At Last, My Love has Come AlongAt Last, My Love has Come Along


It was a hot and clammy morning. Lacey and Alan were a normal couple living in Cape Town trying to deal with the oppressive heat of this summer. Thus far, as with most people in the city, they were failing and were thus occupied with rushing from building to building, air conditioned to air conditioned, so as to stay cool. They were both trying to get done with their various responsibilities so that they could meet up at the end of the day and spend some time together.

This was not being helped by Lacey and Alan constantly texting hot and heavy suggestions to each other about what they were going to do to the other when they did finally get together. These texts were flying back and forth.

This had been going on for three weeks. They knew each other through mutual friends. They had recently reconnected after a few years of doing other things and were really in the right place and space for the connection to really take off.

Alan was an older man, having recently changed his way of life, and Lacey was younger than Alan by a good twenty years. Alan had moved to Cape Town from up country and was working on a dream but was still to realise it. Lacey was in a fast paced and energetic industry that had her focused and goal oriented. Life was going along its way for both of them when they reconnected.

Alan had recently joined a social network thing that all the younger people were using and he felt sort of left out. He used his phone to join and no sooner than he was connected, than he received a notification that Lacey, as a contact of his on his phone, was also on the group and would he like to say hi.

Alan sent her a polite little “wave” hello and thought nothing more of it.

A short while later Alan was reading his messages when his phone pinged up a message from Lacey for him. He opened it and was extremely pleasantly surprised to see a waved response with the comment, “Well, hello Stranger! Where have you been?”

Thus began an ever increasing exchange that got more and more heated, like putting a lid on a boiling pot of water that gets so vigorous, to the point of boiling over. Their exchanges had become incredibly personal in nature, revealing in the extreme, and Lacey had often shared how her blushes were only tempered by her desires to do things to Alan. And so the temperature was driven up by both of them.

Lacey had ordered various toys and items from a sex site on the web and it arrived one morning to her great excitement and joy. One item was a hand sized vibrator that had a hooked end for maximum clitoral stimulation. The other was a pair of weighted benwa balls joined by a rope. The packaging did not last long and they were inserted into her pussy post haste.

That day she floated around on a wet cloud of pussy juice that put an enormous smile on her face. “THESE are my new favourite toys, for sure!” she told Alan. That was three days ago.

Now, tonight their tryst had finally arrived, or was imminent, anyway. Alan was rushing around getting all manner of lubricants, oils and gels to place around the house. Lacey was at work finishing off some last minute things for her deadlines, but had managed to slip out and get some really sexy and sweet pieces of lingerie for the nights planned events.

Lacey had also gone the extra bit today and had take her benwa balls to work and had inserted them at lunch time, morning meeting would have been a blur if she’d inserted them at home as she thought at first. As it now stood, she was so horny from the balls, she was wetter than a Johannesburg thunder storm in midsummer.

The plan had been for the evening to be spent together alone at Alan’s place, purely because it was more central to places where they could go to have the kind of fun they had dreamt up for their tryst, should they so choose. Lacey arrived at a little before their agreed time, getting out of her car in the place she had chosen to park, it was dark and out of the way a little, but still perfectly safe.

Alan appeared in the gateway having heard her car arrive, and the two rushed into each other’s arms, kissing long and hard, whilst their hands held, touched and caressed various body parts as the kiss grew in intensity. Lacey threw a leg up around the back of Alan’s leg and pulled herself onto his hardening and ever more bulging cock, rubbing her mons into the big swollen cock Alan was developing very fast. The action of Lacey rubbing him this way was helping make it very hard. Lacey held Alan around his neck with both arms, kissing him furiously. Working her tongue in a rapturous frenzied battle with Alan’s tongue.

“Are you ready ankara escort bayan for this, my Angel?” Alan asked.

“Do you think I would be here if I wasn’t?” Lacey countered. “I am so very ready and excited.”

