Aunt Beth Ch. 01Aunt Beth Ch. 01


To be continued with part 2 soon

I so upset that summer morning. My mom was making me go to my Aunts for the day. My younger brother was sick in bed with the measles and I couldn’t get near him. My mom was so worried I was going to get it that she thought I better go to Aunt Beth’s. Aunt Beth was my mom’s older sister. My Aunt had a pool at her house so at least I could go swimming. I really didn’t need to swim because I was in great shape but a tan I could use.

I went to my room packed a few things I would need and headed downstairs. My mom was already in the car outside so I grabbed my sunglasses and headed out the door. It was already noon time and it was so hot outside already. I was wearing a black t shirt and just the walk from the house to the car I was sweating. I took my shirt off and threw it on the back seat in the car. I was surprised when I opened the passenger door to see my mom was going to drive in a bikini.

“Mom you aren’t going to drive like that are you?” I asked her.

“Honey you know the air conditioner doesn’t work in my car.” She replied.

With that said I got in and shut the door. I couldn’t believe how good my mom’s legs looked while she drove. I couldn’t help but keep looking from the corner of my eye. As we drove through town one of the streets up ahead was being worked on. The road was being repaved so only one lane could pass. I was really upset because I knew the road workers would notice my mom. As we approached slowly you could see the men at work.

“Wow look at that buff guy.” My mom said admiring one.

My mom was divorced from my dad now for 10 years but did have a bf. He was an older man that she met through a dating site. So I was surprised she was looking.

“Oh my god he is really buff.” My mom said as we got closer.

I couldn’t believe how my mom was staring at this one road worker. He had to have been maybe 30 really jacked and working with an open neon vest on. The sweat was dripping down his shaved chest. As we pulled to the flagger he motioned us to slow.

“Why the hell is he making us stop?” I asked my mom in rage.

“Relax honey I’m sure they have a good reason.” My mom replied.

As the flagger motioned us to stop they backed out a bigger truck. Just as the flagger walked away the buff guy walked up to my mom’s window. My mom saw him and rolled the window totally down.

“Thanks for stopping for us.” He said while looking down at my mom sitting in her seat.

“No trouble at all, I feel bad for you working in this heat.” My mom said to him.

The buff guy put both his hands on the window sill of my mom’s car and leaned in. His arms got so big as he flexed for her. He commented on her bikini telling her how it looked great on her. He told my mom that it be just a few more minutes while they moved trucks.

She tilted the steering wheel up on the car. She did so because she needed room to lift her right leg up and put her foot on the seat. He saw my mom’s foot and told her how he liked her painted toes. Mom went to take her seat belt off and it was stuck. I went to press the button for my mom but it wouldn’t budge.

“Would you like me to open that for you Miss?” The buff guy asked laughing at us.

“Could you please.” Mom said helplessly.

The buff guy opened my mom’s car door. I looked out the windshield and saw all the men at work were watching my mom. He reached over my mom’s chest with his arms to get to her seatbelt buckle. The seatbelt strap was right between her tits. This guy’s built body with muscles bulging everywhere was hung right over mom. When he pushed the button in the seatbelt retracted. He was staring right at mom’s bikini bottom.

“You know to deal with this heat; I drink a lot of cold water to keep cool.” He remarked.

“Would you like a cold bottle of water while you wait miss?” The buff guy asked mom.

“Sure.” She replied.

As the road worker went to get the water my mom started fixing her hair in the car mirror. I could tell she was flattered that the young buff guy was talking to her.

“Honey could you get my shoes on the backseat for me?” Mom asked me.

I couldn’t believe it when she wanted to get out of the car to get the water. I wasn’t going to get her shoes so she could get out here. I know I would have been so embarrassed because my mom was no skinny Minnie. She has 36 DD tits and really toned legs for a woman in her 40’s. My mom everyday would religiously use her stair master for an hour so her ass was really tight. And the last thing I wanted her to do was get out of the car. Ankara bayan escort

“I’ll get them myself then.” My mom said as she got out her side door.

