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Damien had sat boys in wealthy homes before but this was by far the biggest house he had worked in, “I wonder if they have a pool… ” “Did you bring your swim suit?” Damien’s father smiled. This was his idea of a joke. Damien humoured him with a light chuckle as the car came to a stop, “Thanks for the ride dad.” He opened his door and stepped out the car before closing it again and looking back through the window, “Love you.” “Love you too son. Have a great evening.” Damien’s father pulled away. Damien walked to the ornate marble staircase and began to ascend it. At the top he rang the bell and listened to the musical chimes it played alerting the home to his presence. In just a few moments the door opened and a stern woman looked Damien up and down, “Yes?” Damien smiled, “Hi there. Mrs. Ward?” “No.” The woman said flatly. Damien was a little confused, “Erm… this is fourteen seventeen Wilton… right?” “Yes.” Again she looked Damien up and down, seemingly looking for something… flaws maybe?, “If you’re a salesman we never buy anything at the door.” “Oh! Err no ma’am. My name’s Damien. I was called by Mrs. Ward to come and look after Evan-” The woman scoffed, “Ha! You?” “Umm… yes.” Damien was very confused, “Why?” “There has obviously been a mistake.” She snapped, “We were expecting a babysitter.” “That’s me.” Damien explained, “I’m the babysitter.” “No you’re not!” She replied. Damien was a little taken aback, “Err… okay… may I ask why you think that?” She scoffed again before saying, “You’re a boy?” as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Damien had dealt with this before. There were still people that thought all babysitters are girls, “No really. I am the sitter. Mrs. Ward called me and asked me to come over Tuesday at four thirty so… here I am.” “Hmph!” The woman sneered, “Well this will end in disaster. There’s no way a BOY could handle him. If I can’t then you certainly won’t be able to.” Damien was just about done with this bitch’s bigotry so decided to put her in her place, “I hear whatever you have been trying up until now hasn’t exactly worked so I guess Mister and Missus Ward decided to try something new.” He continued to smile sweetly, “Or someone new.” She got the insult and her face turned red, “Why you little… You really think you’re better than me? You think you can handle that angry little monster-” “If someone called me a monster I’d be angry too.” The sweet smile and calm tone never left as Damien knew he had won. “Anna? Who’s at the door?” Called a woman’s voice. “A boy Missus Ward.” She called back, “Not the babysitter we were expecting-” “Is his name Damien?” Called Mrs. Ward. It pained Anna to answer that question looking at the sickly sweet smile on the face of the boy that had beaten her, “… … Yes Mrs. Ward.” “Well let him in! Bring him on through to the kitchen won’t you?” Came Mrs. Ward’s response. Anna sighed and pushed the door open, “Please come in.” Damien walked into the large hallway and once the door was closed, “Follow me.” Anna showed him to the kitchen. “Damien!” Said Mrs. Ward as he walked into the modern, open plan kitchen, “So lovely to finally meet you. Would you like some Iced tea?” Damien opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by Anna, “Mrs. Ward if we pour him a glass there won’t be enough for Mr. Ward and master Evan when they return.” “Oh that’s fine.” Mrs. Ward waved her hand, “You can make more.” She turned to Damien, “Please have a seat.” Damien did, “Thank you Mrs. Ward.” “Oh please, call me Sheila.” Anna who was in the large walk in cupboard gathering ingredients for iced tea banged something a bit hard, “And my husband is Andrew.” “Okay Sheila.” Damien smiled, “Your husband and Evan are out right now?” “They are.” Answered Sheila as she poured Damien a glass of iced tea, “They’ll be back soon though. Evan needed new clothes and me and Andrew flipped for it. I won haha.” She sat back down, “So tell me. Why babysitting?” Damien sipped his beverage, “Well, I used to be what you would call a problem child. Then I was hepled by someone. Now I do all I can to help other boys that are having similar problems to the ones I did. Babysitting just allows me to do that.” Sheila smiled, “Well you’ve certainly made a name for yourself. Andrew got your number one of his employees, Peter. Their son Darren… my god. Honestly the change in him was dramatic. I used to think he was going to grow up to be one of those psycho killers hahaha.” Damien thought for a moment, ‘Darren… Darren… ‘ “Hmm… Darren West?” “Yes that’s right. Him. He was completely out of control! Pure evil if you ask me.” Damien just looked at the woman quietly for a moment, “… … Well, I can honestly say the Darren I know is most certainly not evil. Pure or otherwise. I find him to be a lovely young boy who has challenges, yes, but ultimately all he needed was a guiding hand.” Sheila picked up on the change in mood, “Oh I’m… sorry. I didn’t mean to offend… ” Damien waved his hand, “Oh no. No offense taken at all.” “I just meant how he used to be… compared to now is… a big change.” Shelia wanted to explain