Ann: A Love Story Ch. 30Ann: A Love Story Ch. 30


It was nice to be driving toward home. Well, not really. It was nice to be on the ground. And it was nice to be back in my own car…but that was about it. Those things didn’t change the fact that after traveling almost eleven hours, Ann was still over two thousand miles away, and I was still well over a month away from being with her again. And the closer Tina and I got to town, the antsier she was getting.

I knew why. I was a little that way myself. Our weekend filled with adventure and sex was fast coming to an end, every mile another minute less that we would have to share it. We’d both suspected that Ann was ready for a respite from setting the two of us up. Maybe it was as simple as Ann wanting to save some of the amazing things she was dreaming up for the two of us to share when we finally got back together. And that was a wonderful thought…one of the few I’d had since we landed. But it didn’t change the fact that Tina and I were going to be heading to our homes, alone.


Soon after Tina had her orgasm from me masturbating her with the dildo on the plane, I’d put it away and handed her her clothes. Holding up the blanket, Tina hurried to get dressed before anyone suspected something was amiss. She couldn’t help smiling as I watched her magnificent body while she put on her skimpy outfit. I smiled too, but I couldn’t help but think it might be the last time I’d see her naked.

As Tina had suspected, we were the only ones in first class to get off the plane when we landed in Indiana, and we were among the few from the entire flight. Getting our things from the overhead compartment, we eased our way toward the exit. We said our goodbyes to Rachel and Maggie, but not before they both insisted that we take their personal information…just in case. They actually had little cards printed out, sort of like business cards.

“If you ever need help on a flight, let me know. And don’t let the fact that it didn’t turn out like we both thought it would stop you,” Rachel said as she leaned in to kiss me on the cheek.

“Okay,” I said, knowing I’d never follow through.

That is, until Rachel said, “Promise?”

I was a man of my word, and I had already said ‘okay’. To back out now would seem very ungrateful for all she did to help us. “I promise.”

“Me too,” Tina added, looking at the cards. We hugged them, and Tina walked out the door…the first person off the plane. As I followed, I glanced to my left, and saw the two older distinguished gentlemen sitting in the front row of first class looking at cards just like the one Rachel had given me. As I headed up the jetway, I wondered if there was a party awaiting them when they landed in Chicago.


“Neil?” Tina said, staring out the windshield at that flat, monotonous farmland that marked the landscape. It was the first word either Tina or I had spoken for at least twenty miles on the drive home. We had both been lost in thought, but hers must have been more compelling than mine.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Was it different for you?”

“Was what different?”

“They make such a big deal out of the ‘mile high club’. Did it feel any different to you?”

I hadn’t thought about it before. There was the novelty of it, I suppose. It was exciting. But when I really considered it, I had to answer honestly. “No. It really wasn’t, was it? At least not to me…how about you?”

“No. I mean, it was amazing…but it’s always amazing when you fuck me. I still can’t believe we did it. But then again, I can’t believe we did most of the things we did this weekend. I just figured that with that being the last time we were going to be together, it would have been…” Tina didn’t finish that thought. Instead, she started another. “I guess I just was hoping it would live up to the hype. Maybe it’s just all about the fact that you’re doing it where you know you shouldn’t be.”

“Yeah, I suppose. I know what you mean, though. I think I was thinking there would be some kind of altitude enhancement. But you were fantastic, Tina. You always are.”

“You too…I just kind of wish it would have just been the two of us, though,” she said, sounding melancholy. Then she snapped out of her little moment, offering a plastic smile to try and pretend she wasn’t disappointed. “Listen to me. I sound like I’m complaining, don’t I?”

“No. I feel the same way. That’s part of the reason I didn’t fuck Rachel.”

“You DIDN’T!”


I tried to explain to Tina why I hadn’t…and it pretty much took the rest of the trip home. She listened, and in the end, I think she understood my reasons. Actually, she probably understood them better than I did.

“Do you just want me to take you home?” I asked as we approached the edge of town, thinking it would be more gentlemanly of me to drop her off at her door.

“No. My car is at the shop, remember?”

“I know, but you must be tired. I don’t mind.”