As she got out one guy whistled. My mom was now standing bare foot on the side of the road in her bikini. The buff guy started walking towards her with the water. I decided to get out as well now. I walked around to the other side of the car and saw mom standing there with her back to me talking to the buff guy. Her bottom was barely covering her ass. I looked at my mom’s curvy body next to the buff guy and couldn’t believe how hot she looked. A few other workers walked over too near mom. Mom was now standing with the workers around her in a circle.

As I was standing behind them my mom she asked me to get back in the car. I got back in even though I could still hear what they were saying. This guy was really hitting on my mom now and my mom must have known. Cars were now honking as traffic starts to get impatient. As my mom got up to her door she leaned over her seat to grab her phone in the center console. I looked at the buff guy behind her and he adjusted his hard on in his jeans. He didn’t even care I saw. My mom sat down and this guy gave her his number.

As I tried to believe what just happened we finally got moving. I didn’t even say anything to her the rest of the way to my aunts. As we pulled up to her house my mom asked if I saw Aunt Beth to not mention anything to her about what just had happened. I agreed and we pulled into Aunt Beth’s house.

“Honey I am not staying, I am just dropping you off.” Mom said to me.

This was really weird because she was in her bikini to swim but she insisted she had to get back home. I think mom was so turned on by that guy she had her mind on him. I asked her when she would be back to pick me up and she didn’t answer.

“Mom does this have anything to do with that construction worker?” I asked her

“Of course not honey.” She said still acting funny.”

I looked over at my mom in her bikini bare foot behind the wheel thinking how sexy she did look. Her bikini was white and I could now notice a wet spot in the front. I knew it; she was totally horned up for that stud. I had my sun glasses on so mom had no clue I was looking. Her nipples were piercing through her top. Her bikini was a string bikini. My mom had always picked the sexiest clothes for everything. I hated it, but it was true. The ties on the sides of her bottom were loose. I guess that happened as we drove.

“Ok I did want to drive by him again.” Mom finally admitted.

I knew it by the way she was acting.

“Look honey I am still a women even though I am your mom.” She said.

“Ok hurry then and come back, ok?” I asked her.

“I will.” She said excited

As mom backed out of the driveway I started to walk down to the pool. No one was there. Aunt Beth was at work and she lived alone. Her house was big and her backyard was very secluded. I jumped in the pool to cool off. I swam a few laps then I got out and sat in a lounge chair. I guess 20 minutes must have past when I saw my mom’s car return. I was so glad she was back as quick as she promised.

As the car got closer I got so mad because my mom wasn’t alone. As the car stopped I noticed she wasn’t driving either. It was the buff guy from the road work site. He got out first still in his tight jeans and neon vest. He walked around to my mom’s door and opened it for her. My mom got out with the help of his hand. He reached into the backseat and got my mom’s heels for her. As my mom leaned on the hood of the car the buff guy grabbed each ankle of her and put her heels on. He took my mom by the hand and they started walking toward me.

“Jim this is my son.” My mom said

“Honey this is Jim, he is on his lunch break so he was going to take a swim to cool off before I take him back” She said to me.

As Jim and my mom entered the pool area I notice Jim was a lot younger than I thought earlier. I was eighteen and he was probably more like 20. He was just so buff and muscled up he looked a lot older. Next to him I was so slim. I was really mad now because this meathead was totally after one thing.

They walked past me on my chair holding hands as my mom sat down across from me. As she sat back on the lounge chair Jim grabbed her ankles and lifted them and removed her heels. As he tilted her legs up I could see her bikini bottom tighten. Her camel toe was totally showing. He then held my mom’s one ankle up while he put her white painted toes to his mouth. This guy Jim was sucking my mom’s Escort bayan Ankara toes right across from me. My mom saw my face and pulled her toe away.

“Jim why don’t you take a swim before you have to leave” Mom said breathing heavy.

