Aunty Tick Tock Ch. 03Aunty Tick Tock Ch. 03


Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock.

After Tenzing scooted away back to his dorm, Aunty strode down the corridor feeling her slimy G string clinging to her vagina, the fluids still warm, reigniting the maelstrom of horniness she had felt on seeing such a giant penis. Tossing her curly hair as if to clear her head she replayed the events of the evening, how she had initially brushed against a heavy lump in Tenzing’s pyjamas and could not resist rubbing around his crotch in the pretext of wiping off the spilt tonic. How, this had confirmed that a mighty penis lay hidden beneath and the unbelievable response of, her body especially her vagina, which leaked lubrication copiously through the G string and down her thighs. Then, in the laundry room she had forced him to change his pj’s and seen the boy grasping that penis at its base and how it had expanded as he pulled the skin back causing it to billow out and stretch the mushroom head so it glistened and shone extending longer and thicker then she could have imagined possible. How she had felt her breasts growing stiff with desire, the nipples hurting and her vagina soaking as she lubricated again.

So horny, that when she saw his fabricated trip, she rushed over to help him unable to resist the possibility of further contact, visual, olfactory and touch. And she succeeded on all three counts, making the boy masturbate in the corner then laying him on her lap, naked butt cheeks exposed to her eyes and that gigantic penis still grasped in his hand pressed along her lap. How she had slapped him repeatedly, aiming for the spot just above his prostate and how Tenzing had wanked his penis, grazing her clit while doing so. How she had grasped the opportunity to dominate him and ensured he kept a closed mouth by yanking him to his feet as he was about to ejaculate. How this had worked perfectly, as he had thrust along and into her right breast with his bursting penis and she had watched enthralled, as Tenzing prodded and stroked against her breasts desperately searching for the friction that would finally release the cum he so badly needed to expel. How she had felt the surge along his penis, seen the stiffening of the shaft and finally had grasped the head and pulled it into the cleavage of her breast so she could feel the mighty spurts as he ejaculated seemingly endless ropes of cum, causing her to have a tiny orgasm. How she had immediately berated the poor boy threatening him with dire consequences for his actions and ensuring that he would not talk to his mates about the evenings unfolding’s and finally how she had arranged a rendezvous for the next night.

Taking a short cut, she walked through the lawn and as she was about to enter the veranda leading to her cottage she heard quiet footsteps disappearing down the path to her left leading to the staff accommodation. Picking up her shoes she quietly ran along the lawn and saw the shapely figure of young Miss Palmer mincing along the path.

“Good evening, Miss Palmer.” She called sternly. Miss Palmer stopped abruptly, turned around slowly and smiling nervously replied.

“Good evening Aunty”

“What are you doing at this time of night?”

“Uh! Just taking a walk before sleep. Helps with the digestion. Aunty”

Aunty stepped closer noticing that Miss Palmer’s dress was dishevelled, with her ample cleavage popping out, nipples almost showing and hair in disarray. Her suspicions confirmed,

Aunty bade her good-night and abruptly marched back to the front door. Miss Palmer scurried back to her room her delicate heart beating fast.

“Stupid Bitch! If you only knew what your beloved Cliff was up to?” She sniggered.

Cliff was halfway through his second Scotch when Aunty breezed into the room glaring at him with angry eyes, his heart leapt with guilty fear, having just had Miss Palmer suck him to a satisfying climax.

“What was Miss Palmer doing here?”

“What dear? Miss Palmer? Here? No love, you’re mistaken. I have been here and no one has visited.”

“Cliff! I am aware of your penchant for Miss Palmer. Not that I blame you. She is attractive and hard to resist with the way she displays her bazooka breasts especially to you.” She took Cliff complete by surprise, never having heard her assume such a stance.

“I am so glad you understand love, but even though what you say is true, Miss Palmer has not been here.”

“Well! I just bumped into her coming out the door, with lipstick smeared, hair in a mess and breasts for all to see, thought I even saw a ropey stain on her lapel.” Aunty declared.

“I am so horny seeing her so…you’ve had your fun. I too need fulfilling since we hardly have worthwhile sex anymore.” Cliff nearly fell of his chair in disbelief. What was wrong with her? Had she lost her mind? Or, was she actually finding a way to chill and live and let live?

“Sexxx” he stammered. “We have good sex, love. And I haven’t had any fun.”

“Take off your trousers and let me see your cock.” She demanded. Cliff shook his head in disbelief unable bursa escort to reconcile the shift in behaviour.

