“We need to update some of the modern trains that have been traveling through the city.” The elderly male spoke, his sleek black suit slimming his rather chubby form.

Circle frames hug low on his nose while pepper and salt hair covered his chin, neglecting his rather bald head.The light reflecting off of it like a glass table.

The business man was not seated at the front of the table, that was meant for the CEO of the corporation and that was no man.

Standing by a sheet that displayed graphs and statistics he continued to speak, fidgeting a bit whenever his eyes would meet with blazing ice greys.

The room was a bit quite, most of the workers were taking down notes while other would ask short clipped questions. Of-course he would answer them but did it quickly,his true goal aimed at the approval of the woman who sat in the far center seat of the maple wood.

“What do you suggest we do to discover these ‘difficulties’ Mr.Adam?” Her voice came out in a chilled husky tone, full lips giving way to white aligned teeth.

“From the data we are being given by companies, a majority of not all of our trains seem to be operating and appearing correctly.”

Ice grey eyes remained glued on the stack of papers in front of her, speaking while her long slim fingers flipped through the crisp pages and read them closely.

“That’s the problem actually…”

He commented, after taking down a dry lump that had formed in his throat from anxiousness.

“The company receives this information from the operators, if they were to lets say…”He flipped the huge page to another that displayed a few bullet points, “show that they were not taking the proper steps or displaying the highest standards as posed by the company… then we would ultimately shut them down or replace management.”

Moving a stray strand of black sleek locks behind her rich colored ear,the CEO nodded in agreement and urged the old business man to continue.

“Okay,”he sighed after viewing her nod. “I purpose that we allow some members of the company to go out personally and check the trains and sites that have been getting the worst reports. To-to umm…” He bit his bottom lip at his stuttering.

He has done this a million times before, but looking at this intimidating woman across from him just made his tongue stick to the roof of his mouth. Her aura oozed power, assurance and attention, and that aspect was what made her so frightening. Never has he met anyone male CEO that has made him trip over his words, but this woman and her dangerously sharp eyes was doing just that.

Shaking his head to rid the anxiousness he felt, the old business man continued,”…see where the problem actually is.”

A cool air passed through the silence that ensued after his proposition. The workers turned their head to the elegant woman who tilted her head slightly in thought. They waited and then waited, in this matter time wasn’t an issue, their job depended on her decisions and where she decided to take the corporation.

Patience was one attribute they all learned to gain over the years of working for Ms.Gisele Abimbola. All the men and women in this office and meeting have worked for her longer than five years.Unlike her father,who enjoyed putting his trust in his workers and letting mistakes slide, she is not so forgiving when it comes to impatience and rash decisions.

Taking a long moment to think of the man’s suggestion after he finished his presentation, she tapped the bottom of her chin analyzing every possible result or disaster. Once her thought process seemed complete, she dropped the pen onto the table and gave her full attention to the speaker.

“Well…” Her deep accented voice spoke. The air of authority that followed her grabbing the attention of everyone in the room who were truly waiting for her opinion.

“I say lets do it.”

The presenters face shaped into a childish smile, his pale skin revealing all the wrinkles and sun spots of old age.


The air stilled while she cut off their momentary relaxation, causing their shoulders to stiffen and bodies to go rigid.

She lifted her long pointer finger, nails coated in a deep tint of plum, “I shall check the number one service that is suffering or has received the worst reports. Going about other places is unnecessary…” She rose a perfectly arched brow in question of anyone’s disagreement, when no one posed a question she continued.

“When all my data is completed we shall impose these changes onto other suffering sites.”

A cold air ran through the entire room, the workers stared at her as if she was on something else.

The area their CEO intended to go to are some of the worst in the entire country. Not just due to their bad equipment, but mostly caused by the kind of horrible people that resided in that location. The city was no joke when it comes to their history and reputation. Yes, it was very prejudice since a majority of these areas had minority groups but that was just reality. The government neglected this city Bostancı Escort and due to that it was it’s own hell. Death and murder was something that appeared as common as birds chirping or children playing. The area is just bad news and if their CEO get’s hurt then they all get hurt.

