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Subject: And It Happened Chapter 7 This is my first attempt at writing a story here, hope you all enjoy and give me lots of feedback because that way I feel more motivated to put up the content regularly, and makes me happy to know someone out there is enjoying it. Cheers!! This story is fiction and all characters are a figment of my imagination. English is not my native tongue so pardon the grammatical errors if you find any. Also this involves some love making between an adult and youth so if you are not into it, you should stop reading further. Also important— Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html I was back to my high school sitting in the staff room after three continuous morning lectures. “Good Morning Mr. Peter” said professor Liz, “Good Morning to you too Mrs. Liz”. Professor Liz has been working in this high school for nearly ten years. She has two kids and is very friendly to the staff members. All the staff members respect her and look for her guidance in issues both related to school and their personal lives. Nearly all the staff members that were there around her time had either moved out of town or found a different job. It was only she and professor Keith who were still there, speaking of which professor Keith had been there even before her. “You seem to be in good spirits today, did something happen?”, she asked inquisitively. “Not particularly, do I seem different than usual?”, “No it is not that, but…, well, the thing is that I just came from your class and students were making a fuss that you didn’t seem your usual self” “Well, then I guess it is a changing day for me”, “It indeed is!” replied Mr. Nakamura as he left for his lecture, “Otherwise your shirt buttons wouldn’t be the way they are”, “Oh!, that is rare Peter”, Mrs. Liz said hiding a smile. “How did this…” I said fumbling the buttons. “Don’t worry Peter, it is alright to sometimes be like this, you don’t have to try hard every day to be perfect. I know more than anyone that the appearance you try to maintain here is just a tough cover, but it is alright to be yourself once in a while”, “Mrs. Liz.. I…”, “How long do you think I have taught students Peter?, I have seen the world much more than you. To me you are still like an old, big student of mine. You don’t have to try hard to hide things, sometimes telling them straight out or letting them manifest on their own is the best course” she said in that calm and comforting voice like she always did, as she grabbed a coffee cup. I thought I saw a bruise on her hand. She suddenly kept the coffee down and held her hand beneath the desk. I saw that her hand was indeed bruised. “Mrs. Liz, this is… Don’t tell me that he did it?!”, “What are you talking about Peter?” she said in a giddy voice, “This is just that I was, I was…”, “Mrs. Liz, how many times did we have this conversation, and now he has even started physically abusing you?, How can you stay calm?” I said angrily. “It is not like that Peter, you are misunderstanding, he would never do it to me intentionally, he never has. He was clearly out of his mind today morning that he just grabbed my hand like that” “Just grabbed it that it left his marks on them? Mrs. Liz why are you still living with a man like him? He feeds on your salary, drinks all day and supposedly even has an affair with a girl half his age, then why…” “And what makes you say that Peter?, Don’t pretend that you know everything about everyone! Who are you to have anything to say in my personal life?” I calmed down as I saw how pained Mrs. Liz was. “Mrs. Liz, I really respect you from my heart, but when I saw that bruise, I couldn’t hold it in” I said, “You are right, I have no say in your personal life, but as an old student of yours like you say, I really care for you. Please think about the boys you have, they are still very young, you wouldn’t izmit escort bayan want them to witness him abusing you. And why do you have to tolerate him? I am sure you can support your kids better than him as you are the one running your house at this point. Then why don’t you just leave him?” “I too am sorry Peter, I didn’t want to say such things to you” she said as she took out her handkerchief from her purse and wiped away her tears. She composed herself and said, “I can’t leave him Peter, I am sorry. He was the first man that I loved who loved me back for who I was. He was so caring and loving to me back then that I loved him with all my heart. It has been twenty years that we have been together, and I just can’t leave him because I love him so much. Somewhere I still think that one day my old Mike would come back to me just like that and love me like he used to. Perhaps it is just my own wishful thoughts that I am clinging to, but you wouldn’t understand it”. The interim bell rang and she packed her purse and got up for her lecture. “I am sorry Peter that I spoke so loudly to you today, please forgive me” she said as she walked out of the room. I was sitting all alone in the staff room. I could hear cicadas singing in the playground. I was going over what Mrs. Liz just said, and I thought that I could feel her. She knew all along that