Aunt’s Plan Ch. 03Aunt’s Plan Ch. 03


My cock remained hard for a while. I distracted myself watching TV and at some point the blood in my cock had drained. I showered (while taking a shower I started remember Aunt Penny and got a boner again) then left home to see some friends.

The rest of the day was resting time. When I came home Aunt Penny and Mom were sitting in the kitchen.

“Hey girls.”

“Hey honey. I’m making dinner it’ll be ready soon.”

“Hey nephew.”

While Mom cooked, Aunt Penny moved from the table she was sitting to stand next to the counter talking to Mom. I had left to change clothes and when I came back I found her there. Her upper body leaning over the counter, arms crossed, having a conversation. Her lower body however was out of sight for Mom and in place for my perverted desires.

I knelt while still out of sight and crawled over to hug some ass cheeks. Aunt Penny was wearing very tight jeans. I first pressed my face against it. I took in the smell of her perfume and the firmness of her ass cheeks. Then I moved my face out and admired it. I put my hands on each butt cheek and spread them. Obviously there wasn’t much spreading because of her jeans but I enjoyed the feel of it. I enjoyed pinching her butt. Her workouts were working out so well. She had a big butt to begin with but she had transformed the fat into firm muscle. Well to be honest there was still some fat I could feel which made it even better.

I then placed my hand between her legs and started massaging her private area. Her body shivered at first then she regained her posture but I could hear her struggle with conversation. Then I felt a hand over the back of my head which pushed me into the middle of her butt again.

“Can you call John? Dinner’s ready.” Mom asked Aunt Penny.

So my head was let go and I crawled backwards out of the kitchen and living room area and into the hall followed by my aunt.

I stood up and Aunt Penny out of nowhere kissed my mouth. She was a bit aggressive and caught me off guard. She didn’t stop despite my surprised reaction and I felt her tongue work its way into my mouth and her hand guiding my hands onto her butt.

I grabbed what I could from her ass as I unintentionally stepped backwards. Then Aunt Penny whispered in an instant where our mouths separated.

“Hold me.” And she jumped on me. I barely stood my ground initially. She wrapped her legs around my torso. Thankfully I had changed into my usual kind of shorts so that my cock was freely raised. It stood between my belly on one side and her crotch over the other. She was quite turned on.

She started moving up and down giving my cock some good friction despite our clothes.

“We better stop.” She said as she kept kissing me. I’m not sure how long it took but we stopped. We fixed ourselves and tried to breathe normally. My shorts showed a nice tent which Aunt Penny slapped from under and laughed. Then she turned around to which I responded with slapping her ass hard.

We walked to the kitchen and I quickly found my seat so Mom wouldn’t notice my pole.

While my erection relaxed it wasn’t going away. Aunt Penny kept making sexual insinuations every chance she got. Like grabbing a banana after dinner and putting some of it into her mouth without biting. My aunt is such a slut.

“Penny what are you doing?” tecavüz porno The words took Aunt Penny by surprise.

“Ah nothing. What do you mean?” My aunt acted as if she was offended and ate the banana. Mom then looked over to my side of the table and I averted my eyes.

“Are you two in on something?”

“I can’t believe you. You promised you wouldn’t bring it up.” Aunt Penny responded angrily but at a low volume.

Mom took a deep breath. “I’m sorry.” She paused. “I won’t say another word.” I didn’t understand what they were referring to and it surprised me that Aunt Penny stood up and left.

Mom tried apologizing again.

“It’s alright I’m just going to bed now. Don’t worry about it kid.” Aunt Penny said as she left.

“What was that about?” I whispered.

Mom responded with a defeated. “Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.” Mom acted weird the rest of the night, like she was worried about something.

All I got that night was a text from Aunt Penny, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow, we gotta be more careful’.


Or so I thought.

The only bad side effect in Aunt Penny’s plan I experienced had to do with my sleep. Every night it was difficult. Images flowed through my head and my body responded. The thought that Aunt Penny was sleeping so close by didn’t help. It was a herculean effort and accomplishment that I hadn’t masturbated since this all had started.

Of course on the other hand I was reaping the benefits. My sex drive was at an all-time high. Which would mean nothing if it wasn’t because Aunt Penny’s training had transformed my cock. I had so much energy and I was sure I could last longer than when this all had started just a couple days before.

It was past eleven when Aunt Penny took pity on me. In the dark she came into my room.

“Are you awake?”

“Yea. Is it Friday?” I whispered back. I was so lost on my mind and rolling around my bed that I thought it was already morning.

“Not silly. I came to give you some Friday though.” She walked onto my bed, crawled on top of me and sat right on my crotch.

“Feel me.” She said.

I started with her naked legs. I loved the smoothness of her thighs. Working my way up and I felt her panties, then her stomach, then her bare breasts. My cock was already semi-hard but it sprung up quickly and pushed against my briefs and her panties.

She then grabbed my right hand and slowly guided it over her stomach and down inside her underwear. I felt her few pubic hair and then her wetness. I lifted myself off my back so I could use my hand better.

“Use two of your fingers John. Okay go in and out slowly.” I didn’t know where my other hand was but my right one was enjoying this.

“There’s so much to teach you.” She smiled. “Push me on my back and keep your hand in there.” I did. “Go harder.” I obeyed.

She was breathing harder but I knew we had to remain quite. She pulled my hand off and raised her legs. I helped her panties off.

“Lick it well Johnny.” I jumped between her legs. I lick as hard as I could and her body responded.

“You must be hurting by now.” Aunt Penny lifted my head till I was in a praying position. Then she üvey anne porno pushed me hard and I fell on my back. Quickly she was at my briefs pulling them off and without warm up I was getting a blowjob.

