Argument Leads To CheatingArgument Leads To Cheating


The evening wasn’t going well! My wife and I had been invited to the evening reception at a friend’s wedding. On the way, we had an argument and so had ended up sitting at the reception not talking to each other.My twenty-five-year-old wife Jane was beautiful and sexy and looked stunning in the short dress she was wearing. I had been looking forward to being with her and having a good time, but that was spoiled now. The DJ put on a slow song and the best man came over and asked my wife to dance. It wasn’t unusual for her to have a friendly dance with someone else sometimes so she accepted and followed him to the dance floor. Being a slow dance they were close together. His hands held her at the waist and hers held his shoulders as they moved slowly around. I just sat and watched. The first song finished and they stayed dancing for the next. Paul, the best man, pulled my wife closer so they were now against each other. He put his arms around her waist resting his hands on her back. My wife continued to hold his shoulders. I could tell they were talking but had no idea about what.A third slow song started and they stayed dancing. I was a bit shocked when he gave her a quick kiss on the lips and she didn’t seem to tell him off. I was more shocked when he kissed her again but for a little longer. Their lips met a third time and this time, it was a long kiss.It looked like their mouths opened and I was sure their tongues were exploring. Paul’s arms were around her pulling her tight against him. My wife now had one arm around his back and the other hand was on the back of his head.When the song finished and a fast song came on, they broke their kiss and separated. Paul held both her hands and said something to her. I saw Jane nod and then he went to carry out some best man duties and Jane came back to our table.”You kissed him!” I said when she was seated.”Yes I did,” she snapped back, “and I enjoyed it.” She went on, “You’ve been a miserable sod tonight and he was nice to me and fun to talk to and he complimented me. When he kissed me I realised I wanted him to. If you’d paid me more attention lately maybe I wouldn’t have.” This was what our argument had been about. “You weren’t interested in me and he was, so yes, I let him kiss me and I kissed him back. He’s a very good kisser and knows just what to do with his tongue. If you think I’m going to be sorry for kissing him, I’m not. I really enjoyed it and I’m not sorry at all that I kissed him. If you don’t like it you will just have to put up with it! “I was stunned and sat there not knowing what to say. She then said. “He asked me if I would dance with him again when more slow dances are played. I said yes I would.””But, but,” I tried to speak, “you said you’d…? But he’ll want to kiss you again!”“I certainly hope so. Yes, I’m going to kiss him and I’m going to enjoy it. I’m looking forward to it. If you can’t handle that you can always bahis siteleri go home and I’ll get someone to give me a lift.”I didn’t know what to do but I certainly wasn’t going home. I wouldn’t be able to sit at home thinking about Jane dancing with him and kissing him while I wasn’t there!We sat there not talking. I was trying to decide what I was thinking and what I should do. Jane spent most of the time looking over at where Paul was. He smiled at her often and she smiled back. She was singing to herself and tapping to the music clearly in a better mood with herself but not with me.When the DJ announced another slow set, Paul excused himself from where he was and immediately headed to our table. Jane took his proffered hand and without looking at me, rose and let him take her to the dance floor. As they walked across the room his arm was round my wife’s waist.When they reached the dance floor he drew her against him and his arms went round her. My wife put her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder as they started dancing. They had only been dancing maybe a minute when my wife moved her face to his and kissed him. This time it was my wife starting the kiss. It was a long slow kiss and I had no doubt their tongues were meeting. They kissed for most of the first song.When they stopped kissing on the lips, Paul started kissing and nibbling Jane’s neck and her ears. Jane loves this and it turns her on a lot. She had her eyes closed just enjoying what he was doing. They went back to kissing and Paul’s hands dropped down to hold her bottom. Soon my wife’s hands followed suit, holding his bottom while both of them pulled each other hard against themselves and just kept on kissing.When the slow set ended they walked to the edge of the dance floor and kissed again. Paul had to attend to the bride and groom. Jane went off to the ladies. When she came back she went over to Paul and spoke to him. I thought I saw him put something in his pocket and then Jane came back to me. She sat down and looked as if she was daring me to complain.”Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked sarcastically. “I think you could see I did,” she snapped back.”Yeah, I saw.””I told you what to do if you didn’t like it. I’m going to enjoy tonight even if you’re not and if that means dancing with someone and kissing him then that’s what I will do. I came out dressed nicely for you expecting to have a lovely time and then go home for some fun together but you decided to cause an argument and blew your chance. So now I’m going to enjoy dancing with someone.””And letting them feel your ass?””Yes, that felt nice too and you’re not going to make me feel bad for any of it. It’s your own fault, so you can put up with it.” We went back to not talking.When another slow set started it was Jane who went to get Paul and lead him to the floor. She immediately put her hands around his neck and kissed him as canlı bahis siteleri she pressed herself against him. His hands went straight