“I will do no such thing. You must be crazy.”

“Oh! Ok. In that case I will call Miss Palmer here now and ask her why she lied to me earlier.” Aunty threatened.

“Show me your cock. NOW”

Cliff, not believing his ears, stood up and pulled his trousers down, knowing when he was beaten. Aunty strolled over to him shedding her cardigan, unbuttoning her dress and pulling it off, clad only in her sexy lingerie as she stood looking down at his crotch.

“What have we here? Is there an excited cock ready to fuck me?” she challenged. Pulling the designer boxer’s down she knelt down, showing him her own sexy boobs and looked closely at the flaccid but slightly distended penis in her hand. She felt it carefully then raised it to her nose, sniffing and then licking it.

“Yes, as I suspected. Definitely signs and smells of a recent ejaculation and no sign of an erection. The evidence is pretty conclusive. Now! How are you going to make up for this misbehaviour and lack of interest?” She demanded.

“What’s got into you? I don’t believe you are behaving in this way.” Cliff retorted.

“Cliff, love. You have just had a sexy young lady perform fellatio on you while I am left horny yet unsatisfied. I am sure you were all rigid and erect for her. It isn’t fair.”

“Come to the bedroom and I will make love to you and satisfy all your horny desires.” Invited Cliff, sensing an opportunity.

“I don’t want to be made love to…I want to be fucked and sucked and made to feel dirty and desired. I want to feel Miss Palmer’s tits while she licks my cunt and you hammer her from behind mercilessly.” She cried.

Cliff could not believe his ears but his penis lifted slowly and began to grow with a mind of its own, the image of Aunty lying on her back having Miss Palmer licking away while he fucked the life out of her was too powerful to ignore.

“See…you are turned on just thinking of her while I stand here nearly naked and you do not react. I want us to have an orgy. The three of us. Tonight?” Aunty said resolutely handing over the intercom to a completely flabbergasted Cliff.

“Love, she will never agree to do what you are suggesting. No chance whatsoever.” He said convincingly.

“Hah! Tell her that I stormed out of the house in a huff and insist that you have to discuss your strategy with her so you have your stories worked out for tomorrow. When she comes over, convince her to fuck and leave the rest to me.” Aunty indicated the handset in his hand.


Cliff shrugged and dialled Miss Palmer’s room actually immensely turned on with the dominatrix his stern wife had turned out to be and licked his lips in anticipation of the first threesome in his life.

“Hello! Anita, I need to talk to you urgently. Come over immediately.”

“No, she saw you coming out of our house and accused me of having sex with you. She has gone to her brother’s place for the night.”

“Come over now, so we can discuss our strategy.”

He replaced the handset and smiled at Aunty.

“She is on her way. It’s up to you.” He pulled up his trousers squeezing his now rampant erection as he zipped up.

Collecting her discarded dress Aunty left the room heading to the bathroom for a much needed shower. As the scalding water cascaded over her tense body she briskly washed away all the odours and grime of the day and feeling cleansed, ran her hands over her sizable breasts tweaking the nipples until they stood proud reflecting how horny she was, then ran her hands down to titillate her vagina and clitoris before reaching for a towel and drying herself. She slipped into a sheer negligee, quietly tip-toed to the door, leading in to the lounge. Peeping through the door she observed that Cliff had made good progress having Anita sitting on his lap, lost in a deep kiss with his hands fondling her bare breasts. She took in the scene and shrugged as she reflected about how her life had changed in one short evening, first with the exposure to Tenzing’s massive cock and now with the opportunity to engage in a threesome. She loved her husband dearly but had realized for some time now that the pzazz had gone from their sex life. Maybe she could kill two birds with one stone but know she quietly pushed the door open and crept into the room.

Approaching the pre-occupied couple she silently took up position behind Anita and reached around to remove Cliff’s hands from Anita’s over-flowing boobs, replacing them with her own, immediately relishing the texture and feel of the firm boobs. Never having felt another woman’s boobs she relished this first foray and enjoyed caressing the firm flesh feeling her vagina pour out secretions as she felt the erect nipples sparking up with her refined touch.

