Arlene Ch. 1: Virgin to EasyArlene Ch. 1: Virgin to Easy


(1972) As was tradition at GHS we headed to the ramparts to drink and celebrate any team victory. Tonight we had soundly beaten (ha ha) our rivals from Salem 86 to 84. I was a senior cheerleader who lived and died in the shadows of school spirit. I was neither a good or bad at anything – I was middle of the road in everything I participated in. I was not pretty and I was not ugly. I was, and am still an average 5’8″ tall. My brown hair was shoulder length which was typical of the times. I was as self conscious as any high-school cheerleader always worried against rejection especially from my fiends and the boys in our circle.

After the game I headed over to the ramparts with my best friend Betsy. Betsy also was a cheerleader and we were very close sharing every intimate detail of our lives. We arrived together and socialized with the usual suspects our clique. This meant drinking beers and hanging out while on the lookout for the cops. The cops didn’t come unless there was trouble.

As was tradition we paired up after some beers. I ended up losing track of Betsy, and chose Mike a long time friend and neighbor, or he chose me. Mike and I had dated several times without really getting serious. Figuring Betsy had paired off with someone else we went to his car. It was the familiar back seat thing – talk first – then go through the baseball routine. tandoğan escort I had played this game several times before with different boys sometimes compromising with giving a hand job or even oral sex. I didn’t like giving head but it was a fair compromise to keep my virginity safe.

I was sure Mike was also a virgin so we started the game feeling pretty good from the beers and pretty safe because we knew each others situation. Mike got into my sweater almost immediately with our first kiss. Fondling my nipples raised my senses and hardened them. He deeply kissed me while undoing my bra. After removing my sweater his mouth moved to my breasts as he firmly moved my hand to his crotch. The attention he gave my breasts drove me wild. I could feel the bulge in his pants and instinctively rubbed his cock in response. I could feel my pussy tighten in nervousness.

He used my reaction as the sign to go to the next base. His hand made its way to my panties under my red pleated skirt. My pussy was soaking wet in anticipation. Mike and I had never gone further than kissing before but this was intense pleasure. I unzipped his pants and slipped my hand into his boxer shorts finding his hard awaiting cock. I stroked his cock raising his pleasure higher. Frustrated with the tightness of my cheer-panties Mike shocked me tunalı escort when he reached down with both hands and tore them open along the side seam. Mike then began finger fucking my vulnerable pussy adding an additional finger until he had three fingers deep inside of me.

I started to message his balls, he responded pushing my head towards is cock.

“Mike, please, I don’t want to give head,” I responded.

He whispered “Arlene.” But he also knew I had lost my panties.

With me lying on the back seat he questioned me with one word “Arlene?”

I responded, “Before I change my mind – home run.”

As my answer sunk in he tore away what was left of my panties. I positioned myself spreading my legs for what was to come then he moved on top of me. Mike eagerly teased my pussy with his cock. Staring into my eyes, he smiled with his victory.

Guiding his cock between my lips. I asked, “Be gentle, this is my first time.”

Nature took over as he uncontrollably tore his way through my virginity. Three quick deep cock thrusts with his balls banging against my pussy then he spewed his seed into me filling me for the first time. He made sure I took all of his load while he fucked as deep as he could go.

I bashfully cleaned up the mess between my legs with what was left from my panties and turangüneş escort contemplating pregnancy. I pulled my sweater back over my head attempting clumsily to return to normal. We coldly kissed and didn’t have a clue what to say to each other. I opened the door embarrassed to see many of my friends close by. I left my panties behind on the floor of the car. I knew everyone had seen the car rocking and knew we had done it. I must have looked freshly fucked. I was a total mess.

I walked the path towards the beach searching for Betsy. I was surprised to be followed by Mark.

Mark asked rudely, “Was it good, Arlene?”

“Was what good?” I replied hiding the truth.

He laughed.

“Fuck you!” I replied.

“Great idea,” he laughed as he pulled me in for a warm hug. He grabbed my ass slipping under my skirt and laughed unexpectedly “No panties – eh, Arlene?”

Mark then lifted my skirt and stroked my naked vulnerable pussy. Before I knew what was happening we were laying in the grass. Mark confidently guided his cock into my dripping wet pussy knowing I was totally out of control. I enjoyed, no loved the sensation of balls banging against me as cock penetrated my pussy, I reached orgasm for my first time. Crossing my legs behind his back searching for deeper penetration I accepted his gift of seed.

Before the night was over I fucked four times as word spread through the guys “Arlene’s available.” Betsy found me sometime later and we drove home, I was dazed and so sore I couldn’t walk straight.

The next day word was out. Arlene – virgin to easy.

The end of Virginity.

To Be Continued…

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