Babysitting with My Sister Ch. 02: EllieBabysitting with My Sister Ch. 02: Ellie



This is part two, might be rest to read part one first (this is a little shorter).

I had netball practice after uni. This was something I loved doing, it was something I could do with my best friends and we had a great team. Sure, we might not win many matches but we all had a great bond and enjoyed the training together, as well as the real matches.

Growing up, my mum had always encouraged me to play as much sport as possible since a young age, rather than obsess over books like my little brother, Ewan, appeared to. I say ‘little’ brother, he was only just over a year younger than me and had caught up with my height pretty quickly so we currently saw eye-to-eye. Literally.

As well as the enjoyment I got from sports (I also played football and was part of the running team), I knew that it kept me fit and healthy. I was quite tall for my age, slim and lean. There wasn’t really any “meat on my bones” as one of my uncles always used to remark whenever he saw us at Christmas. I was actually proud of this. Sure, it helped by having good genes – my brother, Ewan, had a very similar physique even though he didn’t do as much exercise as me (just swimming and a bit of football with his mates) but I made sure that I did all I could to tone up, loving the athletic body that I had achieved so far. I was still growing as I matured and wanted to hone my physique as much as possible but to still look like a woman, sexy to me, not threatening.

I loved the feel of my legs and arms as I would rub body lotion over myself after showering. They didn’t look sinewy or even particularly muscley, still feminine limbs but when I tensed them, I could feel the strength there. Likewise, I didn’t have a six pack to look at but when I did sit-ups or stomach crunches in P.E. I was aware of the hardness as my muscles contracted. This was covered by a thin layer of puppy fat, typical for my age, though still flat.

I knew that I looked good in my sports gear. The university’s netball uniform with its pleated skirt that came half way down my thighs had tight shorts built into it (to preserve the girls’ modesty according to the teachers) so we could move around without flashing the parents that came to watch us. We usually had to have bibs on over the t-shirts so not really the sport for attracting boys.

The football kit was tighter, not like the boy’s ones that were loose but more fitted for girls. Ours consisted of reasonably snug fitting tops in the campus colours (yellow and burgundy) and looser shorts, but very short (again, not like the boys’). I did look good in this kit as it showed how slim my figure was and the shape of my legs, but it wasn’t exactly sexy. Especially with the thick socks, shinpads hiding the bottom of my pins and muddy boots to top it off.

The running kit though, that is where I excelled. This was tight – it didn’t really need to cater for the larger girls as most kids who ran seemed lean. Usually, we all wore the running vests as they were cooler than the long-sleeved training ones. We were not allowed to show off our midriffs like they do in professional events (again, to stop the pervy parents leering all over us) but they were figure-hugging nevertheless.

With my top (again, yellow with burgundy strips down the sides) you could basically make out every curve and muscle of me. We all wore sports bras or crop tops under them for support but with some of the girls, all this seemed to do was make their breasts look massive. You could see these large mounds protruding from the chest, stretching the shiny material to the extreme before cutting back in over their stomachs. Coupled with the tight running shorts, they often had the appearance of a stick with tits. Myself, I was a modest B-cup so when these were constrained, there was barely a bump to show that I had anything at all.

But it was the shorts that really loved me; they showed off my legs perfectly, sitting high up at the sides and cradling my firm butt. They had a tendency to ride up into my crack as my legs pumped and I was aware that this showed off my ass even more. I often left them like this after a race just in case any of the dads or coaches wanted to check me out (exercise could sometimes bring out the latent exhibitionist in me). The thought of anyone looking at me like that kept the adrenaline up for longer.

Finally, just a pair of simple white running shoes with trainer socks that were cut below the ankle, to show as much flesh of my legs as possible. As I ran, I knew that you could see the muscles in my thighs and calves working hard, a real athlete.

And I was fast.

Anyway, as I was saying before I side-tracked myself, I had netball practice that overran so I was late leaving, not even time for a shower there. Not a problem as I thought I would be home in 15 minutes and could wash off all the sweat from the hard session there and then just relax in my pyjamas, and watch TV with my mum as usual (I needed to relax after the day I had had).

