I was doing. But mostly I hated that I couldn’t even tell my own mother that we were flying off to get married tonight, but I didn’t see how I had any choice. If Kat’s father found out what we were planning to do, knowing him, he’d probably forbid her from marring me, and since she’d been promised to William, he’d try and make her go through with tying herself down to him, whether she liked it or not. So, I stood there, flashing a big phony smile and asked, “So, have you two set a date for the wedding yet?”

Kat’s father smiled over at my mom and said, “We haven’t told Kat yet, but your mother and I thought it might be nice if we had a double wedding ceremony. Once she and William are engaged on Sunday, we’ll let her in on what we’ve planned. And I’m sure she’ll like the idea, since sharing our wedding day will really bond us together as a family.” Then he looked at me and frowned. “It’s just too bad you can’t make to church on Sunday, Ethan. I’m sure Kat and William would love to have you there on their special day when they announce their engagement to the congregation.”

I nodded. “Yeah, too bad I won’t be able to make it.” But if all went as planned, Kat and I would be married for days by then. Since they didn’t have a clue, I just nodded and said, “It does sound great, though.”

My mother grinned and squeezed my hand. “And I was hoping you’d walk me up the aisle and give me away on our big day.”

Hearing her say that, made me feel, if possible, even guiltier. “Sure,” I told her, “I’d love to, Mom.” Providing of course she was even speaking to me by then, once I’d snuck off and married Darrel’s daughter behind their backs.

Then she tipped her head and said, “You know, Ethan, I just wish you could find yourself a nice girl and settle down. You know you can’t play the field forever.”

I shrugged and told her, “I know, Mom, maybe soon.” Real soon, like tonight, if everything went as planned, I’d be slipping a ring on Kat’s finger and making her mine.

When I saw her father taking a look at his watch, and giving my mother the eye, I just prayed that Kat was hiding where no one could see her by the time they got inside. But just to be sure, I followed behind them into the shop, relieved beyond belief, when after taking a quick glance around, that Kat was nowhere to be seen.

As the sales lady was about to bag up her wedding dress, my mother grinned at me and said, “Would you like to have a peek at my dress, Ethan?”

I shook my head. “No, I think it’ll be more fun to see you wearing it on your wedding day. And I bet you’ll look beautiful in it, too.” When my mom gave me an affectionate pat on the cheek and smiled into my eyes, I tried not to let her see how guilty I was feeling. We were normally pretty close, especially with me being her only child. But right now, this was something I just couldn’t share with her, not if I wanted to marry Kat without her father objecting and trying to stop us.

And once she accepted her dress all nicely tucked away in a big white bag from the sales lady, Mom said, “Darrel and I were just going for a late lunch, would you like to join us, Ethan?”

Just to make it more believable I patted my stomach and said, “Thanks, but I already ate.” And I sure as hell couldn’t tell them that all I eaten today was Kat, or they’d probably have a stroke.

But as soon as they were gone, I told the sales lady that my fiancée was in one of the fitting rooms, looking at dresses too, and wondered if I could have a word with her.

And as I followed the petite platinum blonde to the back of to the elegant white and gold adorned bridal salon, it still felt strange to think that Kat was actually my fiancée now, since I’d never even had a chance to call her my girlfriend, with the way we’d been sneaking around and seeing each other in private. And it was even weirder to think that after being engaged for only a day, I’d actually be calling her my wife by tonight. But I could hardly wait to make her mine, no matter how fast this whole thing was happening.

I looked up when the sales lady rapped lightly on one of the fitting room doors, and recognized Kat’s voice even when all she did was squeak out a nervous sounding, “Yes?”

I laughed and told her, “Hey, Kat, it’s me, open up.” Esenyurt Escort

Kat carefully pried open the door, peeked out and anxiously whispered, “Are they gone?”

I nodded, staring at her with my mouth hanging open. Damn, I was marrying one hell of a beautiful woman. “Yeah, they’ve left,” I told her. And when I finally found my voice, I shook my head and said, “Wow, Kat, you look so stunning in that dress, I just can’t take my eyes off you.”

