Annie Teaches Part IIAnnie Teaches Part II


My daughter and I practiced on my new stripper pole for about thirty minutes before we had to stop so I could start dinner for my family. I continued to be amazed at how good Beth was on the pole and her dancing ability. My daughter is a very good gymnast and her strength and flexibility really is evident in her dancing skills. After we finished, we both put our robes on and she went upstairs to her bedroom and I went into our kitchen to start dinner. A minute later I remembered something I wanted to tell Beth so I went upstairs to her room and knocked on her door then went in.Beth’s robe was on her bed and my daughter was standing in front of her mirror in her sheer white g-string panties watching herself as she rocked her hips and twerked in the mirror with her legs spread open wide. She had a smile on her face as she watched herself dance in the mirror. When she noticed me, she just smiled at me and continued. I stood and watched her for a few seconds then my daughter said, “Mom, you can see everything! I like it and I bet Mikey liked it too, huh??”I just laughed and told her I bet her brother really liked it then I walked over to her and hugged her and told her, “Baby you are just like your mother and like it when people see you don’t you??”“I do! I liked it when Mikey looked at me down there and it kind of made me excited that he looked and I could see his cock was getting big too!  And Mom, I like it too that after you shaved me there my pussy looks like yours now too. It’s so much fun for me to show it to Mikey and I hope Daddy will like it too!”Beth hugged me back and asked if she could wear her new panties when we showed her dad what we were practicing on the pole after dinner. I hugged her and said I bet her daddy would love to see her too like her brother. Then I remembered what I wanted to tell my daughter and told her to wear her new yellow panties for tonight and that I was going to wear my yellow ones too. Then I kissed her on her cheek and gave her a hug before I went back downstairs to make dinner. As I turned to leave, Beth leaned over to me and said, “I can’t wait to let Daddy and Mikey see my pussy in my new panties!” I laughed and went back downstairs to the kitchen to start dinner.I stopped in our bedroom before going into the kitchen and changed into my sheer yellow g-string panties and put on a thin yellow sheer top. I stopped in front of the mirror and looked at myself and smiled as I thought Beth was right, you can see everything and smiled to myself. It was going to be a fun night!I was still preparing dinner when Rob came through the garage door and stopped to look at his hot wife. He smiled and told me I looked hot and then came over to me and kissed me. He slid his hand under my top and over my ass before fingering my wet pussy through my panties. “Mmmmmm, you feel so wet baby, have you been fucking this afternoon?” Rob asked.I playfully pushed him away and told him our son had fucked me after he got home from school this afternoon and that I needed to be fucked some more and then rubbed his cock thru his pants. Rob smiled at me and said well maybe we can take care of that later too. I smiled at him told him I can’t wait! Then Rob said he was going to take a quick shower before dinner and left the kitchen.Twenty minutes later Rob was back in the kitchen wearing some loose fitting shorts and a tee shirt and I was just getting the table set. I called up to Mike and Beth and said dinner was ready and come down to eat. A couple of minutes later, Mike and Beth came into the kitchen and Rob’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Beth. Our daughter was wearing a short white sheer top şişli escort bayan that barely covered her butt and her dark erect nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. When she took her seat, she was a little careless and opened her legs and her sheer see thru yellow panties were clearly visible for all of us to see. Beth smiled at her daddy and asked him if he liked her new outfit. Rob nearly choked on a bit of food before he said it looked real cute on her and she just smiled at him again. I looked at Mike and he was smiling as well and trying to cover his hard cock under the thin shorts he was wearing along with a tee shirt. I smiled at him then my daughter before we started eating and then I noticed a damp spot on the crouch of her panties over her pussy. Beth closed her legs a little but her pussy was still visible through her sheer panties and her daddy and brother were both looking and I just smiled and shook my head thinking to myself my daughter really likes to show off like her mommy!Dinner conversation was the usual talk about school and sports and then Beth asked me, “Mom, Mike told me upstairs a few minutes ago that you are going to dance at a strip club Friday and that is why you got your pole to practice on. Are you going to dance naked