Another Part of the TripAnother Part of the Trip

Big Tits

It was about 2:00 am and I take you and I up to the back side of the little island off the Gattarella Resort. I had set up a little lounge area for us under the stars. It is a little humid and still pretty worm out but the breeze is helping keep us cooled down, even though we were both very hot and turned on.

We have not been able to fuck for about two weeks because of an illness that has made its way around the family. I got it first and then everyone else got it after me. We are well now and so is everyone else, so we decided to set out on our own tonight and just have some us time.

We can both feel the sexual tension coursing through each other as we step out of the riva that I have tide off to the island. Our hands linger a little longer than they normally would and it is all we can do to not just strip down and fuck on the hard rocks.

I get you safely up on the platform and before I can get there to your paints are off, so as I climb up and straighten up on my knees I am face to face with your pussy. you grab my head and shove it between your legs. In that split second I can smell your sent and feel your thighs on my cheeks and your wetness on my lips, and as my tongue leaves the wetness of my mouth it move right into the wetness of your folds, and I can taste what my whole body has been craving.

Neither of us are breathing. Neither of us are making a sound. I am just moving my tongue around inside you and you are just standing there one leg over my shoulder and both your hands on my head trying to see if you can shove your pussy any deeper into my mouth. You take a deep breath and start to grind yourself into my face. I push you back and you fall. It scares you and makes you heart stop until you ass hits the bed you are standing right in front of but didn’t realize was even there. Now you are on your back with your legs spread wide in the air grinding my tongue against you cunt. I can feel your muscles tighten and your breath shorten as you start to have your first orgasm. Within seconds you are moaning and your hips are thrusting under me as if you were shoving an imaginary dick down my throat. You are pounding yourself into my mouth and tongue until you just freeze. You stopped everything and just hold my mouth against your pussy.

I can feel you slowly coming down from the orgasm and you let my head go. For me the world gets really load as you have had your hands over my ears the entire time and I think to myself “I think my mouth just got raped!” this makes me smile and I stand up and just take you in. You’re there in a small top and nothing else. You look at me and motion me forward. I don’t move to you. I slowly start to unbutton my shirt. I take a really long time undressing and you start to squirm as I do because you know you did something wrong by taking over in the beginning. You know I’m bursa evi olan escort going to show you who the boss is here and it is turning you on. You know I’m about to take full control of the situation and that you are going to be punished, fuck like a doll that has no say in anything that is about to happen to it. You, right now, are my fuck doll and I am going to enjoy using you to please me.

Don’t get me wrong, you are going to enjoy this. The things that make me feel good make you feel good to. It just may get a little dirtier than you normally like it.

The next morning we wake still on the island and in each other’s arms. We come to just as the sun comes up and we realize just how close to everything this island is. We are nude on top of the bed and there are three fishermen and a family on the beach that can see us. You start to hop up to cover up but I grab you and wrap you in my arms as I take back down into the bed. I kiss you for all to see, our nude bodies together for all to see. Then we both hop up and scramble for our clothes. It turns into a complete mess as our clothes are under everything we have here. we would have been better to just take the sheets but here we are nude for the world to see throwing everything around trying to find some modesty.

We are finally dressed and sitting at the foot of the bed both a little out of breath and very embarrassed. You see a nice sized boat coming to us and say “we need to get out on the water. Lets take a boat ride somewhere!”

“Sure thing.” I say and point to the boat.

You look out at the boat and see they are lowering a small boat of the back. This boat starts heading for us and you look at me with surprise. “Really?”

“Yes ma’am. We are all heading out today for Malta.”

We take it nice and slow heading south down the heel of Italy. Everyone gets to drive the boat which is much bigger than you thought looking at it from shore. It has two staterooms and a crew cabin I and let you know that this is where we will be staying for the next two weeks. “My little surprise for you.” You throw your arms around me and squeal. Then you make us all go do “king of the world” off the front of the boat.

“You’re such a dork.” I say “A cute little dork.”

“Hey! This dork let you cum in every hole I have last night.” You whisper in my ear.

“Any way I could take you down to our cabin and make use of one of those holes right now? Maybe the one with a tongue in it?”

There is a window in our state room and you are on your knees in front of me while I sit in the big cushy chair looking out at the sea. You are slowly moving your head up and down my dick. You can hear me moan and feel me thrust into your open mouth every once and a while. I’m just enjoying your mouth and the view. I look over and the stewardess altıparmak escort has come in to bring us drinks and I put my finger to my mouth and give her a “shhhhh.” Her eyes are wide and she wants to run away, but I have her set the drinks down next to me. Between the music playing and the sounds from the engine room you can’t hear her. I motion for her to kiss you on the back of the neck, she vigorously shacks her head “NO!” I reach out and gently grab her hand.

