Another First, This Time CuckoldedAnother First, This Time Cuckolded


Saturday night and Mistress had excited butterflies. She’d had them all week but tonight they were on a different level. All week she had been waiting for tonight, discussing every eventuality and scenario with me, and at last, it was here, date night, as she called it.

But this was unlike any other date. 2 weeks prior she had struck up an instant chemistry with another man she had met at work. He was a bull of a man, and he was coming round with the explicit reason to cuckold me. This was something Mistress had been building me towards and looking forward to for a long time. Ever since we first got together a year ago, she had been grooming me for this moment.

I have always loved it when Mistress flirts with other men when we are out, but I was still not sure that I was ready for this, and that this is something I wanted, but this was something she wanted and I couldn’t refuse her. She is my lover and my Mistress and I am here to please and obey her in any way she sees fit.

There are reasons why Mistress has led us down this path and I suppose it’s my own fault in a way. I crave certain things sexually and these all point to me being cuckolded. I crave being humiliated, I love the feeling of her telling me how useless I am, and that my dick is pointless and tiny, which is why she now has me caged. I was the one who asked her to put my cock in a cage in the first place to see what it was like and now she prefers escort izmir me to use my hands, mouth and a strap on dildo instead of my caged little clitty as she calls it. She only lets me out once or twice a month, and even then I’m not allowed to cum. We’ve also been to a few sex clubs and Mistress has seen how much I love to watch people have sex and suggested why don’t I watch her too. So as I say, maybe this is what I want too.

7 pm came and the doorbell rang, my stomach flipped as this was now a reality and there was no turning back.

Mistress brought him into the front room and he looked stunning, everything I wasn’t, 6ft 2inches tall, lean with muscles on top of muscles, tanned, just beautiful I could see why she chose him. He was an absolute specimen, a brute of a man.

We had a couple of drinks and they sat together on the sofa I was sat on the other side of the room from them, as I watched them flirt and appear to have a real connection.

He looked at me and smiled as he took her by the hair and kissed her passionately. It was like time had stood still and I was frozen. I didn’t know what I was watching or how to feel, but I knew it was what she wanted and I was powerless to say or do anything. When they came up for air, she looked over at me and smiled and told me to get them both some more drinks and to meet them in the bedroom. I duly obliged, and as I walked up the stairs I could hear them izmir escort bayan giggling and laughing together. As I walked into the room they just went quiet as if I was the butt of their joke.

I gave them their drinks and I was told to sit in the corner and watch until I was told otherwise. I was still caged so couldn’t even pleasure myself as I watched.

He began to unbutton her blouse and release her large beautiful breasts. She had chosen tonight to wear a tight top and no bra, so they were on show instantly. He started to kiss and massage them and the whole time she never took her eyes away from me while biting her bottom lip.

It was now that I knew we had reached a point of no return. My lover and Mistresses breasts in another man’s hand and mouth. She unbuttoned his pants and unleashed what I can only describe as a monster. His manhood was breathtaking, like something you see in a porn film. I almost stood up and applauded.

He laid back and she started to take him in her hands and mouth. I had never seen her this enthusiastic sucking cock before, maybe it was the material she was working with, but she was a woman possessed. She devoured every inch of his cock and pleasured him over and over again.

I was getting so uncomfortable in my steel cage that my cock was spilling out over the edges.

At this point, he beckoned me over and instructed me to get in close as she sucked his cock. izmir escortlar She was looking straight into my eyes as I was barely 2 inches from his massive schlong. Now I have sucked a penis once before in a foursome we have had, but this was another level. Mistress grabbed the back of my head and forced me down onto him, and we kissed together with his cock between our lips. I heard him groan and I knew we were doing it right.

After a few minutes, he picked her up and threw her on the bed. He got in on top and started to push himself inside her. I’m was instructed by Mistress to stroke her clit while he did so. Every time he thrust I felt his cock and body brush against mine as he overpowered her and used her time and time again. I could see that she was loving every second of this and relishing it all. I then sensed he was building up to a massive orgasm as he started to pump inside her harder and faster. Just as he did so, he pulled out and came all over my face and mouth with more cum than I release in a year. I was soaked completely and when he had finished I cleaned off his cock until it was shiny and new.

I proceeded then to pleasure my Mistress with my hands and mouth taking my time as I did so, as this was as close as l would get to sex for a long time. I then eventually brought her to another orgasm as she squirted all over my face, and with his cum I was now soaked everywhere.

I expected that that was going to be it for the night. But it was still early maybe 9 pm, and as it turned out that this was just the beginning of a very long evening for us all, and safe to say that wasn’t the only load of cum I cleaned up that night.

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