there?” Mike chocked and coughed when his sister said that and I nearly fell out of my chair!Rob laughed and looked at Beth and me then said, “Yes baby girl, Mom is going to dance at a strip club on Friday night and I will be there watching her and it is ok. And besides your Mom is a beautiful woman and other men like to look at her too and it’s ok with me baby if she dances naked there too. I want her to do that and be sexy for them.”Beth looked at me and then her dad and smiled and said, “That is so, so, so sexy! I wish I could go too!”I looked over to Rob and smiled at him and felt so good that he had answered Beth’s questions and I felt relieved that it was all out in the open now. A few years before, Rob and I had agreed to always try to answer the kid’s questions honestly. Believe me, that has lead to some interesting conversations with our kids too!I smiled at Beth and told her that she will have to wait a couple of years before she can go watch her Mom dance at the club but that when she turned eight-teen, I’d take her. My daughter smiled at me then looked at her dad and said, “Daddy, after dinner is over, Mom and I want to show you and Mikey what we practiced on the pole today if it is alright.”Rob just smiled at Beth and said, “I’d love to watch you both baby.”Beth smiled at me and said to her daddy, “We practiced some new dance moves and I can’t wait to show you, and Mikey liked them too didn’t you Mikey?” Our son smiled at his sister and said he really did like watching us and it will be fun tonight too.We quickly finished dinner and I said to give me a few minutes to clear off the table and clean up the kitchen then we could all go downstairs to practice dancing some more. Rob and the kids got up to go into our family room but I stopped Beth before she could go with them. “Wait just a minute sweety,” I said to Beth. “When did Mike tell you about me dancing at the club?”Beth looked at me and smiled and said, “When I went to his room to show him my new yellow panties a few minutes before we came down and Mom, Mikey was playing with his cock too when I first went into his room. When he saw me, he covered up but Mom, I saw his cock and it was really big too!”I smiled at my daughter and gave her a hug and said, “Is that why you got a little wet spot over you pussy baby?”Beth looked surprised and then lifted her short top and looked at her şişli escort bayan panties and then turned to look at me as she felt herself and said, “Oh God Mom! Do you think Daddy and Mikey could see it too? I’m so embarrassed!” Then she fingered her pussy over her panties and her face turned bright red. “Mom, I can feel it and I didn’t know till now.. I’m so embarrassed!”I leaned over and hugged my daughter and said, “Don’t be embarrassed baby, it’s just natural and it happens when we get excited and it is normal so don’t be embarrassed! Did seeing Mikey’s cock get you excited or was it something else?” I asked.Beth hugged me back and said, “Seeing Mikey’s cock got me excited, it’s so big and I wish I could touch it but he wouldn’t let me, I asked him if I could but he said he was embarrassed so I didn’t and he covered it up. But that is not all I guess Mom, just thinking about showing my pussy to Mikey and Daddy and dancing with you makes me so excited too and I love it!” Then she hugged me again then pulled back a little and asked me if she should go up to her room and change her panties.I hugged her and told her, “No don’t go change your panties baby, it’s sexy and besides I think I have a wet spot there too now and your daddy and Mike will like looking at our wet pussies when we dance on the pole and it will be fun and sexy too!” As a responsible Mom, I should have told her to go change and cover up but honestly I was excited about what could happen and wanted my daughter to have fun. Then I gave Beth another hug and told her to go into the family room and wait with her daddy and brother till I finished in the kitchen then we could go practice dancing some more.A few minutes later, I finished in the kitchen and walked into our family room to see my daughter perched on the sofa opposite her brother and daddy with her knees tucked up under her chin and of course in that position her pussy and ass were on full display under her tiny sheer g-sting panties.. She looked at me and smiled and I just shook my head. Of course I had taught my daughter to sit in a ladylike manner and she always did, so I knew she was showing her daddy and brother her pussy on purpose. I smiled at her and asked if she was about ready to go downstairs and she began to move and got up to go downstairs with me. Before we left the family room I told Rob and Mike to give us a few minutes to get ready then I’d call them down. They both smiled at me and Rob said, ‘Ok’.After we got downstairs, I pulled Beth to me and gave her another hug and told her she was a big tease sitting on the sofa like she was showing her pussy to her