“I will start tomorrow and turn in my reports by the end of this month. Whether we will be shutting down these areas…” She stood from her leather seat, pushing the papers aside while she took out her cellphone.”Or improving them will be determined by me.”

With that comment she excused herself by giving each of her workers a silent but concluding look. Despite their expressions that illustrated doubt and worry, her mind was made up which means nothing was going to change.

The workers bid her goodbye and waited for her to leave before they would start packing up their things.

Pushing past the sliding glass door that gave way in and out of the large meeting room, she began to search through her contacts to reach a close business partner.

Moving toward her private office, Gisele smiled at some of her workers who saw her and spoke to her. She was cold but made sure all those who worked for her knew that she wasn’t some anonymous figure that doesn’t ever show her face. Her father taught her that technique. His workers adored him because he was known and displayed his trust in all his workers, despite how foolish she thought he could be when it came to his business deals.

The company has always been strong but under her leadership it has become one of the top businesses in the world. She wasn’t a joker when it came to deals and her partners knew that. At first they attempted to move around her due to her sex, but with a stern fist she got those idiots to respect her.

Like her father has always taught her and her brother,”money speaks but mouths due the persuading.”

Once she saw the name in her phone that seemed seared into her mind, she clicked the contact.

Not being one to enjoy exposure of any kind the ebony haired woman made her way into her very spacious office, locking the door behind her.



She was already getting impatient at the lack of response, as they say ‘time is money’ and every seconding was itching her closer aggravation. She has other business partners to call and waste of time was not making her very happy.

“Gisele…” A deep tone that resembled a similar accent of hers spoke.


A gentle laugh was the response to her business like tone.

“Don’t you think it would be more comforting to great me like your older brother and not some business partner.” He joked, poking the woman’s frustration.

“I need your expertise and opinion Fred.” Plum coated fingers running through long midnight locks, her back leaning against the pure oak desk.

“Well well, isn’t this a surprise.”

He poked some more. She called him rarely but when she did it was about business. His comment was a joke however, because her brother called her on a weekly basis just to bother her and help her move away from her workaholic habits.

“Welp sis tell me what’s up.”

Rolling her eyes at his childish voice, Gisele went on to explain what exactly she wanted to do and also asking if he knew anything about the ‘city experience.

Her older brother choose the field of an architect, so he has to visit and research a-lot of areas including the upscale and very impoverished.

After an hour or so of talking, they concluded on her going to the the city but of-course once or twice a day and avoiding conflict at all cost.

The woman wasn’t scared at all, despite all the gruesome information her older brother told her about the area. Standing at five-feet eleven and being a expert at Bokator, Pencak silat, and having a heavy dose of bare knuckle boxing knowledge in her back pocket, she is more of a threat then a victim. Her brother has the same training so he knows very well that she can take care of herself. But being the protective fool he is, he decides to give her advice on how to ‘protect’ herself.

Gisele thought that he truly did it to protect those who threatened her. In all honesty it seems to be the humane thing to do since she is capable of killing someone with her skilled techniques.

Once they thanked him for his help, she turned off her phone and started to prepare for another meeting.

A few minutes later she heard a knock on her door. Not expecting any company this early the outstanding woman made her way to the door. Putting her hand around the silver nob, Gisele opened the office door to see who the visitor was.

“Hello Gisele…” The blonde walked into the room, her thick long air curled loosely around her head.

“Kathryn why are you here.”

The tall woman asked, her arms folded across her chest in annoyance, silver eyes watching as the tall perfectly sculpted body skated across her office.

After looking around the familiar office briefly, the beauty turned around Bostancı Escort Bayan showing the most decisive pout that could melt anyones heart(anyone but Gisele).