herself. “Really Sheila it’s fine. You’re right, Darren has come a long way.” Damien smiled. Mrs. Ward was a little worried. The last thing she wanted to do was alienate her and her husbands last chance at hiring a babysitter after Evan’s reputation had spread amongst all the sitters and sitting services in town, “No. No that was very judgmental of me and I apologise. I certainly don’t want you to think I doubt you.” Damien nodded, “Well, thank you for the apology Sheila-” “Mrs. Ward I must protest!” Anna interrupted as she exited the walk in cupboard, “You do not owe this BOY an apology and you certainly can’t assume he has any idea what he is doing. I insist I stay this evening and keep an eye on him.” Anna sneered at Damien. “Anna.” Shelia gave her housekeeper a stern look, “Damien has very graciously agreed to look after Evan this evening allowing Me and Mr. Ward a very much needed break. He comes highly recommended and I have every confidence in his abilities. He is a guest in this house and I will not insult him by having you watch over him. You will show him the respect you would any other guest that visits with us is that clear?” Anna was seething as she anwered, “… Yes Mrs. Ward.” She busied herself with making a fresh jug of iced tea. Damien smiled, “Thank you for the vote of confidence Sheila. I’m sure Evan and I will get along just fine-” “Now go to your room!” Shouted a man as soon as the front door opened. Damien could hear some feet running up the stairs as the man shouted, “And I don’t wanna hear another peep out of you you little ingrate!” Mr. Ward walked into the kitchen, “I’m sick and tired of his attitude!” and noticed Damien, “Oh. Hello there. You must be Damien.” Damien stood up and held out his hand, “Pleased to meet you sir.” Mr. Ward took it and shook, “You’re pleased now. Just wait until you have to get him to go to bed.” “Oh I’m sure I can handle it sir.” Damien sat back down. “Yeah well… my gun’s in the safe-” “Andrew!” Sheila scolded her husband. Andrew gave his wife an exasperated look before turning back to Damien, “Please, none of this sir business. Call me Andrew.” Damien smiled, “Okay Andrew. Oh, by the way I have something for you.” Damien reached into his backpack by his feet and pulled out a sheet of paper before handing it to Andrew, “These are the nights I’m free for the next month. If anything changes I have Sheila’s number so I can call and update you.” Andrew took the sheet of paper and looked over it. He raised his eyebrows, “I’m impressed. You’re a very organised young man.” “Good organisation is the basis of any successful business.” Damien replied. “So true.” Andrew agreed before looking at his wife, “Well then. Shall we make a break for it?” “You don’t want any iced tea?” Sheila asked. Andrew shook his head, “Nah let’s just get outta here while we can. Anna would you like a ride home?” Anna was clearly still of the opinion that she should stay but having been chastised by Mrs. Ward earlier decided against arguing, “Yes Mr. Ward. Thank you.” Damien showed the three of them to the door. As Andrew left he turned back to Damien, “Good luck.” Damien just smiled, “We’ll be fine Andrew. You both go and enjoy your evening.” Damien closed the door leaving just him and Evan in the house. He retrieved his backpack from afyon escort the kitchen and walked upstairs. At the top he found himself in a long hallway with doors leading off to rooms on either side. He followed the noises of gunshots and explosions to Evan’s room and knocked on the door. “Go away!” Came an angry shout from inside the room. Damien understood the importance of respecting boundaries and rarely entered a boy’s room uninvited but he had a job to do. Evan needed his help and to do that he would at least have to make contact. He opened the door and beheld the boy sat in his gaming chair playing Call of duty on his PS5. Evan looked at him angrily, “You deaf?! I said Fuck off!” Damien looked at the boy. Short blond hair sat atop his head above a chubby, angry face. He wasn’t obese but he was certainly carrying more weight than a boy his age should. Damien smiled as he stepped into the room and put down his backpack, “Actually, you said go away. Not fuck off.” Damien walked around the large room decked out with all the toys and gadgets a young boy could want. “Well NOW I’m telling you to fuck off!” Evan’s blue eyes stared with fury at the invader of his bedroom. Damien ignored his order, “You have a really cool room… Oh wow!” Damien noticed Evan’s collection of Funko pops, “Aww man! Some of these are really rare!” He looked at Evan with a smile, “Cool collection dude.” Evan frowned unable to size Damien up. He wasn’t like other sitters he had had. For starters he wasn’t a stupid girl and he hadn’t shouted at him for swearing, “Well… Don’t touch’em!” “Okay. I won’t.” Damien replied calmly. He pointed at the screen, “Is this Vanguard?” Evan paused his game, “I know what you’re doing!” “What am I doing?” Damien asked. “You’re trying to pretend like we can be friends by faking that you like the same stuff as me!” Evan was sure he had worked Damien out. They all tried this at