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Club 440 was a high energy light spectacular dance club on State Highway 440 south of the military post where I was stationed. Friday nights, the place was always jammed packed. The first time I went with some fellow Army Lieutenants, I was amazed at how the club was packed.A friend had told me that if a guy couldn’t’t get laid by finding a lady in this club, then there had to something wrong with the guy. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me as I went home alone two Friday nights in a row.I finally decided to try the club on a Tuesday evening. I was surprised to find an entirely different club. It was nearly as packed. I settled on to a chair by a table just off the dance floor on which no one danced. A very young Asian waitress offered to get me a drink. I ordered a Coke and listening the music. One couple made their way out on to the dance floor, danced one number and then disappeared back to their table.My waitress stopped back by my table and asked if I needed a refill. After my third refill, she asked if I was alone. I told her I was looking for company.“I can find you company,” she said in broken English. I looked at her name tag. It read “Tran”.“You look lonely,” Tran said.“Lonely and frustrated,” I replied.“You don’t have a girl friend?” she asked.“No,” I replied. “Do you want to be my girl-friend?”I was kidding, but I think she took me serious.She put her hand on my shoulder as she stepped past me and said, “You are silly boy.”I was not a boy and I was an Army Officer. Then I realized I was not in uniform and she had no clue who I was or my rank.Tran set drink on my table ankara travesti and I fished out a five-dollar bill to pay her.“That’s OK,” Tran said, refusing to take my money. “This one is on me.”I watched as she walked away. She had a small rip in her fishnet stockings, but it wasn’t’t the rip that caught my attention so much as it was the length of her black hair which reached past the small of her back, to almost the bottom of her cute ass- and it was pinned up pony tail style.Tran stopped by my table a few moments later.I stuck out my leg and she stopped.“Where are you from?” I asked.She named a small town near the Army post.“No,” I asked, “What country?”“Vietnam,” she replied. I quickly leaned her family had fled the communist takeover and they all lived nearby in the same town where she lived.“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked.She said she had been dating an Army solder but that she hadn’t’t seen him in several weeks because he had gone on a field training exercise. I thanked her for my drink. She asked if I wanted to another one.“Let me finish this one,” I replied.“OK,” she replied, telling me she would check back on me.I watched as she walked away. She was different and she was cute. While everyone else was either blue eyed and blonde or brown eyed and with brown hair, Tran was small and petite, and almost flat chested, although she had nipples that were very easily discernable through her white button-down shirt. She obviously wasn’t’t wearing a bra, which surprised me.I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Tran.“Do you want another drink?” she inquired.I couldn’t’t turn her travesti ankara down. Once again, she refused to take any payment.“I can take care of you,” Tran replied, leaving my ten-dollar bill on the table.I looked at my watch and it was close to 1:30am and I had to be up by 5am for morning physical training. I wondered back to my tiny apartment and crashed. Five o’clock came early. Fortunately, I got off duty early and was able to crash back at my apartment. I woke up and it was close to 9pm. I headed out to a nearby Taco bell for something to eat and then found myself thinking about Tran and wondering if she was at work at the club.I sauntered into the club. It was as equally empty as it had been the night before. I was about to leave when a familiar voice called out to me, “Hey you!”It was Tran.“You disappeared and didn’t’t say good bye last night,” she said. “If you do that again I will have to punish you!”I knew she was joking. I smiled and replied. “Punish me.”She smiled back and said, “I will punish you.”I wondered what the punishment would be. She headed off towards the bar, holding her bar tray in hand. She quickly returned with a Coke in hand and placed it on the table. Then she took up a seat right next to me.“I get off in ten minutes,” she said, “Do you want to go get something to eat?”I was about to tell her I had just ate, but I caught myself. She was cute and she wanted me to take her somewhere to get something to eat.“What about your boyfriend?” I inquired.“He is just a friend who is a boy,” Tran replied.I asked if she was sure about going out to eat.“It is no problem,” ankara travestiler Tran replied.Tran looked at her watch.“Please don’t leave me,” Tran pleaded. “I will be back in ten minutes.”I watched as Tran sauntered off and spoke to several co-workers who all looked in my direction. Suddenly, I felt very self-conscious.I looked at my watch. It was ten o’clock. Tran sauntered up to where I sat.“Let’s go,” she said.As we walked out to the valet I asked of she wanted to go with me in my car.“Sure,” she said.The valet pulled my two-seater sports car up to the valet and opened the passenger side door as I went around to the driver’s side.“Is this yours?” Tran asked. I assured it was mine. I out the top down and we headed down 440 towards the fast food restaurants. Tran chose Taco Bell.As we sat eating our tacos in the parking lot with the top down on the Spider, she asked if we could go for a drive after we finished out tacos and burritos.“I’m all in,” I said.Tran thought I lived on the Army post. I told her I had a one bedroom flat off post and that I was an officer.“Oh no,” she replied, “I have never known an officer.”“Do you want to see my apartment?” I asked.“Sure,” Tran replied.I drove to the Appletree Apartments where I lived in a one bedroom flat by the pool. Spotting the pool, Tran said she wished she knew I had a pool.“I could bring my swimming stuff,” Tran remarked.“You can still swim,” I told her. “I can loan you a t-shirt.”Tran smiled, and replied, “OK”.I was surprised.Stepping into my apartment, Tran looked around after tossing her purse on a love seat.“This is nice,” she remarked, “And you have this all to yourself?”“Yes,” I replied.Tran was impressed.I disappeared into my bedroom and emerged a moment later with an oversized olive-green Army t-shirt.“You can leave your stuff in the bathroom,” I told her.I quickly changed into my swim trunks.

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