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Lloyd worked for a plumbing business. There were four teams at the company, each consisting of two men. Lloyd’s specialty was replacing or repairing home geysers. Grant, Lloyd’s former teammate, had decided to move on, and Lloyd would now be partnered with Bevan. Prior to meeting Bevan, Lloyd’s boss had asked him to help out by accommodating Bevan until he could find his own apartment. Two years earlier, Lloyd’s boss had assisted Lloyd in buying his apartment, so a refusal was out of the question. Lloyd’s comfortable two bedroom apartment was fairly old, and not in the best part of town; however, it was spacious and in a very good condition. Lloyd loved his privacy and wasn’t keen on sharing his space, even though it would only be for a short period. When at home Lloyd loved being naked, especially while was sitting on a comfy chair in the lounge pleasuring himself as he watched porn. With his new lodger moving in, he bemoaned the fact that his favourite pastime would have to be put on ice. Lloyd preferred two categories of porn; straight and bisexual. He strongly favoured movies with two or more guys, fucking a woman. Naturally, in the bisexual DVD’s, the men also got stuck into one another. Although Lloyd essentially considered himself straight, he had always been bi-curious, and the bisexual porn seemed to excite him the most. Over the previous year, Lloyd had developed erectile dysfunction whenever he tried to be intimate with women. Even with pills to help this problem, Lloyd mostly ended up red-faced and embarrassed due to his lack of performance. Pulling women was never a problem for him; Lloyd was way above average looking, with a good body and a very decent dick. Strangely, when he masturbated while watching adult movies, his cock was always as hard as a rock. More and more, however, solo action was becoming preferable to him. Bevan moved in as planned, and Lloyd was pleased to find him very likeable guy. Having arrived rather late in the evening, they chatted for a short while before Bevan settled into his room. Before long, they were both sound asleep. The two guys were of similar stature, but there the similarities ended. Bevan was the antithesis of Lloyd, and way below average looking. isvecbahis As a result, Bevan had always been incapable of getting the women he desired. He was always the guy who took ugly, fat girls home from the bar or club. As a result, he never contacted the women after that, because once was more than enough with the ladies he bedded. When the two guys worked together the following day, Lloyd was happy to find that Bevan was not only a pleasant workmate, but an extremely capable one as well. That evening they worked together preparing their meal before relaxing side-by-side in the two comfy chairs that faced the huge, sixty-inch, flat screen television. Bevan was very impressed with Lloyd’s entertainment system, and asked if he could turn it on. Lloyd nodded yes, but then sat shit-faced as a still picture of one of the porn movies he had been watching previously appeared on the screen. Lloyd had forgotten that he had placed the movie on pause two nights before. “Whew, this looks great,” Bevan stated excitedly. “Do you mind if I press the play button?” “Sure,” Lloyd answered, somewhat embarrassed. “Man, this is so fucking hot,” Bevan enthused. “Do you like porn?” “Yes, I am afraid I do… possibly a little too much,” Lloyd answered, stammering his admission. “What do you mean?” Bevan asked frowning. Lloyd was immediately sorry that he had opened this door, and even thought of baling. There was, however, something very likable about Bevan, and Lloyd could already tell they would become good friends. Throwing caution to the wind, he confessed his erectile problems to Bevan. After Lloyd’s revelation, Bevan observed him for a short while. Smiling, he then shook his head and let out a derisive laugh, before saying, “With your looks you can get any woman you want, but don’t care to. With my ugly face, I only get the dregs.” After a short pause, Bevan jokingly continued, “We should become a duo, you pull the chicks, and I’ll fuck them. Just think, then you’ll get to watch live porn.” Both men had a good laugh at Bevan’s suggestion. As they again observed the screen, Lloyd’s mind went into overdrive. The more he thought about what Bevan had said, the more turned-on he became. Was it only a joke, or was isveçbahis giriş Bevan being serious? The huge bulge in front of Bevan’s