April in the FallApril in the Fall


This story is based on true events from some years ago, and is one of my favorite memories of my bachelor days. Your comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I had been a pilot for a company in the Midwest for several years, and on this beautiful fall day I had a mission to fly to a city in Colorado, pick up just one passenger, April, and bring her back to our home base in Minnesota for business meetings of some sort. Usually I knew the people I flew, but I’d never heard of this woman before and just hoped she wouldn’t be a nervous flier; I much prefer people that aren’t nervous and uptight on my airplane. When I saw a drop-dead gorgeous blonde dressed in a stunning business suit with high heels and an incredible figure walk in, I only hoped that would be my girl, nervous or not. It was.

She was polite, but not overly so, and only made small chit chat until we got under way…..it was just her and I on this trip, which was unusual, so I offered to let her ride up in the front seat of the airplane with me if she wished. April said she had work to do en-route, and wanted to ride in the back seat so she could prepare for her upcoming meetings. I gave her the usual safety briefing, only in greater detail than normal, trying to spend as much time with her as I could. Her perfume was sensational, and I hoped she couldn’t tell that I was trying to drink in her incredibly feminine scent.

The flight was slightly bumpy coming out of the mountains, but then smoothed out and the rest of the trip was uneventful, just the way we pilots like them. About 20 minutes before reaching our destination April was satisfied her work was complete and started chatting up a storm; we really hit it off. I tried to concentrate on my flying as we talked, but she was very distracting in a great way, which definitely put me to the test. As we started the decent for landing I pointed out the window at the beautiful colors of leaves down below that were just at their peak, and she enjoyed the gorgeous fall view. I wanted to impress her with a smooth flight and a perfect landing, and fortunately that all worked out pretty well.

As we pulled up to the hangar, I asked April if she would be interested in dinner and drinks this evening since she was to spend the night in town alone at the local hotel. She said yes, she would like that, so I gave her my business card and asked her to call me later to confirm a time if she was still interested (I was trying to avoid a harassment case) and to keep it “classified.” The smile on her face told me the phone would be ringing soon.

I needed to find a way to work off some nervous energy as I was REALLY looking forward to seeing this beautiful woman in a casual setting, so I washed and waxed my truck before getting canlı bahis myself cleaned up, then when the time was finally near, I drove to her hotel to pick her up. My plan was to take her to my favorite local watering hole where I knew we would enjoy a great atmosphere, reasonably decent food, and very cold beverages.

I nervously knocked on her door, and to my delight she quickly answered dressed in very tight, not-so-professional low cut blue jeans, and a sexy, sheer short sleeved top that was also cut low in the front, sharing her generous cleavage with me and everyone else that happened by. Pearls with her blue jeans – I think I love this girl already! The shiny silver heals she had on helped display a most delicious rear end, and she was all grins as she whirled around so that I could take in the full effect of her attire. She looked H-O-T hot, and she knew it.

As the drinks started to have their desired effect, we played a few games of pool, and flirted a lot. She was killing me by bending over a little more than she had to and I’m sure she new I could get a great view of her lacy bra as her boobs jiggled just the way I like. Try as I might I couldn’t make out any panty lines under the jeans and couldn’t help but think this night was going to turn out terrific! She was getting a lot of looks from the other patrons, men and women alike, and since neither one of us seemed terribly interested in shooting more pool, I offered to take her back to my place to play a few more “games” and she readily accepted.

Upon reaching my home, I invited her in and mixed a couple more drinks for us both, then proceeded to give her a tour of the house, including the bedroom where she let out a giggly smile when she saw the king-size bed. We completed the tour as I led her down to my newly finished basement where I turned the stereo on low and lit the gas fireplace. The fireplace was the only source of light, and I loved how it flickered in her shimmering eyes, transfixing my gaze upon her as the bass of the music vibrated our bodies just slightly.

We were sitting on the couch getting to know each other and talking like good friends about her job, when I decided to quit wasting our time, and interrupted her mid-sentence by leaning in close to her face, but not quite all the way, just close enough that I could feel her breath and smell her scent…I really wanted to kiss her hard, but also wanted to make her wait for it, and let her close the rest of the short distance between us.

My lady stuttered a few syllables of nonsense then with a growing smile on her face, she closed the gap. Our lips touched softly and we began a slow, smooth very sensual kiss. When I felt a tickle on my lips I opened them for her slightly, and as our tongues began bahis siteleri a seductive dance I slid my right hand up her torso, gently massaging the side of her perfect breasts through her blouse and bra. Her breath quickened, and she gasped as my thumb slid over her nipple, pleasing me with it’s instant hardness.