“Well, then let’s go then.” said Alan

And with this he led her to his car, opened the passenger door and helped her into the car. Alan closed the door and went around to his side and got in, started the car and drove out the gate. The first part of their plans and fun had started.

They drove a short way, and pulled up in front of an older building, maybe lower rentals for this and other buildings in the area made for the general appearance of the buildings in the area to look seedier than they were. The two got out the car and entered the premises of the adult store.

Hand in hand and a little flushed from excitement they browsed around, made a few selections and then headed for the checkout. Alan paid for the items and they took the packet offered to them and made their way back to the car.

They chatted excitedly as they drove and soon they were back at the house they had left a little earlier. Alan parked next to Lacey’s car and the two of them went inside and walked through to Alan’s bedroom at the back of the house where a candlelit vision awaited Lacey. There were large candles, little tea lights, round ball candles and tall tubular candles standing everywhere there was a surface. All were scented with jasmine and vanilla and the room smelt amazing. On the bed were hundreds of soft red rose petals scattered around. Alan sent Lacey to the bathroom to “change” and she went quickly and slipped into the costume they had just bought, while Alan did the same in his room.

When Lacey emerged, she looked like a nurse similar in character to the movie Carry on Nurse, a cult classic comedy from the 1950 and 60’s with the little white peak in her hair and the short white skirt and blouse so tight fitting as to be of no real consequence. Her tits were further enlarged because of it and rose up out of the top, showing great cleavage because of the bra she was wearing.

Alan had a white coat on with a stethoscope hanging around his neck. He had either shorts on or no pants at all, but that could not be ascertained as yet but his lower legs were bare. He had sandals on his feet.

“Good evening Nurse Lacey, I see our last patient has left for the day. I have a rather pressing matter to take care of and that I’ll need you to assist me with. Come into my office please.”

“Why Doctor, what is so pressing…?” Lacey asked.

“You see Nurse, I have this swelling just here,” Alan opened his white coat as he said that, “That I need you to take care of urgently.”

“Oh yes, Doctor, I do see a sizable swelling that demands that I apply suction. I’ll have to do this…” Lacey drops to her knees and takes Alan’s now swelling and sizable cock in her hands and slips her mouth over the tip, swirling her tongue around the head licking off a little precum.

“Oh my God that feels great!” Alan whispered.

Lacey had one hand on Alan’s cock, her mouth was bobbing up and down on the head, and her other hand was playing with her own pussy, giving herself pleasure too. She rubbed her full pussy lips, slipping two fingers inside her pussy, then with the wetness she found, she slid her fingers over her swelling clit and began bouncing her hand on the growing nub of her pleasure. As she did she mewled little humming noises and this sent vibrations down Alan’s cock like he’d never experienced before.

Lacey stood up and stepped forward and into Alan’s embrace, the two of them instantly locking lips and beginning to kiss with passion and with a desire born of hunger. Hunger for each other. Hunger for the act. Hunger for the pleasure and passion of simply having someone that cares paying you the utmost attention.

Their hands were hungrily exploring every inch. Alan had both hands on Lacey’s butt, pulling her close and holding her now wet pussy to the already hard, damp cock they had trapped between them. Lacey lifted her knee and hooked her leg around Alan’s ass, opening up her pussy to the large cock and letting it slide back and forth in the juices she had now flowing freely from her. She was really wet.

“Doctor, don’t you want to examine me a little more?” Lacey asked, in a husky, heated voice.

“Why, yes. I do!” Alan said as he led Lacey into his bedroom/Consulting room. “Please lie down on the table.”

Alan had erected a massage table in the large bedroom and it was to this table that he now led demetevler escort Lacey. He helped her undo the uniform and removed it slowly. She stood before him now, completely naked for the first time. She held her hands a little shyly in front of her pussy and across her boobs, but then realised that moments before she had had Alan’s cock in her mouth and her confidence grew and she dropped her shy guard.