This was not going to be the Beylikdüzü Escort case though.

I walked in through our front door to be told that mum was going away for a few nights. Very odd as my mum never went anywhere. She had to take one of our neighbours, a lady called Debbie, to visit her mother for some reason. My brother and I were going to have to stay in her house to keep an eye on her daughter whilst they were gone. Even worse than this upheaval, they were leaving almost straight away so there was no time for a shower or to even get changed. I just had time to grab a toothbrush and school books and we were out of the door. At least my brother had packed some things for us I thought. Ewan and I said goodbye to mum and then we were off to Debbie’s house.

Debbie’s daughter, Alex, let us in and showed us to “our rooms” for the duration of our stay. As soon as I clocked the ensuite bathroom in the room I was in, all I could think about was that hot shower that I knew was waiting there for me, to make me feel human again. I hurried Alex and Ewan out of the room. The second they were out, I rushed to the shower, shedding my clothes along the way.

There was no door to the ensuite but as I had closed the one to the bedroom, I thought that no-one would disturb me in there so it would be fine. As I peeled off my bra and then knickers, dropping them on the tiled floor, I stepped behind the clear glass wall, into the large shower area behind it. This was nothing like our crappy shower over the bath at home: it was grand, open on one side and could easily hold two people, probably even more (although why you would need more than two, I could only imagine).

On the wall was a large faucet that I immediately turned all the way to HOT and full power. Above me was the largest shower-head I had ever seen. The water instantly fell from it, torrential like a tropical storm. It was already hot as I moved under it (again, not like the two minutes our home shower would take to settle) and I was instantly soaked. I just stood there for what seemed like an eternity, relishing the feel of this powerful flood cascading over my head, pouring down my naked body. I could practically feel the grime being washed away and I hadn’t even used any soap yet.

Shit, I didn’t bring any shower gel with me. I looked around, through the wall of liquid and saw on a shelf in one corner a variety of different coloured bottles. I reached out and grabbed the nicest looking one, a golden coloured glass bottle. Blinking the water from my eyes I read that it was an expensive looking shower cream, containing “hints of vanilla, sandalwood and a sprinkling of cinnamon”. That would do nicely.

I stepped out from under the water, instantly feeling the cool air against my skin, causing goosebumps to immediately appear all over me. I poured just a little into my hand, thinking that Debbie wouldn’t notice that a small amount was missing. I ran it through my long hair, from the roots to the tips to coat it. I rubbed my hands together, the cream lathering up quickly, before applying it on my shoulders. It smelled amazing. I worked it down my body, the foam covering me, it felt heavenly as it soaked into my skin. There was a tingling sensation wherever I rubbed it in, must have been something in the gel that reacted with my skin but it was actually quite a nice feeling so I continued.

As my hands moved over my breasts, I realised that from the combination of the cooler air on my hot skin, and the soft creamy lotion I was applying, my nipples were rock hard. As my palms moved over them, I shivered a little, realising how sensitive they felt. I moved my soapy hands under each one to cup myself. I loved feeling the weight of my breasts, and I used the finger and thumb on each hand to just give the nipple a little tweak, pulling lightly on each.

Now, whether it was the reaction of the cream or the scent of the fragrance I don’t know, but I was beginning to feel incredibly horny. Working out sometimes does that to me as well so with the netball factored in, it came as no surprise to me that I was enjoying just being naked and touching myself like this. As I mentioned earlier, I loved the feel of my own body.

I rubbed by breasts, caressing at first, then a bit rougher as I continued to lightly pull on the rock-hard nips. I was really kneading myself now, surprised at my own roughness.

I could feel that the suds were beginning to wash away a little, as they slid down my front. I felt the tickle as the lather worked its way down my perfectly smooth stomach. My hands reluctantly left their work, slipping downward to rub it in a little there, caressing as well as cleaning. I stepped back a little to allow the shower to rinse me a bit more, rinsing the cream from my hair.