She brought her hand up and held it on top of mine, encouraging me as I squeezed and massaged her incredible firm breast while her breathing quickened even more. Her other hand was now moving up my back, through my hair, then stopped at the back of my neck as she pulled me tighter to her, locking us in a very heated embrace.

A few minutes of passionate kissing like this, and we found ourselves on the floor exploring each others bodies through and under our clothes. I had a roommate at the time who was upstairs, so April asked if I could take her back to the hotel room for a little more privacy. Of course I was ready to go, just had to stop by the bathroom and stock up on condoms – it was looking like it might be a long night!

We quickly entered her small hotel room, and she told me to take a seat on the bed while she “got comfortable.” I took off my jacket as she disappeared into the restroom and I got comfortable lying on her bed, expecting her to return after brushing her teeth, and wondered if she would be in her same sexy outfit, or maybe change into some nice lingerie? Would she have lingerie along even I wondered, after all, she was just on an overnight business trip?

When she finally opened the door my new lover really knew hot to make an entrance, striking a pose in the doorway of the bathroom that absolutely took my breath away……8 feet away was an incredibly beautiful, sexy, blonde; NAKED except for the pearls, presenting herself to me, insisting to be taken like the woman she was.

My cock leaped to attention; I couldn’t believe how sexy her confidence was, and I had never been turned on more than at that very moment. I admired her for a few seconds, then stood up off the bed, told her how beautiful she was and that I was going to make sure she got the proper loving that she deserved, picked her up in my arms and gently laid her on the bed. 1/2 second later I was on my knees at the edge of the bed kissing my way up her legs….perfectly shaped, perfectly shaven, and perfectly scented with her perfume. I started at her toes that were somewhat ticklish as I licked and nibbled on them, and by the time I slowly worked my way up her calve, around and behind her knees, and up along the inside of her thighs, she was squirming out of control and literally dripping on the sheets.

The closer I got to her pussy, the stronger the lovely scent of my woman became. I commented on her bush being shaved “runway style” canlı bahis siteleri and told her that was a great way to please a pilot, and that I expected a smooth landing there soon! She told me she hoped there were no expected delays, then she reached down and spread her pussy lips for me, presenting herself once again for my taking. She gave me a delicious surprise when her finger disappeared inside her pussy, then she brought it up and licked her own juices while her eyes were closed, letting out a little whimper……astonishing the sexy confidence….this was the most uninhibited woman I had ever had the pleasure of being with.

As my tongue finally plunged into her folds, she barked out with excitement and warned me, and I quote, “don’t dish it out if you can’t handle it in return!” What a woman. My god, what a woman!

She came for me twice as I pleasured here “there” before I let her pull me up on the bed, and before I knew it the room was spinning around, and my cock was being played like never before.

I marveled at her beauty as her eyes had missile lock on mine while her luscious lipstick covered lips made my cock slowly disappear. She gave me the best combination of hand job and blow job I had ever experienced, and on her command, I came. Hard. She swallowed some, then let some shoot on her breasts while she stroked my cock hard and fast. What cum landed on her breasts was not to be wasted as she scooped it up with her fingers and licked them clean with a huge grin and laughter, still never taking her eyes away from mine.

No way my dick was going soft yet. I was still hard as a hammer, and laid her on her back waiting no more to give her what she had worked for, and been wanting most. April pulled her knees up against her chest, displaying her beautiful bottom to me in every detail, and with another smooth approach to landing my cock slipped in so perfectly. We rocked gently like that for a bit, then she rolled me over, climbed on top, and bucked her way to another ear splitting orgasm.

We laid entwined together caressing, and enjoying the feeling of total satisfaction while we drifted off to sleep. An hour or two later, I woke up to my cock being softly massaged by her petite hands, and instantly it leaped to life. Another hour of lovemaking and we finally called it a night. It was nearly 3:30, and she had to be at a meeting by 8:00, so regretfully I headed home to crawl back in my own lonesome bed.

We had a few opportunities in the months ahead to see each other briefly, but the opportunity to repeat our night of orgasmic bliss never presented itself again. We hated the idea we lived hundreds of miles apart. She had two daughters from a previous marriage that prevented her from moving to Minnesota, and I was unable to move to Colorado, or I really think we may have ended up together; instead we both have our fantastic memories, and mine will never, ever, fade from the night I made love to the most beautiful woman ever.

Thanks April!

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