Slowly she walked over Gisele, her small hands reaching out to the reluctant woman and touching over her flat stomach. Her pink coated nails running loose circles over the woman’s skin.

Looking down at the tempting but very manipulative ex-lover, the elegant woman took the blondes hand and moved it off of her body.

“Don’t touch me.” Her words came out chilled and laced with venom.

“Oh come on baby, please forgive me.” She pushed her figure hard against the bosses tall figure, letting her breast press against her. “I know you miss me.”

“I don’t.” Gisele spoke in all honesty, her face stern and not cracking once.

Looking deep into those unrevealing eyes, the blonde pulled against her tall ex-lovers tailored pants, letting her hand quickly slip in. Gisele could hear herself gasp and cursed her lust. It has been months since she’s had sex, her work occupied her days and she hadn’t realized how hungry her bodies been for intimate touch.

“How about now?” The blonde teased, moving her lips closer so that they could kiss along the woman’s jawline.

Gisele moved her hands quickly, her training giving her fast reflexes. Slim fingers held onto the girls face, preventing her pink lips from making contact with her skin. She could feel her self slipping under the soft fingers that stroked her sex repeated.

“Oh I like it when your rough.” Kathryn teased, kissing the nutmeg tinted hands that wrapped around her face.


Gisele spoke coolly, pushing the model away from her and pulling the peach tinted hands from her trousers.

“Out.Now.” Her iced eyes blazed.

The noir haired beauty let her lips move into a straight line, while her eyes threatened the girl to attempt another move like that silently.

Smiling seductively, Kathryn licked her fingers and sashayed to the office door. “Your lost.” She sung, winking at the stone faced CEO and then making her way out.

Rolling her eyes at the woman’s childish antics, Gisele leaned against her desk in exhaustion. It took alot for her to not give in since her body so badly wanted to be touched, but one thing she never does is go back on a promise.

She has forgiven Kathryn more then three times and this was the last straw. Fucking in her home, more specifically her bed is something she could never forgive. In-fact she had that mattress burned because she was so angry and disgusted.



Moving her long fingers through dark locks, the slim woman turned around to take her phone the beeped for her attention.

Placing the device to her ear, Gisele listened as he secretary told her about the business partners that were here for their meeting. Thanking the woman who seemed to be the only person that could keep up with her standards, she shut the phone off and attempted to rid herself of the heat that had spread through her body after that encounter with Kathryn.

“Lets get this meeting over with and make this another deal well done.” She told herself, taking her leather bag and making her way out of the room.



“How long are you going to be doing this?” Allison asked while her sister packed up her leather tote with papers and what not.

The average sized brunette rolled her eyes as the young girl continued to pester her about her transportation situation. The little girl knew more about this city than she should. She knows about the murders, the thugs and gangs, she knows about everything and at times her older sister is happy about that but most of the time it makes her sad. No child should be exposed to this kind of life and have to worry about their sibling every single day.

Her baby sister has always been one to worry but now it’s even worse. As it all turns out that the youth has to take the bus or train everywhere, why? Because her car had to stop working in the dead middle of summer when the temperature is too hot and the thugs too fucking pumped.

They lived in the inner city aka the hell hole. You know the kinds of cities where you couldn’t go out past midnight, well they live in the city where you aren’t even safe in plain daylight.

She and her baby sister live together in a run-down apartment that is the best she could possibly get. The land lord knew their parents so he decided to give them a discount every month, it’s not just because of their history though. Annia can hardly afford paying for school and rent, lucky for her the old man got the hold hardship thing since his children were dealing with the same thing.

A few years back their parents killed in a shoot out between rival gangs while walking home from work. They never saw it coming and never made it home. The police took days to get their parents body off of the street,as if it was an everyday thing people just walked past them. The brunette only discovered of their tragic passing Escort Bostancı through their friend Hamilton, her current landlord.

