Subject: Bad Back part 3 As we pulled up at Coach’s friends home, I could see three guys shooting hoops. We unloaded and started walking over to the driveway where they were playing. As we approached, Brandon, the guy that lived there, shouts out, “hey you brought someone, now the teams are uneven again.” Coach laughed and said not to worry that Tom (me) hurt his back and can’t play so he came along to be a cheerleader. Everyone laughed and took a break for introductions and to grab more beer. The other two guys were Antonio and John. It was very obvious to me that all three of them were your typical jock meatheads, but come to find out Antonio and John both teach school at a rival high school and Brandon was a close friend of John’s. Coach handed me a soft drink and reminded me, “No beer.” Brandon asked why and said, “would it make him do stupid things, we like cheerleaders that do stupid things.” Everyone laughed and went back to a game of two on two. It was hot and someone suggest that they needed to play shirts and skins and Coach and Antonio were the first to have their shirts off so they got to be skins. My little perv kicked in seeing both of these hunks with no shirts and it was evident by the flopping of cocks that they were all playing commando. I was just about done with my cola when someone suggest beer break and Brandon tells me he will get me another soft drink from the house and returns with a fresh can of soda. I took a big chug and as soon as I did, I realized that he had substitued the soda for beer. I never let on that I knew and sat there on the picnic table watching them resume their game. Another break in the game came and Brandon asked if I need another soda and I said sure. He went back to the house and came out with another drink for me. Then he says, “who you cheering for anyway, you sit there with your shirt on so you must be team shirts. Coach tells him, “Hell no he is team skins, Cheerleader peel off that shirt and show your team support.” I pulled off my t-shirt to match my team which caused everyone to laugh. I had been watching the guys and sporatically they would head off towards the side the garage and I figured this was where they were going to take a leak. I had to go so while they were refreshing their beers, I started walking off to pee. I pulled the front of my shorts and jock down and was about to let fly when I heard someone else walking. I glanced over my shoulder and it was Brandon. I gave him the side eye to see if I could get a glimpse of his cock and he was standing there peeing. I didn’t have a great angle, so turned a little to see better. He must have seen me do this as he asks in a low voice, “you see something you like, cheerleader?” I never replied, but turned back to pay attention to my piss stream. The next thing I hear is, “Now maybe you can see it a little better,” and he was standing right behind me and he was right, I could see it a lot better. He says, “do you see something you like, because, I see something that I like and want,” and he rubs my ass over my shorts paying particular attention to my crack. About that time one of the other guys shouts out, “you going to piss all night or are we going to finish the game?” He gives me a squeeze and heads back to the game. I had a hell of a time getting my cock repositioned in my jock strap because it was hard as hell and Yes, i did see something that I liked. I sat down on the picnic table again sipping my “cola” watching the guys run back and forth flopping all the way. They played for 5 minutes and it was time for them to take another beer break. Brandon comes over and sits down next to me on the table with his beer and asks if I am having a good time. I reassure him that I am and he puts his arm over my shoulder and drops his forearm down onto my chest. While he is looking around BSing with the guys, izmit escort he starts to rub my tittie. Not a full on grope, but just brushing over it and tweeks the nipple as he does it. It felt so good that I know I moaned a little. He leans over and tells me that I should come visit once in awhile, we could have some fun. I laugh and pull out from under his arm. It was time to start the game again. After another 5/10 minutes of playing, it was time for a break again and everyone headed for more beer. Brandon asks if I need another cola and of course I do. He then asks if I would go into the house with him to help him bring out some burgers to cook on the grill. After two beers, I was feeling real good so happily looked forward to some food. As I am gathering things up to take out, Brandon comes over and wants to show me something in the living room. What I didn’t realize until it was too late, is that what he wanted to show me was his cock. We get to the living room and of course all the lights or off, just the kitchen lights are on in the house and he pulls the front of his shorts down to show me his hardon. My moral compass was gone at that point so I just went over and took hold of his cock. As I am sliding it back and forth, he asks me if I could take something that big. I honestly told him I had no idea, thinking today was the first time I got