The shimmery confection she was wearing looked like it was made her for her, hugging her knock-out body in all the right places and flaring out beautifully at the bottom, like something Cinderella would wear, only so much sexier.

And since the sales woman had left us alone, I didn’t waste any time tugging my gorgeous lady back into the fitting room, locking the door, wrapping her in my arms and really planting one on her, groaning against her mouth as her tongue mated with mine. And once we finally came up for air, I dropped my head and licked a path over her luscious breasts, swelling so enticingly from the top of her gown. Definitely the most delectable bounty I’d ever seen, I swear I could have lapped at them forever. Kat giggled as I dipped my tongue into her cleavage, moaning at the taste of her sweet, hot flesh gliding over my tongue. And god, the taste of her was getting me hard — so fucking hard.

As she ran her fingers through my hair and softly whimpering, I kept right on licking, even as she told me, “You know its bad luck to see the bride in her gown before the wedding.”

Looking up, holding her gaze, I gave her a wolfish grin as I gathered the acres of silky fabric in my hands. Then lifting the dress, I ran my hand up the back of her bare thighs so I could squeeze the lushness of her ass in my hands. Pushing aside her panties I slipped a finger into her slick little pussy, letting out a groan as I realized how wet she was, suggesting, “Well, if that’s true, then maybe I should get you out of this dress. We wouldn’t want to anything to get it dirty, or god forbid, tempt fate.”

Biting into her lip, her eyes dark with arousal, Kat shook her head at me. “I can’t believe you snuck in here, you bad boy.”

But as I kept working my finger in and out of her, her eyes drifting shut, teeth sinking into her lip, she really started to whimper, desperately thrusting her pussy into my hand. And seeing her so blissed out, I whispered into her ear, “Now aren’t you glad I did.” And as her mouth fell open and she began to pant, really starting to get her off from the way I was toying with her pussy, all she could do was breathlessly nod, anxiously licking at her lips.

Initially, I’d had no intentions of ravishing her till we were in our honeymoon suite tonight and finally married. But damn, she just looked so unbelievably beautiful and sexy in her wedding gown that my throbbing cock just wouldn’t be denied, itching like a bastard to get at her. I knew I had to have her. Besides, who was I to deny him, when he knew just what I liked?

Taking her mouth again, swallowing her moans so no one would hear how worked up she was getting, and figure out what we were up to, I tugged down the mile long zipper, till the gown slid to the floor into a big puffy cloud at our feet.

And damn, my eyes really popped then. Too sexy to be real, I feasted at the sight of her in nothing but a lacy white thong, and sexy white heels, my cock almost screaming to get inside her. Big beautiful breasts, bare and shimmering under the lights, her rosy pink nipples so hard with arousal they seemed to be just begging for my mouth.

Then spying a little pink upholstered bench against one wall, smiling devishly into her pretty blue eyes, I picked her up, carefully stepped over the mountain of fabric and carried her over, with her legs wrapped tight around my waist.

And in a flash I got rid of her thong, got my pants down, fisted my erection in my hand and began to groan and shudder at the incredible feel of her hot little pussy sinking down on my cock. And the way she softly whimpered, sensuously lashing her tongue along my lips, at the feeling of being fully impaled, I thought I’d just about die. Fuck, I loved this woman. And I just knew our life together was going to be off the charts, especially if things kept up like this.

Desperate to have at me, Kat almost kissed my face off. Happily pumping up and down on my cock, slapping her ass on my thighs with every downward stroke, full breasts bouncing right in face, she sounded like a porn star, groaning and whimpering like she’d never be able to get enough of me.

Squeezing her luscious booty in my hands, I was groaning too, at just how good it always felt to be buried in her like this, so incredibly tight as she sucked me in deeper with every thrust. Moaning, I lapped at her diamond hard nipples and suckled at the bounty of her breasts loving the way they shimmered with my saliva under the lights. It all felt so fucking hot, especially considering where we were, banging each other senseless in a fitting room. Then it occurred to me, with my sordid past, though I’d had more women than I could ever count, none of them had ever rocked me the way that she did, right to my very soul — so it was a good thing I was nailing this down and marrying her.

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