Bad Boy Experience Part 4_(1)Bad Boy Experience Part 4_(1)

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It had been two days and Mya has yet to pick whether she wanted me or her bitch ass brother. “What the fuck is she waiting for? It shouldn’t be that hard to pick she knows what i’m capable of Jordan doesn’t have shit on me. If it wasn’t for me the little fucker wouldn’t even have attempted to try and touch her.” I said to myself then turned and looked at me sister laying in my bed smiling at me. “Aww has your little girlfriend didn’t called yet?” “Shut the hell up, I don’t need her she needs me remember that little girl.” “Little girl? I’m older than you for one and two i hope she picks you. “She smiled at me and walked towards me and sat on my lap. “Why is that?” She laughed and kissed me then whispered in my ear “If she picks you i can fuck her anytime i want of course.” I grinned at her and pulled a cigarette out my back pocket. ” What you getting tired of fucking me or something?” I lit the cigarette and put it in my mouth. “No i just think we would have so much fun fucking that tight little pussy of hers, don’t you?” I blew smoke in her face and chuckled. ” Right you just want her all to yourself you little bitch.” She frowned and got off my lap then smiled again. “How long has it been since you had sex little brother?” “Two days dumbass why?” “I haven’t had sex since that little get together we had and i really want your cock inside me?” I rolled my eyes and blew smoke into her face again. “If you can get me a hard you can do whatever you want to me, I’m not in the mood as you can see.” “I like a challenge little bro.” I laughed as she went on her knees and started to slowly unzip my pants.

“The longer you take the less likely i am to bang that little pussy of yours.” She looked up at me with her dark green eyes and frowned at me. I smiled and lifter her up to my lap with on hand. (She was a lightweight but could really take a cock. She had long red hair that went down to the small of her back and nice plump pink lips. She had B cup breast but what she lacked in breast she made up in with her butt which was huge for a girl her size. I loved her body she had very nice curves. She was o Mya not even close but she was damn sure the next best thing plus Vicky had one thing about my sister that i love the most was that she was like me she always got what she wanted no matter what, and right now she wanted me and she was going to get all of me which i’m sure later she would regret later). She smiled and kissed me while stroking my cock as it was slowly was getting hard.” I need to taste your sweet cock in my mouth.” I let her go and she slowly moved down to my hardon and spat on it then began to stroke it again. I looked down at her with the don’t tease me look and she smirked and started to lick my shaft slowly going down to my balls and began sucking them. I groaned and stood up. She looked at me and saw i was annoyed with her teasing me. I smiled and grabbed her by her head then thrusted my cock down her throat. She pulled her head away and i pulled it back and slowly fucked her face while my balls got soaked with the slob dripping out of her mouth.

She looked up at me and grabbed my waist and began to deepthroat me swirling her tongue around my cock and spitting up on it. I groaned again and took her hair pushing 9 inches of my length in her mouth and held her there letting her spit up on me again. I let go of her hair and she moved down to my balls sucking them and jacking me off with her hands. i pulled her up and sat her on my desk i looked at her as she bit her lip sexily . I ripped her shirt off and yanked her pants down. (she didn’t have on a bra or underwear). I smiled and slowly moved down to her pussy. “Mason i can’t wait any longer please just fuck me i want to cum all over you cock.” I smiled at her and moved up to her breast licking each nipple and biting at them then i moved up to her neck and started izmit escort to lick her neck while rubbing her dripping wet pussy (not as wet as Mya’s but still wet). She moaned and pushed her pussy closer to my hardon. I looked at her and saw the lust in her eyes. She wanted me to fuck her and i was going to. I thrusted inside her as hard as i possibly could. She scream in pain and pleasure and automatically came. I began to thrust in her again hearing her groan and cling to me as if her life depended on it. She began to thrust her hips into me and cry out my names. “Mson fuck me harder please i want you deep inside me.” I picked her up and lay her on the bed then grabbed her waist and started to ram into to her feeling her tight pussy convulse on me cock making me wince in pain but thrust into her hard her hot pussy felt so good on my cock i groaned and kissed her then laid on the bed letting her get on top of me.

