Subject: Any Body I Want 4 This is obviously a work of fiction. None of this happened, nor could it. If fictional narratives of gay sex with underage boys is offensive or illegal for you, do not continue. Please donate to Nifty if you like these stories! My name is Seth and I’m a 52 year old biochemist at a well known pharmaceutical company. I recently developed a way to successfully take on the physical form of anybody I touch. With minimal skin to skin contact, I can transform into an exact clone of any person while retaining my own mind and complete control of the transformation. I have used this breakthrough in many ways. My favorite is to explore sex through any body I want. Most recently, I took the form of a 12 year old Arkansas boy named Bryce. He looked a little like a young Lucas Black from Sling Blade the movie but a little taller with very short black hair. I enrolled him in a Baptist summer camp and on my very first day I got to have a threesome with a pair of blond 12 year old twins. It was going to be a summer of boy sex. As the twins and I arrived at the beach, I looked out at the young boys playing in the copper hued sunset. The pine trees were just beginning to lend their shade to a cove full of preteen and teenage boys playing in the clear water. Just this morning, I was a middle aged man. Right now, I stand as a peer to all of these energetic boys and young men. I am truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The twins, Daniel and David, ran down the boat dock and dove into the water. They swam into the cove where a dozen boys between 10 and 16 were splashing around dunking eachother, wrestling, and just playing in the clear water under the warm late afternoon sun. I noticed the runtish twelve year old Nathan from my group’s cabin. He wasn’t playing with the other boys. Instead he was hanging onto the boat dock with one hand and treading water with the other. His khaki cargo shorts laying on the wooden boards of the dock told me that below the water he was wearing just the little forest green Speedo I had lent him. I slid into the water beside him and asked why he wasn’t playing with the others. “The older boys saw me in the swimsuit you gave me and laughed at me. They keep making fun of me and Brent said I looked like a fag.” I replied “You don’t look like a fag. You look like any boy at any beach or pool anywhere in Europe.” “Which one is Brent?” I asked. “He’s a 16 year old. That wrestler looking guy over there.” Nathan nodded toward a very muscular Italian looking teenager currently dunking a younger boy under the water. He looked like a real asshole. Like somebody who thinks he’s god’s gift to girls and floats through grade after grade on his athletic achievements alone. Although I had the body of a pubescent twelve year old kid, I had the mind, confidence, and experience of a 52 year old. “Oh fuck that ego whore!” I replied. “He’ll be flipping burgers as soon as he’s out of high school. Or more likely, he’ll be in jail for domestic abuse or petty larceny. I’d love to hang out with you.” “You don’t have to” said Nathan. “I’m used to getting bullied.” “Don’t get used to it. Don’t let other people take their insecurities out on you. Be yourself, all others be damned.” I gestured to the 21′ Capri sailboat on the other side of the dock. “Let’s get out of here, Nathan. Ever been sailing?” “Never. Do you know how?” “I’ve been sailing since highscool….I mean since I was a little kid.” I corrected myself. “Let’s go, I’ll teach you.” Nathan reaches for his shorts on the dock. I grabbed them first and tossed them over into the boat. “Don’t worry about what they think of you. Come on.” I pulled myself up onto the dock with the ease of an athletic preteen. I squatted down and offered Nathan my hand. He took it and I pulled him up out of the water. This was my first chance to see the 5′ tall 6th grader in the little swim brief. As he stood before my in the golden sunset, water streamed down his smooth chest and boyishly soft tummy. His skinny arms now folded across his ribs as the evaporating water cooled his little body. His dark blue eyes were topped by thin eyebrows that matched the light brown of his hair. There were hints of sun bleached blonde in the mop that stuck wet to his forehead. His chest was still narrow with tiny pink nipples that confirmed puberty was not in full force yet. The wet green Speedo revealed a small boyish bulge that left little to the imagination. I boarded the sailboat and Nathan climbed into the cockpit behind me. “Are we allowed to just take the boat without a grown up’s permission?” “I believe in asking forgiveness instead of permission. trabzon