Avianna’s Permanent Sex EnslavementAvianna’s Permanent Sex Enslavement

Dildo Fucking

Chapter 1
A woman named Avianna was walking home from work at Taco Bell. And her house is only a couple of blocks away. But she wanted to get home fast so that she can take a nice hot shower and wash off the fast food residue. Just thinking about that made her walk home faster and she made it to her house in record time.
Now, her house isn’t much but she worked for it and its very comfortable. She lets herself in and locks the door behind her. She goes straight to her room and grabs a red bra, black thongs, and a red/black nightie. She then goes straight to her bathroom, lays her night clothes on the sink and started stripping out of her work clothes while turning on her shower. She finally gets in her shower and lets the hot water run down her body. She washed her hair and then her body. As she was lathering up her legs, she felt prickly and decided shave her legs. Then she continued on washing the rest of her body. She gets out of her hot shower and dries off. She puts on her nightie and heads straight to her bedroom and starts to pull down her covers when a guy came up from behind her and shoved her onto her bed and holds her down and says to her
“You will not make a sound and you will obey my every command.”
She shakes her head ‘yes’ in agreement. He then flips her on back and has her head hanging off and moves her head to the right with the left side of her neck exposed. He then goes digging through his left pocket and pulls something out. She couldn’t see what it was and hoped that it will be quick and painless; and it was. He removes whatever it was from her neck and helped her sit up. As she sat up, a rush hit her really hard. She asked for something to drink and he gets up goes to her kitchen and gets her a glass of water and comes back and helps her hold the glass. She then removes the glass of water from herself and he goes and puts it on her nightstand that was close to her bed. She lays down and when she does, the rush hit her again and she started writhing in pleasure.
The guy then gets on her bed and crawls towards her. He is on top of her, removing her nightie and kissing her all over. She is trying to get away from him but she is too disoriented to move and he finally gets her nightie off, along with her bra and thong. He starts unbuttoning his pants and taking off his shirt. He makes Avianna sit up, turn around onto her knees, grabbed her arms and put them behind her back and rammed his 10 inch cock in her pussy. She screamed in pain then pleasure as his cock slid in and out of her.
He starts out slow and begins to pick up speed until he cums inside of her, pounding every last bit of his cum inside of her and she orgasms as well, screaming in pleasure. He pulls out of her and gets in front of her and throat fucks her until she passes out. Once she is passed out, he lays her down on her stomach and gets up and grabs a strap on dildo and slides it into her ass. She shortly wakes up and tries to get up but realizes she tied down, laying on her back and she can feel something in her ass. Then she looks up and sees that there is 2 guys in her house right now. The second guy is looking at her like ‘Damn! She is fine!’ She tries to speak but realizes that she had a ball gag on and couldn’t speak. The two guys start talking to each other
“So, what do you think we should do with her?” asks Alex. James says
“Lets make her our sex slave. You know whips, chains, collar and a leash. We drug her, tie her up, treat her as our slave. Take her to those parties, etc…”
“That sounds like fun James. Lets do it!”
Avianna heard the entire conversation and knows who is who. The two guys go back to her and she starts struggling, knowing that she can’t get away. Alex gets on top of her and rams his 8 inch cock in her pussy and fucks her hard core until she orgasms over and over. When he finished, he looked up at James and asked him
“How much Ice have you given her?” And James says
“20 units so far. Thinking about giving her a bigger shot once Gebze Escort we get to that party tonight.”
“Sounds good.” Says Alex.
James unstraps the dildo from her and slides it out of her ass, as it popped out, she orgasms again. Alex and James start untying her and removing the ball gag from her mouth. Alex says to James
“Why don’t you get stuff ready for that party we are going to while I get her washed up.”
“Ok.” Says James.

Chapter 2
James gets up and goes to the living room while Alex helps Avianna up and walks her to the bathroom. As she reached the toilet, she sat down and unknowingly starts her business. Alex is turning the water on, getting it warm but not too warm. He waits for Avianna to get done, and helps her into the shower. He keeps her standing while he washes her entire body from head to toe while massaging her at the same time. He then washes himself. They get out of the shower and dry each other off. She was about to wrap a towel around her when Alex said
“Nope. You are not covering yourself up.”
“Yes master.” Says Avianna.
She and Alex walk out of the bathroom and saw James standing by the bed, with everything laid out. Avianna was shocked by what she saw on her bed. There was a red and black lingerie outfit that covered very little, stripper heels and a leash and collar. She says
“I’m assuming those are for me to wear?”
“Yes slave.” Says Master James.
Avianna heads towards the bed and starts putting the outfit on then the heels. James hooks the collar around her neck and clips on the leash. Then James tells her to get on all fours. She does as she is told. Thats when Masters Alex and James got dressed for the party. Avianna stayed on her knees while Master James “walks” her out. They get to their car which has tinted windows and put her in the back seat. James gets in on the driver side while Alex gets in on the passenger side. James starts the car up and they head to the party.

