Ashley’s Misadventures Ch. 01Ashley’s Misadventures Ch. 01


Chapter 1

Ashley’s Awakening

Ashley Dawn, a sweet young woman in her mid-twenties. Standing at 5″6′ with a beautiful 34B-22-34 athletically sexy figure, smooth white, creamy skin. Her firm boobies stand proudly out, while her bubble butt is high, gently tapering down to her long sexy legs. She knows she drives men wild just by walking by. She knows the effect her body has, breaking down their defences. Her sexual awakening began when she turned eighteen. She is reminiscing about those times not too long ago when she had her first sexual encounter with a man. More of a man/boy at the time but what a wonderful lover he was. She had lost her innocence to him on her birthday itself. She didn’t want to wait a second longer to experience what she had been fantasizing about for a couple of years when masturbation was the only way of release for her.

Ashley smiles as her memories take her back to that wonderful day. It was her eighteenth birthday and a party had been organized by her friends, out of town. It was a short, one hour drive to the beach party venue. A magnificent beach house, the type you see in movies. White, lots of glass, large open spaces, a swimming pool, pool table, many bedrooms and of course, there are the butlers and housekeepers about. Being her special day, a limousine picked her up, along with a few friends. John Gabriel had arranged for everything. John was born with a silver spoon and everything is taken care of. He had taken a fancy to Ashley but was always too shy to fully express himself. He had heard that Ashley was turning eighteen and decided to take the chance. He organized everything and hoped to spend more time with her in order to get to know her better.

He is a sensitive person. Considerate and passionate. He is one of those blessed with money, intelligence and Adonis-like good looks. He visits the gym regularly and keeps his 6-foot frame in perfect shape. Muscles rippling but not large and bulging. His six pack and pecs drives women to fantasize longer than usual about the things men can do …

Both John and Ashley decided on something casual. John had on a fitting t-shirt which shows off his well-toned body. Long, loose cotton pants with white sneakers. Ashley put on a short dress, floral print. She wore her bikini swimsuit as her underwear, knowing full well that she may be thrown into the water. The bikini is also of floral print and is made of very thin, elastic material. It would hardly hide her curves, especially if it gets wet. John had arrived and was waiting for her downstairs in his SUV. During the drive, they had a chance to chat and Ashley reached out to hold his hand. He smiled shyly and this made her heart race even faster. They had much in common, enjoying many similar things. She loves the sea, has dreamed of being a dolphin. John loves water, whether the sea, rivers, lakes and even swimming pools and waterparks. He likes most things elemental. Prefer to spend his time in natural surroundings rather than the concrete jungle now creeping to encase the world in glass, steel and human-made rock.

John also has a secret hobby, unknown to anyone else. Ashley would be the first and only person to know of this. Time would tell. Time and trust would allow many wonderful things to happen. To bring about a bond of sharing, closer than any two persons could share.

During the drive, Ashley felt a closeness to John like she has never felt with anyone before. It feels like she has known him her entire life. Like he had been there all the while but she didn’t know where he was although she could sense his presence. Something beautiful grows in her heart. She felt a tingle run down her spine and a warmth enveloping her entire being. John held her hand a little tighter and she calmed down, taking a deep breath and smiled warmly at him. His eyes twinkled as he looked at her and she calmed down further. She knew this was going to be an exciting time together with him. She felt safe and warm. She felt as if she was home. It had all happened so fast though. Within that hour in the car. How could it be possible. She must be out of her giddy mind. Yeah … that must be it. Giddy with excitement, woozy from his cologne, feeling high from his presence and heady from the luxury of it all. It is a beautiful car, with all the bells and whistles one could have installed in such a vehicle. They finally arrive at the beach house. She gasped at the view before her. The house, framed by a beautiful sunset-red sky behind. The sea lapping on the beach, warmly beckoning her into the water. They were the first to arrive. John parked the car and they made their way inside, hand in hand. How was this even possible. An hour ago, they hardly knew each other. Things are moving way too fast somehow. Could it be because of the long build-up they had? Having known each other for slightly over 12 months, yet never coming close. Thinking of each other but never found the chance or opportunity to get closer. Her heart was beating fast, he had bahis siteleri calmed her down, but now, she finds her heart racing again. The scene before her is just breathtaking. Nothing had prepared her for this. John was indeed attractive in all ways.