escort Now cast off the bowline and set the jib.” I told him. Nathan stood there with his tight little butt leaned against the bulkhead by the cabin hatchway looking puzzled. He had no idea what I was saying. “So take the rope, “line”, off the front, “bow” of the boat. Then pull down on that blue and white line on the mast to raise the front sail. That’s the jib.” Nathan’s face lit up with understanding as he went to his tasks. A wet indented oval print on the bulkhead showed where his ass had just been. I placed my hand on it and sighed. I threw off the stern line and shoved us off the dock. As we got under weigh, I unfurled the mainsail and set sheets for a close hauled tack. I grabbed the tiller and steered us on a port tack away from the dock. I brought us around onto a starboard tack after a minute and called out “tacking” in Bryce’s adorable southern drawl. Nathan did not know the term or that it was a warning. As I brought the bow across the wind, the boom swung round and hit Nathan right across the shoulder blades. “Ouch! At least warn me!” He said. “I did warn you. That’s what the whole `Tacking!’ thing was about.” As we sailed out into the open lake, I instructed Nathan to sit beside me on the windward side of the cockpit and lean back with his feet on the opposite side of the boat to compensate for the tilting deck. This also gave me an excellent view of his body with his legs stretched out before me. In the golden sunlight, Nathan’s long skinny legs shown with silken peach fuzz that glowed in the sun. His feet, toes gripping the edge of the starboard seat, looked too big for the rest of his body. On the port seat, his green Lycra clad butt bulged slightly against the minimal weight of his torso. With his elbows resting on the railing behind him, Nathan’s back was arched as he watched the weather vain way up at the masthead. His parted pink lips revealing teeth two big for his small mouth. In a few minutes we were about a half mile from shore. Without looking away from the sky he asked “Can somebody go to Hell for being a boy who likes boys?” “No, I replied. Hell isn’t real first of all. Second, what you do is your business as long as you don’t harm others.” “You don’t believe in Hell?! Do you believe in God?” Said Nathan, now looking at me. “No. I’m not religious.” “Then why are you at Church camp?” “To be around all you cute boys.” I confessed looking deep into his eyes. “Please don’t make fun of me. I think I like boys. You know, in the way that we’re supposed to like girls.” Said Nathan who now looked heartbreakingly hurt. “Oh Nathan, I’m sorry. I wasn’t making fun. I’ll always have your back. I like you…Do you like me?” I asked. Here I was a grown man in disguise and my heart was fluttering in anticipation of this young boy’s answer. “Like friends? Yes!” He replied. “Like special best friends?” I asked as I placed my left hand on his sun warmed thigh. Nathan looked down at my hand and placed his right hand on top of mine. He looked up into my brown eyes and said. “Like how some boys and girls are friends?” “Like some boys and boys are friends too.” I confirmed. I raised his hand to my lips and kissed it. “Bryce? Can I tell you something?” “Anything Nathan.” “Bryce?…You know how my penis was pointing up when I was looking for my swimsuit earlier? I tried to hide it but I think you saw it?” “You mean when you had a steel hard boner? Yeah.” “Well I kind of got a boner because I saw your boner.” “That’s why I came over to you, Nathan. That’s also why I lent you my little green Speedo. I wanted to be able to see your sexy boy parts and your cute bottom while we were at the beach.” “Really? Bryce, I keep thinking about when I saw you naked and it makes me want to…well…play with myself.” “Seeing my hard dick made you horny? Is that what you’re trying to say? When I saw yours I wanted to touch it, like really really bad.” “Really?!” “Absolutely! I wanted to touch it and even suck it.” “Man I wish we could do that.” “We can, Nathan. There’s nobody on this boat but you and me.” I reached down and squeezed his little package. With my right hand on the tiller, my left palm pressed gently on his hard little cock in the Speedo. My fingers resting between his balls and the white fiberglass seat, idly fondling the kid’s nutsack. Nathan said “I have a little penis.” “Dude, some boys are late bloomers. It’ll grow bigger before you know it. It feels so hard when you’re horny though!” I slid my hand down his soft tummy and under the swimsuit giving the 3 inch stiffy a hard tunalı escort squeeze. “Ungh!” Nathan arched his back thrusting his little pecker through my fist. “We can have fun together