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I simply wanted to get laid… no wait… I really wanted to get laid… scratch that… I wanted to FUCK. I wanted to feel a man’s cock pounding inside me, shake from the way he drove himself deeper than before. I wanted to wrap myself around a man and feel him explode inside me and milk every last drop out of him.
There was only one problem – no man in my life. I’m considered “cute” a sexual death sentence o if I’ve ever heard one. People have daughters that are cute. Sisters are cute. Even puppies and kittens are cute. Cute doesn’t get the kind of sex I wanted. I pondered the problem as I walked home from work.
Frustrated, I went through my closet looking for an outfit that would say available and dangerous. What I found were tweeds, sweaters and professional wear. I came to a simple realization – not only did people call me cute – I called myself cute – holy shit…..
Head reeling, I went out on the balcony and looked out at the city lights. I sat down heavily on the chaise and propped my head in my hands, trying to figure how it had come to this. Problem was, my v brain had room for only one thought – sex – I decided to do something crazy, yet simple. I decided to seduce the first male I saw and use him as I wanted. The danger of course was in the commitment – what if the first guy was a total loser? Oh, well…
I went to my apartment door, opened it and walked out, and almost collided with my neighbor bringing home some groceries. Gennie is a wonderful neighbor and has been a good friend over the years. A single mom, she’s done a great job with her two boys, and I was happy to exchange small talk for a moment or two… then her door opened and there stood Blaine. “Hi, Kat” , he smiled, “You and Mom always make so much noise out here when you talk – c’mon in and finish your chat” Gennie poured kocaeli escort us a couple of drinks, and we chit-chatted while she put away the groceries.
I was aware that Blaine was the first male I’d seen. I was also aware that he was 17 and a high school senior, therefore, my plan had taken an unexpected twist. Blaine is about 5’10”, and fairly average looking – nothing special, but not unattractive. Had I met him on the street, I would have had no problem seeing him as an acceptable target for my plan – but this was my friend’s son, not a guy on the street. I finished the martini and kept up with Gennie’s news of her day as I pondered the problem, looking over at Blaine on the couch, intently watching a show on cars or something….
A bell went off in my head and I smiled… I can make this happen! I excused myself as the small talk wound down and said my goodbyes, giving both of them a hug as usual, but allowing my hands to brush over Blaine’s ass as I released the hug, and gauging the look in his eyes as I did. What I saw made me wobble – a look of pure young lust slipped across his face, followed quickly by a bit of confusion and maybe a hint of embarrassment. I walked out the door and back to my apartment, ready for step 2.
I changed into my robe and pajamas and waited an hour before knocking on the door again. Gennie was never one to let a shaker of martinis go to waste, so I hoped to find her asleep on the couch and Blaine answering the door. As to door opened, I saw his eyes widen and a smile fly across his face.
“Hey, Kat, what’s up?”
“I need some help with a box, Blaine – are you busy?”
I’m 5’4” and this kind of thing was fairly standard since Blaine had gotten taller than I. He followed me across the hall and I showed him a large box on the top shelf I needed. He quickly pulled I darıca escort down and went to say his goodbyes when step 2 commenced…
He turned to find me standing in front of the door with my robe open. I was wearing red silk pj’s and had left the top two buttons undone. My hair was down and my eyes were locked on his…
“You in a hurry?” I purred, watching his eyes widen. His answer was more than I could hope for as he crossed quickly to me and slid his arms around my waist, pulling me into a very adult kiss. All I could do was return the kiss at first, but then I simply pulled back and looked at my very eager lover.
“Blaine – you know what we’re going to do… and we’re going to do this my way, OK?” His hands shook as I began to undress him, locking his gaze with mine. “I don’t want to make love, I don’t even want to have sex… I want to FUCK… and I want you to fuck me… do you understand?” As I unzipped his jeans, I knew at least one part of him did. I looked down at his hard cock, about seven inches and nice and chubby, pulsing in my hand. I stoked it softly and heard his groans. “That will do very nicely, sir”. I finished undressing this man-child and led him into the bedroom, instructing him to lay down and watch.
I stripped slowly for Blaine, letting him see my breasts, my ass and my legs as I slowly turned around. I watched him watch me, then I climbed on the bed with him. While his dick was lovely and any other time I may have wanted to play – this time I just wanted it inside me. I straddled him and slid slowly over his hard-on, feeling it slip in and out of my lips and over my clit…. Blaine moved his hips in time with mine… and I knew he wanted the same thing as me. I guided that lovely thick cock inside, sighing as I felt myself slip down and s envelop the length of him… gölcük escort then squeezed him a little and watched him groan yet again. I rocked slowly atop my fuck buddy until I felt ready, then looked in his eyes…
“Blaine… I want you to fuck me now. I want you to lose yourself in it. Don’t worry about me or the movements or anything else – just fuck – can you do that, stud?” His answer was simple. He rolled us over and began steadily driving himself into me. Hips slapped against hips, my body shook with each thrust and he just kept driving. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kept time with his lust… loving the feeling and getting lost in the sex. Blaine’s strokes were long, hard and deep and his breathing was ragged, yet he just kept pounding away… a fuck machine of my dreams! His strokes ended each time, grinding against my pussy and clit, rubbing over and over and bring me to an orgasm that left me breathless. My legs stopped his relentless attack on my pussy while I gathered myself again. I looked up and simply asked what he wanted from me. Without saying a word, he turned me over and entered me from behind, resuming his assault on my pussy with a single minded purpose- what a find! His speed increased and his breathing turned to grunts as he started to cum. I pushed my ass into his hips and rotated against him, squeezing and teasing every drop out of his cock. My efforts were greeted by a long, low moan of pleasure and my second orgasm of the evening joined the chorus as we collapsed on the sheets.
I rolled over and kissed Blaine gently, looking at him for the first time. “that was perfect, Blaine. I’m so glad you understand what “fuck” means” He laughed and caressed my nipples, letting his hand slide down my stomach and causing me to shudder with pleasure. “Anytime, Kat” he answered “Always happy to help my favorite neighbor with her chores” With that, he got up and dressed, kissed me one more time and left me curled up in a very rumpled bead, with a huge smile.

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