Ansley Loves ZackAnsley Loves Zack


*This story is slow building, but it’s worth it ;)*


Zack and Ansley were always the best of friends. The siblings fought, partied, lived, and played together like normal siblings do. For the longest time as well, they were always getting closer than siblings probably should. They shared their “first kiss” together when we were just a mere nine years old, just playing around in the backyard, but they never really thought of themselves as lovers until later on…

It all began the summer when Zack turned 19 and Ansley turned 18. That summer was the beginning of trouble as their parents had left them for a luxurious Caribbean vacation, and they had to stay and housesit. Since they were normal 19 and 18 year olds, Ansley and Zack spent 99% of the time partying, and the other percent sleeping, eating, and just chilling about the house.

Now, let me tell you about the house, they were born into a blessed family, so the siblings never went without a thing unwanted. The house was a large ranch in the middle of the country, but not too far away from everything, just far away enough to get some peace and quiet when needed. It was a two-story house, with a finished basement, large garage, grand pool with a beautiful waterfall overlooking the country side. So as you can tell, they spent a lot of time outside, giving Zack and Ansley a deep all-over tan.

That summer was Ansley’s graduation summer, and Zack’s freshman year of college. Their parents left them near the beginning of the summer, right after Ansley’s graduation. Ansley was rather sad that her big older brother Zack wasn’t there to see her graduation but promised to make it up to Ansley when he could get away from college.

When Ansley heard his car pull up she was just slipping into her bikini, a rather modest one today since she knew Zack was coming into town, a bright yellow one piece with a bandeau top and a high riding bottom. Also that morning, she had shaved her pussy so it was extra smooth, and that she looked almost flawless. Ansley swept her hair back into a loose ponytail, and threw on her purple Polo hat.

Ansley stood looking out my window for a little while, watching Zack put his car into park, unbuckled, and opened his door. After she watched him get out, she slipped on a pair of super-ripped shorts and walked down the stairs, through the foyer, and out the front door to go greet him. As he was bent over getting his stuff out of the trunk, Ansley sneaked up behind him and grabbed him around the waist, giving him a tight hug from behind. At her touch, he immediately stiffened and muttered something incoherent. She released her grip as he turned around to look at me.

“Damn it Ansley, what the fuck is wrong with you?” She stepped back and looked at him and bit her lower lip, trying to hold back laughter while still trying to maintain the innocent look.

“Sorry Zack, I just was trying to give you a hug. Since when do you hate affection?” She finally said, smiling. He broke his stern look and smiled with all of his pearly whites and his light baby blue eyes that made just about every girl in town melt.

“I don’t repel affection… I just don’t like to be assaulted from the back.” He said this and immediately regretted it.

“THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” She practically yelled, then jumped back onto him to give him another hug. This time he gave in and hugged her back, and she swore she could feel his crotch twitch a little. Ansley released him and told him that she was going to go work on my tan and cool-off a bit by the pool and that when he finished getting unpacked for him to head down so they could catch up a little.

“Damn she looks good.” Zack mumbled to himself as he watched Ansley strut away from him. He had just hugged her and already felt a little twitch and growing in his cock.. Zack quickly grabbed his things out of the car, and walked up to the steps to the place he called home.

Once he is was in his room, he had thought about his sister all the way up and his cock was aching in his shorts. He closed the door, stripped naked and started to rub the length of his long shaft Ankara escort ever so slowly. He thought back to the times that he had watched her sleep, take little peeps at her when she was getting dressed. He collapsed back on his bed, stroking all ten inches of him faster now, feeling the cum start to rise in his balls. He jerked hard one more time, and he felt his hot sticky cum spurt in the air, on his toned stomach, and muscular thighs. He cleaned himself up quickly, and dug around to find his swim trunks.

Downstairs, Ansley was laying on a float in the pool, trying to stay as dry as possible. She was also a little horny and wet from the cock twitching experience from her brother. Was that really from me? She thought as her fingers caressed the sides of her thighs and as they involuntarily parted, she moaned. She knew if she was going to do this, it’d have to be quick.

Ansley took a quick peek around to check if Zack was near, then pulled her bathing suit bottom to the side, and concentrated furiously on her clit. She arched her back and moaned, it had been a while since she had gotten herself off, and she knew it wouldn’t take long.

Zack headed down the stairs in his trunks, and heard someone or something moaning. As he turned the corner into the kitchen, he saw his little sister lying on the float with her back arched and her fingers between her legs. This site caused an all too familiar twitching in his crotch and he involuntarily reached down and rubbed his fast growing and aching member. As he watched his sister get herself off, he suddenly felt a little guilty watching her, knowing that he would be angry at her if she saw him. But he couldn’t take his eyes off her, now her eyes closed tight, mouth open, one hand rubbing the hard nipple through the thin fabric and a hand furiously moving between her toned thighs. Suddenly she stopped, twitched, arching her back a little more, finally collapsed back onto the float, breathing hard and deep.