first. He wasn’t stupid. He knew noone would actually want to be his friend. He wasn’t going to fall for it, “Well it’s not gonna work!” Damien regarded Evan for a moment. The boy was angry. Very angry. Damien felt for him. Given the way Anna and his parents had been speaking about him he felt the lad had every right to be, “No. I’ve just been thinking about buying it and I was wondering if it’s any good.” Damien smiled. “Oh… ” Evan hadn’t expected that, “Well… The campaign is trash but the multiplayer’s alright I guess.” He unpaused his game and resumed playing. “How’s the zombies mode?” Damien asked. “Better since they updated it.” Evan replied. “Cool.” Damien watched Evan play for a few minutes before trying to engage him in conversation again, “So. I heard from your parents that you get angry sometimes.” “Everyone gets angry OH FUCK YOU!” Evan shouted at the screen as his character was killed. He threw down his controller and shot a furious look at Damien, “That was your fault! You distracted me!” Damien knew it wasn’t his fault but accepted what the boy said, “You’re right. My bad. Sorry.” This was also different from his other sitters. Evan had never had someone just accept one of his accusations like that, “… … Well… Screw you for making me die!” He stood up and turned off the console before looking at Damien again, “I’m going out.” Damien shook his head, “No I think it would be better if you stay here with me. We can have lots of fun. What would you like to do?” “I would LIKE to go OUT!” Evan shouted. “Nah. How about we watch a movie? Your pick.” Damien smiled. Evan thought for a moment while he formulated a plan, “… … … A movie huh?” Damien nodded, “Hmm… Okay. Iron man. You go set it up.” “Sure.” Damien left the boy’s room and went downstairs to the lounge. There he turned on the home cinema system and selected Iron man from the library. He then went to the bay window that looked out into the backyard and waited. Sure enough about a minute later he saw the form of Evan jump down from the drain pipe that was attached to the house next to his bedroom window. When Evan steadied himself and saw Damien standing there fear visited his expression. Damien just smiled. Evan turned and ran around the side of the house. Damien didn’t rush after him. He didn’t need to. He knew this area well having sat Darren who lived close by for over a year now so knew there was only one place he would be going, the local park. After enjoying another glass of iced tea he left the house and casually strolled down to the park. Arriving at the sets of swings and slide he could see there were no kids around. It didn’t take long for him to hear the angry shouts of Evan, “Shut up!” coming from some nearby bushes. He ventured inside. He followed the noises of children cruelly chanting, “Heavy Evan! Heavy Evan! Heavy Evan!” “Fuck you!” Evan shouted back angrily and Damien could hear the boy’s voice cracking as he fought back tears. The chanting continued, “Heavy Evan. Heavy Eavn. Heavy Evan.” Damien made it through the bushes into a small clearing just in time to see Evan drop to his knees, bury his face in his hands and begin to sob. The three boys taunting him continued, “Heavy Evan. Heavy Evan. Heavy Evan. Heav-” “Ahem!” Damien cleared his throat loudly. The three boys turned to look at him. The two younger boys on either side sneered at Damien but the fourteen year old in the middle looked at him with wide eyes, fear evident on his face. Damien smiled at him, “Darren.” The two younger boys looked at their leader with confusion. One asked, “Dude, you know him?” Darren didn’t respond to his lackey. He just spoke in a quiet voice to Damien, “… H h hi Damien.” Damien stepped forward holding Darren’s gaze, “What’s going on here?” “What’s it to you?!” Shouted the twelve year old to Darren’s left. “Shut up!” Darren scolded his underling, “You guys… You guys get outta here.” “Huh?” Asked the eleven year old to his right. “You heard me!” Darren shouted at him, “Get lost! Both of you!” The two boys exchanged a confused look before following their leader’s order and leaving through the bushes. Once they were gone Damien looked at Darren with a blank expression, “Well?” Darren looked at the floor, “Sorry Damien-” “Sorry what?” Damien said causing Darren to look up at him with wide eyes. He looked at Evan before looking back at Damien and shaking his head slightly. Damien smiled, “It’s okay. I’m sitting Evan tonight.” “Ohhh… ” Darren turned to Evan, “Hey man. Sorry about teasing you like that. I didn’t know you were one of Damien’s boys-” “Again… ” Damien cut him off a second time, “… One of whose boys?” Darren looked back at Damien, “I’m sorry master. One of master’s boys.” Damien’s expression remained blank, “Regardless of whether or not he is one of my boys we have talked about this before. I thought we agreed no more bullying?” Darren looked at the ground, “Yeah we-” “Look at me boy!” Damien said firmly. Evan had stopped crying and was now watching this strange interaction, confusion evident on his face as he watched Darren look Damien straight in the eye, “Yes we did master. I promised you, no more bullying.” “Well