Ani , Lars Ch. 02Ani , Lars Ch. 02


Three weeks later…

Ani knew that Lars had had a tough couple of days at work, having to pull an all-nighter on Thursday night, and she was certain that at the end of Friday, he couldn’t wait to get home, snuggle up with her, and pass into blissful unconsciousness.

Around 4pm, however, Ani texted him that she knew he was tired, but that she was hoping he’d be OK with her inviting a new colleague home for a casual dinner. This person had been in Boston for 3 weeks, hadn’t made any real friends yet, and was looking for some way into the Boston social scene, short of going to bars.

Lars reluctantly agreed, saying in his reply that he knew Ani really liked Colette, and he didn’t want to seem like a party pooper. “But,” he also said, “don’t expect me to stay up all hours of the night.”

Colette had been hired into the Boston office of Ani’s firm, meaning that she’d have to move from her native France (she was a Parisienne by birth) to the US. Ani had helped Colette with a lot of the logistics of moving, because there was no one else in the company to help with the navigation of the US/Massachusetts/Boston government entities. She had grown to like Colette over the three weeks they had worked together.

Not only had Ani helped with the move, but the two of them were working on a project together, so they had a sort of ‘trial by fire,’ spending every hour of every workday together, and had become fast friends.

Colette and Ani were a team of two, working on the project; this made their bond even stronger. They would have lunch and coffees with other coworkers, but most of the time, they spent just in each others’ company.

So having dinner together was a natural extension of their growing friendship, and Ani was excited to have Lars meet Colette.

Lars came home a little late, around 6:30, and Ani and Colette were in the kitchen, drinking wine and making a simple pasta dish with a delicious looking salad, and a rustic bread, sliced into thick slices.

Ani introduced her new friend to Lars, and she could tell that he appreciated what he saw: Colette was tiny, probably 4’11”, maybe 100lbs, blonde, lightly tanned skin, with a beautiful youthful face with big green eyes, a small upturned nose, and wide full lips over a strong jaw. Her lips were painted with a dusty pink lipstick, that really accentuated her lips and made them pop.

She was wearing a loose white blouse, and tight jeans that showed off her cute, round ass. Her shoes were nice nude Louboutins.

They exchanged pleasantries, and Lars got a beer to keep the girls company while they cooked. Soon, dinner was ready; They sat down, and started to eat. Colette was clearly taken with living in the US, and had so many questions about everything, as well as funny anecdotes about the differences between Europe and the US, that the conversation flowed very nicely.

After dinner, Lars volunteered to clean the kitchen (after all he didn’t make any of the dinner), and the girls kicked off their shoes, sat down in the sofa, and got comfortable. The conversation steered towards relationships, and Colette said that one of the reasons she had decided to come to the US, was that she had come out of a long-term relationship about a year and a half before she moved.

After about 30 minutes, Lars was done in the kitchen, and came into the living room, plopped down in the sofa, and poured himself a glass of red wine. The girls were talking, and didn’t notice that poor Lars had fallen asleep on the sofa. Ani woke him up, and he excused himself, and shuffled off to bed.

Colette said that she should be going too, but Ani insisted that she stay a little longer. The two girls started talking about the reason for Colette’s breakup, and the wine must have loosened her lips a little (or maybe it was the more relaxed attitude about these things in Europe), but she revealed that a major reason the relationship ended was that Colette wanted to experiment sexually, and her boyfriend wanted her to himself.

Ani was intrigued by this, and probed deeper: what were her fantasies? Had she fulfilled any of them? Girls? Multiple partners? Kinky things? Colette was very open about what she had wanted. She wanted a boyfriend/husband that was as adventurous as her, but also committed to the relationship; no sneaking around, no cheating; no hidden porn-watching; do it all in the open, and Colette would do the same.

Her boyfriend, who was otherwise close to perfect for her, eventually couldn’t deal with the ‘open’ aspect of their relationship.

Ani scooted a little closer to Colette and asked in a conspiratorial voice, “so you like girls?”, giggled, and slipped he index finger inside the top of her blouse, pushed the fabric aside a little, and gave Colette a seductive look. They both started laughing, and both leaned forward in their laughter. Their faces were now mere inches apart, and they both stopped laughing. Colette’s hand touched Ani’s cheek at the same time as Ani’s hand swept under Colette’s blonde mane, and gently held the nape of her neck.

They almanbahis slowly moved toward each other, and their lips met, gently, sensually, languorously. Ani slipped her tongue between Colette’s full, pink lips, and she responded in kind. Their tongues were now exploring each others mouths and lips. Colette wrapped her arms around Ani’s waist and pulled her close. They could feel each other’s hot bodies pressing against each other.