Damn! Thought Ansley as she composed herself back onto the float, that was so good. Her breathing came back to normal as her climax-induced high brought her back to earth. She looked over at the door, and she saw Zack walking into the backyard, his swim trunks a little low so she could see his finely chiseled body. She turned her head and smiled as she slowly paddled herself back to the side of the pool as he got near.

“You need some help?” Zack said in his all too loving brotherly voice. She smiled up at him, but then thought back to all those times that he had said that and thrown her into the pool. She looked up at him with her big doe eyes, and replied

“No, I got it.” Zack looked down at her, seeing as her top was a little disheveled, and he swore he could see a wet spot over the top of the fabric between her legs. He watched her lift herself out of the pool, and then sit on the edge of one of the pool recliners around the deck. She turned her back to him as she fixed her towel on her chair, and then laid back and looked at him and smiled.

“Take a picture would ya?” Ansley said jokingly. Zack smiled at her comment, and thought about it for a moment. Shaking his head and rolling his eyes, he took a seat on the recliner next to her.

“So how have you been?” Zack reached for the tanning oil on the table between them to put some on his shoulders, stomach, and legs.

“I’ve been good, well I would’ve been better if you could’ve came to my graduation.” She replied with her little girl voice. Zack sighed and replied,

“You know I couldn’t make it, I had my finals. I told you I’d make it up to you.” He set the tanning oil back on the table.

“I know, I know.” Ansley said as she grabbed the tanning oil back off the table and started applying it. As she struggled to reach her back, big brother Zack got up and took the oil from her, squirted a little in his hand and slowly rubbed it into her back. She smiled back at him as she lifted her hair out of his way. He finished, looking at the sexy small of her back, and the delicate curve of her bottom on the fold of the chair. He set the oil back down, and laid Ankara escort bayan back on the chair. They stayed like this until the sun started hiding between the clouds and they heard a distant clap of thunder.

“Zack? Was that thunder?” Ansley asked in almost a whisper.

“Yeah I think so, you want to go in?” Zack replied, noticing that his little sister was still as afraid of storms as she had been since she was little. He stood up, picked up the tanning oil, and started to walk inside with Ansley following close behind.

“Do you think it would be okay if I took a quick shower to get the sticky tanning oil off me?” Ansley asked.

“If you make it quick, I think I might take one too.” Zack replied to his little sister as they headed their separate ways upstairs to their bathrooms. Ansley and Zack showered quickly and put on their comfy clothes.

Ansley put on a tight pink tank top, white lacy bra, and a loose pair of girl-boxers. As she was about to head downstairs, she passed her brothers room, he wasn’t dressed yet and his door was cracked. She held her breath, and quieted her walking as she threw her morals out for a minute as she peeked into her big brothers room. He was naked, and facing away from her, she had to hold her hand to her mouth as he turned to face the door. His cock was hard, and was huge! She looked at his size, and then back to his face, and was just in awe. Her mouth seemed to water with every bounce of his cock. As he started walking toward the door, she snapped back into reality and walked quickly down the hall, and down the stairs. Her heart was pounding as she made her way back down into the kitchen. She screamed when a loud clap of thunder sounded close. Zack heard her scream, and quickly tugged on his boxers and forced his hard cock down into them as he practically ran down the stairs to go see his little sister.

Ansley was sitting on the couch, flipping through the channels on their movie-theater style living room when her brother came down the stairs.

“Ansley? You okay?” Zack asked, genuinely concerned.

“Oh yeah.” Ansley replied, a little embarrassed at herself. She turned red as she saw her brother just standing there in his boxers.

“Hey come here, lets watch a movie!” Ansley said. Zack slowly made his way to the couch and sat on the opposite side of his sister, who looked gorgeous as she sat with her long curly blonde hair and no makeup curled up on the couch. Ansley then got up, pulled one of the big fleece blankets onto her and he sat by her brother, laying her head on his chest. Zack breathed softly, feeling the cold strands of her hair and soft fragrance from her shampoo. She reached up and handed him the remote to him.

“Go ahead, you pick.” Ansley said as she slid her fingers down to her brothers thigh, and rubbed his thigh softly with her fingertips. Zack looked down at her with cautious eyes, and then the rain started pouring as another loud roll of thunder hit that seemed to make the house shake. With that, Ansley buried her head deep in his crotch, softly breathing onto his cock, and rubbing her cheek unknowingly. Zack looked back down and Ansley turned bright red as she lifted her head back up.

