Atlanta Underground Ch. 02Atlanta Underground Ch. 02


“Mom! You must be joking! We can’t have a baby!”

“Sorry, Bobby, but the way I figure it, we did the ‘nasty’ right on schedule. And I am so happy about it! Now, take those messy pajamas off so I can see you naked… Oh, Bobby, you are twice as big as your father! Just lie back and let me be on top… This feels so good.”

“It sure does. You’re warm and wet and tight. Ahhh…”

“Stay still. Stay still. Let me do it all. Don’t move. There! Your cock just hit bottom. Oh! And I’m coming… so good, so good. Fuck me big boy. You feel so good…”

I rolled her over onto her back without missing a stroke. “Okay, Mom. You asked for it and now you’re going to feel just how much I love you. Uh Uh Uh…”

“Fuck me, Bobby,” she repeated over and over.

“I can’t hold back. Here it is! … It feels like the head of my cock just blew off!”

“You made me come so many times that I lost count. You are one fantastic lover!”

We cuddled in silence while the euphoric afterglow gave us both a natural high. Finally Mom said, “I love you, Bobby, and now it’s time for me to get ready for my presentation at the bank. So let’s shower fast and maybe there will be time for breakfast at the coffee shop downstairs.”

“If you are pregnant, Dad will just think that he did it… Won’t he?”

“No, I don’t think so. Your father decided that two kids were enough after your sister was born so his doctor took away his sperm donor card. No, I’m afraid that he’s going to find out that I’ve had a lover. He may not know who but he will know when and that’s enough to figure that conception must have taken place when you and I were together in Atlanta. And that’s when he’s going to toss me out and probably you too!”

“I suppose I should be sorry but I’m not! I am so excited that…”

“Oh, shit! Who could that be? Hand me the phone, please. It might be your father… Hello? Oh, Hi, Helen. Great! We’ll meet you in the coffee shop in 15 minutes. Casibom Actually, Bobby will be there. It will take me a half hour to get ready. See you.”

“Sounds like Aunt Helen couldn’t wait to see us. I’ll shower and shave and go meet her.”


“Hello, Aunt Helen! You look fabulous!”

“Hi, Bobby! Aren’t you all grown up.”

“Mom will be right down. She has to get ready for a presentation at 10.”

“How is your mother? I know, she’s busy, busy. Is she treating you okay? I’m sure she is. I am so excited seeing you. You are really getting tall. Catherine doesn’t get her college break until next week… I guess you know that since your sister and Cathy are roommates… Well, I guess you can tell that I’m nervous… I need to ask you to do something for me — to me — with me. How can I say this? Uh, your uncle Felix can’t get it up anymore and I want a baby and I thought that since you were in town and well, Bobby, would you, could you? You do know about sex, don’t you? Do you have a girl?”

“Slow down, Aunt Helen. I do know about sex. I don’t have a girl at college. I’ve never had sex with a ‘girl’ but I am straight. And, I’d be happy to go to bed with you… once I get over the shock of your intimate question.”

“Don’t tell your mother. She would kill me if she knew I wanted to fuck you.”

“I thought that you said that you just wanted a baby — not that you wanted to fuck me.”

“I DO want a baby AND I have always wanted to fuck you since you turned 18. Now quiet. Here she comes.”

“Hi, Mom. You look great!”

“Has he been chewing your ear off, Helen? It’s good to see you! I thought that we were going to get together tonight. Well, you two enjoy your breakfast. I’ve got to run. Bobby, I’ll be back about 3 if everything goes okay. Here’s the key-card to the room. Love you both. ‘bye.”

“See you tonight, sis’… And now, toy boy. Let’s go play house!”


“God! This room is Casibom Giriş a mess! Look at that bed! I can tell! You’ve been fucking your mother, haven’t you? I thought that you said you were a virgin.”

“I said that ‘I’ve never had sex with a girl.’ Mom is a woman, not a girl!”

“So you don’t deny penetrating your pretty parent!” she said grinning.

“How can I? I’m in love with her. But, in her defense, its not her fault that we started fucking. She had reserved a double room but we ended up with a king size bed and …”

“I know. I changed the reservation. I thought that you two would be cozier that way. Well, just don’t stand there. Take your clothes off and I’ll hang up the ‘Do Not Disturb – We’re Having Sex’ sign on the door knob. It’s time to fuck!”

“I’ll hang up the sign. You show me yours first.”

“Hey! I’m not the shy twin! Look at these! And if I can get out of these jeans… There. Can you see my pussy lips? Are they exactly like your mother’s? She IS my twin so they’d better look the same. Get over here on the bed and get a closer look. Well, are they the same as your mother’s?”

“Uh… We just made love. We didn’t… “

“Oh, Lord. This is the best part and you missed it? Well, get real close and I’ll make you into a first rate pussy lover!”

“Let me get all undressed first…”

“Okay my stud muffin. I’ll pull my cunt lips apart so you can see everything. See this little nub? It’s the center of the universe. It’s magic. It’s tender. It’s insatiable. Be oh so gentle with her. Imagine all the feelings that you have in your cock AND your balls concentrated in one little button. That’s a clit! Women know how it feels so they know how to give head better then any man but you, darling nephew, are going to learn from the best cunt lapper in the world!”

“You suck pussies?”

“Yes, sir! And I started with your mother’s! She’s used to getting great head and so I guess you’d better Casibom Güncel Giriş learn how I do it!”

“Can I ask you a question about Mom? Does she do it, too?”

“Can’t you say the words? Hmm? My six foot student? Come on. Ask me again and please use the dirtiest words you know.”

“Okay. Does my fucking mother suck pussies, clits, labia and stick her tongue up lesbians’ vaginas?”

“Yes! And she loves it! But, back to your lesson. Never use your teeth! Teeth hurt and hurt is a turn off — at least with me. The whole pussy is sensitive. Take your time. To reach a gut wrenching climax usually takes me about 8 minutes so start at the outer lips and work in. That’s it. Kind of pull on my lips with yours. You can pull harder. Now, slowly lick between the lips from my vagina clear up — slowly! — but don’t touch the clit. Now, lick that way again. This time put your tongue into my hole as far as you can and then make slow circles around the edge of my vagina… Oh, God, that feels good. Tongue fuck my hole some more. Fuck it. Fuck it. Now, lick up to the clit a couple of times. Oh! Now, gently suck in the little nub between your lips and softly touch it with your tongue tip. Keep sucking! Oh, God! Keep sucking, you mother fucker! I’m coming hard… Oh, fuck! Suck it! Hold it! Don’t move! Don’t move! Don’t let go! STAY RIGHT THERE!”

“Okay, Bobby, wipe your face off and fuck me. Make me a baby! Does your mama want your baby, too? If your mama wants your baby then I want twins. Give me twins, Bobby! Oh, Lord, you fuck good! I’m coming again, you mother fucker! You have such a big cock. It feels so good. Come in me. Come in me now! Come in me! Oh, hot damn! I can feel it jumping! I can actually feel your cock throbbing in my cunt!”

“Well! If it isn’t my sister and son fucking! Well, I never…”

“Mom! I… We…”

“Well, hello to you! And don’t say ‘Well, I never…’ because according to your son, you did… and several times, at that! So what do you say now, you beautiful sight for sore eyes?”

“Well, I say that I missed breakfast but it looks like I’m in time for a mighty tasty brunch! Make room for me! I’ll try that French dessert first. You know ‘Menage a trois’…”

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