Jim then standing right in front of my mom opened his belt and took off his jeans. He had on tight jockey shorts that were showing the outline of his hard dick. The way my mom looked at him I don’t know how he didn’t make her suck him. This guy obviously had been with many girls and knew what to do. He was teasing her so good I think she forgot I was there. His cock was showing so well through his shorts I could even tell it was cut.

My mom leaned back in her chair looking at Jim and bent both her knees so her feet were flat on the chair. She had her legs apart showing Jim her camel toe. My cock was now stiff from what I was watching. I was so worried my mom would see so I jumped in the pool. I swam around the pool then to the steps that were closer to them.

Jim and mom were now standing up by the chairs. Jim’s big arms were wrapped around mom’s waist. With a side view of them I watched from the pool. Jim was holding my mom so close that his cock was pressed against her bikini bottom. I was stunned so I got out of the pool and approached Jim. But I was no threat to him as he didn’t even acknowledge I was there.

My mom had both hands on Jim’s chest rubbing over his nipples. She never even looked over at me while I stood there next to them. She just kept looking down at Jim’s cock and rubbing his muscles all over.

“Mom what the fuck are you doing with this guy?” I yelled at her.

“She is busy, get lost man!” Jim told me.

I looked at my mom in Jims arms as she caressed his body thinking how turned on she must have been. Her tits were busting out of her top right in Jims face. She was wearing her heels again so she was closer to Jim’s height. Looking at her in those 5 inch heels next to him looked really hot. My mom really knew how to turn guys on. That’s when I saw Jim grab my mom’s hand and put it on his cock.

“Oh my god stud, you are so fucking hot.” Mom said to Jim.

“Are you going to fuck me right here in front of my son? Mom asked Jim.

I couldn’t believe she was asking him that.

“Get over here man.” Jim said to me

Jim made me remove my shorts. My cock was so hard from mom. I could see Jim’s cock head sticking out the top of his waistband as mom stroked him through his shorts. Jim’s cock looked so big.

“Kneel in front of us right here.” Jim told me as he pointed to the deck.

I kneeled as Jim told me for he was so intimidating. I looked over at mom thinking she would say something but she just kind of smiled at me devilishly. Jim told mom to sit. He then turned to face me kneeling. His swollen cockhead was poking out the top of his shorts. It was so close to my face.

“Take my shorts off stick boy” Jim said to me.

I reached up his built waist and grabbed the waistband on his tight jockey shorts. As I pulled his shorts down his legs mom got a good look. His pretty cock sprung straight up in the air. His balls were big and tight. I had played with my mom’s dildo before without her knowing. I had sneaked it in with me in the shower a few times before so I kind of new how to suck cock. Actually I thought I was great at it. I had learned from my mistakes quick. Plus I knew what I liked.

Jim turned his hips so mom had a perfect side view of his cock. Jim turned my shoulders so I faced his cock. Jim grabbed his hard dick and pushed his big cockhead in my mouth. I tasted his precum off the wet head. Jim had to have been about 8″ and my mom’s dildo was 10″ so I was eager to see how I do. I saw mom was getting so turned on from this she started rubbing her pussy through her bikini.

I started to swirl my tongue around Jim’s cock head. I started to suck it tighter around his base as I went down slow. The taste of his cock was great. The smell from his cock was even better. As I took more cock I was now all the way down to his sweaty balls.

“Holy shit man!” Jim moaned out as I took all of his cock.

Jim looked down and saw how hard I still was. As I sucked his cock with my lips tight I started to feel it throb. His cock jumped in my mouth when a big load of precum spilled out the head. I swallowed it all down as mom didn’t even know. Jim placed his hands on his hips and rocked them back and forth. Jim was fucking my mouth.