In a short while, they were sipping champagne and completely relaxed on the large sofa in the middle of the house. The fireplace crackled softly, heating up the large house sufficiently, even only on a small burn. Ashley could feel the champagne in her blood, rising to her head. Her cheeks flushed a pinkish hue. There were some audurbs to ensure hunger pangs don’t strike. Dinner would be served in a while. None of the guests had arrived and Ashley had wondered whether they had gotten the date wrong. After a few more drinks, Ashley didn’t care less. She had a wonderful dinner with John. The kitchen serving up a most scrumptious meal. She thought for a while about the other guests, her friends, but soon was engaged in conversation with John again. She could hardly take her eyes off of him. He looked at her intently every time while they talked, paying full attention to her. His gaze would only be broken when he blinked. Then, she could have sworn that she saw a twinkle in his eyes. More than once. No matter. She would enjoy the evening nevertheless, with or without her friends. John was sufficient company and her heart raced for him.

After dinner, they came to sit at the fireplace again, chatting casually about all and everything. His hand came down over hers on her lap. Ashley gasped slightly at the warm touch. He was gently caressing her hand. Moving slowly up her forearm and then back down to the tips of her fingers. His touches were sending small electric jolts through her young body. She sips a little more of the champagne. She tilts her head back. The action thrusts out her beautiful breasts, almost as an offering to John who looked at her longingly. He then moves to sit behind her and she rests her head on his chest and shoulder. He has his arms around her waist, holding on to her like he would never let her go. She is feeling giddy from being in his embrace. An erotic high is running through her body, starting from her already wet pussy. She had never felt this way with anyone before. It is her birthday and she is now of legal age to do whatever she wants. Sexually free to explore. The thought excited her even more as she melts into John’s arms. Her little dress had ridden way up, exposing her creamy white thighs and long legs to his gaze. He licks his lips, wanting to have them on every inch of her sultry body.

John whispers in her ear … “Let yourself go …” The words seem to permeate through her entire being causing her to lose her inhibitions almost instantly. The only thing she could think of right now is, “What the fuck is going on? Why am I losing control to this hot hunk just hugging me like this?” John pulls her closer to him somehow and she responds by turning around to plant a moist wet kiss on his lips. He is gentle. Lip to lip, tenderly at first, gently sucking. Tongues begin to explore as their lips part wider. They are fully frenching in a moment or two. Tongues and lips exploring every inch they can reach, tasting the sweetness and yearning for the closeness. John’s hands move up her body to cup her breasts, rubbing them gently. She unbuckles her bra and he pulls them loose, exposing her breasts to the touch of her cotton dress. The material stimulates her nipples John moves her boobs gently left and right, brushing the thin material against her sensitive nipples. He continues to massage and move her breasts to stimulate her as much as possible.

They are still locked in the kiss when she reached down to remove her soaked panties. He slowly move his hand down to touch her sensitive clit. She jerks, pushing herself against his hand, trying to feel more of it. Her own hands move up to massage her breasts, almost like offering them to be taken … taken completely. She felt his fingers tweak her nipple gently and squels with delight. At almost the same instant, he begins rubbing her clit in slow circular motions, eliciting soft moans from her still locked lips. They broke the kiss and she just lifted her dress over her head. Naked now in his arms. He is still fully clothed, with a large bulge showing up between his legs. She wanted it. She wanted it badly. She wanted him to fuck her hot young pussy. Be the first man to completely seduce her and take her virginity. She’s naked now and in his arms. She had hoped that it would be him. She didn’t fancy anyone else. She didn’t want anyone else. Now, she’s naked and all for him. With that thought, Ashley froze up a while. She had a thought about how incredible this all was. It is turning out to be much better than planned.

She put her arms around his neck. She could feel his warm breath on her sexy neck and shoulders. She could also feel his manhood, hard and stiff, pressing against her butt through his pants. She wished that she could feel it deep up inside her canlı bahis pussy soon. Her pussy is now wet and flowing, staining the carpet with her love juices. He could smell the musky sex from her dripping cunt. He wasn’t sure she was a virgin. He would find out tonight. It was he who asked all their friends to show up after 11pm, without her knowledge of course.