Chapter 3
They arrived at the party. James turns the car off and gets out and opens the back door to get Avianna out. Amazingly, it was nothing but grass and James “walked” her to the door and went inside. Alex soon followed. As they got inside, James “walks” her to dark corner where there is foot rest and told her
“Lay back on this foot rest with your head hanging off.”
“Yes Master James.” says Avianna.
She does as she is told, Master James kneels down next to her, moved her head to the right so that the left side of her neck was exposed, grabbed a needle out of his pocket, removed the cap, pierced her neck with the needle, waited for blood to come then he pushed the plunger all the way down and removed the needle from her neck. Both James and Alex helps her sit up and she coughs really hard until it dies down then she asked for something to drink. Alex goes and gets bottle of water from a cooler nearby and brings it back to her. She opens it and takes several long gulps from the water bottle then asked James
“How much did you give me?” He says
“40 units.”
Avianna looks at him in disbelief and got on all fours. When she did, the rush hit her twice as hard and started to swell up really fast. Her Master James then starts “walking” her around until a guy stopped them and started chatting with them. Avianna sat back on her knees like a good obedient slave until they started walking and she followed next to them. Their friend Ken, she founds out his name after her masters started talking to him, leads them to a V.I.P. Room and closes the door.
Master James continues walking Avianna to the bed and ties her leash to a bed post and walks back to Ken and Master Alex. Then they started talking some more.
“So, how obedient and/or submissive is your slave?” Asks Ken. James says
“She is very obedient and complient and is willing to please her Masters.”
“Ok. Good. May I have my way with her?” asks Ken. Both of her masters say
Ken then walks over to their slave Avianna, Escort Gebze unclips the leash from her and choked slammed her onto the bed. Avianna out of habit tried fighting back then stopped after a few minutes realizing that she is a sex slave and she has to please her Masters and whoever else that her Masters allow. Ken has her by one hand til he straddles her then grabs the cuffs that were already attached to the bed, turns her over on her stomach and cuffs her face down. He then raises up and brings Avianna to her knees and cuffs her ankles. Ken smacks her ass and she yelped. Ken snickered and said
“I’m going to have a lot of fun with her.”
He then takes his clothes off and rubs his soft cock against her, teasing her. She shivers and suddenly felt his cock get bigger. He removes her thongs and rams his 9 and a half inch cock in her pussy and fucks her hard and fast. She was about to cum when he pulled out and then ram his cock in her asshole and Avianna yelped then started moaning in pleasure.
Ken is going slow and deep in her ass allowing Avianna to swell up until she cums and starts screaming in pleasure. Her legs are convulsing, her body is shaking all over, enjoying the best massive anal orgasm ever. Ken then pulls out of her and lets her legs relax and she started convulsing in pleasure again. Ken puts his shorts back on and walks over to her Masters and says
“Damn! Where did you ever find her? She is the best!” Master Alex says
“Me and James watched her along with a few others and decided she was the best candidate and decided to stalk her. Thank god we did, because she is the best!”
They did some more chit chatting, watching Avianna continue to twitch. Master James walks over to her and smacked her ass a couple of times and she yelped each time. Then he takes his pants off and rubs his cock against her ass, slowly spreading her ass cheeks apart, allowing the tip of his cock to rub against her ass hole until he starts putting the tip in, going oh so slow into her ass hole until every inch of his cock is in her then he pulls out slowly ’til he slides completely out then slides back in but only just the head of his cock and starting going in and out of her ass hole, Avianna is shaking and convulsing in pleasure when he stops and asks Ken to come over. Ken walks over while Master James is uncuffing her just to tie her wrists and ankles but left enough slack and Ken knew what Master James was doing.
Ken gets under her in the opposite direction so that his head was by her pussy while his cock was by her mouth. Avianna started to say no when Master James lifts her head up while Ken grabs his cock and and rams his cock into her mouth. She starts sucking it while Ken eats her out, every now and then, fingering her pussy. Master James hands Ken a anal vibrator and he starts sliding it into her ass hole. Avianna started to moan when Ken turns the vibrator on low and moves it in and out of her ass hole. She starts to grind against his face, making sure he gets her clit and she started to swell up. Ken keeps this up until she finally cums all over his face and he shoots a load into her mouth and she swallows every last bit of it, while she is convulsing from the multiple orgasms Ken had given her when he finished cumming in her mouth, she lifted her head up and lets out the loudest moan/ scream ever.
Ken is still drinking every last bit of her cum until there was no more. Ken gets out from underneath her and sits up. Avianna continues to twitch and shake from the orgasms. An hour passed when she finally calms down. Master Alex asks her
“Did you enjoy that my slave?”
“Yes I did Master Alex.” Replies Avianna. Master Alex says
“Good.” Avianna then asks
“May I be allowed to sit up? You can keep me tied or cuffed, all I ask is to be able to sit up.”
Both of her Masters thought about her question for awhile when they both said
“Yes you can.”
“Thank you Masters.”
Master James unties her just long enough so that Gebze Escort Bayan she can sit up comfortably when he ties her back up again.

