Baby StepsBaby Steps

Asa Akira

Fear pounding in her chest as her patent leather shoes hit the sidewalk- only a few more driveways and she’d be home, there’s still time, there’s still tons of time- it’s possible she can make it, be safe upstairs long before it got dangerous.

And she stops dead in her tracks as she catches sight of her parent’s drive way. Her catholic school kilt flips up over her long smooth legs as she clutches her books tight to her chest and gulps in the air. A tiny whimper escapes her fat little lips and she pushes a tendril of light red hair out of her eyes and back into her thick ponytail. There’s a car in the driveway.

Daddy’s home. Early.

No choice now. It’s past five. He’ll know she was late, he’ll have checked- but maybe, maybe she can get up to her bedroom first. She pushes the back of her small pale hand over those slick pink lips, trying to remove the layer of lipstick as her shoulders hunch inwards and she stalks towards the house.

She eases open the door slowly and quietly, books still pressed tightly to her chest. Closing the door behind her she stands still, one hand yanking down the kilt a bit desperately as she strains to listen to the house… trying to place his exact presence before moving any more. She hears a slight creak of sound from his den and she proceeds so, so quietly towards the kitchen and the back stairs, trembling.

Only a little farther now she thinks as she creeps past his office and crosses the thresh hold of the kitchen. Suddenly a hand darts out and grabs her long ponytail. Snapping her against the wall; with a surprised grunt, she just barely keeps from loosing her balance. Her books fly to the ground with a clatter- her huge brown eyes just stare at them, the throbbing pain of the hand holding her hair so tightly forgotten for this new horror of spilt books.

Her back pressed hard against the wall she suddenly snaps back into reality and she looks up quickly to the man in front of her with huge, timid eyes. Zero expression in the dark eyes as he looks her over quickly and then presses one of his large hands over her mouth as he speaks into the phone he’s holding.

“No, that’s fine.” He says with a warm chuckle.

“It’s not like we’re completely useless after all.”

There’s no warmth in his eyes still, nothing to match his tone as he keeps her pressed against the wall, hand clamped tightly over her fat, warm lips. He’s looking her over, noting the upturn of her little wool skirt, the way the buttons on her white blouse are just barely keeping themselves closed- a slight raise of a dark eyebrow as he sees the swell of one of her soft breasts and the sight of a red bra peeking through the thin cotton. He locks eyes with her- hard and malicious.

Her eyes widen even more in fear, cheeks that still carry some baby fat grow pink as she realizes just how completely she’s been caught. Fear pounding through her again, she looses control and whimpers under his hand, her body starts squirming slowly, then quicker as she makes a half hearted attempt to get away.

Sneering as he feels her move he quickly presses his large body against her’s; pinning her pelvic bone with his knee- knocking the air out of her with the force of his movement. Again he speaks into the phone- there’s no hint of any anger still in his tone.

“Nah, we’ll order out babe- or Becka will cook. She’s 18 after all, more then time she learned. Do you have everything you need?”

He cradles the phone between his shoulder and ear and reaches for a tea towel as the person on the other end of the phone talks. She shuts her eyes tightly and shivers, trying to recover from the blow to her pelvis. His large hand comes off her lips and moves back to her hair as quick as a wink. Yanking her around with great force he stuffs the tea towel into her mouth and ties it once behind her neck as she yelps. Then, he pushes her forward without any hesitation.

Instinctively she reaches forward as her eyes fly open. She catches herself on the edge of the kitchen island with a sputter- coughing she tries to straighten up but he catches the two ends of the tea towels in one hand, yanking her head up high, arching her back and forcing her rounded little ass up. Kicking her feet apart he once again speaks into the phone with a soft chuckle of warmth.

“Yeah, I bet it was sweet, did you give her the bear and books we got?”

As she squirms, panting, muffled little yelps, he steps up close behind her, the phone still cradled between his shoulder and ear. He very slowly rubs his crotch against her plump little ass, feeling that warmth and fear steaming off her. His other hand moves slowly over her hip and to then up under her short kilt.

Struggling for air as the cloth pinches at her jaw she tries to heave herself up higher on the island and perhaps crawl over it. But he’s got her pinned too well. His warm hand eases up under her kilt and hovers just over her pussy… feeling her gently through her baby blue cotton panties. He continues talking with that spark of merriment.

