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Shauna laced the six-inch platform high heel sandals up to her knees and checked the look in the full-length mirror. It was Tom’s birthday, and she had been preparing for it for nearly eight months.

For her birthday, Tom had paid for the breast augmentation she wanted since her early teens. She had gone from a B cup to a DD. The transformation changed everything for her. Her self-esteem improved greatly, which she contributed to her long deserved promotion at work. It made her feel more confident, not just look more attractive.

She examined the legs that she ran hundreds of miles on to make firm. She smiled at the curve of her bubble butt. She knew what he liked. She had done her best to keep Tom from seeing her body as she got it in shape. She only allowed him to have sex with her in a missionary position under the covers with the lights out, but he had been tolerant about it.

She looked hard at her trimmed crotch and pubic area. She left only a small line of hair over her pussy: his preference.

Shauna sprayed the silver body glitter over her arms, shoulders, breasts, and thighs. She added a bit more over the tops of her high lifted boobs.

She took the slinky black salsa dress down from the hanger and stepped into the garment wiggling it up to her hips. It gathered high over the tops of her thighs in the front and had a sweeping fishtail in the back. Its deep-V plunged down to her stomach and the back was completely out to the crack of her ass. It fit firmly at her hips and stretched at her boobs.

She rolled her flared hips making a few steps of the salsa dance she had learned from her Latin dance instructor. She lifted her knee seeing how high and wide she would have to, to give Tom a peek at her naked crotch. She was not much of an exhibitionist, but she was going all out for him.

Shauna also learned how to bounce her ass up and down for a lap dance. She bent over fanning the back of the dress showing off her naked ass. The anticipation for the pending events made her crotch throb and swell.

She put on her dangling earrings, bracelets, and watch. She checked the time and knew that Tom would probably be on his second drink while he waited for her down stairs.

Two drinks were enough to loosen Tom up and cause him to be more patient. Shauna had booked their reservations a couple of months in advance and had kept up with the special arrangements she had made with the restaurant.

She gave herself another critical look in the mirror making sure that the curls in her hair she had done earlier that day were still in place, and that her butt-crack could barely be seen over the low back of the dress.

Months of vigorous dancing in the platform heels pay off as she made her way down the stairs without a single awkward step. She smoothed out her dress, stood in the door to the living, and waited for him to turn around.

Tom froze at first glance at his deliciously sexy wife. His eyes went from her head to her toes and back before he made a move towards her.

“You like?” Shauna turned slowly swaying her hips and looking back over her shoulder confident that his eyes would fall on her shapely bottom.

“You look gorgeous sweetheart,” he kissed her lightly on the cheek before pulling back and looking down at the almanbahis şikayet open front of the sexy dress.

“Happy birthday,” she handed him a professionally wrapped present.

“I thought you were my present,” he chuckled opening the present. He smiled brightly as he pulled the designer watch from the box.

“I saw you looking at one like it before and I thought you might like it.”

“I love it.”

The doorbell rung as Tom closed his lips to hers, but was careful not to smear her lipstick. He was always mindful of things like that with her.

“A limo?” Tom said opening the door and seeing the long car.

“I thought you would like a designated driver tonight,” Shauna said draping her shawl over her shoulders and taking his arm.

Tom opened the bottle of Champaign inside the limo and toasted to Shauna and her dress. He noted her new hairstyle and the finely shape of her body in the dress that she made look so sexy.

Shauna noticed his eyes kept dropping down to the hem of the front of the dress, but she knew that her naked crotch was just out of his sight. She was not ready to give away all of her secrets yet.

She put her hand over his chest just inside his jacket and told him how handsome he looked in the tuxedo she had rented for him. He liked the James Bond looked and often talked about buying a tuxedo for himself. She had fallen in love with his silliness, not his obvious strong good looks, but she loved his strong jaw and blue eyes.

They went to a small production play at a local playhouse. Shauna looked up at the valet when she stepped from the limo. She saw his eyes drop to her exposed pussy as her legs parted. She saw his face go red when they made contact. She glanced down at the young man’s crotch and saw an overt protrusion. She winked at the young man and took hold of Tom’s arm as he stepped from the limo.

The theater was silent save for the rumble of the small orchestra. The actors wore white tights, hoods, and gloves. They also wore white masks over their faces. The males and females were made obvious by large pointed cone breasts, and heavily padded hips and buttocks for the women, and large cock-like objects protruding from the crotches of the men.

The female and male actors danced around in their own groups and then one of the male actors came face to face with a female actor. The male and female actor dance around in a circle obviously checking each other’s protrusion. The female actor bent over at the waist and the male actor jabbed his protrusion against the female actor’s heavily padded buttocks. It was obvious that the male and female were fucking, while the other actors on the stage watched. The male and the female actors went back to their own groups and whispered amongst themselves, and then the two groups started dancing together. One by one, male and female actors paired having simulated intercourse doggie-style.

Shauna glanced at Tom and saw him adjust the crotch of his pants. She knew that the overt sexual acts on the stage had made his cock stir in his pants. She turned back to the play and watched the actors switch partners until the play ended.

The valet stood by the limo with the door open and a smile on his face that nearly touched his ears. Shauna did not disappoint almanbahis canlı casino the young man as she stepped inside the limo. She took her time letting her legs spread wide as she adjusted herself on the seat. Tom missed both episodes reading the program card.