“Sorry Zack, you know that storms scare the shit out of me.” Ansley said quietly.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” Zack replied with a smile, as he reached down to massage her shoulders with his strong hands. Ansley then straightened up, and pushed her back into his, and let him continue to massage her. Zack then slid his hands down the sides of her arms, and then back up around her neck. He took a risk, leaned forward, and softly kissed the sensitive side of her neck.

“Oooohh.” Ansley replied, and Zack took this as a chance to go on. Zack slowly reached his hands down to her stomach, and rubbed it softly, then rubbed her soft tits through her tank top. He leaned forward and continued to kiss her neck, then back up to nibble on her soft earlobe, then back to her neck. She continued to moan as Zack slipped his hand down the front of her tank top, and found her little but hard nipple and began Escort Ankara to rub and massage it gently. Ansley tilted her head back onto her brothers chest, and let his hands work magic on her.

Zack slowly pulled off Ansley’s tight tank top, and softly undid her bra, admiring the soft beauty of it, but it was still innocent, like Ansley herself. He returned his hands back to the soft breasts that perfectly matched Ansley.

Ansley moaned and knew that she should be making him feel as good as she was feeling right now. She leaned up on his chest a little, giving her some room to reach her little hand down to his cock, that was pushing its way up through his boxers. She pushed his boxers down past his cock and balls, and he moaned in a soft response. She placed her little hand around the tip of his cock, and then started to stroke the length that she found.

“Oh shit Ans.” Zack moaned as he pinched her nipple hard. Ansley looked back at her older brother and smiled as she reached up and gave him a little peck on the lips. She then got down onto the floor and told him to lie down on the space in front of her. He did as she said, as he cock was standing proud away from his body. Her eyes grew big and her mouth watered from seeing it this close. She looked up at Zack with big doe eyes, and then kissed the swollen head of his cock. He groaned and tilted his head back as she began to lick all over his cock.

Up, down, balls, up, down. Zack couldn’t even look up at his sister he was in ectasy. She then tried to deepthroat his long length, but only was able to take about seven inches. Zack moaned at the feeling of his cock going deeper and deeper inside his little sisters mouth. If he was going to do anything else with her, he’d better stop now or he was going to cum all over that pretty face, and he had already cum once today. He pulled her off of him and she reluctantly did so.

“Lay exactly the way I was.” Zack said hoarsely, his cock a little cold from leaving the warmth of his little sisters mouth and all the spit that she had left on it.

Ansley did as Zack told her, assuming the same position he had just seconds before. Zack wasted no time digging into her soft, shaven pussy and licking and tasting her sweet warmth. Ansley moaned and squirmed in pleasure, her clit aching. She thought back to a game that they used to play when they were little, “kiss me”. She smiled, and moved her hand down to her clit, and whispered kiss me there. Zack smiled at the reference to there childhood game, but happily complied as he flicked and kissed her sensitive clit as she whimpered and moaned in pleasure. While he was slurping and sucking on her clit, he reached down and stuck two fingers into her sweet pussy, her warmth and tightness making his cock twitch hard. He then started to lap up her juices as they flowed. Ansley twitched hard one time, then said,

“Ohhh fuck Zack, that feels so good, I’m goin-” She wasn’t even able to finish her sentence her climax hit her so hard. She convulsed as Zack sucked and cleaned her delicate little pussy all up, but making sure to keep some for what was about to come.

Ansley looked up at Zack, and gave him a nod of unspoken consent. Zack, got up onto his knees, aimed his hard throbbing cock at her little pussy, and slowly pushed it in.

“Damn Ansley, your so tight.” Zack moaned as he pushed in deeper, inch by inch. Ansley groaned and moaned in pleasure-pain as she felt her pussy being stretched to the max by his huge member. When Zack finally pushed all the way into her, he pulled out quickly and began thrusting. He grunted and Ansley moaned, and he reached down to rub her throbbing clit. Ansley closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation as her big brothers cock thrusted deep into her canal. Ansley moaned to her brother,

“Fuck, I’m going to cum.” Zack nodded and hoarsely whispered back,

“Me too.” With that, he started pumping into her like crazy, more obsessed with cumming now than trying to remember. As his first thick rope hit deep inside her little pussy, he grunted, and left his cock there, as her little pussy went into spasms, milking his cock for all that it was worth. They laid there, his cock still in her, him on top of her, and laying and cuddling, where they fell asleep and awoke the next morning, cum covered, and spent.

* Part 2? Only if wanted 😉 *

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