“Exactly, şişli bayan escort goodnight moon was Becka’s favourite too, he’ll love it”

Despite her squirming he continues slowly, finger tips brushing against the elastic then easing under it, snaking towards his prize. He quickly dips a finger in to her burning little cunt and flicks at her clit roughly before pulling out his hand. She jumps, pressing her cheek against the counter top with a muffled little sob, one button pops off her blouse and rolls over the counter top with a tinkling little noise.

His hand now resting casually on the small of her back he tracks the button absently as he speaks, his grip still tight and taunt on the gag- her head still raised, back still arched and now, perky little red bra visible as her blouse sags open a bit from the lost button.

“Okay honey. You don’t worry about us. We’re fine. I love you, I’ll give Becka your love as well, bye.”

And with that he click the phone off and sets it on the countertop next to her head as she half wiggles and sobs. He lowers himself over her back, letting his weight press against her and he speaks quickly, all the warmth from his tone gone. Deep and growling as he hisses into her ear, venom dripping.

“A little slut… that’s what I’ve got here, a filthy, little whore. Rebecca, you’ve got five seconds to start listing just how you’ve fucked up. Get them all, and maybe Daddy won’t spank you too hard… maybe you’ll be able to sit down tomorrow on that dirty little ass.”

As he talks he starts a slow grind against that round bottom… his fingertips digging into the small of her back, hard, insistent- already. She answers him with a dull, feral moan of raw fear, freezing, trying not to wiggle against that rock hard bulge and excite him further; she struggles to breath around the gag. Finger tips still hooked onto the other side of the island she tightens them, nails digging into the pressboard as she stares in horror at the phone beside her face- all she needed to do was hit the redial button.. that’s all that’s.. all….

He growls again and as if reading her mind he flicks the phone away and it goes clattering to the floor. Continuing the motion he catches up her wrists with his large hand and the other pulls the dish towel from around her mouth, tying it around them, pulling it so tight that she squeals despite her disorientation, tugging the skin too taunt, burning it and then he hoists her up, hooking the rag on to the metallic pot hook above the kitchen island.

She screams, yelping for air as she dangles just a bit, just the slightest bit too high, she’s on her toes, struggling to stand. Her back arched, heavy baby tits thrust so hard against the half ripped blouse.. red bra so, so obvious now.. she feels like it’s screaming along with her somehow.

A slam of a drawer opening and a crash of silverware and then silence.. shaking so hard she just whispers.. stutters “Daddy.. Daddy please.. I”

“I’m through fooling around with you Rebecca. I’m done. Stop your snivelling and start listing it or I’m going to show you what happens to sluts in my house. TALK.”

With that he slams the little plastic bread board down on the counter with a THWACK.. it seemed so innocent, green little cheerful checks and a serviceable handle made it ever so convenient, but as it just thumps to the counter top the tears begin to roll down her face and she whispers quickly.

“I was late. I didn’t get to the ironing and so I have my old uniform on. I.. I borrowed mom’s bra…. And.. lipgloss.”

One hand comes up under her kilt and flips up the skirt, tucking it into the waist band and baring that juicy bottom- then it continues to the panties, grabbing them up and just yanking them up.. they pull into the crack of her ass and into her little slit. She yowls loudly as they bite into her tender, little pinkness. He lands the first blow on the creamy pale skin- SMACK. The pain floods through her and she slumps a bit and then another SMACK on her other cheek… pink, quickly.. the blood rushing to her skin.. heating it up with his markings and he snarls.

“Why do little girls wear lipstick Rebecca? What’s the only reason?”

She just howls, twisting around like a little fish on a hook and stutters just a bit too softly to be audible. The bread board lands again, twice on each cheek, that lovely slapping of flesh noise ringing through the kitchen. “LOUDER WHORE”.

The tears streaming down her face now she tries again. “So that men will know what colour will be around their cock in an hour.” Trying so hard to ignore the pain searing through her hot ass.

He growls again and leans in to bite down hard on the tender skin of her neck. “An Hour Rebecca? So not only a slut, but a teasing slut? I fucking raised you better then that. Now what else?”

She’s panting.. struggling to think, a little whimper escapes as she realizes she can’t think of anymore- she takes another breath of air, sucking it in and tensing, knowing it’s over and whispers “Please.. şişli escort please Daddy… I don’t know.. please.. please tell me so I can be a better girl…?”