her husband was long gone away from her, but she still kept herself clinging to the hope that a miracle might just occur, perhaps to give herself strength to keep going forward no matter how difficult and perilous the road ahead was. Someone who doesn’t know love may think that she is stupid and that she is ruining her life, a practical standpoint to which I might have agreed, but now that I know the power of love, I understand her, if only a bit, I can feel how painful it must have been for her to endure the sudden change in someone that you had always loved. I don’t know what happened between Mrs. Liza and her husband and I think it is not my place to know it either. Then I thought about Sam, what if he would change and not love me anymore? Does he even know what true love is? How can I be so stupid, I thought to myself, he is still 12 years old, how can he commit himself to me that easily? I suddenly felt a pain in my heart. The entire day I couldn’t think of anything else. That entire day, those few minutes with Mrs. Liz kept repeating itself inside me. As if I felt how stupid I have been all along to let a kid enter my life, but somewhere I felt so bleak that I couldn’t bear. The school dismissal bell rang as if to wake me from a stupor. I drove back home wondering that Sam would have already reached by now. I didn’t feel excited to see him anymore, thinking that if I get too close to him, I would end up in the same place as Mrs. Liz living my life full of lies and wishful thinking. I entered and saw Sam was there along with two other kids. “I see we have a few guests” I said still trying to take my mind away from all that inner turmoil I had experienced the entire day. “Young lady, you might be?” “I am Rose”, she replied politely. “Didn’t Sam tell you anything about us? Sam…” she stared at him and I saw Sam blush. “Mr. Peter, I forgot to tell you about our school annual drama. We have it this weekend and I thought that perhaps we could rehearse here, she is Rose and the heroine of the play and he is Max, my best friend I told you about” Max greeted me, “If you don’t mind can we practice here?”, he asked “I don’t mind, by the way what role are you playing Sam?” “I am the hero of the play” he said slightly flushed. “Then what story is this?” I said as I reheated the meat and spaghetti that Sam had ordered for me. “It is along the same lines as Romeo and Juliet” said Rose triumphantly. “Romeo and Juliet? But isn’t that a tragedy?, are they performing this on the stage?” izmit eve gelen escort “Yeah!, you may say we were out of ideas” said Max. “Hahaha, that is great, it is a beautiful love story but the ending is…”, “It is sad, but that is what makes this story so great, isn’t it Sam?” said Rose as she slightly touched Sam’s hand. “Then Max, what role are you playing?”, “Me?!, I am no one in this play, I just tagged along with Sam to, you may say, supervise their rehearsal, they can’t do it without me guiding them can they?” both Sam and Rose stared at him and then laughed. “Hahaha that may be true, please continue with rehearsal, don’t mind me” I said as I plated out my lunch and saw them laughing and playing along with practice. Rose would hit Sam with her script paper occasionally if he missed any line and Max was encouraging her to beat harder. After some time I went to my study to spend some time in solace. After a while I heard the door open. It was Max. “Did something happen Max?” “No, it is nothing”, he said as he grabbed a chair and sat near me. “I thought that perhaps it is better if I just leave them alone” “Leave them alone?” “You wouldn’t want to be between two love birds would you?” “Love birds?” “Yeah, actually, Sam had always had a crush on Rose. When he heard that she was the heroine of the play, he volunteered to be the hero. I think that Rose was happy with this too, I mean you saw how she was being all touchy with him?” “Did Sam tell you this?” “Yeah, once when we were still in 2nd grade, he didn’t bring it up again, but as his friend I could tell that he was always watching her when we would go to lunch hall or playground. I thought that I would just bother them, so I came here” “Is that so?, I see” I said seemingly blank faced. Somewhere in my heart I felt a pain, but it was as if I had prepared myself for it this afternoon that it didn’t come as that big of a shock. It was 6 when Rose and Max left. I told their parents that they had been off as apparently they didn’t live that far from my house. The entire evening I didn’t speak to Sam. I was hurt, but not speaking to him was hurting even more. It was 6:30 when I heard my study room door open. Sam came near me. I didn’t say anything, for I couldn’t bring anything up. Words had left there company from me and slowly emotions were fading away too as I thought that it was all for good, that is the way it ought to be. “Peter, are you mad at me?”, Sam asked “Mad? Why would I be? You had the most spectacular afternoon with your friends, if anything I am happy” I said sarcastically almost in a same monotone. “But you don’t look to be happy and you haven’t even spoken to me since they left” “Listen Sam, I told you I am not mad, neither angry nor upset with anything, can you