I HAD minded when I picked her up. I was so ankara escort bayan self conscious about being with her out in public while being engaged that I suggested picking her up there. Picking her up at her place seemed really risky. As it was, I’d left town driving down that back alley behind her shop, and then took back roads from there out of town to try and keep our being together secret.

But now, as we drove past the sign that announced the small metropolis that was our purgatory, I drove Tina through the very heart of town, right down Main Street. It didn’t seem as important to me anymore. I would have driven her home. But, she was right. She needed her car. I turned down the back alley again, not to hide her, but because that was the best way to get to her shop, and her car. It was just after 8 when I parked in that alley and got out to put her luggage in her car. Tina got out too, but she was preoccupied.

“Fuck. You see! That’s why I don’t go anywhere. I leave for one weekend, and someone leaves the light on in the back of the shop! You can tell they don’t pay the fucking bills!”

I shut her car door and went back to mine, digging through my carryon. When we had finally gotten to my car at the airport, I’d taken the things we’d put in her suitcase out and put them in there. Things like the pictures we’d taken on the trip and the items Ann had sent for us to play with. I reached into a side pocket of my bag and said, “I’d better go in with you, just to be safe.”

“Neil…go home. They just left the light on. It’s no big deal.” Then she saw me pull out my gun, throwing the leather holster on my seat.

“The name is Thomas. Neil Thomas.”

Tina smiled and let out a little laugh. “Do I need to get mine out too?”

“No, just open the door and stay behind me.”


It didn’t take me long to ‘secure’ the premises. I’d gone through the entire shop acting like my favorite secret agent, making Tina laugh at my ridiculous, exaggerated movements. When I’d returned to the back of the shop, she was leaning against her desk, her sexy legs crossed as she waited for me.

“There. I told you…they just left the light on. Now, are you ready to go?”

I glanced over at the black leather couch that was against the wall, positioned halfway between us to my left. The same one we’d used many times to satisfy our carnal desires; to quench the lusty thirsts when we’d have the need for something sexual. That couch was our home base, so to speak. One of us would call the other, and we both knew that soft leather sofa was where we’d meet up, always with the same thing on our minds.

Tina caught me staring. She couldn’t help it, since I wasn’t hiding it. I looked at her, only to watch her turn to look at the couch. When she returned her stare to me, our eyes locked, and I smiled.

“What?” she said, wondering why I had a goofy grin on my face.

“There are a lot of great memories between us on that couch, Tina.”

“Yeah, I suppose there are. It there a reason you’re bringing that up?”

“I was wondering if you might be up to making one more with me.”

“What? Are you serious?”

“Why not? Ann said I was yours for the rest of the weekend, and that you should find ways to entertain me. If she really is serious about us not being together after this, I’d like to give you your wish.”

“What wish is that?” she asked, wrinkling her cute little pixie nose.

“The one where our last fuck is between just the two of us,” I said smiling at her.

I walked over to Tina and took her hand, pulling her into my arms. Staring deep into her eyes, I put my hands in her hair, tilting her head back. Leaning down, I pressed my lips against hers. I could tell her eyes were wide open even though mine were closed, and her body acted like she was in shock. She was mumbling into my mouth, distracting me to the point that I had to pull off.

“Neil. What the hell are you doing? You’ve n…never. Shit…you’ve never k…k…kissed me before!”

She was right. If I had, I couldn’t remember it. It was part of the fuck buddy code. Don’t get attached. And kissing could always lead to getting attached.

“I know. But I got to thinking about it on the plane, Tina. I’ve kissed a lot of people that I’ve fucked in the last couple of months…but never you. And you know what? That was wrong of me.”

“Why? What makes you say that? Have I done something to make you think I wanted you to? I’ve tried not to.”

I let out a little chuckle, and said, “No, you haven’t done anything.”

“So, why did you say it was wrong of you not to kiss me?”

“Because. You’re not a slut, Tina. You just love sex. And by refusing to kiss you, I think that kind of reinforced the thought that you weren’t worthy of being kissed. And I have to tell you, Tina…NOTHING could be further from the truth.”

I leaned down again, and this time, Tina met my kiss with one of her own. Our mouths molded together; our tongues beginning a eryaman escort sweet dance. As good as our sex had been together, at that moment, I could only wonder how much better it would have been all along had kissed before. We were always just going to be fuck buddies. We both knew that going in, and nothing had changed. And it seemed a little silly that we had never kissed now that we were actually doing it.