That really wasn’t the right answer and the hand on her shoulder takes hold of the collar of her blouse and tears it down, the material shredding easily in his grip. He lets her keep on the trashy red bra and steps away from her.. her eyes go wide and she starts to choke a bit on the lungs full of air she keeps trying to drag in as she hears it.. the little metallic click and then the whisper of leather against clothe as her daddy slips off his belt. She hiccups and half yells “NO!! NO daddy please!! Please!! I don’t know, I swear!! Please Please NO!! Please just tell me, I’m SORRY I TRIED!!”

But she hears the whoosh of air before the red pain explodes across her shoulders.. she slumps.. the air just knocked right out of her.. so, so quietly she whispers “…. Love you.. daddy.”

And he’s there behind her, huge hands rubbing softly at her round ass, soothing out the sting and kissing the strip of red across her shoulders softly.. he whispers tenderly. “I know you do baby, but it’s so hard for Daddy to punish you like this.. I wish you’d try harder.. now tell me what the last transgression was please.”

He’s just rock hard now, and without pants it seems, his thick cock digging into her thigh as he continues to smooth his hands over her pretty little ass.. tugging the panties up a bit tighter into her and then pushing his fingers in as well.. she can feel his finger lingering over her tiny puckered asshole tentatively through the thin little scrap of cotton. She senses even more danger then usual and just tenses up so tightly as he parts those cheeks and she hears his breath increase just a bit. She whispers so slowly after wracking her brain..

“Honest Daddy… I don’t… please tell me and let me make amends.”

It was a more honest effort this time.. her fear just so heady in the air and he looks up, distracted for a second as he starts to press his thumb a bit harder to the tensed up little asshole.. so tight… But then he focuses and whispers into her ear softly as she shivers.

“My baby girl was wet… I checked… your tight little pussy was soft and slick… you were doing something, or thinking something wrong and filthy weren’t you? You know what this tells Daddy becka? This tells your daddy that you’re ready for me to show you how to be a woman… you won’t be Daddy’s little girl anymore.. you’ll be Daddy’s little whore.”

She’s just stunned and frozen solid and another hiccup just rings through the air as the tears start in earnest now.. shivering so hard, terror ringing through her as he tugs down the panties and reaches for a bottle of olive oil from under the counter.. raspy her voice whispers as he opens the top and begins to coat two fingers and his thumb with the oil.

“Oh god Daddy… please… ” sobbing steadily with fear, half hyperventilates now as she labours for air. ” you said… you promised… I didn’t do anything I just was watching the basketball after school. It’s not my fault. Please Daddy, let me suck your cock, please let me show you how good a cock sucker I am, just like you taught me please.. please?”

But those greased up fingers are parting that spanked pink ass again.. thumb finding that tender little bud and pressing against it.. easing in so, so slowly. He groans so softly into her ear as he feels her asshole clamp down so tightly around his thumb.. his cock sliding between her pressed together thighs, still all warm and soft with baby fat and he whispers..

“So fucking tight… try to relax daddy’s little asshole baby… it’s only going to hurt more if you don’t. And don’t be embarrassed- you’re a healthy girl, such beautiful tits.. you’re grown up. You’re going to want boys. It’s my job to show you how it’s done. I’d be a bad parent otherwise. It’s time becka, I’m so proud of my little girl. You won’t need to suck my cock honey, I’m going to fuck you. First I’m going to loosen up this beautiful pink ass, then I’m going to shave my soft little cunt all properly and fuck that too.”

He groans again as he feels her shivering from inside her little ass.. one hand comes up to clamp around her upper torso, over her lush tits.. using the hold for leverage as he forces her to keep still and eases the thick thumb in deeper, wiggling it around before withdrawing it and easing in two fingers so, so slowly, spreading them as he does. She’s horrified and shaking so hard.. little sobs pour from her as the tears splash against the counter in front of her.. mouths the words “please.. please no” but it’s more of a soundless yelp then anything else. He continues.

“I know you’re scared baby.. but you don’t have to be… your daddy is going to take care of you. I’m going to make you feel like a big girl… bust through that cherry and fill you up with cock- that’s your job baby, to let Daddy help you become a woman.”