Ani moved her hands down Colette’s back and down to her small, jeans-clad round ass, beginning to knead her ass-cheeks in her hands and slowly moving both hands in-between her legs, and rubbing her pussy through her jeans.

Colette, meanwhile wanted to get access to Ani’s chocolate brown breasts, and she was working the buttons on her red cotton blouse. She made quick work of the blouse, and as she leaned back and pulled it off, she admired Ani’s body.

Her hands ran along the smooth golden brown skin of her upper body. Ani let Colette take off her lacy red bra. She felt Colette’s fingers brushing over her breasts and nipples. “Tres jolie,” Colette breathed as she started pinching Ani’s nipples gently, then a little harder.

“We need to get undressed,” said Ani, and stood up. “Come on, lose the clothes. I have to see you naked.” They both stood up, and quickly stripped down their birthday suits. Both women looked admiringly at each other. Colette’s body was very different from Ani’s but also extremely beautiful.

Her breasts were B-cups, with light pink ‘pencil-eraser’ nipples that stood to full attention now. Her skin tone was lightly tanned, and her frame was slender and lithe, with a narrow waist, and slightly wider hips, a small but perfectly round ass, slender, strong thighs, and small, long-fingered hands. Her pussy was perfectly smooth-shaven, with her inner labia barely peeking out from the outer. Her clit was prominent, but not gigantic. A beautiful French woman was standing naked in front of Ani.

Ani took her hand and led Colette back to the sofa, and had her get comfortable. She let her hands slide up Colette’s legs from her feet to her knees, then gently pressed her legs apart to expose the glistening sex of this French pixie goddess. Ani slid both her hands up Colette’s inner thighs toward her wet shaved pussy. Colette instinctively scooted her butt towards Ani, in the process opening her legs even more, and getting Ani’s hands very close to her pussy.

Ani bent down to taste Colette. Once her tongue started working Colette’s clit, Colette’s hands gently grabbed the back of Ani’s head, to guide and press her face against Colette’s wet, needy pussy.

Ani was glad of the guidance, and let her hands wander up Colette’s body to her small, perky breasts, and her erect, sensitive nipples. Colette gasped when Ani twirled both of them between thumb and index fingers. “Oui, oui,” Colette moaned. “Comme ça, comme ça, vite, vite”.

Ani kept up the work with her tongue, but moved her hands down to Colette’s wet hole, plunged two fingers in her pussy, and started rubbing a third on her tight little asshole. “Yes, finger my asshole too, Ani. Please!” Colette moaned. Ani gladly complied, and slid her ring-finger into Colette’s tight rectum, then her pinky.

Ani moved her fingers back and forth in Colette’s pussy and ass at the same time, pushing and pulling against the hot flesh of her warm, silky orifices. Occasionally, Ani would pull all the way out, and suck all four fingers, one by one, and finish by sticking all four of them into her throat, picking up the thick saliva down there to coat her fingers, and slide her properly lubed fingers back into Colette’s quivering holes, again two fingers in each opening.

Ani’s tongue was moving rapidly over Colette’s clit, and her fingers were pounding both of Colette’s holes.

Colette grabbed Ani’s head more firmly between her hands, and started grinding Ani’s face into her pussy, in a complex rhythmic pattern, and after about a minute of this, orgasmed explosively, with a barrage of (presumably) dirty French words, long satisfied groans of pleasure, a lot of shaking, and a thick ooze of white sticky pussy juice.

Ani climbed onto the sofa, licked her fingers clean again, and snuggled up to this diminutive sex-pot. After a minute or two, Colette said “I want to eat you now.”

Ani suggested that they move to the shower: “I’m getting a little cold, and the shower will be nice and warm. We could go in the bed, but I want to let Lars get his rest. He’ll need all his strength tomorrow morning…” she added with a mischievous smile.

They tiptoed through the bedroom and into the bathroom hand in hand. Ani turned on several of the shower-heads at once, to get a good steam going, quickly. She found a stack of towels and put them outside the shower, then opened the door and guided Colette in. The water was already hot, and the shower was filled with hot steam. the girls embraced, and Colette pushed them under one of the heads.

The water felt wonderful: Warm, cleansing, but also relaxing and almanbahis yeni giriş arousing. Ani felt Colette take one of her nipples in her mouth. Their height difference made this very easy; just a slight bend of her head placed her mouth right by Ani’s dark silver-dollar-sized areola with its hard, sensitive nipple in the center.