fucked, so how would I know if I could take anything bigger. He drools some spit on his dick as I am jacking it back and forth and then I felt him with his hand down the back of my shorts. First one finger then another he has in me. He smiles and says that he thinks it will fit just fine. Then three fingers and I am on my tip toes trying to get away from his intursion. He tells me to spit on his cock and as I do, I rub it in and it seems to be getting slippery. He then twist me around and pushes himself into me and I fall frontwards over the sofa. Mentally, I had never had anything happen so erotic because I felt like I was being raped by him. He held my head into the cushion of the sofa and proceeded to fuck me. Evidently, the beer had done a number on him also because it didn’t take him long to shove all the way in, just like Coach had done and I could feel him throbbing in me and knew he was dumping his nut. As soon as he came, he pulls out and says, “We better get the food out before they wonder what happened to us.” I struggled to stand back up because of my back but once I was up I was fine. I think the beer was deadening the pain a little. Brandon filled my cola can with beer again and out the door we went. As the guys gathered around Coach asked me what took so long, and I told him my back was hurting so Brandon massaged it for me. Coach’s eyes got wide and I said, “don’t worry, you massage much deeper than he does.” Brandon then pipes up and defends himself and says that he never massaged me, he just tried to explain to me why jocks liked cheerleaders and everyone laughed. I was so happy when Craig finally showed as I was on my 5th “cola” and feeling no pain. Brandon got Craig and me a couple more and then a couple more colas from the house and I told them I was ready to go home. Coach wanted to stay and drink beers, so Craig said he would take me home. We got pretty much all the way home and Craig realized it may not be a good idea to take me home in my condition, so he had me call my Mom and tell her I was staying at his house tonight. My Mom said as long as the Coach is there, no problem. I didn’t tell her that he was still drinking. We got to Craig’s house and he took me to the basement. There was an extra bedroom down there so I could sleep it off. As soon as I lay down, the room starting spinning and I let Craig know that I was going to be sick. He rushes me to the bathroom and came so close to making it. I was in the doorway kadıköy escort when all the cola started coming back up. I was smart enough to grab my shirt and hold it up so nothing hit the floor, but my clothes were nasty along with my chest. I tried standing back up to go back to bed and he says, “no, not until you wash all that shit off your body.” He then pushes me into the shower and starts removing my clothes as the water runs over me. It didn’t take him long at all, as I only had on a t-shirt, shorts and a jock. I can hardly stand in the shower, I am so wobbly so he finally gets in the shower with me to hold me up. It was the first time to see his cock after all the times of staring at it. I didn’t even ask persmission, I just reached over and took his cock into my hand. All drunk, I said, “I like this, it is so big. Not as big as Coach’s but it is big.” I had jacked off in the shower so many times, I knew how to use the soap and get a good lather going and that is just what I did. When he had enough hand action, he turned me around, reached around me and started washing the vomit off my chest. But in doing so, he was so close to me that I could feel his dick in the crack of my ass. I only had to push back a little and he was sliding in. I was moaning like a whore and told him ‘that I have wanted to be fucked by him for months and never thought it would happen. He just kept pumping into me and reassures me that this wouldn’t be the last time. I bent over as far as my back would allow me, reach between my legs so I can feel his cock and he all the way in me. When he was all the way in, his balls prevented him from going deeper. I pulled on his balls and squeeezed his dick with my ass muscles and just like Brandon, he pushes all the way in and stands there while I feel his cock pulsing in my ass. He starts to pull out of me and I guess all the previus loads of cum decided to come out with his and he is startled. I hear him say, “damn that is the biggest load I have ever shot!” He helps me stand back up and hands me a towel to dry. As he walks me back to the bedroom, he tells me not to say anything to anyone about this and if I can keep my mouth shut, he will fuck me again, when I am ready. I pretend to zip my mouth shut, but before we leave the bathroom, he goes into the medicine cabinet and pulls out some sort of pill and tells me that it will help my back feel better in the morning. I figured it was tylenol or something, but i didn’t know and didn’t care, the man of my fantasies, just nutted in me. I felt better already. Craig ushered me back to the bedroom and left to go to bed himself. I don’t know what it was, but I heard something that woke me up. I couldn’t move and was trying to figure out where I was. It was