ASMR with Sister Ch. 02ASMR with Sister Ch. 02


Previously: After making some relaxing tickling videos with his sister Amy, things escalated nicely to a titfuck and assjob. Now mom is interested in doing a video with Amy and Tom together. Our story picks up where the last one ended off, in moms bed.

I stared at mom blankly. “How did you know your sister’s bra size?” she asked again. There was no clear way out of this, I had to tell the truth.

“I peeked at her bra when she wasn’t at home.” I said. Mom’s face went stern, I felt like I was in trouble, then she burst out laughing! What?!!

“Mom, why are you laughing?”

“It’s just I’ve never met someone so breast obsessed, it’s cute. I mean it’s pervy…but cute!”

“Why do you think I like big boobs, mom?” I asked feeling much more relaxed.

“Well you get boob guys, bum guys, leg guys and so on. You’re just a boob guy!”

“And bum guy! Tits and ass!” I said.

“And your mom has plenty of both!” mom said leaning in for a kiss.

She smashed her magnificent O cup tits against my chest and our lips locked. Her soft lips parted and our tongues danced together while we moaned in each other’s mouths. It was a magical moment especially as mom pulled me in closer to her.

Finally we broke the kiss. “Darling, I loved what we have done. It made me feel so special to take care of you and you made me feel amazing, being obsessed with my breasts. I’m sure this is very taboo, but I feel fine with it. Are you ok with it?”

“I am mom, I’m loving it! You are so amazing, so sexy and give incredible handjobs!”

“Haha, well play your cards right, and see what else may happen!” she winked. “But for now we have a whole ASMR video to make with you and Amy. Two busty women relaxing you, I’m sure you can’t wait!”

“Busty is an understatement right mom?”

“You’re right, these things are huge, and oh so firm!”

“Tell me more…”

“That’s it for now you naughty boob boy! Now hurry back to bed. I don’t want your sister finding you like this.”

“Like what mom?” I joked.

Mom slapped my bum. “Go quickly you naughty breast obsessed hunk!”

She kissed me goodnight and I went back to my room. On my way, I popped by Amy’s room, but sadly the light was off and I heard her softly breathing. I didn’t want to disturb her. I went back to bed and fell asleep easily.

The next day was Sunday and the weather was awful, incredibly cold and rainy. Definitely a day for relaxing at home. I had a shower, got into some home clothes and went downstairs. Mom was watching some tv in some pajamas. “Hey mom!”

“Hi darling, how did you sleep?”

“Fine, much better, thanks to you!” I joked.

“Shh!” mom laughed. “Want to help me make some coffee in a minute? You know I can never use the coffee machine!”

“Sure mom, would love to!”

Just then, my phone beeped. It was Amy.

Amy: Hey bro, you up?

Me: I am, why?

Amy: I’m horny!

Me: Damn, I’m about to cook breakfast with mom, she’s waiting for me.

Amy: Just bail, I’m so fuckin wet!

Me: Fuck that’s hot!

Amy: And I need my brothers big dick inside me!

Me: Dammit, ok wait for me, let me finish breakfast!

Amy: I’m afraid I cant wait that long!

Me: Yes you can!

No answer! Dammit, she must be masturbating, I thought. I helped mom make some coffee for us, while playfully touching and flirting with her. My cock was so hard. I pressed it into the crack of mom’s big bum and thrust hard.

“No, not now! Your sister may see us!” she said.

“Come on mom!” I said as I thrust my cock into her cushiony bum. “Let me in!” I said as I kissed her neck and grabbed massive amounts of braless titflesh. She ground up against me, pushing my cock further into the crack of her pajama bottoms. Her breasts were incredible. Firm, but pliant, incredibly heavy and massive. Even two hands wasn’t enough to cover a quarter of one breast. Anyway, I was so hot and horny, feeling mom up, having my cock massaged by two firm, pillowy ass cheeks, we started groaning together.

“Mom, I need this!”

“We…ahhh…can’t…uuuuh…fuck…. your sister will see!”

“Mom…please, I’m desperate…don’t leave me like this!” I groaned.

“Fuck, ok…thrust against my bum…can you cum that way, I’ll give you an assjob?”

I didn’t even answer as I was already thrusting my hard dick between her cheeks while massaging her boobs around and around. Although my cock was covered in my soft comfortable pants, I still felt the softness of mom’s giant bum wrap around my cock.

“Oooooh!” mom moaned.

“So good mommy!” I cried.

“You like how mommys big bum is massaging your big cock? It’s like a baseball bat between my ass…I love it!” she whispered.

