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Subject: “Annie and Babs: A Zany Love Story” Annie and Babs: A Zany Love Story By Timothy Stillman Annie loved Babs. She loved muff diving on her. Not everyone got the patriotic delight of doing that to someone who looked like George Washington. It stirred Annie’ American delight. And Babs loved Annie. She was more manly than Babs’ husband, George, for George was a limp on at best, but Annie was a tiger. Her with that slinky body and that sheepdog hair and that HUGE Adam’s apple. And the cock Annie had kept hidden from everybody but Babs. They had trained their nether regions to sing patriotic songs and they did the deed underneath a BIG AMERICAN FLAG. With marching music playing loudly. Oh could Ann fuck. She was the biggest fucker in town and when she said to Babs little heart felt things while pistoning it in that gray twat, like, “All liberals should burn in hell” and “John Edwards has a bumper sticker on his car that reads, “Ask Me About My Dead Son,” stuff Annie said to the corp. media and which got her on the Today show for ten minutes, well–just joshing the people then. But they were little love words between bursa yabancı escort Annie and Babs. Sweet nothings in their ears. Here it was Whip Crack Annie, with the bull whip slashing on Babes huge wrinkled fanny and Babs screamed loudly as Annie screamed louder, “Timothy McVey had the right idea,” LASH LASH SCREAM SCREAM, “he just should have blown up the New York Times building instead,” and Annie would then dive into Babs’ crack that had this warm heady flavor, as Babs would tell her bed time stories like the blacks in New Orleans were better off now because they were pretty far down in the pile before and anything has got to be better than that, and I can’t disturb my beautiful mind with things like insane wars and torture and slaughter. And Annie would rub her seven and three quarters inch dick between Babs’ doughy breasts and Babs would feast on Annie’s loveliness, because she was beautiful, as who could not be when they wore evening gowns in the middle of the morning or afternoon. And Annie just had that je ne sais pas or whatever, Babs mused, thinking, Georgie W. should take care bursa sınırsız escort of the filthy French next, and Babs would reach her arthritic hands to Annie’s dick and put it in her elderly mouth as Annie would ride her, screaming out, “SUCK IT YOU DINOSAUR, SUCK ALL MY CUM INSIDE YOUR WITHERED MOUTH, GEORGE, I mean Babs, AND WHEN I CUM, BABY, WHEN I CUM, YOU SNOT BAG YOU, IT’S YOUR TEETH, you have them in don’t you, OUCH, ok you have them in, CROSSING THE DELAWARE and THE NUKES FOR IRAN ARE FOR YOU FIRST YOU TWISTED UP DEGENERATE YOU…” as Annie would be thinking of Jeffy Gannon and Ted Haggard and all the other sick fuck evangelists and the Repub senators and congressmen who just seemed to be involved in dalliances with homosexuals, or seemed to be homosexuals themselves- –God they turned her on–Ted and Jeffy and Georgie W. were so hot in their foursome-Georgie W. kept drifting off and they could wake him only with some blow up his nose–and he would say all sorts of insane shit that made his press conferences and speeches coherent by comparison. Annie loved thinking these thoughts, remembering görükle escort those memories, as Babs’ sucked her cock and felt the manly hands of Annie on the sides of her gray wig as Annie pile drove her dick into her mouth and Annie said I’M ANNIE, SHE WOLF OF THE S.S. HITLER IS FOREVERRRRRRRRRR…. as Annie came a big musket load that would have had the whole of the American Revolution soldiers cheering–Babs took it all in, but as Annie throbbed in Babs’ gasping mouth, Annie accidentally had pulled off Babs’ gray wig, and there before Annie’s sickened eyes–about time something made HER sick–was this mostly bald, little tufted clumps of hair here and there, old old woman and Annie pulled his withered dick from that godawful mouth and wretched on the bed and on Babs— And Annie, knowing now she was somewhat shallow, knew she had been pretending she had been sexing George Washington; the travesty this was; she could have had all the gay men she wanted, but this–oh Christ in the Heavens forgive her she knows not what she has forced me to do– –So Annie stiffened again her cock and adjusted some gear work on the side of it, pulled the sheath back as a little snub nosed pistol came out of the slit, which she fired between Babs’ non-understanding eyes–and fired three bullets into that old gray head. Then Annie turned Babs over and pulled open her asshole and Annie then… Well, the rest is too disgusting to tell.

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