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I had never seen a woman like her before. It was the sheer unlikelihood of her that thrilled me. The unlikelihood of her walking down a street like mine, and when I could least have expected it, the unlikelihood of how things unfolded, and the unlikelihood of her unusual and incredible beauty. Maybe I should call it her sexiness, rather than her beauty. I’m still not sure. She was beautiful, but not in any conventional; by which I mean stereotypical and banal sense. It was proportion. She was not slim, but you could not call her heavy either, but she had such large natural breasts, and they pointed proudly straight outwards. They seemed like they were too large for her frame to carry them, but she was having no trouble with that.

He face was pretty, in a sexy kind of way, her skin as white as milk, and she had these extraordinary full lips, that were the sharpest mix of red and pink, and piercing grey eyes, under whose gaze, I think, the faint hearted would break.

The first time I saw her she was walking down my street. I thought it was just one of those things that happen every day, but I should have known right from the beginning that there was nothing every day about her.

I desired her the moment I saw her; but a desirable woman passes you one day and while she is there before you, she consumes you, but it fades and disappears after she is gone, and she becomes another memory, along with all the other women you saw and wanted, but at a time and in a place when you could not find the means of approaching them.

Then, a couple of days later, she passed by again. This time she noticed me noticing. She looked every bit as gorgeous as she had the first time, and I thought to myself, how can I approach her without it being too obvious?

The way to approach a woman, I have learned, is to contrive a meeting that will become the beginning of what I intend to become a conversation and then an exchange of numbers and then a date, and to make it seem as if it was put of the natural run of things. An approach to a woman should not jar against the natural rhythms of the day.

Seeing her again as I had that day, I began to believe in fate again. I always rely on fate in situations like this. If I see a woman I have desired a second time shortly after my first view of her, I decide that fate has decreed that I will have her. I just have to wait for the time to come; or subtly act to bring it about.

I saw her a third time, a few days later. This time it was in a shop. I decided ankara escort that it was time to go and speak to her. I said ‘hi’, and she smiled and replied in kind. It was friendly; it did not lack warmth, but it was not the kind of ‘hi’ that invites conversation. I stood waiting for her to say something, and then she turned and went on with her shopping.

I walked home feeling puzzled. She had not encouraged further attention, but she had not discouraged it either. She had been completely neutral, and that is the hardest thing to fathom. Fate was playing with me. I would have to wait. I would not go anywhere where I might bump into her. I had to leave it to the fates.

That evening, I went for a walk in the park, and I had mostly forgotten about the afternoon and the shop. When I came to it, I sat down on the bench where I always sit. It’s in the far corner of the park, furthest from the main road, and although one of the paths goes by that way, hardly anyone ever goes there. That’s why I like it. It’s a great place to read or just sit and think.

I had been there for about ten minutes, watching the sunset and dusk fall, when I heard someone coming. I looked up to see her coming round the bend into view. Fate has not let me down, I thought, and my senses rioted in me. She saw me, and I wondered what she would do.

She sat down and said ‘hi,’ in the same low key kind of way as in the shop; so I just stayed where I was, on the bench opposite the one where she had just sat down, rather than strike up a conversation and go and sit next to her. The path between us was not wide, but it was too wide for two people who were sitting on benches on opposite sides to talk to one another comfortably, and raised voices would have jarred against the quiet of the evening.

It did seem strange to me though, as well as exciting. The park is big, and there was no one else around, and she had chosen to sit right opposite me, but she did not want to talk. It was the kind of situation I had been praying fate would provide. No one else around; a chance meeting, and an opportunity to talk. Then I wondered how much of it was just chance. It was working too well, and I am always suspicious of anything that works too well. I said I like unlikelihood, but some things are just too unlikely to be chance. However, it did not seem as though anything was going to happen. I mean; it seemed that she wanted to sit right opposite me, but she did not want to be approached and chatted with.

Then she did something that I had not expected. She swung one leg up over the other leg, so that they were crossed. It was so quick that I thought I might have çukurambar escort imagined it, but I was sure that I had just been given a momentary glimpse of her pussy. She looked at me enigmatically and then she said

‘I’ve been watching you. You come here quite a lot.’ In that moment I realized that she was an American. I loved her accent.

‘I do,’ I said and smiled.