“Oh mom!” I moaned. I felt her ass open up to accommodate my thick cock as I drove my dick between my mom’s bum.

“I’m getting there…so close!”

“Quick darling, cum…fuck I love your dick!”

I squeezed her tits tightly and squashed them against my arms as I reached the point of no return and I gave one last thrust as her ass bursa escort started milking me. I lost it and to stop myself screaming, I pushed my face down onto mom’s neck and roared as my cock jerked and exploded what felt like buckets of cum all over my pants and hers. Cum soaked through my pants and dripped on the floor as I continued thrusting gently as mom clenched her butt, getting every drop out. She smelt incredible too. I bucked and shook and held onto mom, panting but happy.

“Baby! You soaked me…amazing! But now I have to change!” said mom.

“I needed that!” I said grabbing another pair of track pants from the dryer and putting the cum soaked ones in the wash.

“I’ve never seen so much cum before!”

“Well, you really turn me on, mom. I think the more turned on, the more I cum!”

“Well, whatever it is, I love it!” she said. “Anyway, when are we doing your next video?”

“How about this morning?” said Amy coming down the stairs.

“Sounds good to me! Mom?”

“Great, I’ll go get ready, I’m excited!” mom said.

“Hey Amy, mom is going to join us in our next video!”

“Awesome, we gonna get so many more views and subscribers!”

Mom went upstairs to change and Amy and I hugged. “Four huge tits, spoiling one man! How lucky are you?” she said.

“Haha, very lucky…listen, I got to tell you what happened last night with me and mom!”

“Ok let me make some coffee.” she said.

“So, I told her about our videos and she was interested, then she came to talk to me about the comments on the videos about your big boobs and led on to her sexual experiences and talking about how and why I love big boobs and long story short, I ended up in her bed and she jacked me off!”

“Oh my…she doesn’t know about us, does she?”

“No, not yet, but I think we should tell her, together…”

“Ok, but let’s do it after our video, just in case she loses it or something.”

“Right, fine! You’re looking gorgeous today sis!”

“Thanks my hunky brother! I can’t believe mom and you did that together. It’s so naughty! Now go get ready, we’re going to do a massage video. I’ll meet you and mom in my room shortly, just need some coffee and food.”

“Got it!” I said running upstairs.

I went to Amy’s room and took off my top and shorts and lay down with my boxers on. Once again the curtains were closed, it was warm with some candles lit and comfortable. I lay on the bed.

Mom and Amy arrived together holding coffee mugs, chatting. They looked incredible, sexy and displaying large amounts of cleavage.

“I see you’re ready to go!” Amy chuckled.

“Nice bod!” winked mom.

“Is it Ok I’m in my boxer shorts?”

“Of course, we need to massage you everywhere so may as well get comfortable. Mom and I were just discussing how we will massage you. I will start off by massaging your head, face and chest and mom will do your legs and feet. Oh, there’s some massage oil here mom.”

I lay on my back, Amy setup the cameras, then I put my head on her lap and feet on mom’s lap. I lay back, feeling relaxed, happy and a bit horny!

“Right, we’re good to go, cameras are rolling. Just lie back and enjoy!” said Amy.

I closed my eyes as I felt Amy place her long elegant fingers on my head and gently started massaging. Mom started rubbing warm oil gently on my legs and feet, then the massage began. Amy pressed her fingers onto my head slowly and softly then increased with more pressure as her fingers massaged my head beautifully. Mom had started massaging my feet gently and tenderly, slowing increasing the pressure to medium. I felt four sets of hands pleasure my body. I was in heaven.

Every now and then, mom would tickle up my legs with her long nails which felt amazing. One hand on each leg, she now gently massaged my calve muscles, kneading them and stroking them. Meanwhile Amy’s hands went to my chest and was stroking my chest hair and running her nails gently along my arms. It felt so good being massaged, tickled, loved and cared for. Mom started going further up my legs and had pushed my feet into her giant chest. I started getting hard.

This isn’t the time to get hard on camera while my mom and sister were massaging me but I couldn’t help it. I started thinking dull thoughts like work, chairs spreadsheets. Nothing worked and I was panicking. I was almost fully hard when it happened. Mom and Amy started sniggering on camera.

“Um…” I said.

“Let’s take a break!” said Amy as she turned off the camera.

“Sorry darling, did I do that to you?” asked mom.

“Well it was both of you, I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be! It’s very normal!” said Amy.

“Why don’t you take care of it and come back and we can finish the video?” suggested mom. “You were really loving it!”

While I was a bit embarrassed, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants, took some hand cream and started jerking myself off, but I couldn’t cum. It was so frustrating. After about 10 minutes, there was a knock on the door. It was Amy. “You ok in there bursa escort bayan Tom?” I opened the door.