Ani felt Colette’s tongue swirling on her nipple, sending little electric shocks down to her groin. Colette switched to the other nipple, which had the same effect. Ani could feel her pussy getting wetter, and she instinctively grabbed Colette’s firm round ass and pulled it toward her.

Colette’s hands mirrored Ani’s and pulled Ani’s pelvis up against her. With her hands still on Ani’s ass, Colette kneeled down in front of Ani. Ani parted her legs, just a little, and with water splashing down on the both of them, Colette started licking Ani’s aching pussy.

Colette pushed her face into the gap between Ani’s legs, and her tongue moved determinedly around Ani’s clit. Colette’s hands wandered all over Ani’s body, squeezing her round, brown tits, and very lightly scraping her fingernails down from her breasts, over her firm, flat stomach, past her smooth-shaven pubic bone, and down the insides of her thighs, making Ani shudder the whole time.

Colette reached back around to Ani’s ass, and started rubbing her finger against her rectum. Ani involuntarily arched her back, to welcome that slender long finger into her velvety warm asshole. As it entered, Ani gasped, and, again involuntarily pushed her pelvis forward and back onto Colette’s tongue.

Ani was in heaven. This gorgeous, petite blonde vixen really knew what she was doing. Ani’s legs started shaking, and Colette told her to lie on the shower bench. They quickly adjusted the shower heads so they both were constantly splashed with steamy warm water. Ani laid down on the bench, put her butt right on the edge of the bench, and put her feet up against the wall behind.

Colette kneeled on a cushion between Ani’s legs. Ani could feel her hot breath on her pussy. Colette’s mouth closed over Ani’s clit, and her tongue started swirling slowly, sending pleasure all over Ani’s body. Ani felt Colette’s fingers slide into her pussy, one by one, until three of them were moving rhythmically in and out of her wet pussy. “More,” Ani groaned. “More fingers.” Colette complied immediately, now pumping four fingers in and out. “More,” Ani moaned again. “I want you to fist me, Colette.”

Colette’s hands were small and slender, but getting one of them into Ani’s tight pussy would take some doing. Colette started twisting her 4 fingers left and right, while pushing harder and harder into Ani’s warm opening. She tucked her thumb inside her palm, pushed a little harder, and after the widest part of her hand was past the opening, her entire hand slipped right in, all the way to her wrist. Ani sucked in her breath, and reveled in the fullness of Colette’s hand inside her vagina.

“Make a fist,”, Ani said, and felt Colette’s fingers curling up inside her.

Ani moaned loudly.

“Now, try to pull it out,” she whispered. “Rock it back and forth, but keep your fist closed,” Ani ordered.

Colette did as she was told. She moved her closed fist back and forth inside Ani’s tight wet pussy. Because she had made a fist, she wasn’t able to pull her hand back out, and when she tried, she was spreading Ani open from the inside out.

“Now, lick my clit again”.

Colette did so, and the resulting pressure caused Ani to explode in a mind-blowing orgasm. It was like her clit was being rubbed from both inside and outside. Colette didn’t stop. She kept licking Ani’s pussy, and moving her closed fist back and forth inside Ani’s wet fuckhole. Ani kept cumming and cumming. It felt like this constant orgasm went on for hours. Finally, she grabbed Colette’s head, pushed it off her clit, and said, “Stop, stop, you’re killing me.”

Colette uncurled her fist inside Ani, giving her another smaller aftershock of an orgasm, and slowly pulled her hand out of Ani’s battered pussy. Ani was watching Colette, as she started licking the pussy juice off each of her fingers in turn, and culminating with putting her whole hand into her mouth.

“Mmmmm, I know Lars will like that little trick,” Ani said, as Colette licked the last remnants of Ani’s juices off her wrist and arm.

They cleaned up, dried off, and quietly crawled into bed together, Colette in the middle, between Lars and Ani. It was pretty late, and they were tired from all their exertions, so they soon slept soundly, Ani’s hand on Colette’s thigh.

Ani woke first, stretching her naked body languidly under the fluffy european style duvet. White, of course. Lars was obsessed with the contrast of her skin against white. Colette was stirring, and rolled over, her hand touching Lars’s arm. This woke Lars, who after a second of confusion got the picture. Ani could tell that he was excited to play with two girls at once. This wasn’t the first time they had had a threesome, but it was almanbahis giriş the first time after they had gotten married.

Ani snuggled up to Colette, and started kissing her neck, gently pulling her away from sleep.