As the water fell from my hair, it poured down my back, running between my buttocks and between my legs, a sensation I had always enjoyed. I massaged my head a little, ensuring that there were no more bubbles, Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan looking upwards, the power of the shower head blasting against my face. I stepped back a little more and the blast of water missed my head, shooting down my front now. The feeling of it as it hit the top of my breasts and, even better my solid nipples, was incredible.

My hands again started to pull on my nipples, gripping them hard. This was the best shower, but now I had got myself worked up like this, I knew that I had to finish it – and fast. I reached for the bottle again, pouring a little more into my hand and this time, rubbing it straight onto my stomach, lower still to where my hair grew, trimmed just a little. Massaging into the bush created a lot of foamy bubbles. My hands, now soft and a little slippery worked lower, between my legs as I rubbed there, the lotion lubricating where I was already wet from my own juices that I knew I was secreting by now.

It would be a shame to stop now I thought, and I knew that this might be the only “me-time” I would have in the next day or so…

The middle finger of my right hand immediately found the small hidden nubbin there and I began to massage this, using the cream, hard. My other hand returned to my breasts, fondling and again pulling on the nipples there, taking each in turn as I pleasured myself. I knew exactly what I wanted, having done this a thousand times before although this time, it seemed more intense than usual and I knew wouldn’t need much more to finish myself off. I decided to savour this as long as could, backing off periodically before continuing with the manipulation of my pussy.

I moved my feet apart, partly for better access but also for stability. I did not want to slip in here and be found by Ewan later, or even worse, by Alex.

The continuous hot water cascading down my front and the feeling of both hands abusing my most sensitive regions quickly brought on what I had been needing since I had stepped in here and I almost screamed out loud as the orgasm washed all over me, from the tips of my toes and the top of my head, everything flying towards my centre, to my very core in waves. I could feel the new sweat pouring from my pores to be carried away in the torrent as I trembled, only the strength in my legs fighting to keep me upright.

Even as these feelings started to wane, I found that I couldn’t bring myself to move. I stood there prone, for another four or five minutes, the water now calming me, bringing me back to earth.

As much as I wanted to stay in there forever though, I eventually willed myself to turn off the water, enjoying even the last few drips and they fell individually onto my now hypersensitive skin. I knew that I had better get dry before the chill hit me so slowly walked from behind the glass wall, now opaque with the steam.

There was a stack of towels on a shelf and I took the top one as I sauntered past. It was heavy and so fluffy. I would usually have wrapped it around my torso whilst I dried off but this time, I just lazily rubbed my hair a little to remove most of the water. I was dripping all over the floor but did not care, I was happy for my body to just dry naturally.

I walked back into the bedroom and stood in front of the long mirror that was positioned in one corner. I had only recently started to enjoy just looking at my body naked, tensing muscles, admiring the way I moved as well as the way I stood. With all the exercise I was doing, it certainly helped my self-image. It was just a shame no boy had the chance to check this out. At least not yet.

Enough posing I thought, time to go see what the other two are up to. I went over to the case that Ewan had left on the bed. It was open but with nothing in it. Shit, shit, shit. I had not brought any change of clothes, stupidly thinking that Ewan had packed for the two of us. That boy was useless!

Well, as good as I looked, I didn’t think it was exactly appropriate to walk around the rest of the house naked for the next few days, as much as I suspected Ewan would like that. Brother or not, it was hard to miss the looks he had recently started giving me, let’s just say I didn’t think that they were overly innocent or brotherly — occasionally I would notice him adjust himself down there when he thought I wasn’t looking. Kinda gross, but that’s boys for you.

I supposed I could see if Alex had anything I could borrow but couldn’t stand the condescending comments I would probably get from her about how stupid it was to not bring any clothes. No, instead I thought I would see if Debbie had anything, this was her room after all and whilst she was fuller figured than me and a bit taller, I figured that she must have something I could fit into.

I walked into her closet; it was packed with clothes. Rather than spend too long overthinking it, I just grabbed the first dress I saw in colours I liked — yellow like my sports gear, but with a floral pattern. Holding it up, I saw that Escort Beylikdüzü it was a summery short dress with spaghetti straps. This’ll do I thought, stepping into it and pulling it up my naked body. I slipped over my skin easily and as I pulled the straps over my shoulders, I noticed that it was built for someone with boobs bigger than mine, as it gaped a little. Oh well, it wasn’t as if I was going to do any jumping up and down in it so they won’t fall out.