all summer, I said. Whatever sexy things you want to do with eachother. And I can show you sex stuff to do too. You are a super sexy boy.” “Can I see your penis again, Bryce?” I was having the best afternoon ever. Just sailing across a smooth lake in the summer with a scantily clad prepubescent boy who just wants to explore his sexuality with me. Looking down at myself, I admired my own preteen body. My flat toned abs, smooth legs with just a little blond hair on the calves, and the obscene tent my young cock was making in my short swim trunks. Heaven! I was about to suggest we heave the boat to and drop anchor so I could take Nathan below into the cabin for some boy sex. Just then, a canoe with an outboard motor approached from our stern. It was one of the counselors from camp. “What are you guys doing out here?” He called from the canoe. “Just sailing!” I called back. “Nathan, go below and put your shorts on!” I whispered. As the counselor, Kevin, came alongside Nathan emerged from the cabin in his cargo shorts. “You boys need to get that boat back to the dock right now!” Yelled Kevin. “Yes sir! Sorry sir!” I replied. Respectful politeness from a super cute young southern boy is charming enough to smooth over any situation. I brought the boat around and set sails wing and wing for the downwind run back to camp. I stood up on the seat, steering with the tiller cradled in the back of my knee so I could see over the cabin roof. “That was close!” Said Nathan. “No doubt, man. I was about to make out with your gonads when Kevin showed up!” I said in my Eudora drawl. “You got me so horny, Bryce! I’m gonna have to masturbate in the bathroom tonight.” “You don’t have to use sex ed glossary words when it’s just us guys. Say `spank it’ `jerk off’ `flog the dolphin’ `beat your meat’ `rub one out’ anything.” “Okay, I’m going to have some beef strokin’ off in the bathroom tonight!” Laughed Nathan. He was so beautiful when he laughed. “Nice one, man! Just go down into the cabin and take care of it right now. Kevin’s way ahead of us. He won’t see anything when you’re down in the cabin. Just make sure I can watch, you sexy little shit!” “Are you sure? I don’t want to get caught and I’ve never done that with people looking.” I stepped down onto the deck and held the tiller between my legs so it stuck out like a 2 ft polished teak hardon. I grabbed it with both hands, stroking it with comical exaggeration to emphasize each word. “GRAB your DICK and JERK it for ME you SEXY STUD!” Nathan, still laughing, looked hesitant. I looked sheepishly left and right then undid the Velcro fly of my swim trunks. I pulled out my 5″ hard cock and held it down against the tiller. Making caricatured “O” faces I looked him dead in the eye and sang to the tune of Old Town Road. “I wanna take your cock right down my throooat! Better beat that meat or I’ll crash this boat!” “Okay, okay, I’m gonna do it” Nathan chuckled. Nathan stepped down into the boat’s cabin and turned around to face me. He slipped the little green briefs down to his feet and kicked them off onto the deck. He stood spread eagle with one foot on each seat, his head just sticking up out of the hatchway. I looked out ahead to see Kevin glancing back from the canoe. At this angle and distance, all he saw was the back of Nathan’s head and a curtain of white Dacron sails. What he couldn’t see was two 6th grade boys jerking off together. My attention was now focused on little Nathan. He was staring at me while steadying his balance with one hand and feverishly stroking his little cocklette with the other. “Jeez Nathan! This is so hot I might just blow my load all over the deck!” Nathan stroked faster. His purple little acorn popping in and out of his thin foreskin as his fist pummeled the two little grapes in their tightening pink scrotum like a tiny boxer’s speed bag. This was just too much for an adult mind with the body of a hormonal preteen. I had not stopped humping the tiller this whole time and now I climaxed. I sat back on the wooden tiller holding my cock hard against the end like a naked boy riding a stick horse. As my ass crack settled down against the arch of the hard varnished wood, powerful blasts of watery semen landed in pools on the deck with a satisfying splatter sound. As my balance faltered, the tiller shifted causing the boat to veer to starboard. Nathan fell back into the cabin just as he reached his orgasm. He laid tunceli escort convulsing with his ass and legs up in the cockpit and his shoulders down in the cabin. From my perch I was looking right at his hairless peach colored taint. I could see his pink boy hole spasming in contractions. His little