It was incredible but it didn’t last long enough for me to take it in. She moved her knees up to my sides. I couldn’t see much but I could feel everything.

“Don’t make noise. This is your first time officially getting pussy.” One of her hands then guided me into her. It was warm and wet and unlike anything my cock had ever been touched by, she was moving fast.

“Yeah, you have such a big cock Johnny.” She encouraged me. Yet it wasn’t long for her vagina to devour most of it. Her hand pressed my chest, and off she went riding.

She rode me mercilessly. I grabbed on to anything I could. My cock had been through a lot but this was special.

“Oh Aunt Penny this feels too good.” I blurted out.

She stopped and then she slapped me, not too harshly, but enough to pull me out of the trance. “Concentrate. If you cum too early you’ll have to eat me out for a long time as punishment.”

This did not sound like punishment to me. Nevertheless I controlled myself, I regained focus. She began fucking me again.

Every so often she’d lean towards one side which I found I really liked. I had to stop her more often than I would have liked but she was driving me to the edge quickly.

“Can we change positions?” I asked.

“Yea, whatever you like.” She stopped with me inside her. “The lesson of the night, you must learn to simply guide me.” She spoke so easily, even though my breathing didn’t slow since I was very away of my cock’s position. “Don’t tell me or ask me, just move and I’ll follow and if I resist then try something different.”

I couldn’t think of anything so I awkwardly moved her to the only position that I could think of. I turned her clumsily around with her face away from me. I pressed her head downward toward the bed. Doggy style was all I could think of.

Once she understood she did what a slut like her does. She whispered a soft ‘Oooh’ and then without my help set into the same position but with an air of comfort, her ass lifted high. I couldn’t see much in that light but I could feel her ass.

“I think you’ll like this even more if you turn on that lamp by your bed.” She whispered with the sexiest voice I had ever heard.

I jumped at the opportunity. I got off the bed and went to turn on the lamp. The light didn’t have the reach to illuminate the room completely but this almost made it better. I saw my erect cock, an erection to be proud of. My cock was veiny solid wood. Firmly standing. Then I turned to look at what I couldn’t believe wasn’t a dream. Aunt Penny was in doggy style position, moving her butt from left to right. The light was dim which created an atmosphere that matched my pure lust.

“Do you like what you see?”

“I love what I see.” I responded.

“Then stop standing there and fuck it.”

I jumped back in bed and inserted my dick. Oh my god, this was even better. My cock inside her plentiful vagina while I couldn’t get enough of her ass with my hands.

I fucked her hard. I didn’t go too fast but fast enough to control myself and keep a steady pace. She loved it so üvey erkek kardeş porno much she began to moan. She shouldn’t be but I was the last person that would stop her.

Soon I found that where those moans came from. There was a reason why she had leaned towards the sides when on top of me. She liked when my cock touched those side walls.

“Aunt Penny, I think you like it better when I do this.” I turned my cock towards one side and speeded up for a few seconds.

“Aahh!” She moaned. A bit louder than before so I stopped. We didn’t move for what seemed like a minute, we just listened. We didn’t wake up Mom it seemed.

She broke the silence. “Sorry, that caught me by surprise.”

“I love hearing you moan Auntie.”

She laughed. “We must be careful though. I do like that. I actually never had someone reach me that far like that. Do it again.”

From the back all I saw was her head resting on the bed. I moved to see and saw her biting the blanket so she wouldn’t make a noise. So I kept going.

I alternated between sides and noticed she responded better when I remained longer on one side than when I changed positions quickly. Before long, she came. I stopped when she came. Her body tensed and then her ass would retract in and then rapidly she would throw it out at me. This was an involuntary motion, it was just her body having an orgasm.

Immediately after she had an orgasm she flipped over on her back and told me. So I leaned in with my hand to her sides. Lowering my dick down I found her hand which moved me into her quickly.

She had come but now she seemed hornier. I fucked her in missionary. It felt a little uncomfortable for me somewhat but she didn’t care for me. She wanted me to keep going and going.

I was sweating and changed positions after a while. I rolled over next to her moving her ass towards me, and lifted one of her legs so I could enter. Even with all the energy I had drained me. In this position I could rest my body while fucking with minimal effort. I couldn’t gather much momentum but “Just keep doing it, it’s fine.” She reassured me.

When I looked at the clock again I saw that it was past midnight. The exact time was a blur for me but I was happy we had been at it for probably almost an hour.

“I think I will come soon.”

“Okay I think something will hit the spot for me.” I pulled off her and she turn face down. This time her ass didn’t lift up. “Just like that go in.” She ordered me.

With her ass low I struggle a little to reach her pussy. So wet my cock slid right in though once there. It was a good position but I wouldn’t last. I aimed towards the sides and pressed my hands hard on her butt cheeks.

“Cum inside me nephew.”

I probably shouldn’t have but what could I say. Those words didn’t relax me, rather they gave me a last boost. I fucked her steadily for longer than I ought to have until she started having another orgasm. Her head rose and as soon as I heard sound coming out of her mouth I stretched my hand to push her face into the bed. This worked since she bit on the bed. As she orgasmically quivered and my hand rested on her head, I began to shoot my semen.

I came inside for the longest I had ever cum. In turn the shooting sperm prolonged Aunt Penny’s orgasm which outlasted me by quite a bit.

I was spent. I dropped on top of her naked body. I listened to the silent house and smiled. She was sweating too. She moved me off of her and got out of the bed. I slapped her butt and she smile back at me.

“That was good. Goodnight nephew.” She kissed my mouth and left my room with just her panties in hand.

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