Fate was more cunning than me. She had not entered my scene by sitting there, she was creating a scene of her own, and I was to be in it. She was more cunning than me, too.

‘Come and sit over here,’ she said, and patted the spot on the bench beside her.

Obediently, I got up and walked the few steps across the path to her. As I sat down, she pulled down her top and her great tits bounced out. Despite their extravagant size, and their wonderful soft fleshiness, they were firm and her nipples pointed outwards seemingly welcoming my touch.

I had to ask her and she smiled and said ’40DD.’

I reached out and took them in my hands. My cock, which had begun to harden as soon as I had seen her coming round the bend in the path, was fully erect now.

We looked into each other’s eyes and she said

“I saw you for the first time about a week ago, and I decided then that I was going to fuck you, but I wanted it like this. That’s why I didn’t let you pick me up in the shop.”

I leaned down and licked her nipple and I felt her hand reach for my crotch, unzip my jeans and pull out my cock. Her fingers encircled my dick and she began to wank me.

‘Stand up,’ she said, ‘I’m gonna suck you off.’

My cock throbbed as I thought of her voluptuous red lips wrapped around it.

‘Don’t tell me your name,’ she said, her breath hot on my cock as she was on the verge of putting it in her mouth.

She sucked me expertly for five minutes and it was all I could do not to come, but I managed both to enjoy to the full her fabulous cock sucking skills and not blow my load too soon. Finally she stopped sucking my knob, and said

‘Come on, baby, fuck me now,’ she said, ‘I’m all wet and ready for you.’

She stood up and turned around and leaned forward, placing her hands on the rim of the back of the bench. I lifted up her skirt and put it over the small of her back. She was wearing nothing underneath, in preparation for this little encounter. She had glorious reddish pink cunt lips that were already glistening with juice.

She wanted me to fuck her right away, but I had to eat her pussy first, so I knelt down and started flicking my tongue over her lips. She sighed heavily as my tongue dikmen escort worked its way into her hot, wet hole. She was lovely and tight. Fucking her was going to be a treat.

She was getting more and more excited and she kept on crying out

‘Fuck me, fuck me now. Do it, come on. Fuck me.’

I did not want to keep her waiting any longer, so I stood up, took my cock in my hand and slid it up into her pussy with a single thrust.

For a curvy lady, she had one tight cunt. I felt like she could crush my dick with one twitch of her cunt muscles. I began pumping in and out of her. My cock was really deep in her pussy now and still no one had come by, but the thought that someone at any moment might, made the pleasure deeper, and I could tell by the hunger of her look, as she turned her head around to see me fucking her, and the urgency of her movements that if we had been doing this in some private place, it would not have had the intensity that it had for us now.

I continued to fuck her pussy deep, and her arsehole looked so inviting with its puckering little sphincter, all pink and laced with downy hairs, that I could not resist tickling it with my finger. She almost exploded when my fingertip touched that dark entrance. She cried out

‘Not just your finger. Fuck me up the ass. Right here, under the evening sky. I want everyone from town to come see what all the noise is about and stay and watch. I want them all to see me getting my ass fucked here in the park.’

I did not need to be asked twice, and the whole world could have come to watch, as far as I was concerned. I was going to fuck that lovely arse of hers, no matter what. I licked my finger to get it covered in my spit, and put it back in her sphincter and gently, but firmly pushed. It slid in easily, just as my cock had slid easily into her pussy.

Her arsehole now ready, I swung my foot up on to the bench for balance, and got hold of her great thighs with my hands. I looked down and admired her luscious great arse cheeks for a moment, before rubbing my cock head over her ring and pushing it home.

I was merciless. I rammed it all the way up her arse in one go. I fucked away at her arsehole and she reached down and rubbed her pussy furiously as her arse took a real pounding. The harder I fucked, the harder she wanted it. This gorgeous, shameless lady was insatiable.

I savoured the soft caresses of her inner arsehole on my cock as she wanked herself to climax., but I could not hold on for much longer, so I fucked even harder and finally spurted three or four jets of spunk deep into her arsehole.

I fell away from her and sat on the bench. She slowly recovered herself, but she stayed in the position in which I had just reamed her cunt and her arse.

‘Go now,’ she said, ‘and don’t talk to me if you see me in town, but come here again tomorrow evening.’

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