Ashley was now completely into John. John had to stand up a while to discard his clothes. As soon as he stood up, Ashley joined him. Her back still to him as she moved seductively, grinding her ass up against his hard cock. Once the fuck weapon was released from the confines of his pants, it stood out large and long. Ashley was taken aback by its size. She was almost sure it wouldn’t fit into her. Desire and lust overcame her then as she recalled watching her best friend take a huge black cock up her wet quivering pussy. It must have felt good as she noticed her friend cumming several times while being fucked. That was one of the episodes which triggered her lust at such a young, tender age. She wanted John’s cock in her. She wanted him to do anything he wants to her. John, as if sensing her thoughts, asked, “Where shall I put this?” to which she answered by taking it into her hand and roughly shoving it up her tight, virgin pussy, until it hit her hymen. The penetration was sensational. She felt so hot and horny now, she could fuck the football team. John almost stopped her but she had moved too fast, burying his cock head in her cunt. Her hymen is not broken yet when she whispered urgently, “John … take me, I’m all yours.” and she rammed her ass back against his aching cock.

Her hymen broke with only a slight discomfort and a little blood. There was no pain as his cock now slid deep into her open, well lubricated pussy. They both gasped as she involuntarily gripped his cock with her cunt. The tightness brought about an amazing feeling for them both. Consumed by lust now, he takes her from behind. He moves her around a little so that she may rest her hand on the couch while still standing. The incredible sight of this in the reflection from a glass panel drove John crazy. He grabbed her hips tightly and pushed his long, fat tool all the way into her tightly clasping pussy. Her cunt hungrily milks his cock as he pumps fast into her quivering snatch. Ramming harder and harder now, he pushes her forward with each thrust. Her pussy on fire from the deep hard fuck he’s administering. Their bodies consumed in passion and lust as they fuck. She closed her eyes and imagined herself standing there, getting fucked for the very first time and from behind at that. Her legs are trembling due to the intense pleasure and sensations buffeting her body in waves. She reaches down to rub her clitoris, further sending her into a crazed, sexual frenzy. She pushes her cunt back onto his plunging cock, taking all of him deep inside her. She imagined him going deeper, forever into her pussy.

John gave no quarter as he dishes out his punishment on her willing pussy. He slams hard into her, causing her to gasp and moan out loud. He pulls almost all the way out, making her cunt yearn for reentry, and then slamming hard again deep into her. Her butt cheeks quiver with delight every time he thrusts into her. She is almost quiet now as the sensations building up inside her is almost to breaking point. She fucks hard back onto him. Fucking a man for the very first time. Her fingers would never be able to do the job any longer. She would need his hard prick in her whenever she has the desire now. She could think ahead, with many more encounters with John. They would enjoy each others’ body. They would fuck. She feels the inevitable rumble now deep in her belly. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming …” was all she could utter before the next few thrusts from John drove her over the edge. She gets on the sofa on her knees before she collapses. This allowed John to continue fucking while she cums. Her ass now sticks up deliciously at a more submissive angle. This consumed John further in lust and he slams harder into her cumming pussy, pumping her harder and faster. Her orgasm continues, rolling into another one as John pummels her open cuntal passage hard.

Ashley feels something strange inside her pussy. It is as if John’s penis was growing bigger, thicker and longer. She felt it pushing her insides to her limit. Then, it stops growing, as if sensing that limit. John continued to fuck her. The sensations and lust overcomes her completely as she is being filled to the brim with hard cock. The massive shaft violates her pussy deliciously as she trashes about, unable to escape the pleasurable assault his hard manhood was affording her. He fucks her faster and faster now. Somehow, his violent plunging never hurts or causes her discomfort in any way. Only pleasure builds up deep within. This is what she wants. This is what she has been craving for all those nights when she masturbated alone, inserting but a couple of fingers, exploring. John fills her up completely, fulfilling güvenilir bahis desire and fantasy, making her most intimate, kinky and sexy dreams come true. Even more unexpectedly, he could make his penis expand to an unnatural size. It feels deliciously erotic inside her, never having been filled before and yet now being filled by this massive prick. She felt him jerk hard suddenly, plunging even deeper, if that is possible, into her. That is what she felt and she buries her face into the cushions on the couch as he continues his attack from behind, driving every thrust to rub up hard against her G-spot.

