Aunt Cathy Pt. 03Aunt Cathy Pt. 03


{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

Somebody must have been on my side. The second my door closed I felt the bandage undo, causing it, the condom, and my dick to all spring out of my sweatpants. Couple of minutes earlier and that all would have happened in front of my aunt. I’m pretty sure she would have screamed at what she saw, I almost did.

You ever been scared by the sight of your own dick? Freaking mad, only description I can think of, my cock just looked freaking mad. I’ve been horny frustrated before, but this was nuts. My dick was fatter than I’d ever seen it. The skin was almost purple, and thick veins that looked like tree branches girdled it. All the throbbing made it bounce like a person nodding yes.

No bed, no bathroom, I needed to cum now. I still had my aunt’s lingerie and that soak stuff in my hands. When I went to put them on my dresser one of the stockings glide over my cock. A whoa came out and a string of pre cum went flying when my dick jumped. I did it again and closed my eyes, “This feels fucking amazing.” It felt like the softest, gentlest fingertips stroking me. Part of me must be a masochist because I started edging myself, drifting those stockings across my shaft, and cock head.

It seemed like a no brainer to me, wrap those thigh highs and around my cock and get some needed relief. But those diamonds, I wasn’t so worried about getting nicked by one, but if I tore a hole in these? No way I could explain that. I was seriously starting to think about apple pie when a small drip slide between the fingers of my other hand. Her panties, Cathy’s panties were still sopping wet.

Like I said before fetishes are odd personal things. I never understood the masturbating with women’s clothing, (I sort of did now) or smelling panties to get off, but there was a warm and wet sensation in my other hand pulling me in a different direction. Her thigh highs and that soak stuff went on top of my dresser. I looked at my hand, “Am I Really going to do this?”

Saying I was a little wary would be an understatement. Yeah, I liked eating at the “Y” as we called it in the locker room, there was no fear of the scent, it just seemed a little weird sniffing pantie’s and not someone who’s actually with you. My brain finally decided it really didn’t matter. In my room, her room, or across the galaxy, she was only a thought away. Lifting her panties to my face the aroma overtook me. Her perfume, the fresh grass she’d danced on, her sweet, musky pussy juice. My cock just about burst from a throb.

Holding her panties in my fist I held it over my cock and squeezed. Cathy’s wetness dripped out still warm and I coated my shaft and head in it. When I started stroking myself It blew me away how slippery her juices were. No matter how much I needed to blow it just felt too good to hurry. I made a little pocket in her panties with my hand and started rubbing it around my cock head while I stroked.

This was feeling fucking amazing. The slickness of her on my shaft, the silky wetness running over my head, my throbbing was breaking the speed of light now. The only thoughts I had were of her and what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to stop when a mental picture materialized, it was me sliding into Cathy and her moaning. That did it. My dick throbbed brutally hard, all my muscles tightened, and I exploded.

The already soaked panties did nothing to hold the amount of cum I shot. I dropped them and used my hand to try and catch some of the gush from hitting the floor. Bad move on my part. Apparently, I wasn’t quite finished yet. Two more jets flew Ankara escort out of me with a distance I didn’t think was possible, both landing on my bed from the pillows to the foot board. “What the hell was that?” I’d never cum that much before.

My head started spinning and flashes of light explode in the corner of one eye. I’d felt like this before after getting nailed hard into the boards during a game, so when my knees started to go, I knew I was about lite out. Don’t ask me how I got to my bed, or how I’d had managed to reclaim the panties, but evidently I must have, I’d passed out with them in my hand.

When morning came, I had no clue what time I’d lit out, but I was up at five a.m. as usual. Up doesn’t mean out of bed, I was still drained from last night. Unfortunately, the panties in my hand reminded me I had laundry to do, “Must do my delicate’s.” (Yeah, Yeah. Was funny to me.) I knew they were going to need more than just a soak since my sauce was all over them too. Searching Google on how to wash lingerie, me, the panties, stockings and soak stuff headed to the bathroom.

My aunts’ room and mine are reversed images separated by a thin wall. I was a little bit surprised to hear her shower running this early till I heard a moan. The water wasn’t the only thing running. The distinct sound of a vibrator was being punctuated by moans and groans, the occasional ‘Fuck Yes’, and more than one ‘Oh My God’. I got hard again, “She’s trying to fucking kill me.”