if you remember that then why are you bullying Evan?” Damien’s glare was piercing. “I… I umm… ” Darren had no answer. “Well I can only guess you must want to be punished.” Damien said, “Drop’em.” Darren immediately dropped his jeans and boxer shorts, both garments falling to his ankles. Evan was shocked and his open mouth showed it. Damien instructed Darren, “Assume the position.” Darren got down on his hands and knees and Damien took up a position by his side. He bent over and placed one hand on the boy’s back while his other he used to gently rub his firm teen boy behind, “You know the drill. Count out loud.” He raised his hand and brought it down on the bare butt cheek hard, it connected with a satisfying Smack! “Argh! One!” Darren followed his master’s instructions. Damien once again raised his hand and brought it back down hard on the boy’s other butt cheek. Smack! “Two!” Smack! “Three!” Smack! “F f four!” The spanking continued with Evan watching on in awe of the scene before him until Damien was finished with administering the boy’s punishment. Smack! “N n nineteen!” Smack! “Tw… twenty… ” Darren managed to say breathlessly. Damien stood back up, “Okay, up you get.” Darren stood up and wiped the tears from his eyes. Damien momentarily looked at the boy’s rock hard cock dripping teen boy precum before saying, “What do you say?” Darren sniffed, “Th th thank you m m master.” Damien smiled, “You’re welcome boy. Now pull up your pants.” Darren looked at Damien a little confused, “Umm… master?” “What?” “May I… may I have some… relief?” “No. In fact you are not to relieve yourself until I see you again this Friday. Is that clear?” Darren nodded, “Yes master.” and pulled up his boxers and jeans. Once his belt was again buckled he stood awaiting further instructions. “Go home.” Damien simply said. “Yes master.” Darren left through the bushes without saying another word. Damien looked at Evan. Evan looked at Damien. The two of them just looked at each other in silence for a few moments before Damien said, “I don’t think you need to worry about Darren anymore. He’ll leave you alone.” He stepped forward and held out his hand to the boy sitting on the floor, “Come on. Let’s get you home and clean your face.” Evan sniffed and took Damiens hand. Once he was standing again Damien placed his arm over the boy’s shoulders and walked him home. Back at the house Damien led Evan to the large bathroom upstairs and helped him wash away the tear stains with some warm water and a soft washcloth. Damien smiled at the boy’s clean cheeks, “There. That’s better.” He pinched Evan’s cheek, “You’re too cute to see upset you know?” Evan didn’t know what to say. Noone had ever defended him like that. Noone had ever shown him such affection and kindness not to mention called him cute. He wasn’t sure exactly what he had witnessed but he felt the need to thank Damien, “Hey… umm… thanks… for your help back there… ” Damien smiled, “Don’t mention it. You’re one of my boys now so noone is gonna hurt you in any way, okay? If anyone ever tries you tell me and I’ll deal with them.” Evan didn’t know what he was feeling. Nobody had ever been there for him like Damien was saying he would be. He had always wanted an older brother to protect him but being an only child he felt so alone. All the other kids made fun of him because of his weight or the fact that he was the rich kid and as such they were jealous. He didn’t know how to accept such a gracious offer, “… Umm… Okay… hey I’m… I’m sorry. I’m sorry I told you to fuck off.” Damien waved his hand, “Water under the bridge. Don’t worry about it.” Damien returned Evan’s smile before asking, “You hungry? It’s probably about time for dinner.” Evan was hungry, “Umm yeah… yeah dinner sounds great.” “What would you like?” Damien asked. Evan looked agrı escort glum, “Anna made something. It’s in the fridge.” They walked to the kitchen where Damien opened the fridge and retrieved the covered dish, yellow flowers painted around its rim. Upon removing the cover and seeing the crap in there Damien returned Evan’s disgusted look before asking, “Okay… what is this?” “It’s the food Anna makes for me.” Evan explained, “She says it’s special food she makes herself. Says it’ll help me lose weight.” “Uh huh… ” Damien looked over the grey matter before deciding, “Yeah… no. Just no.” He carried the dish to the trash can before opening it and dumping the crap in there. He put the now empty flowery dish in the dish washer then looked at Evan, smiling as he beheld the boy’s shocked expression, “So, what do you wanna eat? Your choice. My treat.” Evan’s eyes lit up, “Umm… could we order pizza?” “Sure.” Damien took out his phone, “What toppings you want on it?” Evan beamed, “Pepperoni!” Damien smiled, “Yeah I like pepperoni too.” He ordered the pizza and they went to the lounge to watch iron man while they waited for the food to arrive. Once it did they enjoyed all the pizza they could eat while watching the rest of the movie. Once the credits rolled Damien paused the movie and turned to Evan, “Evan, I really like you and I want us to be friends. Is that something you want too?” “Yeah!” Evan