Even to this day she can’t get the image of their dead bodies off the pavement, blood dried and eyes wide open. She never allowed Allison to see their parents, the only time she could was on the street and that was not going to happen. They could never afford a funeral and only through funding from people who knew her parents was she able to get them to at least be buried next to each other.

Even now the entire thing is a complete mess. There was no preparation for their passing, no second plan. She had little money to live off of and their one story house became too much for her to pay for. Their furniture, clothing, everything was left behind. All they had time to collect were small bags of things before their home was taken from them by the same government that claimed to be helping them.

After the murder and horrible reparations she got a car, it took her a few years to save up the money but she did it. It seems weird that a car is or was so important but it was to Annia. Her parents walked everywhere. From work, to the grocery store, to friends, EVERYWHERE and they got murdered because of it. At least in a car you can speed away or something, not that it gave a single soul more safety.

Her car was pretty old, she only got it for a could of thousands so that spoke volumes when it came to the quality. Plus the car salesman stole everything away from her, not a penny was left of her money.

What was she to do though, she had little to no negotiating techniques and she knew the crook smelled it on her. The blonde haired, white teeth middle-class man had no sympathy. He sold her a puke green car that smelled like piss and shit, oh and how did he sweeten the deal? He gave her a car freshener because she has such a ‘beautiful smile’.

Just the idea of that day and what happened still makes her cringe. Allison and she went almost a month without eating because of that car and it only lasted about two years and some months.

She had been happy that the junk survived through the blazing winter but now it is summer and the days were longer. With more days came more problems, more deaths, more robberies, more crooks, and more cases of…missing people.

She looked over at her sister. The little curly haired brunette sat at the small kitchen table, one toast with butter in her mouth and a cup of water in the other. She had one of their fathers huge literature books in front of her, her small finger creating a book mark while she watched her older sister as well.

Allison looks just like her older sister Annia. They both have curly espresso hair, Allison own short and resting around her small chubby face. Allison on the other hand has slightly loose strands that ran down her back, resting in the middle. Their eyes a similar deep amber brown color, with rays of gold slithering through the layers of deep bronze and almond.Their lips are slightly different however, Allison’s lips just a bit thinner than her older sisters medium heart shaped ones. Overall if you were to see them together you would know that they were sisters.

Moving the bag over her shoulder and checking for her home keys and phone, Annia prepared to leave.

“Don’t open the door to anyone Allison.” She told her baby sister, letting her hands to move through the beauty’s thick strands of mahogany and shaking it light heartily. The little girl slapped her sisters hand away jokingly before nodding she would.

“I love you my Anjou.” Annia’s lips met her baby sisters cheek before she turned for the door.

Allison told her goodbye while she walked out the door, telling her sister to stay safe as she did everyday.

She was leaving the girl home for the entire day,she would most likely be home around eleven since it’s summer. The entire time thing bothered her but it offered the most money. The usual time at her work would be from eight to one or three in the evening. But, because alot of people take vacations in the summer their manager offered a position for hours from eight to ten, which is a major increase. Annia couldn’t pass up the opportunity so she said ‘yes’.

Allison is young but not young enough not to go to school, she should be in second grade actually but going to school was out of the question. Why? Because school included walking about a mile to and from, and that is too dangerous. Little girls are like deers to these fuckboys who go around targeting young children and innocent people.

Annia made her little sister stay home, they had no T.V. so all the cute brunette had to occupy herself were books and books and more books. Her fathers piano was left at the old house so that was gone, and all her mothers instruments were taken and sold in order to pay for the debt she is now. Debt that occurred because her parents were not able to pay the bills before their sudden passing.

It’s things like that and her sister not being able to go to school, and the fear of being shot or hurt at any turn, it’s things like these that reminds her why she hates society so much. Her parents were there for her through everything and now all the sudden they were ripped from her and she is forced to face the flames of reality by herself. It’s unfair, unbelievably unfair but it’s her screwed up reality.

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