Starting the water in my sink would have made the water in her shower ice cold. I didn’t want the aural sex show to end but laundry beckoned. The second I reached for the taps there was a high pitched ‘OH GOD, FUCK ME’ and the shower stopped. (I’m checking for spy cam’s man, way to coincidental) My sink and shower both went on and I sped washed “my” laundry, rinsed it and started the soak. I used a lot more soap than water for that shower, know what I mean?

Cathy’s computer was still sitting on my dresser when I got out, so I figured now was as good as time as any to look at it and got dressed. Plugging it in and powering it up, it booted just fine. I started doing the normal checks, virus and malware scans, running a cleaning program to delete unneeded files, defragging the drive. Everything came out good, so I rebooted and did an error checking scan. Nothing there either.

I guess asking what was wrong first would have been a good idea, but that hadn’t really been an option at the time. A soft knock came from my door, there was only one other person up, “Oh man please don’t be done up.” Another futile plea.

No stockings, no heels, didn’t need them this time. A semi sheer, knee length bathrobe was tied at her waist. Under it a lacey string thong matched a transparent cobwebby bra with cups that only slightly covered her areolas. She’d done something different with her make up that made her eyes really enticing. And yes, those damned candy lips were looking as kissable as ever. Cue the commencing of my bulge. Again.

My computer desk sits beside my bed facing the wall, it’s cool for all the drawers and the fact my chair fits under the middle. It’s really just an old dresser with a mirror, the mirror part was worrying me. The last thing I wanted was to get caught gawking straight at her again.

Playing hockey had given me great peripheral vision, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try and use it so she wouldn’t catch me eyeing her up. Cathy sat on my bed and I could see her smirk in the mirror, so much for great peripheral vision. When she asked about her items, I decide some teasing of my own was only fair.

“Sorry Ankara escort bayan about your lingerie stuff, kind of’ passed out when I hit the bed last night.” Her smirk got bigger which I found odd. “Was going to do them this morning when I got up, but I heard you busy in the shower and thought I’d wait till you were, uh, done.” Her smirk started to fade. “If I turn my water on, your shower turns to ice, didn’t think you’d want to wake the house up with a shriek of ‘FUCK ME’.” That put an uneasy look in her eyes, she was wondering if I’d heard her, it felt like a game winning goal.

The trouble with game winning goals is once the other team picks up on your tricks, you could get schooled the next game. You’ll see what I mean in a while. For right now it’s back to the laptop.

Cathy put her hands on the back of my chair and rested her head on my shoulder, “So what’s wrong with my comp mr genius?” Man, she smelled like a meadow after a soft rain. I must have been enjoying that fragrance for too long, her voice pulled me back into reality. “Well? Anything? or did it finally stump you.”

Reality can be loud, “NO!” (Tone it down dude.) “I mean, I couldn’t find anything. No viruses, malware. Was a lot of old files I cleaned out, but it boots up fine. Wi-Fi works fine too. You never did tell me the problem though.”

She moved from the bed and took a chair from the other side of my room to sit beside me. “I can’t install programs. Tells me I’m out of disk space.” I heard her but all that bosomy goodness was taunting me in the mirror. It was easy to make out the darkness of her areolas and her nipples. Stiff nipples, why were her nipples so stiff, my room wasn’t cold?

Sure enough, the properties of her hard drive said only two hundred megabytes of data storage were left. Cathy’s comp was old and didn’t have a whole lot of storage space, “I know you’ve only got a sixty-gigabyte hard drive but what have you been downloading?”

“A few movies and some songs, that’s all really.”

Just then mom called from downstairs, “Who’s alive and hungry up there?” I wasn’t but Cathy must have been, she kissed me on the cheek and practically bolted for my door.

I did another scan and counted the space being used. That came to fifty-three gigs. So where had the other seven gigs of space gone? This was starting to bug me. Maybe a hidden folder? (I know, ‘Clueless comp Cathy hiding folders? Was all I could think of though) Going into the control panel I checked the show hidden folders option. I was about to learn a secret side of my aunt I wouldn’t have believed.