was excited. He didn’t have any friends and Damien might just be the coolest person he had ever met. Damien smiled, “Cool. Well, I wanna talk to you about some things. Would that be okay?” “What things?” Evan was curious. Damien thought for a second, “… … Well… I see alot of myself in you. Back when I was your age I got angry too. In fact lots of my boys get angry but it’s always for different reasons. The one thing they all have in common is they have noone to talk to about it.” Damien leaned across the couch and placed his hand on Evan’s knee, “And that’s where I come in. You can talk to me Evan. About anything and everything. I’ll never judge you or make fun of you no matter what okay? I promise.” Evan looked into Damien’s eyes and knew in his heart he could trust his new friend, “… Okay…. Thanks.” Damien smiled, “Now, is there anything you want to talk about? Anything bothering you at all? Any questions you have?” There were. Many. Evan wasn’t sure where to begin, “Umm… well… I guess… I guess I just… hmm… ” It was hard to find the words. Damien picked up on the boy’s struggle, “Hey man, I get it. It can be hard opening up to someone. How about this, I ask you a question then you answer. Then you ask me a question and I answer. Cool?” Evan thought for a moment then nodded, “Yeah. Yeah that should work.” “Okay then.” Damien leaned forward, “Evan, do you know why you’re angry all the time?” Evan thought on this, “… Well… all the kids make fun of me. And my parents… they just… they hate me… and Anna! Oh my god she is such a bitch-” He froze and looked at Damien, worry etched across his face. Damien smiled, “Hey, don’t worry. Anything said between us will ALWAYS stay between us. Noone else will ever know. I swear it.” Evan relaxed a little, “And you’re right. Anna is a MASSIVE bitch.” Evan chuckled a little and returned Damien’s smile, “Yeah she is! When my parents aren’t around she’s always shouting at me and calling me fat or a monster and sometimes she hits me-” “Wait a fucking minute!” Damien stopped Evan, “Anna hits you?” Evan nodded, “How does she hit you?” Evan looked down at the floor, his right hand rubbing the back of his left, “Well… when I’m bad she hits the back of my hand with a wooden spoon.” He looked back up at Damien with a pained expression as he said quietly, “It hurts… ” Damien could feel it. Something he hadn’t felt for at least a couple of years at this point. His burning rage. He maintained control though, being sure to breathe steadily through his nose,”… ahem… and your umm… your parents. Do they know she does that?” Evan shook his head, “No. She said if I told them they wouldn’t believe me and… the next time she’d hit me harder.” Damien summoned all his energy to not tremble with fury in front of Evan. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, “Pheeeeewwww… Okay. Well Evan I promised you noone would ever hurt you again and I meant it.” He looked into Evan’s eyes, “And that includes that evil bitch Anna. Okay?” Evan frowned, “Really?” He wasn’t sure what Damien could do to stop her. He wouldn’t always be around to protect him. Damien reached out and took Evan’s hand in his, “Evan, I swear to you. She will NEVER touch you again. Okay?” Evan nodded, “Okay.” He believed Damien. Damien returned his nod, “Okay. Now, do you have a question for me?” Evan did, “Umm… What you did to Darren… ” “What about it?” Evan was a little embarrassed, “Well… he asked you for… relief… what does that mean?” Damien smiled, “Did you see his dick?” Evan smiled a coy smile and nodded, “Did you see how big and hard it was?” Evan giggled and nodded, “Well that was what he was asking for. He wanted me to help him relieve that but since he had been a bad boy I said no-” “Wait wait wait… ” Evan waved his hand, “What do you mean? Relieve it how? I mean my… ” Evan went red in the face and stopped talking as he looked down. Damien reached across and placed one finger under the boy’s chin to lift his face up so they had eye contact again, “Remember Evan, you’re one of my boys now. You can ask me anything and you never need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Okay?” Evan thought for a moment then nodded, “Okay… umm… well… his dick was… hard.” “It was.” “And umm… he wanted you to… relieve it?” Evan asked, a curious look on his face. “He did.” “And you said no.” “I did.” Damien confirmed, “You see the relief he wanted would be a reward but I’m not about to reward bad behaviour. That cuts against everything I do. When a boy is good he gets rewarded. When he is bad he doesn’t. What Darren and his friends did to you earlier was bad so I wasn’t about to make him cum.” Evan furrowed his brow, “Come? To my house?” Damien chuckled, “No haha. Not come C O M E. Cum C U M.” He could tell from the boy’s confused expression he hadn’t heard that word before in this context, “Look I can explain all of that to you when you’re ready but right now we really should be talking less about Darren and more about you.” “Huh… okay… ” Evan was thinking so Damien waited patiently. When the boy was ready he looked at Damien and asked, “When a boy’s… umm… ” He stopped talking so Damien decided