She sat up onto the table and lay face down as Alan approached with a towel he had taken from the cupboard. He folded it neatly and draped it over her lower back. Taking a large bottle of oil from the small stand next to the massage table, he liberally poured oil onto his hands and allowed a fair amount to drip onto Lacey’s back. He’d had the foresight to have a bowl of hot water on the stand and the oil was a pleasant temperature and flowed more easily.

Alan began to rub the oil all over Lacey’s back and neck, working his magic and getting Lacey relaxed and he spent a few minutes there and then began to work his was down lower and onto her butt muscles. Then over them onto her thighs and calves, pouring more oil all the time as he needed it. He oiled her up so that he slid easily all over her body. The smell of coconuts was intense in the room, rivalling the vanilla of the candles. Filling the senses with an amazing aroma.

Alan ran his hands up Lacey’s leg, slowly approaching her ass. His fingers trailing down the inside of her thigh. His left hand glanced across her pussy lip and Lacey lifted her hips giving Alan space to move. He obliged and dipped his fingers into the valley and through the wet folds of her elegant pussy. His fingers flicked over her clit and her hips rose another inch to give him more space to move, but he withdrew, and rubbed her legs, one hand on each now.

His hands again ran up each leg in the reverse motion to a moment ago, and his thumbs now slid into the gap between her legs and toyed teasingly with her pussy as again she lifted her hips to offer him the chance. Again he withdrew and this went on again and again until, he smacked her gently on the butt and said, “You should turn over now, Nurse.”

Lacey rolled onto her back, feeling heavenly. She now watched as Alan looked her over from head to toe as if for the first time. And it was almost as if it was his first time. He gazed intently at her dazzling breasts. Though she lay on her back and gravity was a factor, they were still pert and perky and rose up high to greet him. Her nipples were like dollar coins and sported nipples that sat out proudly seeking his attention.

More oil followed and he oiled every inch of the front of her body from head to toe and began gently rubbing her, stroking her, kneading and massaging her big beautiful breasts, giving the nipples expert attention. They responded magnificently to his ministrations and really peaked up at him. He bent down and took one in his mouth and sucked on it, then nibbled it between his teeth gently. Lacey moaned louder than before in appreciation and pleasure, grabbing hold of Alan’s cock with her closest hand and using some of the oil from her body began to stroke him and make him harder than he already was.

“My god, this is a nice cock, Doctor. Do you share it with ALL your patients?” Lacey asked, innocently.

“I will only do that with the special members of staff that I trust and care for, Nurse.” Alan replied, boldly.

“Does that mean you include me in that number?” Lacey asked, coyly.

“You’re the only one, Nurse, the only one.”

And as he said that he began to manipulate her pussy again, this time from the front, and he slipped two fingers inside her and finger fucked her gently then began to increase the pace. Lacey closed her eyes and fell back onto the massage bed, grabbing the side rails to steady herself, as she writhed in pleasure and felt herself building. His fingers inside her felt so fucking good. It was just like they knew what to do, where to go to give her the most delight.

She felt something change and opened her eyes to see Alan had removed his white coat and stood naked beside the table. She still had his cock in her hand but Alan had a small vibrator in his hand that he now turned on and up, and began to stroke her pussy and clit with it. The sudden intense stimulation drove her up to and over the edge and she began to cum, her body tensing and jerking as she did, her senses hot and flushed as she erupted in orgasm after orgasm in quick succession.

“Oh my GOD, you hands are so good for me!” she said, breathlessly. “What esat escort did you do!?”

“It seems to me that I have touched the right nerves, my darling Lacey.” Alan smiled and began to towel her oily body and remove most of the oil. His lips and fingers constantly came into contact with her skin at every opportunity. And he was also licking her with his tongue at sensitive spots which also sent little shock waves through her, electrifying her nerve endings and keeping her nipples hard.