I lifted Tina, still kissing her, and carried her over to the couch. We were out of our clothes in what seemed like seconds, kissing like fools as we scrambled out of them. It was one of those ‘I’m desperate to have you’ moments. Most times, a tender kiss is the beginning of a long lovemaking session. But this kiss was more of the electric kind, and it was leading to a hard and frantic fuck instead. Actually, I would have been surprised if it was anything else. That was the difference in Tina being my fuck partner. It would have never been about the kissing and any emotions that might lead to. It was always going to be about the sex.

Specifically, it was about the kind of sex we shared. Tina and I had never really made love to each other. She wanted to fuck, plain and simple. It was stupid to think that kissing would ever lead to lovemaking, and therefore, to other feelings. It wasn’t the kind of chemistry we shared, and now that I realized it, it made the lack of our kissing before a stupid notion. Kissing would have only intensified the fucking.

And so we did, because Tina was possessed. We both were. We fucked as if there were no tomorrow, because there really wasn’t one between the two of us. Ann had staged several amazing encounters for us to share, but I was getting married. And I was thrilled about that. And with any luck, I might be getting a new job, and Ann and I would be moving away. Tina obviously knew all of that.

I was sitting on the couch. Tina was facing me, sitting on my lap, straddling me as she moved up and down on my rigid shaft. Every couple of strokes, she’d slam down on top of me and hold herself still; grabbing my head, she would kiss me wildly before resuming her bouncing.

“I can’t believe we didn’t do this before!” she said as she rammed her mouth over mine, seemingly trying to suck my lips off my face. “Fuck! You seem so much bigger to me tonight, Neil. Maybe there IS some kind of altitude enhancement.”

“What…some kind of delayed reaction? Ha! I don’t think so. I think it’s from you being an incredibly hot woman.”

“What makes you say that, Stud!”

“Any woman that loves to fly naked is hot in my book,” I said, taking her nipple into my mouth.

“OH FUCK! I wanted to scream when you did that to me on the plane.”

I lifted Tina with me as I stood, and turned us around. Laying her on the cushions of the couch, I began to pound into her, making my balls slap against her ass. Tina put her right leg up top on the back of the couch, her left dangling so that her stiletto was on the floor, spreading herself as wide as she could for me.

“Fuck me, Neil. Make me cum one more time, Stud!”

I bucked harder, trying to give her what she wanted. Truth be told, I had very little strength left, but whatever I had was all going to be given to her. Tina had saved my sanity when she took a chance and sucked my cock that fateful time in her shop all those months before. What we’d shared since then wasn’t necessarily magical. But it was practical, and it was not only what we both needed at the time…it turned out that it was really what we wanted as well.

Tina came on my cock, her nails digging into my back as she screamed out. She must not have feared her work neighbors would hear. Then again, there would be no one there to listen late on a Sunday night. I pawed at her tits, pulling at them with my hands like I was trying to palm a basketball. My hips were flying, and I could feel my balls stirring. They were beginning to ache again; that familiar burn I’d get every so often when they’d been overworked, but were being called upon again to produce another load.

“Fuck…Tina!” I screamed out at my groin began to feel like it was on fire.

“That’s right Stud…fuck Tina. Fuck her and make her cum one last time!”

The reality was she’d never stopped cumming, but I got the message. Leaning down, I kissed her, sending her off that one last time. Breaking off the kiss, she met my thrusts as she held onto my neck…keeping my head close to hers. “Cum with me Neil. Please…you can do it! Cum with me…NOW!”

Three more strokes and I buried my cock deep within Tina’s cunt, sending the contents of my balls with it. I spurted again and again as Tina came with me, covering my shaft as I coated the walls of her pussy. I kissed her. Or she kissed me. It was hard to tell, as we gave in to each other. I sucked at her lips; those same ones that had wrapped around my shaft that hot and sticky night in that very shop, bringing me such pleasure, and such sweet relief. She sucked at my lips…the etlik escort very ones that had licked at her pussy not long after that first day, and brought her the same needed release she’d given me.