“No, not really, I can’t cum!”

“Let me take care of it!” she said.

Then an idea popped up in my head. “I “Why don’t we tell mom about us?”

“What, no, not now!”

“Listen, you know about us and if she knows about us then maybe you and her can take care of me together.”

“That WOULD be hot!” said Amy thinking.

We went back to the room together, nervous as hell, still hard as a rock.

“Ah back already…but you’re still hard!” said mom.

“Uh, mom, we have something to tell you.”

“What’s wrong, what is it?” asked mom half concerned.

“Amy and I have…um, consensually have had sexual relations.”

Silence in the air, you could hear the tension! “What?” said mom shocked.

“And I told her about us! Best to get this all in the open, don’t you think?” I said.

“I…I’m not angry, just shocked, but in a good way…wow I didn’t expect that. What sort of relations?” asked mom.

“Well, I’m glad you’re ok with this, mom.” I said.

“I’m fine with it, I mean I couldn’t keep my hands off your dick either! But I’m curious, what sort of relations did you have?”

Amy spoke first. “First I gave him an immense titfuck on this bed, to orgasm. Then assjob to another orgasm in the shower.”

“So you’re horny now?” mom asked.

“Definitely!” I joked.

“Good, because that’s what we’re going to do now. All this talk of titfucking and dicks and assjobs is too much for me. I’m horny as fuck and today we’re going to take care of each other.”

I couldn’t believe it. Without a word, mom stripped her clothes off, Amy did the same. “Now, lie down on the bed. Amy and I are going to take care of you!”

I lay down, horny and shaking visibly as mom took off my boxers. “There’s that huge fuckin prick!” she said.

They both leaned over me so their big hanging, O cup tits were over my face. I took both hands, one on each of their tits and massaged, squeezed and encouraged more tit flesh into my mouth. I sucked hard as mom and Amy moaned. My tongue danced on their sensitive light pink nipples as I was smothered by so much titflesh.

“Mmmmmm! Suck our tits!” yelled Amy.

“Get them nice and wet for a double titfuck!”

“Arrrggghhh!” I moaned under their breasts.

My cock lurched as mom said the words double titfuck. My heart raced now as they got up, covered my cock with massage oil and kneeled either side of me, their big bums pointing towards my face. I placed a hand on each firm bum cheek as mom and sis smashed their enormous tits against my 9 inch cock, smothering it in heavy breastflesh. I howled out in pleasure.

“Work his cock now Amy! Watch this!”

Mom rolled her tits over and around my cock as Amy did the same. Every now and then they would crash their giant tits together on my overworked pole.

“So good! Fuuuuck!” I moaned.

Four O cup tits molested my cock at the same time and every now and then my cock would fall into a cleavage, just to be passed back into the centre where four tits smothered it. My cock was jerking, angry and red, needing release and they sensed it.

“Fuck our tits!” shouted Amy.

“Keep his cock trapped in the middle between our four tits and watch him cum in a second!” said mom.

I massaged their asses hard and fast as mom and sister jacked me off with their tits.

“Hnnnnnn!” I moaned as I starting getting close.

I felt the soft tits from all sides glide up and down my cock. My cock slid easily through their tight cleavage as pre cum now spewed out like a leaky tap.

“Fuck my cock with your tits!” I commanded as they squeezed my wet cock tighter.

“So close…I cried…I cant hold back!”

“Cum on our tits!” said mom as they jiggled and rubbed their immense titflesh over my manhood. “You release that pent up cum!”

The squishy, warm breasts molested my cock, creating a tight tunnel of titflesh, and the feeling was amazing as four giant O cup tits worked in harmony to drain my balls. It was too good.

“Ahhhhhh…gon cum!” I yelled.

Mom and sister mashed their ginormous tits faster now when I reached the point where I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Fuuuuuuckiiiiiing…..ahhhhhhhh fuck!” I cried out as my cock lurched and exploded hot and thick streams of cum from between their cleavage. It shot out fast, hard and high above their heads and splattered on their tits.

“Moooore!” shrieked Amy and mom together as they slid their giant soft tits up and down my cock.

I shot more cum than I ever had in my life and finally after seven or eight giant spurts, my cock, while still hard, had started dribbling out cum as they slowly milked my cock with their immense tits.

I relaxed my body as mom and Amy smiled at me. I breathed out a long deep, satisfied sigh. They stroked my thighs with their long nails. Going up and down my thighs in a loving sort of way, while my cock was still trapped between their boobs. I felt the bottom their escort bursa tits rub against my groin.

