Ann , Ben’s Other SeductionAnn , Ben’s Other Seduction


Ann was on a roll. Her sex was becoming an obsession. But where better to let it blossom than here at this resort? Her seduction tactics had been working perfectly. According to their protocol, she went to breakfast by herself to cruise for her next target. Sure enough, she spied what she was looking for. An older woman was dining alone. She was quite attractive, impeccable makeup, a well-conditioned body. But she was alone, perhaps a younger widow, perhaps a recent divorcee looking to reawaken lost desires, perhaps a refugee from a barren marriage. She could be perfect. Ann asked if she could join her. The woman smiled and nodded.

Ann guided the conversation carefully, learning the woman, Bev, was on her first alone vacation in many years, leaving her husband at home. A bit more prying revealed Bev was indeed there on a break from a cold loveless marriage, not looking to play, just wanting to relax. Perfect, Ann thought. She launched into her plan, wincing in pain as she shifted in her seat.

“What’s wrong?” Bev asked. Ann went into her story of how she had been having too much vigorous vacation sex, leaving her sore. She knew she was making Bev feel a bit deprived, telling her about how horny Ben had been, subjecting her to lots of sex every day and night. “I wish I had that problem,” Bev admitted. It was exactly what Ann wanted to hear.

Ann went on to describe how tropical vacations always made her very horny, that she and Ben loved stealing opportunities to play naughty, such as secretly fondling each other on the beach, stealing orgasms in broad daylight on the beach or at a corner table in the crowded nightclub. Bev said she was impressed at them being so daring. “That makes sex so much more exciting. Besides, no one knows them; what is there to lose; you only live once. Taking a few naughty risks adds so much to the enjoyment.”

Bev was suddenly quiet, assessing what this said about her own deprived sex life. She had so few truly erotic memories. “Listening to you tells me I have missed a lot,” she said sadly.

“Oh, I am so sorry for going on like that. I certainly did not intend to make you feel badly,” Ann feigned apology.

“It’s OK. You are just making me realize what I have missed,” Bev said.

Just then Ben came into the restaurant and found them. He walked up and introduced himself. He said he was just going to grab a bagel and go back to the room.

After he left them, Ann pressed ahead, “Isn’t he cute?” Bev agreed. “And he is an incredible lover.” Bev smiled and looked down, now feeling self-conscious. “Maybe I can make it up to you,” Ann said softly, moving in for the capture. My husband, Ben, loves my sexuality. He is a very sexy man. And he is very obedient to my desires and ideas. Perhaps you would enjoy joining us on the beach this morning?”

Bev really felt self-conscious now, wondering what exactly Ann was suggesting. She suspected this couple was looking to pick her up. She was appalled at where this was going. But she was also intrigued. She took too long to say no and Ann picked up on that.

“It could be really fun,” Ann coaxed. Bev smiled now obviously considering the offer. “What have you got to lose?”

“Sure, why not.” Bev finally answered after a long pause. She was flattered and excited at such a bold invitation. Ann smiled and touched Bev’s arm. “We could see how it goes.”

Back in her room Bev trembled with excitement. She thought to herself, “What the hell do you think you are doing, considering this?” She decided to back out, to not meet them. But she proceeded to try on her bathing suits, suffering over which one she looked best in. She fussed with her makeup and hair. She felt herself marching forward toward her “date” with this bold couple.

An hour later the three of them walked to the beach. “You look really nice,” Ann told her. Bev was flattered, feeling herself being seduced. She felt a knot in her stomach as they kept walking toward the deserted far end of the beach. Ann spread the blanket and directed Ben to lie between them. “Let’s give him a massage,” Ann suggested, pouring oil onto Ben’s back. Bev was excited running her hands across his strong, muscular back. Bev was a bit shocked as Ann pushed the legs of Ben’s trunks up to expose his buttocks to the massage. “I’ll take this leg and you Betturkey take the other,” Ann instructed as she poured oil the length of each leg. Bev mirrored Ann’s kneading as they worked higher and higher up his thighs to his buttocks. She forced herself to dare to knead the man’s powerful buttocks.

Eventually Ann instructed Ben to turn over. His erection filled the front of his trunks. Bev was very close to leaving as Ann poured oil onto his chest and began spreading it. Bev hesitantly participated spreading the oil. “Look at this chest,” Ann continued. “Is there any wonder I can’t keep my hands off this man?” Bev was now in a trance of excitement and fear over how she was enjoying this. “Isn’t this nice, Bev? Isn’t this what a tropical vacation is all about?” Bev had to agree with that comment.

Ann poured more oil down the front of Ben’s legs. The women kneaded his muscles gradually up his thighs. Bev’s mouth was incredibly dry. She felt this had to stop, now. “Check this out,” Ann said softly as she fumbled with the legs of his trunks, pushing them up. She reached in and found his cock. She had to stretch the material wide to get him out. Suddenly his erection slipped out into the daylight. “Isn’t he beautiful?” she said proudly as Bev gasped seeing him. “Can you see now why I can’t get enough of him, not to mention why I had a sore bottom this morning?” Bev was shocked at what was happening. She was shocked to admit to herself she found this extremely erotic and very pleasurable. Her desire to run was replaced with a new and exciting sexual arousal. Her seduction was complete.