very dark and i tried to roll over but was like paralyzed in bed. Through my pounding headache, it all started coming back to me in flashes. Then I heard voices. I could make out one was Coach but couldn’t figure out the other. I could tell someone had come over to the bed and the light popped on. I lay stiff as a board, not because I wanted to, but because I couldn’t move. I heard Coach say, “I was going to let you sleep in here, but Tom is in here sleeping. He must have crashed here.” “Tom the cheerleader? Great, I can still sleep here’ the voice adds. “Antonio, what are you doing” I hear as I feel the bed move. “Brandon said that he explained why jocks love cheerleaders, so I am going to take advantage of that knowledge.” “Just a minute, i’ll be right back” and I hear footsteps leaving the room. Antonio’s hand or at least I think it must be Antonio’s starts slowly caressing my ass. I didn’t realize it had been exposed this whole time. I then feel him smack my butt cheek with what I can only imagine is his hard cock. kahramanmaraş escort I never move because, like I said, I couldn’t. He is dragging his cock all over my ass as Coach re-enters the room and says, “here at least use some massage oil for lube.” It is at the point that things became real and Antonio asks Coach if he has any condom and Coach tells him no, but it is okay, that I like it bareback. “Oh, so you have been fucking him,” and he laughs. “No just the once this morning and I put on a rubber and he peeled off then let me fuck him.” “Did you bust in him?” “Yes, I shouldn’t have, but it felt good and I nutted.” “Well, at least your dick is small so he will still be tight for my Italian meat” and I feel his cock rubbing my hole. He tries to penetrate me and he is too big to get in. After a couple of tries, he tells coach, “Here you go first, just don’t bust in him, I don’t want to drag my cock thru your nut” and he moves out of the way. Coach lays down behind me and pulls me back toward him as he guides his cock into my ass. It hurt but I think it was because this was the fourth time I was getting fucked in less than 24 hours. He keeps pouring oil on my ass and is getting a good pound going and Antonio says, “Okay that is enough, I told you not to nut in him.” Coach pulls out and Anonio rolls me over onto my back and lifts my legs up to his shoulders. This time with a oiled hole, he pushes his cock head up against my hole. He takes hold of my thighs, then pushes and busts into my hole. I knew I was in tough shape then because while it hurt like a bitch, I could do nothing about it. No moan, no jump, nothing, my body just let it happen. I could not believe the beer did this to me, so it must have been more than tylynol that Craig gave me. Antonio starts fucking me and lets my legs down. I knew then and there that I needed to get to know Antonio better because this felt so good. I suddenly feel something rubbing all over my face and in my heart know that it is Coach’s cock. It smelled like a sweaty cock. Then a wad of spit hit my lips and he is sliding his cock over my lips. I just lay there. Coach say, I think he may be dead, he doesn’t move at all, to which Antonio replies, “He isn’t dead I can feel his heart beat in his ass on my cock.” They laughed at their sick joke. As Coach is climbing onto the bed, Antonio asks him what he is doing. I hear him say, I am going to bust a nut all over his face, then let him sleep with it drying on his face. They high fived and Coach straddles my chest and is rubbing his cock all over the spit that he had put on my lips. Antonio is stroking deep into me and I feel him start to play with my fat titties. I was in heaven, cock in my ass, someone massaging my titties and a cock all over my face. Coach tells Antonie, “Play with his tits if you want to, but leave my ass alone.” I guess Antonio was going up to high on my chest and was brushing against Coach’s ass. But thru it all my own cock just laid there soft. I lost track of how long they had been going at it, but I soon hear Antonio ask, “are you sure it is okay to bust in him?” Coach replies, “who will know, it’s not like you can get him pregnant and they do a test.” Again they high five and I can feel Antonio’s pace quicken. “Oh fuck,” I hear him say but he never slows down the pound as I know he is nutting in my hole. This put Coach over the top and I feel him pinch my lip and lift it up. He starts shooting his cum onto my teeth and then it explodes all over my face. I can feel it running down my cheek and into my eye sockets. He uses his hardon to smear all his cum over my face and sticks the head of his cum covered cock back into my mouth. Coach climbs down off the bed and Antonio pulls his cock out of me and rolls over on the bed. I hear Coach say good night and asks Antonio if he needs anything. Antonio rolls onto his side, pulls me back into a spoon position with his cock already rising again, and says, “No, I got what I need and I have what he needs, also.” More to follow, if you like this let me know at aol and as always, you need to contribute to NIFTY to keep the stories coming.

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