Lars asked, “Did you guys have fun last night?”

“A lot of fun,” Ani’s muffled voice came from under the duvet.

She was kissing Colette’s breasts now, which had the desired effect: Her eyes flicked open, focused on Lars’s smiling face, and smiled back at him.

“Good morning,” said Lars. “You have fun too, last night?”

“Bon Jour,” said Colette, in a still-sleepy voice. “I had a fantastique time,” she yawned.

“I’m sorry I was so tired last night,” said Lars. “I hope to make up for it this morning.”

Colette was giggling from the treatment she was getting under the covers. Ani was working her way down Colette’s tummy, kissing, blowing and licking her way down to her hips, moving past them, down her legs, all the way to her feet.

Colette asked, “Can I do what I please with him Ani?”

Ani responded with a smile. “Of course dear. You are welcome to fuck my husband any way you like. As long as I can be there when it happens.”

Colette’s small hand moved to Lars’s muscular shoulder, and she let her hand slide under the duvet, following his arm down to his elbow. At the elbow, she moved her hand to his belly, and down toward his rapidly growing cock. She reached the base of it, and let her long fingers wrap around its girth, sliding up to the tip, gripping a little firmer, and starting a slow pumping motion with her hand.

She now disappeared under the covers, where Ani was working her way back up Colette’s legs. Ani quickly grasped the situation, and moved around, so Colette could get closer to the object of interest. Lars scooted to the center of the bed, and got comfortable.

“Come help me,” Colette giggled. “This is a two-person job, I think.”

They got in position, one on each side of his body, and Colette grabbed his cock, and with her eyes locked with Ani’s, she opened her mouth, and Ani watched as her pink lips slid down over Lars’s rigid member. She made it about half-way down, before she couldn’t go any further. She moved back up again, and then down again, this time getting further, but still with about 2 inches of fat cock to go. She slid back up again.

“Help me get all the way down, please,” Collette asked Ani.

“You want to get all the way to the hilt?” Ani asked.

“Hilt? What is that?” asked Colette.

Ani pointed to the base of Lars’s cock. “Hilt. All the way to the beginning of his cock. All of it inside your mouth?” asked Ani.

“Oui,” Colette said and smiled.

Then she dove in again. When she was down where she stopped before, Ani started pushing on the back of her head. She could feel Colette’s gag-reflex pushing against her, but she pushed harder, and little by little, Colette’s luscious lips made it all the way down to the base of Lars’s cock.

Ani let go of her head, and Colette started moving up and down, one inch up, and back down, then a little more, until she was going about half his cock-length in each stroke. After a good 20 or so strokes like that, she pulled off, took two big gasps of air, and went back to work. This time she went tip-to-base in every stroke, and the girls could tell that Lars really enjoyed that. His cock was rock hard, glistening with Colette’s saliva, and he was groaning every time she hit the base of his cock.

Ani started playing with Lars’s balls, alternately pulling and stretching the skin, and cupping the balls, and gently massaging them.

This did not go unnoticed. Lars’s groans were getting longer and louder.

Ani was turned on by the sight of Colette throat-fucking Lars’s cock. Colette’s green eyes were locked on Ani’s, and the sound of the cock going in and out of Colette’s throat was intoxicating.

After several minutes of this, Colette pulled out, smiled, and said to Ani, “I want to see you suck your husband, while I eat his ass-ole.”

Lars’s cock jerked involuntarily, as Colette’s French-accented voice said ‘ass-ole’. Lars liked to have his ass and prostate manipulated. And the thought of a petite, exotic blonde performing the rim-job didn’t hurt.

They rearranged themselves so Colette could lick his ass, and Ani could swallow Lars’s cock. Colette was on her stomach, and in front of her was Lars’s scrotum.

She gave it a long slow tongue-bath, then grabbed the heavy balls with her right hand, moved them aside, and dove in, her tongue rubbing in small circles on his asshole, up his taint, and back to his ball-sack. Then slowly working her way back down to his asshole.

Meanwhile, Ani, having straddled Lars’s head, and laid down, so she could slurp up his beautiful thick cock, watched this gorgeous little nymph performing a nasty rim-job on Lars.

Ani swallowed all of Lars’s hard cock, and started rocking back and forth, tip-to-hilt. Her eyes were locked on Colette’s, who was right now all the way down to Lars’s asshole again. She had let go of the balls, and they were now laying on her face, hiding her little nose. The only thing visible were her blazing green eyes, staring piercingly into Ani’s, and looking with desire at the cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

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