Tom had a lot to say about the play. He commented on how the actors portrayed intercourse. It added to his argument that the natural way to have sex is doggie-style. Shauna had heard him pitch his argument many times with their friends. There was no doubt that Tom liked having sex from behind. She had temporarily taken that away from him. She watched him adjust his crotch three or four times before they got to the Brazilian restaurant.

Their table was up front next to the stage where musicians played sambas that sounded so erotic to Shauna. The waiters came right to their table with Caipirinha and Gorgonzola salads. Shauna saw delight on Tom’s face that he did not have to wait. They had Antipasti and Pasta before having Agnello alla Ciro, Tom’s favorite.

After they were done, two beautiful longhaired women, with hips that flared out even more than Shauna’s, escorted Tom to the stage and sat him in a chair. One of the women poured Tequila from into his mouth. The other woman leaned over him, pulled out one of her boobs, and sprinkled salt on her nipple for Tom. Shauna gave him an approving nod, and the woman allowed Tom to enjoy sucking on her nipple before she gave him a slice of lime. The two women repeated the shots about ten times, while other patrons enjoyed the show from their tables.

Shauna cheered her husband on from their table as the waiter presented him with a large layered birthday cake. The band played while the entire restaurant sung the birthday song. Shauna could tell that Tom had a good buzz by then.

The two women pulled Tom up from the chair to dance with them. Shauna could tell that their sexy moves were embarrassing him at little, and she was enjoying watching him have a good time. She knew that he had a thing for Brazilian women.

The women sat Tom back down in the chair and continued to dance in front of him. They bumped him with their hips and rubbed their long legs against his arms. Shauna went up on the stage and began dancing with the women. Tom nearly fell out of the chair in amazement.

Shauna shook, rocked, and rolled her hips and body to the favor of the band. She moved against his shoulder and lifted her leg high enough that he could glance down at her already moist pussy. The sight excited Tom even more.

Shauna turned her butt to Tom’s face as she rolled her hips. Tom reached out and put both his hands on her butt-cheeks as she moved them to the beat. Shauna could tell by the up roar of the crowd that she was putting on a good show. She could also tell by the way that Tom was trying to squeeze her buns that he was ready to take her.

She turned around, moved his hands down to his thighs, and pushed her breasts against his face. Shauna realized that Tom was drunker than she thought when he uncovered her breasts with his mouth trying to get at her nipples. She pulled back and turned around, but was unable to cover them before all who was looking were able to see them.

Shauna continued her planned routine pushing her ass almanbahis casino against his chest and then sliding it down to his lap. It was obvious that the people in the restaurant loved every minute of it, and Tom’s hard-on showed that he was too.

Shauna rose from Tom’s lap before he got carried away. She wanted him to last until they got home. The two women came back and gave Tom more shots while Shauna entertained the crowd. She teased Tom by rubbing her sexy swaying ass against one of the band member’s crotch. She tried to play to all of her husband’s kinky fantasies. She lifted the fishtail of her and waving it as she turned showing her naked ass in her final routine.

The entire restaurant gave her and Tom a standing ovation as they made their exit.

“Please, get us home as fast as you can,” Shauna said to the driver as Tom attempted to cover her mouth with his. She pushed her tongue in his mouth and moved his fingers up from her throbbing cunt to her tits to slow him down.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the driver glancing back at them through the review mirror. All the exposure had Shauna more excited than she had ever been. She had been against doing anything sexual in public, but she was having a different view of it.

“We’re here, mama.”

Shauna looked up seeing the driver’s smile at her obscene exposure. Both of her tits were uncovered, and Tom had her legs spread wide as he licked and sucked on her pussy. She wasn’t as embarrassed as she though she’d be.

She managed to push Tom up, and get out of the limo ahead of him, while he tipped the driver.

Tom caught Shauna by the waist and pulled her back into him just inside the door. He kissed the back of her neck, rubbed her clit, and massaged her tits, while pressing and grinding his hard-on against her ass.

“I want to fuck your ass,” his breath hot against her ear. “I want to fuck you good and hard.”

Shauna wanted him too. She went down on her hands and knees with his weight pressing her down. He pushed up the back of her dress as he ran his wet tongue down the crack of ass. She felt his hot mouth and spit over her asshole and shaved pussy. She moaned loudly wanting him to impel himself inside of her.

Tom’s tongue made Shauna shiver as he snaked it up her rectum. She felt the crown of his hard cock pushing at her tight opening. She tried to relax. He thrust. She cried out. The burn tore through her. Tears flooded her eyes. She cried out more nearly screaming as he plunged deeper into her canal.

Tom took a fist full of her hair and pulled as he thrust with all his might. Shauna cried out. Tom paused and pulled up on her hip. He pulled out slightly and thrust in hard. Again. Faster. Harder. Harder. Faster. He pounded her asshole with every once of strength he could muster.

Shauna felt like she was being split in two from her ass up her back. Her pussy felt like it was on fire and near explosion. Her tits jiggled from the rapid thrusting. She closed her eyes tight and strained as her orgasm sent her swirling towards unconsciousness.

She braced herself with her hand against the door to the coat closet and thrust back against her husband’s driving cock. The sharp pain shot up her ass added to the build up of her orgasms. She almost passed out at the first blast of the thick cum flooding her asshole.

“That was the best birthday ever,” Tom said and then passed out on her back.

Shauna laid there with his weight on top of her and his wet cock slowly slipping and sliding out of her asshole.

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