I stayed harder longer than I could remember after an orgasm, my shaft still pulsing inside Tina’s tight pussy. For a little bit, I thought it was going to stay hard, and we might end up fucking again. But we were both too fatigued to continue. Monday was going to be hard enough as it was. It was with some relief, at least to me, that it finally started to soften.

“Thank God,” Tina said when I finally pulled out. “I was beginning to think we were going to do it again. I may not walk for a week as it is, Stud.”

I got dressed as Tina stayed on the couch. My cum was leaking from her pussy, forming a white sticky pool on the black cushion underneath her tight little ass.

“Aren’t you going to get dressed?” I asked as I slipped my shirt on over my head.

“Not right now. Not until after you leave.”

“Why not?” I asked as I picked up my toy gun and tucked it into the back waistband of my shorts.

“This is exactly how I want this to end. I want you to remember this, Neil. No picture for evidence…just the image of me like this in your mind. This is how I want you to remember the end our our trip together,” she said as she scooped up some of my cum off the black leather and brought it to her mouth. I smiled and said, “Goodbye, Tina. Thanks for going with me…and for being my friend.”

“Thank you Neil. I had the time of my life,” she said, sucking her fingers as I closed the door behind me.


I was lying in bed…my bed. It seemed like it had been a month since I’d been there. And oddly enough, it felt good. Sure, there was the whole familiarity of the ‘being on your own mattress’ thing going on. And I was at home in my room again, which, for what it was, was comfortable.

My parents welcomed when I’d gotten to the house…a little later than they thought I’d be coming home. They’d waited up for me, which was a surprise. It shouldn’t have been, since I was flying home. They had to be worried, especially since I did have the extra little layover with Tina.

I’d spent a half hour with them, knowing that I needed to. I stalled about telling either of them a lot of details about the trip other than I thought the interviews had gone really well. The wanted to know more, but they knew I was tired and wanted to unpack before Ann called. So after visiting, I departed for my bedroom, relieved to be behind closed doors. I locked it, and stripped. Inhaling, I could still smell Tina on my skin. A quick thought of her on that couch as I’d left her ran through my head, and I smiled.

I hung up my new suit, as well as my new holster and gun, in my closet. I piled my dirty clothes in the corner, waiting to take them to the hamper until morning. I didn’t want to deal with any more domestic chores than I had to. I wanted to unwind and wait for Ann.

With everything else put away, except the dirty clothes and my toiletries, I was finally able to relax. I had the TV on, just for the company of the noise, as I sorted through the photographs we’d taken on the trip, separating them into three piles. Ones for Ann, ones for Tina, and those I would keep for myself. I was careful to make sure Tina got all that she needed. I wanted to make sure she had some nice ones to remember what we’d shared. The piles for Ann and myself would end up together in OUR pile eventually. I was just finishing up the sorting when the phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered quickly, hoping my Mom had remembered to turn off the ringers of the other phones in the house.

“Hi Baby,” Ann said, sounding so much better than when I’d last talked to her.

“God, Ann. I miss you so much,” I said, confessing way more than I thought I would so early in the conversation.

“Did you like my last surprise?” she asked, wanting to jump right in where we kind of left off.

Being evasive, I said, “What surprise?”

“Rachel, silly. Come on, don’t make me beg. How was she?”

“I wouldn’t know. You’d have to ask Tina.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I didn’t do anything with Rachel. But she was gracious enough to help me and Tina become members of that elusive club you wanted us to join…which we both decided is a little overrated, by the way.”

“Well, how did Rachel pull off finding a way for you to be alone? Did you do it in the bathroom?”

I laughed and said, “No…we had a little more room than that.” I spent the next 10 minutes explaining to Ann exactly how Rachel had pulled off getting us more room than we would have had using the airplane lavatory. And I recounted briefly the fuck that Tina and I shared. I was telling her about how it ended, when I said, “Anyway, when I finished with Tina, I was…finished.”

“What…didn’t have the time to be with Rachel after that, or you were too tired…”

“No. I wasn’t tired. I was rock hard and ready to go when they were, well…doing each other.”

“Really…I didn’t know Tina liked women.”

“I’m not sure she does, exactly. But she certainly experimented this weekend.”

“Wow…tell me about it.”

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