please do me a favour and sit down at the TV while I prepare dinner?” “I want to help too Peter”, “It would be a big help if you would just quietly watch TV for me, trust me” “You really are mad with me Peter! What did I do? What..” “I told you I am not mad” I said in a slightly higher voice. Sam went out of the room leaving me alone. “Yeah, that is fine, that is how it should have been in the first place, I was really stupid to go out of my way for a kid” I said to myself as I closed my heart, closed my emotions and everything that made a human human. I went down to the kitchen, Sam was sitting on the couch. I didn’t pay much attention as I continued to involve myself in one work or the other as if trying to run away. He was sitting with his face down and when he felt my presence, he got up and came near me. “I am sorry Peter, I wouldn’t call them next time, please don’t be mad with me” as much as his words were tearing me apart, that much stronger I made myself to resist him. “Listen Sam, I never said that I was upset with you or your friends, I was just izmit otele gelen escort tired and wanted to be some time alone, and if you would understand, you better go back and watch TV or do your homework while I prepare our dinner”, “Why can’t I help?”, “Because I don’t need it, it is my job to do it so you please go away” I said almost stone facedly as if I wanted him to just go away. “Peter what is wrong with you? Why are you so cold to me today?” he said as he came to hug me. I slightly pushed him away. I can’t let myself fall into abyss. “Look Sam, you are here for a week, and after that you have to go, why don’t you just simply follow what I am saying without arguments?” He ran away to my room without saying anything. That is fine, I should distance him from me as much as possible, that way neither of us would feel anything when this week comes to a close. I thought I heard sobs from my room. I thought Sam was crying, but it didn’t have anything to do with me. As I heard his sobs getting louder and echoing in my stone turned heart, I could feel him. I thought that the path I chose was not correct, I wanted to go to him but I was afraid, afraid of realizing the truth that he already has someone he actually loves and that someone is not me. Then the words he spoke last night were all a lie? I though to myself. I heard his sobs getting even louder, I couldn’t hold and rushed to my room, realizing that I have to face him, that it would be too late otherwise, I don’t want him to go that far from me. I came to my room, closed the door and came near Sam. “Sam…” “Go away Peter, you don’t want to see me do you?” “Please forgive me Sam” I said as I embraced him and tightly nuzzled him. “But you said that you want me to go away” he said in between his sobs. “I am sorry Sam, my mind was elsewhere the entire time, I am sorry I couldn’t find time for you”, “Please don’t ever say you don’t want to see me”, he came closer to me and hugged me. I hugged him back, I wanted to say how much I loved him, how much I wanted him to become a part of my life, but was deep down more afraid that those feelings would never be reciprocated back to me. “Sam, it is time for dinner, and I must go, but if you insist you can help me too. And next time don’t cry, I can’t bear to see that one thing”, he calmed down a bit and smiled and said that he would help me. I was thinking how much I had hurt Sam this evening, how immature my behaviour was towards him and how selfish I was that I didn’t even once took a note of his feelings. The entire time we were in the kitchen, I was snuggling him and he told me that he loved me this way. I plated the dinner and sat next to Sam as we ate together. “Sam…” I said in a calm tone, “Hmmm..?”, “I am sorry that I shouted at you, please forgive me, I didn’t mean to but I had lots of stuff going on”, “It is okay Peter, besides you said that telling things away eases your mind, then you should tell me, I will listen”, “That is true, how is your play practice going with Rose and Max?”, “It is fine, but they both can be a trouble to deal with sometimes”, “I must say I have begin to like Max and his humour, and Rose is also so cute, isn’t she?” “Yeah, sure!” “I guess there would be a long queue of guys in your class waiting to take her as a girlfriend?” “Yeah, there are” “Hahaha, I bet there was, then are you into her too?” I asked. During that time, I had realized that I can never impose my feelings on someone, no matter how much you love a certain person, it is never a guarantee that he would return your love back to you. Sam has still time to realize what his true love is, maybe 5-6 years from today, he eventually would, but my feelings for him would stay the same for him even then as they are now. I thought that I would be okay with whatever side Sam chooses, at least at the end he would be happy, and I would be happy for him too, at least that much I can, no I will do for him. To be continued… Next chapter: Onward with the plot. Please don’t forget to mail me your feed backs at as they are the only source I know someone out there is enjoying the story and I feel motivated to continue on.

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