She started jumping up and down on my length and started to grind on it tilting her head back. “Oh Mason i’m going to cum fuck me harder, fuck me like you want to fuck Mya. She doesn’t fucking want you anymore she wants Jordan, he fucks girls so much better than you ever will you worthless piece of crap.” My face turned red as she purposely tried getting me pissed off. (She knew exactly how to tick me the fuck off. The bitch wanted me to fuck her and i was going to do her harder than she ever thought possible.) “You little fucking slut you want it you can have it but don’t beg me to stop.” I picked her up from off my length and slammed her down against me making her yelp in pain i began thrusting into her and pulled her hair. She moaned loudly and began to cry out that she was cumming. I kept going gaining speed with every thrust. She orgasmed all over my cock and tried to regain her breath but i wasn’t going to let that happen i flipped her over and rammed my cock into her one more time and got up. She panted and looked at me in confusion again. “Get on you hands and knees bitch. She obeyed like a good little bitch. I spat on her asshole and started to rub it with my thumb she groaned and bucked her hips. I laughed and thrust my dick in her asshole making her yell out , I grabbed her waist and started to pound her ass feeling my balls hit her pussy. She put her head down begging me to go harder but i wasn’t going to last any longer i started to really ram my cock in her as my cock pulsated i pulled it out and told her to get on her knees. She quickly got on her knees as i jacked myself off and my cum spewed all over her face load after load. After i was done spewing my load in her face she sucked the rest of the cum off my now limp dick. I smiled at her and laid on my bed. She got a shirt and whipped the cum of her face then laid next to me. I put my arm around her and closed my eyes. As i was about to go to sleep my phone ringed. “Hello?” “hey Mason I need to talk to you come to my house tomorrow.” “okay” I hung up the phone and sat up. “Who was that bro?” ” It was Mya she wants to talk to me tomorrow.” Was i really ready to hear what she had to say. If she didn’t pick me i would be heartbroken for the first time in my life and I don’t know how i would react when seeing Jordan. I couldn’t deny that i loved her even if i wanted to, and if she didn’t pick me and picked Jordan instead all hell would break loose. Tomorrow was going to be a very intense day.

Mya hasn’t spoken to me since i told her to pick, she left the house to sleep over a friends house. Should it really have been this hard to choose i am her brother she should love me more than she loves herself. Mason doesn’t have shit on me so why couldn’t she choose fast enough . Not only was i worried about her not choosing me i was horny as hell to. I got up and looked at my contact list on my cell phone to find the right girl tow bang until i found out who Mya had yahya kaptan escort picked. I was sick of waiting and i needed some pussy. As a looked at my contact list i found just the right girl to fuck. “Jazmine” I said to myself. Jazmine was hot she had a nice pair of c cups and had long brown hair that went to her shoulders, She wasn’t really skinny but she had a nice figure and light brown eyes, she had an average sized ass but good cock sucking lips and was always down to fuck. I called her up and she excitedly said she would come right away. 20 minutes later the doorbell ringed and Jazmine came over with nothing but a jacket on. ” Hey sexy.” i said smiling at her. “Hey i’m happy you called i’ve been wanting your cock for a while now.” “Well now you can have it.” i said pulling my pants down showing her my already hard cock. She smiled and bent down and without hesitation began to suck on my head. I groaned in pleasure as she slowly sanked 8 inches down her throat and began to swirl around my cock. I grabbed her head and fucked her face pulling it out and back in teasing her. she grabbed my waist and began to suck faster. “Yeah suck that juicy cokc baby.” She put one of her hands down and began to rub her clit and moaning as she deepthroats me.
I pulled her up and laid her on the couch and opened her legs to see her nicely shaved pussy. I put my head in between her legs to smell her scent. I slowly began to lick her clit up in down hearing her moans i licked down her slit lapping up her juices. “Mmm lick that pussy baby.” I went back up to her clit and began to suck on it. She moaned loudly and pulled my head to her pussy. I moved down to her hole and stuck my tongue in her hole she started to buck her hips to my face. I put two fingers in her pussy and licked her clit and she scream out she was cumming. He cum slid down my fingers as i pulled them out and put them to her mouth, she slowly sucked on my fingers and i pulled them out and lifted my head up to her face and kissed her. I picked her up and sat her on top of me. She lifted herself up and grabbed my hardon slowly sliding my dick inside her. We both moan as she started to grind on my cock and pouncing on it going harder each time she went down. I grabbed her waist and held her up and started to thrust my cock in her making her jump up and moan louder. ” Fuck me baby fuck me hard.” i chuckled slamming her against the wall i pounded into her hearing her cries of pleasure making me go faster. She clawed into my neck as i banged into her going deeper into her i kissed her and put her down. ” Put your hands on the table.” She went to the table and put her hands on it, i grabbed her legs and held her but her legs. I went in between her legs and thrusted int her. “Oh fuck you’re so tight baby.” She moaned as a slowly forced myself into her.
I grabbed her waist and laid her stomach on the table. I sunk into her and she wrapped her leg around me. I took my cock out her pussy and shoved it in her arse making her buck forwarded, I slammed her back to me and she came again. “Turn to your side.” She did as she was told, i lifted her lef and climbed on top of the table and thrusted inside of her. Banging into her as my dick began to throb. She moaned and cried out my name as i rammed into her as hard and deep as i could, my cum spewed into her load after load. We both moaned and kissed, I pulled out and jumped off the table. ” Was it everything you wanted it to be sweetheart?” she nodded still breathing heavily. I chuckled and sat on the couch, she got up and laid on the couch next to me i kissed her again and yawned. “Hey i’m home!” I turned to see Mya and her friend looking at me in disgust. I waved at her slightly and looked at Jazmine gesturing her to leave. She got up and grabbed her clothes and walked out the house. “You tell me to pick you or Mason and this it what gebze escort you do two days later!?!” “Yep because it shpouldn’t be that hard to fucking choose i’m your brother you should alway choose me!” She looked at me and ran upstairs “You guys are both assholes i know Mason probably fucked some bitch just like you, I guess you guys will know my answer tomorrow!’ I sighed “tomorrow” i said to myself. “Shes not going to pick me now not after that, I’m a fucking idiot. This is his fault if he was never here she would be with me.”