to help him, “When a boy’s dick gets hard… ” “Yeah. Yeah umm… when that happens…. what exactly would you do… to… relieve it?” Evan looked at Damien with a hopeful expression that Damien had seen many times before. Damien smiled, “Your dick gets hard sometimes doesn’t it?” Evan bit his bottom lip and nodded, “And you aren’t sure what to do about it?” Again Evan nodded, “Well I can show you. Would you like that?” Evan’s eyebrows shot up and he nodded vigorously. Damien chuckled, “Haha. Okay then.” He stood up from the couch, “Where do you feel most comfortable?” Evan stood up too, “Umm… my room.” Damien smiled, “Well then, lead the way.” Damien followed Evan from the lounge to the bottom of the staircase, making a mental note of the address book sat by the landline, then followed the boy upstairs to his room. Once inside Damien made a point of closing the door ensuring this place that Evan felt most safe was indeed secure, “Okay. Here we are in your room. Now I’m willing to bet that when you wake up in the morning is when your dick is hardest, right?” “Uh huh.” Evan was quickly becoming completely comfortable around the first person he had ever met that treated him like an equal, “When I wake up it’s so hard that it hurts sometimes.” He sat down on his bed. Damien chuckled, “Yeah I get that. Lots of boys feel that way but trust me dude, that’s normal. I can show you how to deal with it.” He stepped forward, “Do you trust me?” Evan looked up at his new friend and answered honestly, “Yeah. Yeah I do.” “Okay then.” Damien smiled a kind smile, “Take off your clothes.” Evan didn’t move, “Huh?” “Get naked.” Damien said simply, the smile never leaving his face. Evan didn’t react. He just sat there, unsure of what to do, “Err… I… why?” Damien knelt down on one knee and placed a hand on Evan’s shoulder, “Evan. I know how hard it is to trust someone. I know that you may be afraid to be naked with another person but really you don’t need to be. We are all naked when we are born and after all, Adam and Eve were naked in the garden of Eden so-” “No!” Evan cut Damien off, “No I… I just… ” Evan wrapped his arms around himself, “I umm… ” He looked at Damien, “My… my body… I umm… ” Damien knew what was coming but waited patiently anyway until Evan finally said, “… I’m fat.” Tears appeared in his eyes. Damien squeezed Evan’s shoulder, “Evan look at me.” Evan did, “Everyone is different. We all have different bodies and opinions and likes and dreams and fears but please trust me when I say… ” Damien stood up, “You have nothing to be afraid or ashamed of when you’re with me.” He began unbuttoning his shirt. Evan watched Damien undress for a moment before asking, “What… what are you doing?” Damien threw his shirt to the floor and began unbuckling his belt, “Well, it just seems fair that I get undressed.” His jeans fell to the floor, “I mean, I am asking you to be naked in front of me so… ” Damien dropped his boxers and stood before the boy nude, his dick quickly growing from a semi to a full erection, “Of course you should see me naked too.” Evan’s eyes were wide as he stared with wonder at Damien’s fully erect seventeen year old penis dangling in front of his face. As he managed to tear his gaze away from it to look up at his new friend’s smiling face all worry melted away. He stood up, “… O… okay.” Evan lifted his shirt off revealing his chubby eleven year old body, his belly and boy breasts holding an inny button and two very suckable nipples. He then put his thumbs inside the hem of the sweatpants he had been wearing and pushed down revealing- “Holy shit!” Damien couldn’t help himself. He had been doing this for two years. He had seen many boys of different ages naked and hard. He knew what different boys’ dicks looked like at different ages but this… , “Goddam!” Evan was worried he had done something wrong, “Huh? I’m… I’m sorry!” He bent over to pull his sweats and boxers back up. “No!” Damien stopped him, “No no no… I’m sorry. I just… I wasn’t expecting that.” Evan left his underwear and sweats at his ankles as he looked at Damien, “Huh? Expecting what?” Damien looked at the eleven year old’s engorged member. It was big. Bigger than he had ever seen on a boy before. It was cut, hairless, cream coloured, thick and five and a half inches long akdere escort ending in a bulbous pink head, “You umm… you’re eleven… right?” “Err… yeah?” Evan answered. “Well… Evan, you are very well endowed.” Damien smiled but his smile quickly became a frown as he saw the sadness on Evan’s face, “What’s wrong buddy?” “You… you said you wouldn’t make fun of me… ” Evan sniffed. “I’m not. Trust me that’s a good thing-” “How is it a good thing I’m fat?!” Evan shouted, “I know what that means! When the doctor says it… when my parents say it! It’s just a way of calling me fat without actually saying it!” Damien understood, “Wait. You think that when someone calls you well endowed… they’re calling you fat?” “Well yeah!” Evan answered and Damien began to chuckle, “What’s so funny?!” Damien smiled at Evan, “That’s not what well endowed means pal.” Evan frowned, “Really?” Damien shook his head, “Well…. what’s it mean then?” “You