Anja’s Blackmail , CarrotsAnja’s Blackmail , Carrots


“Sorry if I’m a bit early. The others’ll be here any minute won’t they?” Ray asked Anja as she put the last of the starters into the fridge.

“Yes, but I’ve done everything I need to.” Anja closed the fridge door and glanced round at him. She caught the look in his eye. “Or have you got something in mind?”

She walked across to him and clasped her hands behind his neck, resting her fore-arms on the shoulders of his suit.

“There’s something…” He took her by the waist and pulled her to him, kissing her firmly as his hand slipped down the back of her purple silk dress, caressing her bum, and then sliding down to the hemline at her thighs. He slipped his hands under her skirt to stroke the lace tops of her black hold-ups, and her tongue played excitedly with his as she brushed her breasts against his chest and pressed her crotch against his thigh. His cock stirred, pressing against her stomach. He slipped one hand round to the front of her thigh and moved upwards, raising her skirt and stroking against the thin silk of her panties. “They feel nice.”

“Yeah but let’s get rid of them!”

Ray immediately hooked one thumb over the waist-strap of the thong but before he could even pull them off the doorbell rang. He let go.

Before long everyone had arrived, so that there were eight of them in all, and Ray offered to look after pouring drinks while Anja made polite conversation – work, friends, films, books, gossip. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, and when she left the room briefly he nearly followed her, but she returned almost immediately, and came over to sit on the arm of his chair for a few minutes. He felt her arm move down by his side, and when she moved back to her usual place on the sofa he checked his pocket: inside was a small, silky fabric – her thong – which was slightly damp.

When they sat down to eat and Anja asked Ray to come out into the kitchen to help serve up the starter.

“I’ve been thinking about the avocado,” she said, absentmindedly. “I’ve used an orange sauce, but maybe it needs something stronger.” Bayan Escort Gaziantep She reached to the chopping board, where a few unwanted slices of avocado waited to be thrown away. She picked up one soft slice in her right hand and squeezed it to a pulp between her fingers, while she hitched up her skirt with her left hand. She parted her legs to reveal her trimmed mound, and rubbed the pale fruit into her slit, working it around the edges of her pussy-lips, into the crack, and especially around her clit. “What do you think?”

Ray knelt eagerly and nibbled at her lips and up to her clit, while she tried to stifle her squeals.

“Eat up quickly!” she giggled. “I knew you’d like that.” And when he stood, she added “Maybe I can have a dinner party where all my guests get to try some?”

“I’ll eat as much as you can serve. You don’t need other diners.” The bulge in his trousers was blatantly obvious now, but she just brushed his crotch with her fingers, opened the fridge and took out the first two plates, and took them through.

All through the first course Ray kept thinking about one thing, and struggled to make conversation. Anja was equally less garrulous than usual, and was clearly similarly distracted, and when she cleared away the plates from the starter she asked ray to go and check on the carrots.

He went through to the kitchen, and opened the oven, where all of the vegetables were keeping warm. He heard Anja enter behind him. “The carrots are fine – what’s the problem?”

“Not those carrots.”

He turned to see Anja holding a large, fat carrot from the work surface, which she was stroking gently. “This one. What do you think?”

“I think it’d be fine. But I’m better.”

“Maybe.” Anja smiled. “But it’s safer to check.” And she slipped the carrot under her skirt. With a series of soft moans, she eased the thin end into her pussy and began to slide it backwards and forwards. Ray couldn’t see exactly what was happening, the skirt hanging to hide Anja’s pussy, but he could imagine, and as more and more of the carrot disappeared up her skirt his breathing became almost as deep as hers.

Then suddenly there was a voice from the hall – “…I’ll just go and see if I can help them…”

Anja let go of the carrot and moved her feet together, her thighs holding it firm in her slit, just as her friend Kristie walked in. “So, you two, what’s the hold-up.”

Anja was lost for words. She also couldn’t easily move.

“Anja has a concern with the carrots, but we can serve everything else.” Ray stepped in. “Perhaps you can take these in…?” He handed Kristie a pile of plates.

“Yes,” Anja agreed, “You serve everything up and I’ll be in with the carrots.”

Ray got Kristie back to the table and took in the first of the food, then returned hurriedly to the kitchen. When he got back, Anja was already sitting on the worksurface, her legs spread, plunging the carrot into her pussy with one hand while rubbing her clit with the fingers of the other hand.

“How did you know it would be me?”

“I figured you’d keep the others away.” She kept looking him in the eye as she wriggled the hard vegetable inside her.

He moved in front of her and unzipped his trousers, ready to plunge his cock in in place of the carrot.

“No!” she said, and bent her knees so that her sharp heels pressed into his chest and pushed him back from her. “I’m trying the carrots!”

“What about my cock?”

“That can come later. Now, get back in with the rest of the food, except the carrots.” She began to frig herself faster. “I’ll only be five minutes.”

Five minutes later Anja returned to the dining table, with a plate of steaming carrots. She had a smug look, which everyone assumed was down to a pride in her cooking – everyone except Ray, who knew better.

The main course seemed interminable, and Ray kept imagining a picture of him taking Anja on the table while everyone kept on chatting. He wanted to get her alone, badly. But for the rest of the evening she seemed to ensure that they were never alone in the kitchen, and he became increasingly frustrated.

When they had left the table to have coffee he made a comment about going to the bathroom and caught her eye. He waited in the bathroom, playing with himself, but she didn’t come. So he went downstairs again, and poured some more drinks, handing out each glass with a paper napkin. On the napkin with Anja’s drink he had written “Go upstairs now, or you’ll never get my cock again.”

Anja, who was deep in conversation with Kirstie, found an excuse to make some notes in her diary, and discretely penned an answer on the napkin, which she put down in front of Ray. It read: “Then I’ll find another cock.”

For half an hour, which felt like a year, he sat there, wanting her. Then without a word she got up and made for the door, catching his eye as she went. He had half a mind not to follow her, to leave her disappointed, but he managed to wait only thirty seconds before following.

He burst into her bedroom and found her laid on her back, holding her legs apart with her hands, her open pussy waiting for him. She had hitched up her dress, but hadn’t bothered taking anything off.

“You bitch – I’ve nearly died of frustration.”

“I know. I loved watching you. But you can’t blackmail me.”

He pulled out his hard cock and took it in his hand. “I’ll only last a few seconds!”

“So long as it’s a big one I don’t care. Do it!”

He plunged his shaft into her wet hole without any preliminaries, but she was ready for it. She’d got as turned on frustrating him as he had got being frustrated. He took her stockinged thighs in his hands and thrust into her swift and smooth. Just a minute later his whole body rocked as a huge wave of cum burst from his cock to fill her. She slapped a hand over his mouth to stop him screaming, and with a shudder she felt the warm blossoming inside her.

He fell back on the bed, but she got up immediately. She slipped on a new pair of panties and smiled: “I don’t want anyone to guess. I’m going down to chat as if nothing has happened, but we’ll both know that I’m full of your lovely cum.” She kissed him quickly on the lips, and then bent to kiss the tip of his sagging cock, and went back to the party.

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