After a few minutes I took his cock out of my mouth and held it up. His balls looked so good shaved. I Bayan escort Ankara went in to lick his balls and I could really smell it. His man sex smell was so strong. I was really drawn to it. I was sucking his balls as my nose was pinned to it. I kissed up his shaft to his swollen head. I opened my mouth to take the head. I sucked as tight as I could around the head. I watched my spit drip down his cock to his balls. His cock was so rigid around my lips now. I rubbed my tongue slow and hard over his pee slit while I sucked the head. I felt his legs weaken when he shot his load in my mouth. I was swallowing as fast as I could but hot cum still dripped out my mouth. I looked over at mom and she was shocked but I could also tell she loved watching it. I still was so horny. Jim was a total stud.

“Stand up for me sexy.” Jim called over to my mom.

Without answering him mom stood up on her heels. Jim repositioned mom so she was standing right in front of me. With moms bikini wedgie right in my face now Jim begins to open the tied bows on her bottoms. Mom’s bikini bottom falls to the floor. Her naked ass was right in front of my face. Jim saw it and made her turn around. As my mom turned her ass her pussy was now in my face. I was eye level with her pussy. I looked up at mom and she was looking at my hard dick. Jim put both hands on mom’s waist and made her step back away from me.

“I bet you loved the smell of that wet pussy near your nose.” Jim said to me.

Jim saw my cock was throbbing too now. Jim opened mom’s bra and threw it off into the pool. Now my mom was just in her heels. Jim positioned mom back in front of me. As they kissed they stepped back till my mom’s ass was in my face again. He told her to bend forward a little. Mom’s asshole was right there.

“Eat her ass out.” Jim told me.

I leaned forward and stuck my hot wet tongue in my mom’s ass. I couldn’t believe how lovely she tasted. Her cute little asshole looked tight. I grabbed mom by her hips and pulled her closer. I started eating her slow and soft. Jim watched as he sat down on a chair. My mom was moaning so loud while I rimmed her. I could smell her pussy. I started to lick down to it. Her pussy was as wet as I licked it. Jim continued to watch us. I started to think he wanted me because he was looking at my dick a lot.

With moms pussy so wet she widened her hips. I looked down at her toned legs and her cute painted toes in her heels as I licked her. She was looking so hot standing there getting her muff ate. As I tried to get my tongue in her pussy deeper Jim stood up and walked over to us.

“Can you bend over and hold your ankles with your hands baby?” Jim had asked mom.

“I think so.” Mom replied

As mom bent to touch her ankles, her pussy slit was now completely available to me. Jim really knew what to do. Her heels had her ass really bent over. I was in bliss over how sexy my mom’s slit looked.

“Can you stay like that baby, he is doing a good job.” Jim asked my mom.

My mom nodded her head as I ran my tongue up and down her slit. Jim sat back down and continued to watch. As I put my tongue deep in her pussy I couldn’t help but start feeling up her legs. I started kissing her inner thighs to see how she reacts. I noticed that while bent over like that she was looking right at my hard dick. I let myself shoot some precum out and it ran all over my cock. As mom saw that I was kissing down her inner thighs. I took my index finger and started rubbing her pussy slit as she stood up.

“I can’t look at your big throbbing hard dick anymore honey.” Mom said

Before I could answer mom kneeled down and was licking all the precum from my balls. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it while she sucked the head. I was trying so hard not to cum. She was kissing all down my cock and so passionately. She kept sucking my cock down to my balls and holding it there. I think she wanted me to know she could take all of me. I moaned each time louder as she kept doing it. I saw Jim stand up as he walked toward the outside shower.

“Come over by the shower you two love birds.” Jim said to us as he started to run the shower.

All three of us now were standing naked except mom’s heels and Jim’s vest outside by the pool shower. Jim was as hard I was. He told me and mom to get under the running shower. The water was warm. Mom reached for my hard cock and started stroking me under the shower. I was trying so hard not to cum from her doing that. I didn’t see Aunt Beth’s car pull up. Mom and Jim had their backs to it so they didn’t see it.

“Oh no!” I said so surprised.

“What is it?” Mom replied still calm.

“Aunt Beth’s car just pulled up.” I answered her.

Mom kept stroking me as we remained in the shower. Jim was stroking his hard cock as he watched Aunt Beth’s car intently.

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