“Doesn’t he have a gorgeous cock?” Ann continued, now stroking her hand up and down his shaft bas he moaned. Bev was impressed by his oversized cock head. “Just imagine how that would feel pushing into you.” She was imagining exactly that. Ann persisted with her narration, “When he comes, it is a huge explosion. You’ve never felt anything like it. And he produces a massive quantity of semen.” Her graphic description was hypnotic. “Feel him,” Ann urged Bev. Bev gingerly took his cock in her hand. She was deeply entranced. His moans made her pussy flow, something she had not felt in years. “Go ahead, make him come,” Ann coaxed.

Bev was totally under Ann’s control and Ann knew it. Ann rolled his massive balls around in her hand as Bev stroked his shaft. His moans increased. “You are going to love this,” Ann encouraged. Bev stroked up and down, fascinated with the soft texture overlying his rock-hard engorgement. “He’s getting bigger. You’re going to make him come,” Ann continued. Bev was amazed at how his cock head swelled even bigger. She felt his shaft tremble and begin to pulse. He cried out and spurted powerfully. Semen exploded out of him up onto his chest, then another, then another. His fluids then poured out in a steady, heavy flow down over her hand. She stared blankly at this incredibly erotic display of pure erotic sex.

Moment later Ann announced, “Your turn, Bev.” That shocked Bev back to reality. “Go ahead, lie down. Switch places with him. Let’s make you come.” Bev was again terrified at what was happening. But she was completely under Ann’s spell. She looked around afraid they would be caught, but quickly realized no one was near them and she was sheltered between the two of them. She laid on her belly.

Ann took the lead, still. “Let’s slip off your bathing suit and replace it with these shorts and tank top so we can keep you covered but get at you better. She said nothing as she allowed them to slip off her suit and slide on the shorts and tank top. She gave herself over to them. They pushed the top up to expose her back. She moaned as she felt four hands spread the oil and commence a soothing massage. They moved to her legs. The baggy shorts allowed them free access to her bottom. She was a bit shocked feeling Ben massage her back as Ann explored her bottom with oily hands. She moaned as fingers stroked her labia and circled the opening of her vagina. She felt her hand begin to massage her clitoris with the other hand slipped fingers into her vagina. Her climax approached as more fingers filled her pussy. She could not contain her climax, moaning loudly as an incredibly powerful orgasm made her whole body spasmed. It was more powerful than she had ever before experienced. Betturkey Giriş They let her relax for some time before guiding her onto her back. She had never felt so sexual.

She was breathless as Ben lifted her top to expose her breasts. “Very nice,” he commented, flattering her. His breast massage was heavenly. Ann just watched this for a while, before adding her hands to the breast massage. Feeling this man and this woman gently pinching, pulling and rolling her nipples. She came close to an orgasm for just this nipple-play. She had forgotten this treat and suddenly felt grateful for this very unexpected experience.

“I have a special treat for you,” Ann announced softly. She produced a vibrator. The sound shocked Bev back toward reality, suddenly afraid. She had never tried a vibrator, fearing the idea of it. But she was nowhere near having any control over what was happening to her. She jumped when Ann started running it up an down her inner thigh, easing it closer and closer to her pussy. She moaned as it slipped under the shorts and over her labia. “Do you like that?” Ann asked gently. Bev said nothing, just moaning at these incredible new sensations. “Have you ever used a vibrator?” Ann asked. Bev shook her head. This greatly excited Ann, realizing what a treasure this encounter must be for this woman.

Bev felt the humming run across her labia, through the swollen opening of her vagina, making her groan. It dipped into her slightly. She groaned again. It slid in deeper, then out and around her labia, then back into her again. It was incredible. It moved up to her clitoris circling it deliciously. “Do you like it better here?” Ann asked mischievously…”Or here?” as she slid it back into Bev’s vagina, this time much deeper, making her groan again. She could not answer. Ann moved it back and forth, teasing Bev for an answer.

Ann realized it was a tossup. Bev loved each one. As soon as Ann realized that, she reached into her tote bag and retrieved a second vibrator. “I came prepared,” Ann said. “I figured you may be unable to make up your mind, so I have another one.” Ann knew how to drive a woman crazy. She slipped the first, larger one deep into Bev’s pussy as she snapped on the power of the second one. Ben held the crotch of the baggy shorts to one side so Ann could use both toys on her. Bev took charge of the vaginal vibrator, fucking Bev gently but deeply with it as Ann focused on Bev’s clitoris. Bev had a thunderous orgasm. They kept at her this way for two more orgasms. When Bev begged them to stop, they persisted for one more climax, just to make sure. It was spectacular. The past few years Bev’s sex life had been reduced to quick stolen moments of masturbation giving her empty little climaxes. She had concluded that would be all for the rest of her life. She had been reawakened.