I took a final look in the mirror, striking a few poses. Yep, I looked good. I turned away and opened the bedroom door before realising what I had forgotten: underwear. I didn’t need a bra as it was just the three of us but I drew the line at going totally commando at any time. I found Debbie’s knicker drawer, grabbed the top pair and slid them up my legs. Thank God it isn’t a thong, I thought, just plain white ones.

I went downstairs and joined Ewan and Alex sitting in silence. I fell into the sofa next to Alex, glanced at Ewan to see if he had noticed my dress. I was certain he had, and judging by the squirming he was doing in his seat, I think he liked it a bit too much. But again, I did not want to think about him even having a dick, let alone it getting erect, gross.

The next hour was eventful. Alex surprised us both by supplying white wine, something I had never had before. It wasn’t great but I thought that I had better try and hold my own. I was the oldest one here so had to keep up with her — she was a year younger than me for goodness’ sake, it would be embarrassing if she outdrank me. Throughout the evening, I noticed Ewan appearing to get drunker and drunker, and pretty soon realised that I too was really feeling the effects of the alcohol.

At some point, the three of us headed upstairs so they could get changed and whilst it all became a bit of a blur, I do remember that Alex and I, now acting like best of buddies, decided it would be hilarious if we persuaded Ewan to dress like a girl. He actually went along with this, but only after Alex also changed into a skin-tight red dress with straps all up the sides of her body.

The dress was too small for her fuller figure really but she was adamant that she was going to get it on and between the two of us, we succeeded in lacing her in.

Ewan ended up in a tight-fitting black number. I don’t recall too much about it, although I have vague recollection of him being very aroused and Alex and I actually being able to see the outline of his cock but luckily not seeing it in the flesh as I think that would have made me feel sick. He is my little brother after all. Although if my memory is correct, there was nothing “little” about him.

I must have led down on the large bed in Debbie’s room and lost consciousness because the next thing I remember was pleasure. Pure pleasure.


I was lying flat on my back as I came around. I knew I was on a bed as I felt the softness of a mattress beneath me. My hands were both relaxed to the side of me, so I slowly raised one enough to rest on my stomach. I flinched for a second as I felt something wet there, drops of water I guessed. The room was spinning slightly, although starting to slow down as I stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling above me.

I rapidly became aware of two things then, well, two people.

The first was a body next to me, half raised up on elbows, dressed in black. Without looking over, I knew straight away that this was my brother, I could almost sense it.

The second person was someone I could not see from my comatose position and had no idea yet who it could be. And at this precise moment, I did not have any desire to move in case I disturbed them. Whoever it was just out of view, lying between my legs, which I now knew were spread quite wide, one draped over the bare leg of my brother next to me, knee slightly bent.

Between my legs however, this person had their face close to my crotch and it was from here that the pleasure that had woken me was emanating from. The person was not just close but they were kissing me there, very light, delicate kisses on the outside of my knickers. I could feel their cheeks brush against the inside of my thighs, cheeks as soft and smooth as my thighs and instantly realised that his must be a girl’s face there. It had to be Alex, but what the hell was happening? And why was Ewan next to me, just lying there?

As much as I wanted to know the answers to these questions though, at this precise moment, I did not want to move. I just wanted to lie there and enjoy the fluttering sensations that were emanating from my groin. I should be feeling violated, as I am sure that I had not consented to whatever was happening, but this was too good to care about that yet.

Through the feeling of lips on me, I occasionally felt the flick of a tongue, tentatively at first but then becoming seemingly more confident, more frequent until I could feel it lapping against the lace that was shielding the last of my dignity.

Whilst I did not want to disturb Alex, I couldn’t help but let out the tiniest of whimpers. I thought that this would ruin everything as for a second, the tongue stopped its movement. A moment later, the press of the firm but soft muscle continued, this time pushing harder against the material, feeling the folds contained underneath.

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