When I redid the search, I set it to show the largest folder to the smallest. And boom there it was, the very first folder in the list. The missing seven gigs were concealed in the system directory in a folder called ‘C-on-C’. In that folder were sub folders labeled with names I never thought I’d see on her computer.

Bukkake/Amateur/Gloryhole/Hidden cam/Facials.



And one called My Stuff.

Every single one of those folders had one thing in common, guy’s shooting there loads on women wearing the clothing listed on the folders. Those folders were usually just male and female. The rest of them had variations, if it was tit fucking there was a bra on, a facial would have some sort of a top getting splattered too. The folder called My Stuff I couldn’t get in to, it had a password.

I was amazed at how much stuff she had. Literally thousands of pictures, all kinds of movie clips lasting from minutes Escort Ankara to two hours long. Her bookmarks were full of back doors to pay sites, ‘index of’ searches, chat room listings. I mean, if you could think of it, she probably had it.

I was floored. Seven gigs of cum porn. I started to wonder how she knew about ‘back doors’ and ‘index of’ searches, or how to hide folders and find them again, never mind putting a password on them? “Thought you were no good at comp stuff Cathy?” In my desk I found a twenty-gig thumb drive and copied the ‘C-on-C’ folder.

“Ok my aunt has a cum fetish, but is she obsessed with just cum, or being plastered with it?” I didn’t know, all I knew was I needed to find out what was in that My Stuff folder.

My stomach growled so my body was obviously wanting some food. Closing the laptop I headed down the stairs for the kitchen. Remember how I said getting my aunt nervous was like a game winning goal? Well, I was about to get schooled by the other team.

Mom and dad were across the kitchen. Mom was making me a plate of bacon, eggs and hash browns while dad poured himself some coffee. I sat down at the table across from my aunt who was now dressed in a flowery sundress. It was nowhere near as sheer as her robe had been, but you could still make out her lingerie. My dad suddenly spoke up.

“So, how’d you sleep last night? Your aunt here spent most of the night watching comets from the porch roof.” My eyes shot to Cathy’s in an instant, she was smirking and locked onto my look. From her bedroom window she couldn’t see into mine, but on the roof just outside of her window. It was a bee line shot and I had left the curtains open.

All I stammered out was “Oh yeah? See anything good?” My brain screamed at me, “You are a fucking idiot, ‘See anything good?’, what the hell dumbass.”

Cathy’s eyes widened a bit and she tilted her towards me with a smile. “Oh, I saw some incredibly things. Stars that looked imbedded in a silky black sky, just gliding over and over,” She bit the inside of her cheek and added, “But It was weird, I’ve never seen a sky look so hard and purple. She reached over and put her hand on mine, “The comets were the best though, some of them just shot out such long thick trails, sorry, tails. Glad I got some pictures.”

My back teeth were locked against each other. She’d watched me jack off; those descriptions were just to on point. The flashes I’d seen out of the corner of my eye, the window side eye, those flashes were from her cell camera taking pictures of me.

Everyone has a breaking point and Cathy had broken mine, from now on if she teased me, I’d tease, or stare back. If she said something provocative, I’d answer back even more luridly. I wouldn’t instigating anything physical, but I wasn’t going to back away either.

Mom put my plate in front of me and dad sat next to me. The next words I heard were from my dad. “Little hungry there champ?” My plate was empty after one minute. I do that when I’m concentrating on something other than what I’m doing, everything just goes automatic, in this case my mouth. Shrugging my shoulders, I went to the sink and rinsed my plate. I heard my dad say, “Forgot about this last night. All OEM too” He threw me a brown paper wrapped box.

“No way.” I just looked at him and he smiled. “No freaking way dad.” Inside were fifteen different emblems, badges, and a headliner light, the light wasn’t for the year of my car, but I liked it way cooler. With the thousands of fake parts out there, he’d hunted down the originals. I had an ear-to-ear grin, “Thanks dad,” We bumped fists, “If you need me, you’ll know where I’ll be,” and headed for the door.

“What about my laptop lover boy?” Cathy sounded like she’d been ignored.

“Yeah, we need to talk about that,” I shut the door and headed to my garage.

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