Back of the HandBack of the Hand


Hi. Doc Johnson in the house… pull up a chair… take a deep breath… and listen… I’m talking to you. You know who you are. Yeah, YOU! What the hell did you think would happen when you consistently planned your private quiet time so that you could log onto a chat site? Did you think you were safe hiding behind a keyboard? That your fears and unhappiness and emotions wouldn’t be sitting there with you? That you would simply confess your desires to strangers and remain detached? Granted, there are some out there who almanbahis can heartlessly pretend to be involved and caring. But not you. You put on a good act of being aloof and distant but in the end even you have to admit they got to you. Not all of them. But a few. Especially the one. To the one you gave all. Every desire, every fantasy, every painful truth about yourself. You shared what only someone who cared would do. Even private details about how unhappy you are with your life. Your loneliness. Your home life. almanbahis yeni giriş Your work. Your many nights of unbearable sadness. Always there. Listening to your every word, promising to be there for you, responding every time you emailed or pinged on Yahoo. The one you chose to be your online friend and lover kept the bond strong and vital. Kept you coming back for the comfort and the company you so missed and needed. It became a fairy tale just at the edge of reality and you gladly romped among the almanbahis giriş colored flowers and clouds, thinking only of the rewards and not the jeopardy. After all this was online and it meant nothing. Right? Just pretend people with pretend feelings. So, ask yourself then, why does it hurt? There’s not supposed to be hurt when you pretend. What’s that all about? Suddenly the colored flowers and clouds have morphed into a dimly lit room, wall to wall carpeting and a laptop now too bright for your eyes. Somehow while you were pretending you exchanged email addresses, pictures of each other, cellphone numbers, and private addresses. You even have other online friends in common who know of your strong bond. It doesn’t take much. Only the slightest amount of fear.

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