have a big dick.” Damien said flatly, “Honestly yours is the biggest I’ve seen on a boy your age. On any boy even close to your age. You’re even bigger than Darren and he’s fourteen.” Damien watched Evans eyes go wide as this new information sank in. His smile matched the one that began to spread across Evan’s face, “I… I have a big dick?” Damien chuckled, “Yep. Really big. Trust me dude in a few years all the boys are gonna be jealous and all the girls are gonna wanna date you. Congratulations.” Evan beamed, “Awesome!” Damien laughed, “Haha, uh huh. It is awesome.” Damien went over to his backpack and opened it. He reached in and after retrieving the tube of lube he went over to Evan’s bed and sat down. Looking at Evan Damien patted the bed next to him, “Come here and I’ll teach you how to jerk off.” Evan sat next to Damien, “Jerk off?” “Yep.” Damien opened the lube and squeezed some into his palm, “That’s what you do when your dick gets hard. You jerk off. Now watch what I’m doing.” Evan watched intently as Damien spread lube all over his hard shaft, base to tip, “I’m lubing up my cock. It helps when jerking off.” He handed the tube to Evan, “You try.” Evan took the lube, “Okay.” and proceeded to do what Damien had done, squeezing some into his hand before slathering his preteen dick in the slippery substance. He imitated the stoking motions made by Damien’s hand on his own cock for a few moments before, “… … whoa.” he felt the first tingles. He looked at Damien’s face with a questioning look. Damien smiled a knowing smile, “You feel that?” Evan nodded, “Keep going.” Evan did. As his hand worked his cock for the first time he began to feel things he never had before. Parts of his body that had been dormant his whole life began to awaken. He had no words to describe these new sensations. His heartbeat sped up, his breathing became heavier. He didn’t realise his hand was rubbing his dick faster and faster, “Ohhh… oh man! … Hmmm… ” Damien’s own cock was tingling as he watched the boy pleasure himself for the first time. He loved teaching boys how to enjoy their bodies, “Keep going little buddy. You’re doing great.” He encouraged Evan.” “Oh man! Oh fuck! This is… ahhhh… ” Evan’s eyes were closed. The world melted away and all that was left was his dick and the hand he was using to stimulate it. He felt like little wheels were turning in his ball sack. He felt a twinge of pleasure each time his fingers slipped over the head of his cock. Five minutes ago he had no idea such movements could illicit such feelings but now nature had taken over and much like every boy does he became an instant expert of masturbation, “Hmmm! Ohhhh man! It… what’s… ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhh!” His first orgasm came out of nowhere and hit him hard. His whole body shuddered and electric jolts shot through him. The incredible pleasure slowly gave way to waves of euphoria that washed over him. He collapsed back onto the bed, his hand fell to his side as his large cock twitched. Damien had always loved seeing boys orgasm and the knowledge that he had helped them get there just heightened his own pleasure, “Hmmm!” He came quietly, managing to maintain his composure. This was about Evan, not him. After retrieving some paper towels from his backpack he cleaned up his cum and the lube before approaching the bed, “Hey Evan?” “Hmm?” Evan didn’t open his eyes, he was still blown away by what he had just experienced. Damien stroked the lad’s head, “I’m gonna clean you up okay?” “Mmmhmm.” Came Evan’s answer. Damien smiled. He used some paper towels to wipe off the boy’s hand and cock. He was as careful as he could be but a few times caused some sharp intakes of breath from Evan as he wiped the sensitive tip of his cock. After Evan was sufficiently clean Damien manoeuvred the boy into bed with his head on the pillows and put the duvet over him. He knelt by the side of the bed while speaking softly, “Hey little buddy. You enjoy that?” Evan could barely stay awake, “Mmmhmm.” Damien smiled and stroked the boy’s head, “Good. Well there is alot more fun stuff I’m going to teach you. I can’t wait to come and see you again.” He leaned down and kissed Evan on the forehead, “Good night Evan. Sleep well.” After dressing and retrieving his backpack Damien walked to the door and turned out the lights. As he was closing the door he heard a sleepy voice, “Damien?” Damien stopped just shy of closing the door, “Yes Evan?” Evan yawned as he hugged a stuffed panda bear to himself, “Thank you.” Damien smiled, “You’re welcome.” and closed the door. He checked his phone, ‘Twenty minutes until they get home.’ He descended the staircase and stopped by the address book by the landline. After looking through it and getting the information he needed he went to the lounge and cleaned up the pizza boxes before sitting down and calling for a cab. Sure enough about twenty minutes later Andrew and Sheila returned home and were shocked by the calm silence in the house. Damien greeted them with a smile, “Welcome home. How was your evening.” Sheila spoke first, “It was wonderful. We really needed this. Thanks so much Damien.” “Is he… ” Andrew looked around expecting to see Evan appear from somewhere before looking at Damien, “Is he… in bed?” “He is.” Damien replied. “Asleep?” Asked Sheila. “Yes.” Damien told her. The two of them exchanged a look of amazement before looking at Damien. He found it funny when parents looked at him with the same hero worship in their eyes their sons’ have when they enjoy their first orgasm. Sheila approached Damien and held his hands in her own, “I… I have no idea how we can thank you.” She hugged him. Damie chuckled, “Please Sheila, it’s what I do.” “I have an idea how.” Said Andrew taking a few hundred dollar bills from his wallet. Damien thanked Andrew for the tip and his phone began to buzz, “Ah. That’s my cab.” He returned the smile being given to him by Andrew and Sheila, “Well it really has been lovely sitting Evan and I would really like to again soon. I think I can really help him.” This was music to the ears of Andrew and Sheila who assured him they would be calling him again very soon. Damien left the house and got into the cab giving the driver the address he had taken from the address book inside. Just ten minutes later he was standing at the front door of a small house and knocking. After a few moments the door opened and a very confused Anna regarded Damien, “What are you doing here?!” Damien’s expression was blank, “Evening Anna. May I come in?” “No you may n-” “Great.” Damien pushed past the woman into her house and closed the door behind him, “Thanks.” “What the hell are you doing?!” She shouted as she followed Damien who was walking at a brisk pace to the kitchen. Damien looked around the kitchen and saw Anna was making dinner- No… No she wasn’t… He looked at the chopping board full of broccoli, egg plant, cauliflower and avocado. He saw the same kind of flowery dish he had seen earlier containing the ‘special’ food she made for Evan… then he saw the large tub of powder next to it. He approached the tub and read the side of the container barely able to believe what he was seeing, ‘Huel serious mass two thousand… weight gain powder… ‘ Damien turned to look at Anna, disgust evident on his face, fear evident on hers. He had found her out… and she knew it. She tried to maintain superiority, “Now you… you listen to me!” Damien started opening draws in the kitchen seemingly looking for something. Anna pointed, “You have no right to come into my house and… what are you doing?!” Damien had found what he was looking for. He turned to look at Anna, fury raging inside him, a wooden spoon in his hand, “What are you… put that back!” Damien marched up to Anna who backed up against the wall, “Stay away!” Damien grabbed her wrist and squeezed it hard. It hurt, “Argh! Let go! You’re hurting me!” “I haven’t even started!” Damien groweled through gritted teeth as he pulled Anna’s hand away from her body and raised the wooden spoon above his head. “NO!” Anna shouted as Damien brought the handle down hard on the back of her hand, “ARGH!” He raised the spoon high again as she fell to her knees, “NO! PLEASE!” He brought it down hard on the back of her hand again, “ARGH!” and again, “ARGH!” and again, “ARGHUHUHUHUUUUHHHH!” She began to cry hard as the beating continued. Damien lost count of the number of times he struck the bitch and only stopped when the handle of the cooking utensil snapped off. He threw it to the side and grabbed her by the chin, turning her tear covered face up to look at his, “LOOK AT ME!” He ordered her. She looked with terror into Damien’s furious eyes, “You will NEVER see that boy again! Understand?! You will write a letter of resignation right fucking now! You will send it through the mail and you will leave town! You will do all of this NOW! If you’re still living here in one month the last thing you see will be my smiling face as you choke to death on your own blood! GOT IT?!” “YES!” Anna screamed. Damien let go of the bitch’s face and stood up straight looking down at her, “You sick, twisted cunt!” He spat in her face before walking to the front leaving the evil piece of shit crying while holding her red and swollen hand. He left the house slamming the door hard as he went. He walked home. It took a while but he needed to cool off. His parents had always believed going to bed early was healthy and godly so when he did get back to his house they were already in bed which suited Damien just fine. Up in his room he wrote an email to Bill explaining the night’s events and after sending it he got into bed and fell asleep. In the dark quiet of his room his laptop screen lit up showing one new message from Bill that Damien wouldn’t see until the next morning… Well done. You did the right thing. I’m proud of you. AUTHORS NOTE: Hey all. Sorry for the long break between chapters. There has been some technical issues on my side which I’m sure you’re all aware of from the brief message at the beginning of this instalment. I am certain chapter 4 won’t take nearly as long. I can’t wait to share with you all how Damien’s night with Darren goes. He has been a VERY bad boy 😉 Thanks for reading Edgar Friendly

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