She cums again. The climax suddenly blasting, exploding through her body without warning. Her legs buckle but John held on tight to her hips and she was unable to escape the still pumping cock in her pussy. The cock causing overwhelming sensations as her climax hits her in blows. Blow after satisfying blow of passion, lust and carnal desire combined. She fucks back at him hard, prolonging her orgasmic waves of pleasure. Her body is insatiable. She wants this fuck to continue till every bit of her is just too exhausted to go on. Her cunt clasps down hard on his cock again, milking it to an even greater hardness. It feels like hot rock inside her now. She can feel every vein and sinew of the large prick as it penetrates her relentlessly, bringing her to another mind-blowing orgasm just moments after the last. He rams hard as she pushes her ass back onto his cock. She feels it ripping her insides apart deliciously. A long moan escapes her lips as she cums again. Shaking uncontrollably. John steadily fucks into her pussy from behind, using his fingers to rub down hard on her sensitive clit.

Her orgasm subsides and rises again, bursts, subsides and rises again. She is drenched in sweat. Her cunt and thighs drenched in pussy juice. John’s hard cock still uncompromising on its quest to make her cum and cum in one seemingly unending climax. Hammering down deep into her, he grinds hard against her G-spot again. This time causing her to squirt out in a gush around his hard, fat prick. He withdraws momentarily, allowing the liquid to shoot out and over the couch and carpet, drenching her ass and his torso too. He then slams back into her, fucking her to another satisfying,, mind-blowing orgasm. Her lust-filled body wants more and more. She didn’t know it could feel this good. She didn’t know that he was such a great lover. She quietly reminds herself never to judge a book by its cover before she is lost again in the sea of pleasure and lust stemming from the beautiful fucking John is rendering into her from behind. A loud groan escapes her lips. She fucks back at him, urging him to cum. Screaming at him to cum, to shoot his hot seed deep inside her yearning pussy.

John feels the familiar rumble from his loins and knows he is about to blow his load. His cock had expanded just nicely, fitting Ashley and touching her every inch inside. He begins to fuck her even faster now, urgent in the need to release the pressure in his balls. She continues to cum as he increases speed to an almost inhuman level. She’s squirting again, spraying all over now as John slams into her wet, open cunt. Then, John climaxes. His seed shoots deep into her in gushing streams, instantly flooding her tight insides, going straight into her fertile womb. The sensations of hot semen filling her up, the pressure built up between her legs caused her to cum again. She collapses on the sofa with John still inside. John follows suit and lays on top of her, still emptying his massive load into her craving, wide open cunt. She squirts yet again in another orgasm while he withdraws his cock to relieve the tremendous pressure in her pussy. She is shaking uncontrollably and John hugs her tight. She feels his heartbeat on her back and closes her eyes. In a moment, she falls into deep slumber.

In her dream she could hear people arriving for the party. She could faintly hear John say that she was a little tired and the alcohol took its toll. She could still feel the ache in her loins, the yearning for John’s hard cock in her. The pumping. The fucking. The relentless, deep fucking only he could perform. She felt that she was dressed though. She wasn’t naked like when she fell asleep. She had on her sweat pants and t-shirt. That is what she feels anyway. She’s too tired to open her eyes though. Then, all sounds faded away as she found herself in John’s arms again, his cock deep inside her as he lay on top of her. Her long, sexy legs spread wide, inviting his fuck-tool to plunder into her open cunt. Then, that too faded as she fell into deeper, dreamless slumber.

John, holding her close as she slept, had cleaned her up and dressed her before the guests arrives. John knew in his heart that she was the one he wanted to be with and he had hoped she felt just as strongly. After all, lust and love are very different when it comes to a long term relationship. Although she is a delightful fuck-toy, he wanted to go further. There were so many secrets he wanted to share with her as he already shared one. The perception of size is just that, a perception. It is ultimately satisfying and there are almost no boundaries when it comes to altering perception.

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