Chapter 4
Her Master James leaves her at the bed and walks back to Master Alex and Ken and started talking. As they were talking, Avianna is still high from the 40 units Master James gave her. She was getting tired when she asked
“How many days has it been since you attacked me?”
“3 days or so. Why?” She says
“Because of my job!”
“Don’t worry about your job, we took care of it. You have a new job. And thats being our slave.”
“Ok Masters. I understand.”
Then the guys went back to talking amongst themselves. She knew she was getting tired and was about to pass out to sleep when her Master James comes over and asks
“Are you ok? Are you coming down?” She says
“I don’t know. Why?”
“Just in case you are, I’m going to give you a small bump.” She says
“Ok. Master James.”
She leans her head to the right so that the left side of her neck is exposed and he grabs a needle that is conveniently hidden in a drawer next to the bed and gives her a 15 unit bump. As soon as he removed the needle, the rush hit her and she started moaning and swelling up and coughing a little bit. Master James puts the needle up and starts playing with her.
She starts twitching and moaning some more. That is when he unties her from the bed and walks her over to a table and bends her over it, puts a ball gag on her cuffs her to the table and rams his cock in her ass and she screamed through the ball gag. He then grabs a lock of her hair, raises her head up and just start pounding her ass even harder until he knew she was about to cum, then he stops. He pulls out of her ass and uncuffs her from the table and tosses her to bean bag chair nearby, straddles her and just played with her. She started moving her legs, trying to cum and he kept counteracting her moves.
Master Alex and Ken is watching all of this nearby and Ken says to Master Alex
“Damn. He really is teasing her and basically dominating her.”
“Yes he is. And the great thing about her is that, she likes to fight back and struggle and that just turns both me and him on.”
They go back to watching Master James dominate Avianna. Master James then picks her up and choke slams her against a pillowed wall and rams his cock back in her ass and starts tearing it up. He finally decides to bring her back to the bed and lays her on her back, cuffs her then straddles her.
He picks up another needle nearby and moves her head to the right again and bumps her in the neck. As soon as the needle is removed, he lays it down nearby and rams his cock in her pussy. Tearing it up until she was about to cum. Then he stops. He does this to her for several hours when he decides to fuck her pussy until she cums then rams his cock in her ass and pounds it until she cums again. The anal orgasm she experienced intensified the rush from the drug and she bucks into him really hard.
She does this for several minutes, Master James removes the ball gag from her mouth and she screams in pleasure. He puts a hand around her throat to muffle the screaming when he finally shoots a huge load into her ass. He is growling in pleasure, pounding every last bit of his cum in her then pulls out. He gets up from the bed and uncuffs her. He helps her sit up and has her straddle his lap then he gives her a soft passionate kiss on the lips and told her
“Good girl. You obeyed me, you pleased me and our friend Ken, and did a fantastic job of being a submissive. And because of that, me and you can go home. So that you can rest and I watch you.”
“What about Master Alex?” she asks. He says
“He will join us later. He has some stuff to take care of.”
“Ok Master James.”
They kissed again, then he laid her down on the bed. He grabs the leash for her collar and clips it and tells her to get on fours and go straight to the door. She does as she is told and they leave the party. James gets Avianna in their car and then he gets in and they head for his house.


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