After a moment of rest and recovery Ann announced it was her turn. Ann took Bev’s spot in the middle. She laid on her back and slithered off her bikini bottoms. She did not want to waste time on a massage now. She had other options for that, remembering her boys back in the massage room. Naughty ideas about that rushed through her mind just then, but she quickly dismissed those in favor of this moment’s excitement. She handed the vibrators to Bev. “Go ahead, make me come,” she urged. Bev had never done anything with another woman, but she hungered to give this to Ann. She used the two toys to do exactly what she had done to her. Ben watched as Bev concentrated on what she was doing to Ann. She gave Ann two wonderful orgasms. Bev felt very proud of herself, exhilarated over what was happening to her today.

It had been an incredible experience. Bev had never even fantasized about anything remotely similar to this. She was smitten. When Ann suggested they retire back to their room for some really nice sex, Bev felt like sprinting back to the hotel with them.

Back in the room, Ann and Bev stripped Bev naked. They asked her to parade around for them to look at her. Bev felt very excited by this. She had long ago concluded she was no longer attractive, but these two changed all that. She could not get enough of them examining her like this, especially when they began exploring her with their hands. She found herself standing in the middle of the room, Ben cuddling Betturkey Güncel Giriş close behind her, his erection rubbing against her buttocks, massaging her breasts and holding them for Ann to cuddle close against her front, licking and sucking her nipples as she let her fingers wander through Bev’s pubic hair before search for her clitoris. Bev felt an orgasm sweep over her as they did this to her.

Ann kissed Bev passionately on her lips as Ben kissed the sides of her neck and slid his cock under her crotch, rubbing back an forth in her wetness. She tips her hips back to invite him to push into her. Ann whispered in her ear, “Ben thinks you are one of the sexiest women he ever saw.” Bev moaned at this. She was never so frantic to be fucked. “He is dying to fuck you.” Ann said. “So am I.” Bev was breathless. Her excitement grew to fearful levels. The guided her to the bed. Ann laid back, pulling Bev with her. They kissed passionately as Ben’s cock rubbed up and down her soaked pussy. Bev moaned as she felt him start to push into her. She had never had a cock this size. “He’s going to fuck you sop nice,” Ann whispered to her. Ann cried out with excitement as she felt his huge cock head spreading her vagina. He felt enormous as he slid steadily into her deeper and deeper. She groaned when she felt his pubic bone push against her tailbone, burying his erection all the way in. He pulled back and pushed in harder, then again harder. He began a long, hard, deep fucking. He felt incredible. Ann knew he needed lots fucking before he would come again. It would be perfect. The women made out like teenagers as Ben fucked her. Ann reached down and rubbed Bev’s clitoris, making her climax yet again.

Soon Ann instructed them to get up from the bed. Bev moaned with disappointment as Bev slid out of her, making her realize even more just how much he filled her. Ben sat on the sofa. Ann guided Bev to back up to him and sit on his lap. She knelt and guided Ben’s cock back into Bev’s pussy. As Bev settled down onto his cock, she felt even more deeply filled. It was almost too much. She eased back against his chest as he gathered her breasts into his hands. Ann leaned over them and sucked Bev’s nipples as Bev started to ride up and down on Ben’s cock.

Ann moved down, kneeling between their thighs. She began kissing Bev’s pubis, eventually finding her clitoris with her mouth. Bev settled down all the way onto Ben’s erection, It was incredibly deep in her. She moaned as Ann simultaneously sucked and swirled her tongue on Bev’s clitoris. The mix of sensations scrambled Bev’s consciousness. It was so much. A huge orgasm swept over her. She heard herself crying out very loud. She suddenly feared others could hear this and become alarmed. That thought quickly passed as Ann licked her to another orgasm.

Ann pulled Bev off Ben’s lap and sat her on the sofa next to Ben. She realized Ann was fucking her with Ben’s cock. Ben knelt between Bev’s spread legs and Ann sat next to her on the sofa. “Oh my, look at that,” Ann said directing all their attention to Bev’s now red and inflamed pussy. “I think someone is having fun,” Ann quipped, smiling.

“Yes, I think so,” Bev panted. “Please, fuck me some more,” she begged Ben. They all watched, fascinated by the view of Ben’s oversized cockhead nudging her pussy, trying to work back into her.

“That’s a pretty erotic sight,” Ann comment, stroking Bev’s breasts and kissing the side of her neck. They watched Ben’s cock slide into her as she groaned.

“He’s so big,” Bev moaned.

“Do you like it?” Ann teased. Bev just nodded, now unable to speak. Ben began to fuck her slowly, deeply, firmly. Ann stroked and lightly kissed Bev’s face, neck and breasts as she allowed Bev to concentrate undistracted on Ben’s fucking. Bev tolted her head back and lost herself in the sensations. Eventually, Ben scooped Bev into his arms and swung her to the carpet. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and held on as he fucked her hard, fast and deep. It was the first time she ever climaxed from fucking alone. Prior to this she had always needed clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. Just as that orgasm began to fade Ben groaned he was going to come. “You’re going to love this,” Ann told her. Ben cried out very loudly as he had a huge climax.

“Wow, I feel sure feel that,” Bev said, impressed with such a powerful ejaculation. he went on and on for some time. He held still in her until he finally began to shrink. He slipped out. Ann laid on the floor next to Bev and spread the fluids that now poured out of her all over her body.

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