Lost in Cliff’s passionate embrace, Anita enjoyed the sudden sensitive and gentle touch on her boobs thinking that Cliff had such a lovely touch. She moaned into his mouth enjoying bursa escort bayan the rush of feelings that followed the gently teasing and caressing hands, grinding her bum hard into the erection she could feel. Cliff lowered his hand to slide Anita’s dress up, stroking her flesh as it became visible, beyond the milky smooth hips to the firm waist and slipped round to cup her bare bum, stroking and pulling her cheeks apart. It was when Cliffs fingers rubbed along her pussy, did Anita realise that something was amiss. Her eyes jerked open staring at Cliffs face before she disengaged her mouth from their kiss, registering that Cliff was smiling at her.

“It’s only Aunty, feeling your boobs, don’t look so shocked.” He laughed, reaching down to kiss her briefly before stating.

“We both find you so sexy and…”

Pressing his fingers urgently along her pussy and kissing her passionately Cliff looked into Aunties horny eyes winking slowly. Aunty leant forward and licked and kissed the nape and the back of Anita’s head squeezing and mashing her boobs all the while. Feeling Anita ease into her own boobs she recognised that her fantasy was coming true and peered over to stare at the curvy mounds she was squeezing. She now pressed her own crotch firmly into Anita’s buttocks and lowering one hand placed it on the rounded hip rubbing and pulling her way to the already attended pussy. With two sets of hands swarming her already heated pussy, Anita soon accepted the reality of having sex with not one but two people, enthusiastically. Grinding her bum deeper onto Cliff and rounding her hips and pushing back into Aunty and bringing a hand up to press Auntie’s hands harder into her boobs.

Aunty slipped her hand past Anita’s pussy placing it on the erection beyond and reaching up, undid the trousers and slipped her hand under the briefs to grasp it firmly and pull it clear. Soon Anita’s hand joined hers in stroking and squeezing Cliff’s erection before reaching around to place it on Auntie’s hips and pulling tight so they were mashed together.

“Sexy! Isn’t it?” Cliff moaned.

“Fuck her, get your cock inside her and fuck her hard.” Aunty demanded.

Cliff needed no further encouragement and lifting Anita off his lap, stood up and shed all his attire, standing naked and proud. He was in good shape and was proud of his physique and his erection which stood erect and straining with excitement as he helped Anita to strip the remaining garments. She looked up into his eyes then casting them down looked at his erection, grabbed hold of it and lowering to her knees, looking back into his eyes she licked along the length of the shaft up to the tip. As she lavished attention on his cock head, kissing, stroking and gently sucking it, Cliff held her head and sat back down so without missing a lick she lifted her bum and spread her hips to get comfortable on her knees.

Watching the horny scene in front of her Aunty decided it was time to join in the action again. She lifted a cushion and placed it next to Anita’s knees and lifting them one at a time placed it under so the knees would not mark. Aunty was good in that way always efficient with attention to detail. Now, she licked her lips and sat cross-legged behind Anita’s voluptuous bum and stared at the vertical, fleshy lips facing her with a thick bush below it and the puckered entrance above it. She gently with her fingers to caress around the lips, across them, spider fingering around the clit. Having no prior experience with a woman but she knew what she liked so that’s what she did. Encouraged by the moans and the flow of juice Aunty played slowly with the delectable pussy even leaning forward to lick gently along the length of the slit, up the middle, down the right, up the left, a nuzzle on the clit until she pressed into the clinging lips parting their moist entrance and dipped a tentative finger in and stirring it gently worked her way until her finger was buried to its hilt in the hot, tight sheath.

“Make fantasies come true time, has come,” declared Cliff. Who, had been struggling to keep himself from bursting in the hot, energetic and busy mouth. He lifted Anita to her feet, feeling her sopping vagina, turned her round so they faced the seat he had recently occupied and bending her forward so she collapsed on to her knees, buried his nose and mouth in the fleshy valley between her ass cheeks. Inhaling her scent deeply and lavishing heavy, long licks he nuzzled his nose along her anus and down along her pussy. Getting on to his knees he looked towards Aunty who was sitting back watching with a glazed look on her face.

“Come on love, Anita is dying to bury her head in your cunt.” Cliff called patting Anita on her ass cheeks causing them to wobble deliciously.

“There will be plenty of time for that later on.” Aunty rose to her feet, grabbed another cushion and set herself down in front of Anita’s appreciative face, leaned back to rest against the seat pulling Anita’s face onto her boobs.

“Feast on these…First…” She ordered, escort bursa groaning as Anita latched her mouth firmly on her right nipple and raised her hands to hug the sucking mouth tight to her sensitised boobs.

“Mmmhh!” Cliff moaned as he sank his cock slowly in to the eager snatch, pressing his hands on the up-turned cheeks, palpitating them as he gently prodded and poked into the chasm until he felt his balls bump against her now thrusting hips.

