And They Meet Again!And They Meet Again!


She arrived at the party at eight. She had not been too many costume parties much less travel cross-country to crash one. She knew he would be here; she just had to find him. She was just about to lose her nerve and leave when she saw him. It had been almost a year since she had laid her eyes on him and her memories just did not do him justice. He looked much better in real life. He was standing by the door of the big hall wearing a Robin Hood costume. He looked amazing, she thought. He looked even better than she did in tights. She could not wait for him to touch her again; she craved for the feel of him. She just hoped that her plan would work.

He had just arrived at the party; he was amazed at the number of people that were here. His friends had convinced him to come to the party and relax. It was being held in an events hall at a hotel owned by someone one of his friends had met at school. The fact that it was being held at a hotel had promise. He felt guilty for even thinking it. He should not have but he did. After all, the woman he loved had postponed their relationship. His love wanted the summer to think and told him to go out and have fun. His love told him to act as if they were not together. As if that was even possible, but for his love he tried. He was sure that this party was not going to help him feel any better. He was heading back out the door when he turned back to the party hoping that something might make him stay. That is when he saw her.

She was striding towards him in a black velvet cat costume Her mannerisms look familiar but her outfit had a hood and she wore a mask that covered half of her face, the other half was painted black. She was smiling at him. When she got to him, she handed him an index card that read:

May i have this dance?

He nodded and led her to the dance floor wondering who this cat woman was.

They had danced half the night away when she handed him another card:

If you would like to know who i am and perhaps have some fun, please join me in my room, 309. I will leave a key card at the desk for you Christian. Please come right in and join me in the hot tub.

The Pussycat

When he looked up, she had disappeared. There was no doubt in that he was going to join her; he just had to take care of a few things first.

When she handed him the card, she hurried out the door and up to her room. She started up the hot tub and climbed in, costume and all. ankara escort She hoped he would come up to her room. She was not convinced that he would. She knew about his troubles lately and hoped that she could lift his spirits for a few hours. The one thing she was certain of was that he had not recognized her yet. Soon, she hoped, very soon, he will know. She sat there in the tub too nervous to enjoy the jets. She was bout to give up hope when she heard the approval of the key card and the door opening. She was sure now her plan had succeeded.

As he strode to the Pussycat’s room, he found it difficult to believe he was actually doing this. He kept trying to figure out who the cat was and why he was so compelled by the invitation. She was so familiar to him but her identity was just beyond his grasp. All too soon he arrived at her room and had the door open before he even realized her was there. He paused, taking a deep breath, and continued into the room. On the wall, he saw another note written in the same sweeping script:

I hope you forgot your swimsuit =)

He continued further into the room until he spotted the hot tub. It was in a separate room. Through the door, he could see most of the tub and part of the cat. He moved into the room, so nervous he was not sure that he could even will his legs to move. When he was all the way in the room, he saw the cat was still in costume. The only difference was that the cat suit was plastered to her breasts, her nipples erect and straining against the material. She reached back to a shelf behind her and grabbed another note:

You are over dressed for the tub. Please discard your garments and join me.

He removed his costume and stood there before her in his boxers. She turned the sign over:

Those too =)

He stepped out of his boxers and noticed a big smile on her face. He knew that smile but he just could not place it. He started to climb into the tub; he sat on the edge letting his feet adjust to the warmth of the water. Then she made her move.

She moved right up between his legs and kissed him, a slow lingering kiss that left them both wanting more. She slowly moved those teasing kisses along his jaw and down his neck. She augmented the kisses with tiny nipping bites as she moves down he chest. She worked her tongue around his nipples, teasing them until they were as hard as his fully-grown member. One of her hands ulus escort worked its way down to his member tenderly grasping it, listening to the moan she knew would come. She kissed down his stomach down until she reached his beautiful cock. She licked the length and swirled her tongue around the edge of his head. He was marveled at this mysterious woman going down on him. As she took his head into her hot, wet mouth, all other thought fled from his mind except for the sensations being visited up his manhood. She curled her fingers around his cock again and began a slow steady motion, up and down. Her mouth did not move from the head of his cock. Her tongue massaged the head concentrating more on the sensitive underside more than anywhere else. As she could feel him getting closer and closer to sweet release, she began moving her head along with the slow rhythm of her hand, turning her head with each movement to allow her tongue to caress more of his beautiful member. She could feel his body tensing, preparing for the big release. His moans becoming more vigorous. No longer could she remain silent, a small moan escaped her lips which proved to be the final stimulant he needed. He exploded into her mouth filling it completely with his first burst. Knowing there was more to come she quickly swallowed, not wanting to miss a single drop. She caught every drop but refused to relent. She wanted, nay needed, him hard. When she was satisfied that he was going to remain hard she moved back to the other side of the tub. She reached the shelf and pulled another card down, showing it to him as she did.

It seems that I, too, am a bit over dressed. Please feel free to help me back to more even dress.

He moved over relishing the blowjob he had just received and remembering the only other one, he had ever received. They seemed very similar even though this one had been better. He reached up to remove her mask and she grabbed his hand moving it instead to the cat suit, turning the sign around in her hand that read:

NOT YET!! =)

He sighed and helped her out of the suit. Her hair cascaded down over her shoulders. Thick brownish blonde hair nearly covered her breasts. She moved her hair over her shoulders then sat on the edge of the hot tub, opening her thighs to reveal her wet, impatient cunt. She grabbed his hand and moved it between her legs, guiding him to her clit, showing him just eryaman escort how she liked it, then left him to continue. He watched how when he would touch her clit in some ways she would immediately tense and others, which seemed to have no effect on her. He exploited those that make her squirm and soon she was perpetually tensed. She could feel the heat gathering in her core, then she came, and a great shudder wracked through her and a moan escaped her lips.

He remember the last time he had been with a woman, that time he missed his chance to return the oral favor. This time, with the cat exposed in front of him, he was not going to miss it. As she was recovering from the stunning release, he moved his head down between her legs. He tentatively reached his tongue out to her lips and lightly licked them, somewhat worried what her reaction might be. She moaned and tilted her pelvis making it easier for him to reach her depths. That was all the encouragement he needed. He plunged his tongue into her cunt, enjoying the new taste and sensations. He moved his tongue in and out and around causing more moans to emanate from the cat. He changed his target to her clit and sucked it into his mouth, she moaned even louder. He played his tongue over her clit in his mouth. Her pelvis pushing against him. He slipped a finger into her and she shuddered. He moved his mouth over her cunt and caught the sweet honey as it flowed out. He pulled back, looked at her, and for the first time realized whom he was with. The cat had removed her mask and the black makeup. He could not believe she was here. She lived so far away. The smile that lit up her face showed that she was pleased at his shock.

“Surprise!!” she said.

“Denise, what are you doing here?”

“You, of course,” she giggled, “I’m here to cheer you up. I know how depressed you have been over your gal’s decision for the summer. I figured you could use the fun. Now come here and give me a hug.”

He moved over giving her a big hug and helping her back into the water.

“So is my plan working? Are you having fun?”

Instead of answering, he sat down on the bench in the tub and brought her down on his lap, impaling her with his rock hard member.

She moaned loudly, “I’ll take that as a yes,” and she began riding him for all she could.

As he got close to, release a thought thundered into his head and registered on his face. She smiled moving his had to her left hip. “Don’t worry hon.” He could feel a patch, as understanding flooded over him, he grabbed her other hip and helped move her with renewed vigor as they both exploded in ecstasy. She collapsed in his lap and asked, “So how much longer do you have, Hon?”

A smile crept onto his face, “All weekend.”

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