“That was incredible!” I managed to croak out.

“Too good!” Said mom.

“I love pleasing you Tom!” said Amy.

Finally, we all got up and got dressed. I kissed mom and Amy deeply on the lips. I was spent! I retired to my room and drifted off. A few hours later, I awoke and remembered what had happened. I smiled and starred getting horny again. Then, a crazy idea popped up in my head. What if I could involve another woman. I know my aunt had ginormous tits too. Maybe she would be keen, I thought.

I messaged Amy asking her what she thought. She responded and thought it would be a great idea. She mentioned but I wasn’t sure, but she said our Aunt, Kate had even bigger tits then mom. I couldn’t believe it! I had to get my busty aunt involved but how?

My aunt and I are incredibly close. She used to tell me I was her favourite. She never had kids of her own, so it was understandable. I decided to be risky and send her a dirty meme.

I scrolled through the internet and found a chick with giant melons presenting them on a tray, like a meal offering. The text said need milk for your tea?

I downloaded the image and sent to my aunt. Thought you might like this? I added in the caption. My heart raced while I waited for a response. I kept checking to see if she had read it. Finally, there were two blue ticks. She had read it. I saw she was online. Then she started typing. My cock started getting hard as if anticipating what she might say.

Kate: Lol! She’s got plenty of milk for tea in those boobs! Why did you think I would like it?…lol!!!

Me: I like LOTS of milk in my tea…if you know what I’m saying. I don’t know why I thought you would like it…

Kate: Of course I get what you’re saying. You like big tits! It’s because I have big boobs, isn’t that the reason you sent it?

Me: Guilty…and guilty! lol!

Kate: You busy? I want to show you something.

Me: No, I’m not. Show me what?

Kate: Come round to mine, it’s in my apartment.

I didn’t know what to think of this. I was quite turned on. Maybe it would be better to talk in person anyway.

Me: Ok, I’m on my way. xx

Luckily it was a quick 8 minute drive to my aunts place. I parked outside and she let me in! As I arrived, my aunt opened the door before I could ring the bell.

“Tom! How great to see you!” she said coming in for a hug.

I hugged her and those massive tits squashed against my chest, tummy and a bit of my groin. She was short, petite, cute as hell, single and gorgeous looking. She dyed her head a dark red. Perhaps she was bigger than my mom.

“Come in! Please sit down. I made us some tea!”

I sat down, my heart racing. She bought the tea and sat opposite me. She looked incredibly sexy with her tight white jumper expanding over her melons. Kate was that cool aunt that never had kids or got married but let you taste her wine when we were younger.

“So, listen!” she said. “It just so happens your message came at the right time!”

“What you mean?”

“I’ve got the PERFECT woman for you. Friend of mine, her daughter. And seeing how you love big boobs, I thought of you, like literally right now!”

“Do you have a photo?” I asked.

“Of course…here.” She said handing me her phone.

I looked at this pretty brunette on the screen.

“Well, what you think!”

“How busty are we talking here, I can’t tell!” I said laughing.

“Very busty!”

“And how old?”

“Twenty four!”

“So does she want to go out with me?”

“She does! I sent her your picture. She’s recently single.”

While I was keen on her, I was more interested in dirty talking to my aunt.

“So how big is big when you say busty?”

“Ohhhh, quite a fussy boob guy then?” she smiled.

“Yes quite!”

“Well, it’s hard to say from that image. We can check her social media out?” she said getting up to fetch her laptop.

I was excited as the laptop whirred to life and we started looking. There were some pictures at the beach. “Click those!” I said pointing to a few bikini shots. “Then we will see!”

“Men!” chuckled Kate.

We opened the photos and made them bigger. Wow! She was a knockout, stunning and those tits…fuck!

“Wow, she’s amazing!” I said.

“Told you, look she’s stacked!” said my aunt.

“How big do you think those are?” I asked.

“Aren’t you the expert?” she chuckled.

“Aren’t you?” I answered back cleverly.

“Fair point!” she said. “Hmmm, judging by this picture, possibly a L cup.”


“Big enough for you?”

“Well, I’ve had bigger.” I said confidently.

“Ohhh, do tell…come on, spill the beans!” she said.

“Well, I was with two women that had O cups!”

“O cups!!! Two? Never, that sort of bra size is incredibly rare. I don’t believe you!”

“Well it’s true!”

“So what did you get up to?” she asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” I teased.

She smiled seductively and closed the laptop. “I’m curious, what you did you get up to with these O cup women? I want to know what you got up to.”

I teased a bit longer. “Well, given the size of their breasts…”

“You said their, you mean two at the same time?”

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