daddy and her brother. My daughter just smiled at me and said, “They both were looking too Mommy and I liked it!”I laughed and said, “I bet!”Then I asked her if she knew what a lap dance was. Beth said that she had heard of that before but didn’t really know what it was then I told her I’d show her how to do one tonight after we danced for her daddy and brother. Beth just smiled at me and said, “I can’t wait!”Then we got busy getting the lights on and the music playing and moved two chairs directly in front of the little stage where the pole was mounted and then I called Rob and Mike downstairs as Beth moved to the music and was dancing around. We both still had our tops on over our panties too.Rob and Mike came down and I told them to sit in the chairs and that Beth and I wanted to do a little striptease for them before we showed them the moves we practiced today on the pole. I looked at Beth and softly told her to follow my lead and began moving my hips to the music. Beth watched me and did the same moves and then mecidiyeköy escort we began to dance together. Rob and Mike watched with smiles on their faces and I could see the beginning of a large bulge in Mike’s shorts as he watched both his sister and me dance. Beth and I continued to rock our hips in a coordinated fashion and I lifted up my top a little to show the boys my panties and looked over to Beth who did the same thing. As we rocked our hips I took one finger and rubbed my pussy over my panties and Beth followed my move and then she pulled the crotch of her panties aside to show her pussy to her daddy and brother and smiled at them. Both her daddy and brother’s eyes were fixed on her little pussy and then I did the same thing as the song ended.Beth and I straightened up a little then the next song started and we began to move our hips again in that familiar motion. I lifted my top up again and took it all the way off and looked over to Beth who smiled at me and did the same. We tossed our tops to the boys and then began to dance topless for them as they smiled and watched us intently. Both Beth and I played with our tits as we danced for her daddy and brother and I could tell by the look on my daughter’s face she was happy and excited. Her dark nipples were rock hard and standing out from her chest as she danced and played with her nipples as she rocked her hips. My daughter and I twerked and fingered our pussies over our panties as we danced and then at the end of the song, I moved over to Beth and hugged her and rubbed my nipples against hers and we both played with each other’s tits and looked at the guys as the song ended. Mike’s hard cock was very noticeable in his loose shorts and Rob had the beginnings of a very large bulge in his shorts too as they watched us.When the next song started I pulled Beth to me and hugged her as I whispered in her ear, “Baby I am going to pull your panties down and take them off so you can show Daddy and Mikey your pussy and then I want you to take my panties off too.” Beth pulled back and looked into my eyes with excitement and smiled then hugged me tight.My daughter’s nipples were as hard as little pebbles as I slide my hands down her sides and hooked my fingers in the waist band of her panties . I looked over to Rob and he was looking at me with a very excited expression and Mike’s eyes were glued to my fingers as I slowly pulled Beth’s panties down all the way past her ankles. After I got her panties down, I helped her step out of them then took them in my hand and stood back up and showed them to Beth and then danced over to Rob and gave them to him. Rob took his daughter’s damp panties in his hands then lifted them to his nose and sniffed them as Beth just watched as she continued to rock her hips to the music then I turned back to her and softy said it was time to do me.Beth looked at her daddy and opened her legs and twerked a couple of times then pulled me to her and hugged me again. She ran her hands down my sides and then hooked her fingers in my panties and pulled them down slowly to my ankles as I moved to the music. As she pulled my panties down past my pussy my daughter looked directly at my wet cunt and smiled before she removed my panties from my feet and stood back up and danced over to Mike and handed him my wet panties.Then Beth and I started dancing again with our legs open and showed off our cunts and asses to Mike and Rob. We were both so excited and wet, the smell of aroused pussy filled the room!  As we twerked, I reached down and began to finger my pussy and Beth did the same and after a few seconds, I danced over to Mike and offered him my wet finger to smell and lick. Mike smelled his Mom’s cunt and licked the juices off my finger. Beth danced over to her Daddy and did the same thing and Rob licked his daughter’s juices off her fingers too before we turned and started dancing together again.

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