I softly say “hey babe, we have a guest.”

You quickly look up and my dick springs out of your mouth. But when you see her you smile at her expression and slid your lips back around my shaft. You are now looking her in the eyes and sucking me off. We can both see the big smile on your face and in your eyes. I’m amazed you can smile like that and still not feel teeth on my dick.

“Now see. She knows you’re here. just go down and give her a kiss on the neck. Just a little kiss on the neck.”

You take my dick out of your mouth and with a pouty face say “please. I real want a kiss.”

I’m now rubbing the stewardess’s hand and we can both tell this is starting to turn her on. You are making a show of sucking me now and it is getting me excited. I take a deep breath has my dick goes part way down your throat and as the air comes back out I blurt out “go down and be my lovers lover and we will make these next two week two of the best of your life.”

With this you flash your eyes at me like “What the fuck!?”

“This little lushes thing is the second part of my gift for you.” I say staring you in the eye.

This is when you really look at her for the first time. She is drop dead gorgeous. She is no older than 25 and has a perfect little body. Small tits, a very little waist, nice hips and skin like alabaster.

You slowly look at me with my dick still in your mouth and an expretion that says “I don’t think so you fuck dick!!”

I hold up my finger and turn to the girl and say “are you getting excited about my dick or the mouth that it is in?”

The stewardess scrunches up her face and says “OH NO! I don’t like dicks, they are gross. But I think she is very pretty and she does look good doing that.”

“She’s all yours baby.” I say “though I don’t get to partake in the delicious treat that is Victoria, I will get to watch and help you in this new experience.”

“Are you trying to kill me?” you say with my hard dick still in your hand.

“Yes! She is here to get me your life insurance money. Do you have a problem with that?”

“To be honest. No. I think dying in-between the two of you just might be the best way ever derived to kill someone, and I know I would really enjoy going out that way, so, give it your best shot.” And you proceed to swallow my dick deeper than you ever have before. You keep it bared in your throat and proceed to make swallowing motions with your throat milking my dick. I instantly go stiff in the chair and can hardly breathe. It almost feels too good and my slow nice dick sucking that was going to go on for a while is now exploding in your throat. I close my eyes, throw my head back and just let it happen in your mouth.

As I come back down you stand up and walk over to your new toy. I can see you swallow my cum right before you swallow her tongue in one of the most passionate kisses I have ever seen (really, It could have won the best kiss award on MTV).

To my surprise and delight she is kissing you back. She’s not a prostitute and I was really just kind of hopping that se might flirt with you, but as she starts unzipping her skirt I realize she may actually make this a very exciting two weeks.

I whisper just enough for you to hear “Well ill be a sun of a bitch. This is actually going to happen.”

Your nude bodies touch for the first time and it sends chills up your body. Her breasts on yours, her hand between your legs, her tongue in your mouth, her breath on your cheek, her other hand running finger through your hair. This is the picture I see as your knees go weak and you stumble back onto my lap. She just spreads both of our legs and does a cat like crawl up on to you. She grabs both of your tits as she kisses you again and starts to move down your body. The next thing you know her head is between your legs and my tongue is in your mouth. I am teasing your nipples and you can feel my dick getting hard again. Your toy is starting to notice that my dick in getting in the way of her enjoying you lovely little flower (stupid boys, always messing things up).

She looks up and says “can you move this?’ to me.

“Just put it inside me.” You say.

So, she guides my dick into you and she goes right back to eating you out.

You are now being fucked and eaten and grabbed and fondled and rubbed and squeezed and you don’t think you can take much more of this. You have cum twice in a very short time but you can feel one of those really big ones coming on. When it hits you your whole body goes rigged and you start to shutter. You can tell I’m smiling through our kisses and you love and hate my smugness all at the same time.

As you come down and Victories stops you look at me and say “You just think you’re all that don’t you?”

I start to move very fast in and out of you and as you your pussy’s reaction makes your whole body start to stutter again I say, in a calm voice “yes, yes I do. And if you want me to stop you have to tell me I own your ass.”

These feeling are painfully wonderful but you can’t take it anymore and you start screaming “you own this body!! From now tell the end of time I will be your fucking fuck toy!! I need your dick more than I need air!!” slow down and on my last three thrust you say “I want you! I need you! I love you!”

I laugh and say “Are you paraphrasing Meat loaf?”

You, I and even Victoria start to laugh.

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