“You have been doing so much for me so far and you have not had any pleasure yet…? Don’t you think we should reverse that for a while…?” Lacey asked.

“I have to see to your needs, for far too long men have been taking and not giving in the bedroom, my angel. I don’t want to ever be accused of not seeing to my lady’s needs. THAT is the cause of so much friction and frustration.”

“But, Doctor, I do believe this is a two way street, and that you need to get something from it, too…” Lacey said a little coyly.

“Then I think from that tone that you are well on your way to recovery, nurse.” Alan said. “Come then, let us move to the consulting bed.”

Alan took Lacey’s hand and led her to the bed. He turned around and took Lacey in his arms pulling her close and their bodies stuck together here and there from all the oil and perspiration but the oil helped them to slide and get comfortable as they began kissing passionately. Lacey slid her hands around alan’s butt and grabbed both cheeks and pulled him closer, trapping his now raging hard boner between them. She tilted her hips forward and exposed more of her pussy and ran her mons and clit hood over the length of his cock as she rubbed herself, getting hotter and hotter with each stroke. She loved doing this, it made her so very wet.

Alan kept kissing Lacey, sucking on her lips and duelling his tongue with her tongue. He lifted her up into his arms pulling her thighs around his hips and exposing her entire pussy to his cock, which quickly headed between her legs. The tip rubbed her pussy lips and collected some of the already copious moisture that was there, Lacey was very wet by now.

Standing with Lacey like this Alan bent his knees a little and manoeuvred her legs onto his elbows and Lacey grabbed onto Alan’s neck as he positioned himself, standing and balancing now, with his cock poised to push into her pussy. He edged himself into a better position, then slipped inside her moist and warm pussy for the first time.

“Are you ready for this, baby?” He asked.

“Babe, this is the very best place I could ever want to be.” Lacey answered softly. “I want you to fuck me now.”

With this, Alan began to rock ever so gently, “Feel good, baby?” he asked. “Want more of me, Lace?” He swung her in a pendulum motion getting slowly faster and faster, all the time he was standing with her in his arms.

He drove his cock rapidly now into her. Lacey clamped her knees onto Alan’s elbows, and held his head and rammed herself onto his now big cock. “Oh god, yes, This. Is. So. Fucking. Good.” Lacey forced out between gasps of air. Her hips slammed into Alan’s. Alan’s ball sack banged into her ass, making a slapping noise. Air was forced from Alan’s lungs through his gritted teeth in grunts as he tried to remain standing, as he was carrying both their weights and he was… One more thrust from Alan and the return swing from Lacey, and they both toppled over onto the bed. Crashing the headboard into the wall. Lacey remained impaled on Alan’s cock and their passion was unspent. They held the connection and continued the pelvic pummelling of each other.

With lacey now on top and controlling the things a bit more, she swivelled around with Alan still trapped inside her and began to rock his and her world with a reverse cowboy. She flicked her hips up and down on Alans now huge swollen cock and revelled in the fullness it gave her. The pressure on her g spot was insane! It grabbed her. Twisted her inside out. It poked her nipples out further and she tweaked one now, which sent even more tingles to her pussy which now began to pound in a way she knew. The ultimate was poised and ready. The moment everyone waits for.

“Al, I’m … OH!… OOOHHHH!! Oh god!” She screamed, as the first waves of her best ever orgasm hit her. She twitched. Her ass bounced up in spasm and she convulsed with pleasure. She managed to work her way around, twitching and trembling so that she now faced Alan and fell on his chest, holding him, kissing his nipples gently, and kissing his chest.

“My GOD this is good, Al. Why? What took us so long to get here?” Lacey asked

“Bad Timing. Kindergarten got in the way…” Alan joked.

“We cannot stop. I want this for the rest of my days. Will you do this to me when you’re 80?” She asked

“Baby, I’ll be 180 before I ever give up on you!”

They fell asleep like that, naked and covered in each other’s juices. They finally slept. Together.

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