to her ass pulling her tight to him. As they turned, Jane broke the kiss for a moment and looked at me and gave me a finger sign. Then she went back to kissing him.At one point as they went round and his back was to me I thought it looked like he had his hands under the back of her dress but I couldn’t tell for sure. I watched and each time his back was to me it looked the same. Did he have his hands up my wife’s dress? After the first song, more couples joined the floor and as Jane and Paul were the other side of the dance floor this time, I could no longer see them.My friend came over and asked if I would help take their presents to his parents’ car that was parked out the back of the hotel. I went and helped. It took quite a long time, and I knew the slow songs would have finished long before I got back. When I got back, Jane was not at our table. I assumed she was in the ladies. She didn’t reappear until more than half an hour later and then she just walked over and sat down.”Where have you been?” I snapped. Jane looked daggers at me for my tone. “With Paul,” she spat back at me.”With Paul? Doing what?” “It’s none of your business.””You’re my wife. Of course it’s my business!””Kissing. What do you think we’ve been doing?””Well, the way his hands were all over your ass who knows.”Jane stared at me furiously and then said, “What I do or don’t do is up to me and not you.””So it wasn’t just kissing?””Right, I thought you would be better off not knowing, but you asked for it. Sit there and shut up. I’m going to tell you how it is and you can just deal with it.”This is what she told me.“When we danced the second time and he put his hands on my bum I thought about telling him no. But then I decided you had been so horrible that I wanted to make you suffer so I let him do it and put mine on his. After a little while, I decided it felt nice and I was going to enjoy the feeling and serves you right! Of course, he was hard and it pressed against me but I thought so what it’s not doing any harm. I noticed it felt a little bigger than yours but thought no more of it.”I gulped at that as she went on, “Near the end of the dances, he asked me if I was wearing panties. I told him that was a personal question and he would just have to wonder. When the dance finished and I knew I was coming back here I suddenly got a wicked idea. I went to the ladies and took my panties off. When I went over to him I discretely handed them to him and told him that now he knew! He put them in his pocket.”I looked at her in disbelief. “I came back here thinking that now Paul knew I wasn’t wearing panties and you didn’t and it served you right. Then the thought that Paul actually had my panties made me feel even more like I was teaching you a lesson even if you didn’t canlı bahis know it.” “What happened then?” I asked.”When we danced the third time I was happy to let Paul feel my ass again and it felt even more like getting at you as I knew now he was feeling it only through my dress and not my panties too. Paul commented that he liked the thought I had no panties on. I told him he was very naughty saying that but that I found I liked the idea too. Then one time when my bum was facing away from you I felt his hands go up the back of my dress and squeeze my bare bum. I told him off and he said sorry but he couldn’t resist feeling it just once. I laughed and said ‘Well you’ve had your feel, now behave!'””Was that all that happened?” I asked nervously.She continued, “When I was again facing that way his hands went up my dress again. This time I was too busy kissing him to say anything. I think he took this as it being OK as soon he stopped moving around and just had us swaying with my bum on the side away from you. His hands went up to feel my bare ass again and this time stayed there feeling and squeezing it as we swayed. I knew I should stop him but I felt, what the hell it’s still not doing any harm? It gives him a bit of fun, it’s nice that someone wants to do that and it also made me feel deliciously wicked at getting my own back on you for spoiling the evening.”I stared at her as she carried on, “Very soon I found I was liking him feeling me and just stopped worrying about it. I have to say that all this time I could feel his hard cock pressed against me and that made me feel wicked too! Especially as I could now tell it was definitely bigger than yours. I started to feel quite a thrill from having my bum groped and a hard cock pressed against me. Then lots more people started dancing and we both realised you could no longer see us.””Paul was really groping my bare ass and had started telling me how nice it felt. I was just lost in being paid attention to for a change. One of Paul’s hands left my ass and he cupped one of my breasts with it. I didn’t even try to stop him. I was just letting him have some fun, having a good feel of me, and by now was thinking so what if he does? It’s not hurting me and you won’t know so I decided to just let him. It was also feeling good too which also made me not stop him.”I gasped at this revelation.”He squeezed and stroked my breast through my dress. While stroking his hand went to the part of the top of my chest where the neck of my dress left it exposed. He stroked across the very top just where my neck was and then stroked over both the tops of my breasts which were exposed by the low neckline. I knew I should be stopping him but I didn’t. His hand stroked lower still and the tips of his fingers brushed just under the edge of the neck of my dress. Still, I did nothing. He then put his hand inside my dress and cupped my bare breast. Despite how wrong this was I felt my nipple stiffen as he stroked over it and even lightly, squeezed it. ‘Stop it,’ I told him, ‘someone will see.’ Not, ‘stop it you can’t do that,’ or, ‘stop it this is wrong,’ just, ‘stop it someone will see!'”

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