nuts strained up under the base of his hard bone. His fist almost entirely covered his sex spike, but his violet glans pulsed desperately trapped in his tight foreskin. “Oh! Unghhhh! It feels so good! It feels so good! It feels so good!” As Nathan came down from his dry orgasm his toes uncurled and a little fart let loose from his clenched bud. “Oh Nathan, that was so bad ass!” “Thanks Bryce! Watching you cum made me have an orgasm!” “I saw that. I’ve got to get my lips around your rod soon!” “Oh I can’t wait!” As we pulled alongside the dock and tied off, the camp director was waiting with Kevin at his side. “Hi Mr. Carson. Are we in trouble sir? Taking the boat was my idea. I talked Nathan into going.” “Well you need to ask next time. We didn’t have anybody sign up for sailing this year, so you can take it out when you want. You seem to be a capable seaman.” “Seaman” Nathan mouthed at me with his back to the grownups. I tried to stifle a chuckle. “You’re still in trouble though, said Mr. Carson. You’ll square this boat away and at the end of camp, we’ll haul it out of the water. You’re going to derig this vessel and paint the hull. Understood?” “Yes, sir. That’s fair punishment. I apologize for my behavior Mr. Carson.” “No harm done. Now get to the mess hall. It’s getting late.” “We will sir.” I was starting to get comfortable being Bryce. Not just being in his sexy skin, but I was really proud of the character I had taken on. He’s a good kid. I don’t ever want to change back. At dinner, Nathan sat across from me. He whispered that he too was impressed with my seamanship and wished he could do semen too. As he ate his Beany Weenies, he held a little smoky up on his fork and said aloud “I’ve seen bigger!” The whole table erupted in laughter. Down the table, David said “So have we! And nudged his twin. We all returned to our cabins for the night. I stripped naked and changed into a pair of tight white Jockeys. A boy named Carson pulled down his American Eagle boxer briefs and said “I wish the weenies were THIS big at dinner!” With his pelvic thrusts his 3″ soft boyhood flopped up and down under a sparse patch of brown pubes. “Maybe if you could get it up it wouldn’t be such a teeny weeny!” yelled Ben from across the room. “Your sister got it real hard!” Said Carson. “You mean your brother?” The twins joked. “Whatever tweedle dee and tweedle dumbass! I’m gonna jerk off thinking of your mom!” Came the reply. “Good old Rosy Palmer is the only pussy you ever got!” I joined in. Just then Kevin came in and turned off the light. “Lights out boys. And put your penis away Carson!” The whole cabin erupted in laughter! “Goodnight boys!” Said Kevin as he left. I climbed into my bunk and drifted to sleep thinking about the incredible day I had. I set my alarm for 5:00am just in case I woke up as my normal self I could change back before I got caught. I had some incredible dreams that night! In one of them, David and Daniel were floating weightless near the ceiling of the cabin. They were locked in a Yen/Yang 69. Each boy had his head between his twin’s legs. As they rotated through the rafters sucking their brother’s cock, they moaned softly in orgasmic bliss. In another dream, I was in the form of 13 year old diver Caleb Lofland. I stood on the floor facing my bunk where Nathan was lying on his back with his legs pulled up to his chest. I was licking his sweet ass when my tongue began to elongate to 10″ in length. I slid my tongue inside his pucker and began lapping at his swollen prostate. I felt it quicker against my aardvark tongue as his body was wracked with an endless dry orgasm. He grabbed me by the head and pulled my face hard between his buttocks. I began to cum all over the lower bunk. In an out of body POV I saw Caleb eating Nathan’s convulsing butthole with his proud teen boner shooting a continuous rope of thick white jizz all over 10 year old Liam laying below. Liam’s back was arched as he wanked his little hairless dickie. The flow of semen from Caleb’s 7″ hard meat literally coated Liam as he rubbed the sticky spunk into his copper red hair. His rapid cock stroking began to make slurping sounds as Caleb’s slippery juice lubricated his genitals. The next morning, I woke to my alarm. I felt under the covers to see who I was. My fingers felt smooth 6 pack abs, a thin mustache of pubes, and a hard man sized erection. I also felt sticky and drying cum all over my crotch and coating my briefs. I had morphed into Caleb Lofland. This was hot. But I concentrated and shaped myself back into Bryce. I was looking forward to what the day would bring.

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