jeans had also intrigued Lloyd since his arrival, and he wondered what that lump would reveal. “Do you normally jerk off while watching porn?” Bevan asked suddenly. “All the time,” Lloyd answered, before going on to tell Bevan that he was always naked at home, and how he masturbated for hours while watching his movies. “Did you also do circle-jerks with buddies when you were at school?” Bevan asked with a mischievous grin. “Yeah, sure,” Lloyd replied. “So, what are we waiting for?” Bevan suggested, before continuing, “Let’s get naked and go for it.” Lloyd fetched two hands towels and a box of tissues. After the men stripped, Lloyd’s jaw almost hit the floor when he observed Bevan’s knob. Porn watcher that he was, he had seldom seen a guy who could compete with Bevan in the dick department. Shortly, the guys were seated with their cocks in hand, watching the show. Lloyd constantly glanced sideways, mesmerized by the dick next to him. A further turn-on for Lloyd, was the constant horny commentary that Bevan uttered while watching the movie. As Lloyd observed the incredible cunt-wrecker next to him, a tingle of excitement passed through his body as he imagined Bevan’s fat log fucking a pussy. Lloyd’s earlier reservations about Bevan were also totally evaporating, given the pleasure that this unexpected turn of events was producing. The duo suggestion that Bevan had made was also becoming an obsession with Lloyd. Lloyd reasoned that their ‘duo action,’ could possibly be the cure for correcting the malady that he had developed in recent times. As they sat tugging their dicks, Lloyd asked, “Were you serious about the duo thing?” Bevan looked at Lloyd seriously, before gushing, “Definitely, bro, definitely!” As the movie they were watching ended, Lloyd asked, “Would you like to watch another one?” “Fuck yeah,” Bevan countered. “Which is your favourite movie? Put that one on.” Lloyd thought for a few moments, pondering what Bevan would make of his bisexual porn. ‘Should I, shouldn’t I,’ he wondered. Then thinking WTF, he got up and selected a bisexual DVD before isveçbahis yeni giriş inserting it into the player. It took a good ten minutes before the bisexual aspect was revealed; when the guy fucking the girl began sucking the other guy’s dick. Happily, there appeared to be no adverse reaction from Bevan. Several minutes later Bevan asked, “Are you bisexual, buddy?” “I have never had sex with a man, nor even doubled-up on a woman before, but for some reason this bisexual stuff turns me on,” Lloyd answered honestly. Bevan observed Lloyd with a ‘that’s okay,’ facial expression. Several minutes later Lloyd asked, “Should we hit the bar tomorrow evening, and see if can pick up a chick for some double action?” Bevan face lit up like a Christmas tree before answering, “Definitely, bro, fuck yeah. I’m in.” The two guys coordinated their eruption festival a short while later, before retiring to their respective bedrooms. Lloyd lay awake for quite some time, wondering and pondering, before drifting off to sleep. On Friday night after the two arrived home, Bevan emerged naked after visiting his bedroom. Lloyd smiled, before following suit. As they prepared their meal, Lloyd, to his dismay, constantly got a hard-on. His embarrassment, however, was dispelled by Bevan who said, “Jesus bro, looks like you are already thinking about the pussy we are going to pull tonight.” Then with an impish grin Bevan flapped his knob about in a lewd way, before rhetorically inquiring, “What’s happening tonight?” “We are going to get us some pussy,” Lloyd retorted, playing along. As Bevan began intoning Lloyd’s declaration, Bevan’s cock started to inflate majestically as he continued wagging it about. To Lloyd’s amazement, Bevan then gave him a man hug with his huge dick pressing into Lloyd’s crotch. Lloyd felt an electrical surge pulse through his body. After dinner they washed the dishes before retiring to the lounge to watch a bit of ‘warm-up’ porn. They had decided that nine p.m. would be a good time to head off to the bar, and did as planned. Standing in the bar, they began scouting for talent. When Frances entered the bar, Bevan nudged Lloyd. “Is that the girl you want us to snag?” Lloyd asked. With excited eyes, Bevan nodded a definite, ‘Yes.’ As Frances stood at the counter waiting to place her order, Lloyd strolled over and offered to buy her a drink. She smiled demurely and accepted, after which Lloyd invited her to join his buddy.

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