Subject: As You Wish As You Wish You are lying on a chaise lounge, in the sun, next to a pool at an exclusive resort in Beverly Hills. You have your own cabana, private, no one can see you. I (your pool attendant, much younger) bring you a cold drink on a tray. I am wearing a slinky speedo, which accentuates my round bottom and rather large package up front. I am 6’1″, 180 pounds, toned, lean muscular legs, and a flat, six pack stomach. I lean down, and ask if there is anything I can do for you. You look up at me, smile, and ask me to spread sun tan lotion on your back. You turn over, and I admire your fine body, in your small suit. I say, “Of course, sir.” I drizzle some oil on your back. My hands spread it around, first up to your shoulders, then down your sides. I drizzle more, let it run down your spine to pool in the small of your back. I am aroused at being able to touch you, to massage and caress you, but I must not go too far, too fast for fear of upsetting you. My fingers, though, work the oil into your lower back, across your smooth, silky skin, and I am very much turned on. I move to your legs, working the oil into your calves, and I pull your foot towards me, gently rubbing your ankle. I can feel you getting aroused too, your breathing quickening slightly, and I move to the other ankara escort leg, repeating the massage of your calf, and caressing your ankle. You tell me that it feels wonderful, keep going, and I decide to take a chance. I am holding your foot, and I gently kiss your instep, and then my tongue slowly moves along the entire sole. I hear you gasp quickly, and tense up a little, so I stop, and return to your calf. It is now time to move to your thighs, and I spread oil over the back of both. My fingers work it in to your skin, and then move to your inner thighs, hoping that you will respond. You do, spreading your legs ever so slightly, allowing my fingers to move further down between your legs. I hesitate, and you tell me to keep doing what I am doing. My fingers move up your inner thighs, and I move them very lightly over your cock, just slightly tickling you. I lean over your back, lightly kiss it, hoping again that you will not object. I hear a light moan from you, and know you want more. And so I move my hands again to your lower back, one finger moving along the line of your suit bottom, slightly pushing underneath. Your breathing is heavier now, and I can tell you like this. So, I start to pull your suit down, slowly, hoping you will not tell me to stop. You do not. I pull them all the way çankaya escort off, leaving me with a view of your naked body, a delightful sight. I am erect in my swim suit, a large tent in my front, and you turn your head to look at me, smiling. I dribble more oil on your back, and it flows slowly down the space between your cheeks. It is so erotic to me, I am so greatly turned on by you. I kiss one cheek, then the other, and my fingers move between your cheeks, rubbing the oil into you. My fingers reach your bottom hole, and I circle it with oil, pressing lightly, and feel you squirm a little. You turn over and smile up at me, your nakedness arousing me. I kneel between your legs, kissing your stomach, your belly button, and continue on lower. My tongue licks your erection, from bottom to the tip, then my mouth moves over your cock, sliding it in, all the way. You arch your back, raising yourself to meet my mouth as I surround and suck you. My tongue laps you, swirling around and over your cock, and you are now moving beneath me. After what seems only a few moments, your pleasure erupts and you cum, several times, holding my head to you, letting me lick you over and over as you fill my mouth. Finally, you start to ease, and you hands fall to your side. I stand over you, a kızılay escort look of quiet contentment on your face, but your eyes drift down to my suit, and you reach up, pulling it down over my erection and I let it fall to the ground. I am now naked in front of you, and your reach your hand to slowly, softly stroke me. My eyes close, my head falls back a bit, and I feel the pleasure of your touch. “I want you inside me,” you say, and I want that too. You turn over, on your hands and knees, and tell me to start. I crawl up on the chaise, kneeling behind your very fine body, hands on your hips, and slowly move my erect cock along the outside of you, then enter you just a little. I hear you gasp, and I gasp too, the feeling overwhelming me. You push back and I forward and now I am fully inside you, feeling your warmth, your tightness envelop me. I stay still for a moment, relishing the feeling, and then move back and forth, slowly, deliberately, as my orgasm develops. Eventually I cannot hold back any longer, and I cum deep inside you, filling you this time, and I collapse on your back, holding you around your waist with both arms, kissing your neck and telling you how wonderful that felt. My cock remains inside, shrinking now that it has emptied itself, and now slides out of you. We lay on the chaise, spooning, and fall into a light sleep. Soon it is time for me to leave, to attend to others, but you tell me you will be at the resort for several more days, and that you hope I can attend to you again. I smile and say, “As you wish.”

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