And then he starts twisting those fingers in her ass, easing it open as she trembles, getting it nice and mecidiyeköy escort slick with the oil, preparing it for his cock. He’s already moving it back and forth between those smooth inner thighs… she can feel it pulse there under her skin and she just starts to sob continuously… the long red pony tail tickling against his rough face and his free hand loosens a bit to tug the red bra up… freeing the bouncing tits. He roughly pinches at the tiny pink nipples, a bit of a grunt escapes as she yelps and squirms that ass against his fingers.

“My little whore is such a wiggler… so nice… wiggle that ass for Daddy baby… you’re loosening up so good…” He’s starting to loose a bit of control, she can sense it in his tone and she knows there’s no escape now… but she tries one more time.

“Please Daddy…. Please I want to be your little girl for a bit longer still… just a few more weeks maybe? I love you so much I want to be sure…”

A soft and menacing laugh from her father as he twists those lubed up fingers a bit faster… leaning to bite down on the back of her shoulder hard and then reaches up to unhook her hands from the pot rack above. He bends her back over the counter top and kicks open her legs again.

“Don’t question your Father Rebecca. I’m fucking this ass. Right now.”

And the fingers ease out of her and on to his own cock, coating it with the oil quickly before parting the plump ass again and rubbing the greased up head over that little hole… But she’s so tight and tense… he growls pressing forward a bit with no luck. His other hand circles around her hips and he leans down to her ear… whispering with a grunt.

“I’m going to rip you and you’ll bleed if you don’t help Daddy and relax a bit becka… I’m going to give you a hand honey…”

And his hand eases towards her little snatch. She yelps and whimpers as it smooths over the little pussy lips and then dips in so softly… his cock still rubbing against the pucker tiny asshole, looking for a way to work it’s way in. He coos softly in her ear and very gently starts to rub at the little button of pink… slow, soft but insistent and she gasps softly. Licking softly at her ear and neck, kissing her skin he starts to move his finger faster against her clit, just teasing at her little hole with each stroke. She starts to gasp and react… a soft little moan escapes her fat baby lips and she sucks one into her mouth softly and then exhales some air. As she does the head of his thick cock just pops into her asshole. Her eyes fly open and she squeals in pain and surprise, clutching the counter top again and panting as she whimpers.

He lets out a low growl of pleasure and hisses into her ear “Daddy’s cock is in your ass baby, how does that feel? God…” he grunts softly as he continues to push in so, so slowly, panting just a bit “you’re so fucking tight!”

He slides his hand from her cunt and moves it back to her ass… both hands spreading the cheeks tightly to watch his cock ease in to the stretching pink hole… marking it’s progress with another groan as she lays there just shocked and with the pain starting fresh from that soft stroking pleasure.. she gasps and hollers “DADDY!! HURTS!!” a mew like a demented, wounded animal as she takes it… deeper and deeper into her ass as he just keeps sliding in with the help of the oil. She starts to wiggle around and one of his hands comes up and swats at that ass, landing a blow with a heavy SMACK, leaving a pretty hand print.

“Be still baby till Daddy fills you all up… do your job bitch…” His breathing getting ragged now, she can tell he’s on a dangerous edge, loosing control and his hand comes up to hook around the red strip of her bra that’s still around her back. He closes his fist and uses it to pull her even further onto his thick cock. Soon he’s buried himself deep in her tight, oiled up bottom… pinning her to the counter and he gasps in victory moving his hands to her hips again and taking a good firm hold. He pauses and grins down at the pale little woman as he whispers harshly.

“Get a good grip on that counter becka, Daddy is going to start fucking you now. This might hurt a bit. I’m going to cum so deep in this ass; you’re going to love it… I know I will.”

As she offers a strangled yelp to this he starts pulling out again a little, grinding his hips to stretch her and then jams his cock back in balls deep and starts pulling out again a little father… one of his huge hands coming down to squeeze and pinch at the soft little cheek as he jams his cock back in with a moan. She’s just too stunned to react really, her face a wash of pain as he almost splits her tiny little hole starting to sob again, that brief flash of pleasure from her clit gone as she struggles to breath. She starts to wiggle a bit and bear down on that cock as if trying to push it out… that only illicits another groan of pleasure from him and makes him start moving even faster, his balls bouncing against her pussy once as he drives that cock home, each stroke harder and deeper as it starts to escalate.. His hand comes down and gives her another SMACK… red hand print forming so quickly on that pale skin… he reaches up and starts dragging one hand down the small of her back, his nails scrapping against her skin as he mumbles.

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