“Thanks, love,” he mouthed meaningfully, staring deep into her eyes.

“Oooh! Mmmmm! Squeeze harder..” Aunty urged Anita as Cliff mashing her butt tight to his crotch, twerked her pelvis up and pushed Anita so her mouth pressed up tight to the boobs in her face and clasping her hips strongly, fucked to and fro, back and forth so the three of them connected cock to cunt, mouth to nipple swayed in bliss moaning and sighing with pleasure. As they relaxed into an easy rhythm, Cliff raised the tempo to increase the friction as Anita leaked her secretions so their cock-cunt union was drenched and reducing the sensitivity.

“Down. Down. Down.” Aunty ordered, pushing Anita’s head down to her navel and lifting her own bum off the cushion, plonking it on the edge of the seat. She spread her legs wide to welcome Anita’s eager mouth onto her neglected vagina. Moaning loud as the warm mouth covered her pussy and a moist, flexible tongue licked and waggled enthusiastically, sparking intense pleasure in all the nerve endings in and around her vagina.

“That’s sooooh goooood,” Aunty moaned, body tensing and hips humping against the lapping tongue as it bumped against her parting cunt lips with the heavy thrusts of Cliff’s increasingly powerful and aggressive thrusts. Sweat pouring down his face, Cliff desperately fended off the growing need to fuck hard, deep and fast to release the spunk he felt building up in his balls. Varying the rhythm slightly, going off beat, staving off the inevitable for as long as he could. Sensing that both ladies were verging on their own climaxes, as their moans raised and the intensity of their fucking and bucking increased, with their common objective, Cliff lifted on his haunches, fucking down hard feeling the underside of his throbbing cock sliding in the narrow verges at the top of her vagina.




Three yells filled the room as simultaneously Anita muffled her achievement into Auntie’s cunt, causing her to scream as an intense clitoral orgasm swept through her contorting body followed by Cliff who plunged deep, rutting fast into the clasping vagina groaning and yelling as he exploded in staccato bursts, slowing down to long, slow strokes.

“Keep it going…don’t stop…keep it going” begged Aunty stroking and pinching her nipples.

“Yes…yes…Mmmmmmh!” Anita agreed plunging her tongue deep into the pulsing sheath.

“Goddd!…sooo good…” Cliff moaned, as he pumped spasmodically feeling the swollen sheath grip tight on his cock, keeping it in a state of constant arousal. As his head cleared he saw Anita’s bum, tilted up pushing into him in a slow circular motion her butt hole stretched wide. Dipping his finger around the sopping junction of cock and cunt, covering it with their combined emissions he stubbed the finger against the tight, puckered hole feeling it slowly sucked in as Anita continued to rotate her hips against his groin and gently flicked the digit getting deeper and deeper. Anita reached back with both hands spreading both ass cheeks and increased the intensity of rotating her hips drawing the flicking finger deeper into her and fucking the still hard cock in her now ecstatic sheath, sucking and probing faster and harder into the cunt in front of her. Aunty overcome with lust watched the unbelievably sexy act and growled,

“Me too…In my butt…come onnnn!” grabbing Anita’s hand and pushing her fingers against her bum crack already lubricated with saliva and cum.

“Play with it, nice” she moaned, lifting her legs up and resting them on the arm rests, presenting both her holes, open wide to Anita’s tongue and probing fingers. Overcome with lust at the sheer display of hedonism Cliff stretched his free hand grasping hold of the peaks of Auntie’s boobs, gripping first one then the other with stiff extended finger tips, roughly pulling along the areoles, pinching and rubbing the nipples, pulling the nipples tight. Letting go and squeezing first one than the other boob, squeezing, twiddling and flicking the hugely stiff and extended nipples until he saw Aunty scrunching her pretty face as she used her own hands to reach down and grasp Anita’s breasts mimicking his manipulations on her swaying boobs.

“UHHnnnn…, harder…harder.” Anita screamed as the added sensations sent her into overdrive, sliding her hips against the appendage’s in her sheaths increasing the friction and thumping harder.

“Fuckkkk me…” She scrabbled, breath short as Cliff drove his finger in and out and swiftly replaced it with his thumb, butting it in as far as it could go into her clenched orifice even as he increased the intensity of his fucking until he felt the sheath clasp around his sheath and felt the pouring of warm fluids pouring out and trickling down his balls.

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