I grabbed my keys and left the door i drove off and went to Mason’s house. He was outside smoking weed, I hopped out the car and went up to him “This is all your fault you peice of shit!” He laughed it got up. “You’re right it is my fault that i came and fucked your sister and invited you to join if i didn’t do that i would have her all to myself you dumb fuck.” I snapped and hit him in the face. He grabbed me and slammed me on the floor and began to hit me in the face. “STOP!” i heard come from the left Mason got off of me and i got up to see Mya.

Blood ran down Jordans face and i knew it was my fault this had happened, I had to choose now or things would just get worse. “You guys are crazy…” i said as my heart began to race. They both looked at me waiting for me to answer their question. ” I love you both but i can’t have you both. Jordan i love you so much but you’re my brother my twin brother, how could i be with you without mom and dad knowing?” “We could tell the they can’t stop how we feel.” I looked at him and sighed then looked at Mason ” I love you but you’re…. you , you don’t care about what people think you don’t do your school work you’re just plain bad and however you act around people i would also get judged because i’m with you, with Jordan it’s not like that he doesn’t always act bad he’s just so much better for me and he knows me better than anybody. I looked at Jordan to see him smirking at Mason. “Well you can’t always play it safe sweetheart, this isn’t really worth my time anymore if you want the pussy then take him i don’t have time for you to go back and forth i mean if he can fuck his sister i can fuck mine too.”
My pussy began to get wet from thinking about me him and his sister having a threesome. My heart began to race as he walked away and i knew i wanted him i loved my brother oh so very much but i love him more i wanted to take the chance i wanted a change in my life i wanted the bad boy. I needed the bad boy. “Wait!” He turned around and looked at me. “You gotta be fucking kidding my Mya i’m your brother!” ” You are my brother and i love you no matter what Jordan. I turned to him and saw a car pull up the driveway the door open and a boy came out. He had black hair and light green eyes, he was muscular and had a tattoo on his neck that said ” lady killer” He walked towards Mason. “Sup little brother” Mason didn’t answer he just looked at me i `looked at the boy who held his hand out to Mason and my heart melted he was hot o so very hot. “Mya are you picking me or your brother.” I licked my lips and gawked at the boy “You” i said while looking at the sexy boy who was now looking at me.
Mason smirked and kissed me i kissed back and looked at Jordan. He shook his head and walked into Mason’s house. “Dude what just happened.” said the hot boy who was now looking at Jordan. “I lost the girl thats what happened… I need a drink.” I sighed and looked away from Mason. “He’ll get over it baby, and my brother Jasper is here they can chill if they want i don’t need your pussy ass brother as a friend all i need it you.” He kissed me again and i looked at jasper. He smiled at me and bit his lip then winked at me. I was head over heels for his brother and i wanted to fuck him badly. I wanted them both and i wasn’t picking one or the other this time i was going to get them both even if Mason never found out. This was now my turn to change and i was ready to get what i wanted my lover and his hot brother, i was in control whether Mason knew about it or not.

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