Anal Epic Ch. 11Anal Epic Ch. 11

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Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.

“They’re real?”

“Yes,” Sis responded.

I had just walked into Sis’s bedroom. Mom, Sis, and Trish – Sis’s new girlfriend were drinking champagne. It was New Years’ Eve and the women, as I soon discovered, were talking about boobs.

“If you wanted them to look natural, wouldn’t you make them sag a tiny bit more than the obvious fake ones?”

“Mom’s due sag a tiny bit more than designer breasts.”

Sis and Mom laughed when Mom pointed a finger at Sis and cocked her eyebrow. I chuckled, too.

“It’s just that when you’re flat as I am, you can’t help but take notice,” Trish sheepishly said.

Trish was right about that. She was pretty flat, but she had other things going for her. She was a true Nordic blonde, blessed with spectacular blue eyes and sexy, upturned lips that any guy would love to see clamped around his cock.

I could almost understand why Trish obsessed over her ‘A’ cup tits, after being around Mom and Sis. They both wore ‘DD’ cups.

“Mom show them to her,” Sis said.

“No…that’s okay,” Trish quickly responded.

“I really don’t mind. I’ve grown rather used to it. Everyone is fascinated by tittie sizes,” Mom said as she grinned at me. “Just like cock sizes.”

With that, Mom moved closer, holding her breasts in front of her. She sat down next to Trish on Sis’s bed and angled herself so she faced Trish.

“Really, I don’t mind,” Mom said. “You’re simply curious about breasts…like mine. Don’t be shy. You can touch them. It’s okay.”

Although Trish slowly shook her head, she was still staring. Mom let go of her boobs and started unbuttoning her blouse.

“It’s no big deal, Trish. Let me show you.”

“You don’t have to,” Trish said as she helplessly looked at Sis and me.

Trish had waited too long to speak. Mom’s blouse was off and she was unclasping her lacy bra.

Sis and I watched Trish take in the fullness and firmness of Mom’s breasts. We gave each other winks, when Trish noticeably shifted her gaze to Mom’s thick, pink nipples that were now staring at her. She looked at one and then the other and then back, again.

When Trish’s eyes sank to Mom’s flat stomach, Mom gently took Trish’s hands and pressed them against her breasts. She even rubbed Trish’s fingers over her nipples. Trish did not resist.

“Aren’t they soft? Go ahead…squeeze them. I’ll bet you’ve never had occasion to feel a woman’s breasts. We’re both straight…right? Did you suckle your Mom?”

Mom’s attempt to be light-hearted did not work. Instead, Trish’s face quickly turned bright red when she saw Sis and me smiling at her as she squeezed Mom’s ripe boobs.

“Do you like the way they feel?” Mom asked, ignoring Trish’s self-consciousness behavior.

As Trish slowly nodded, Mom said, “Good. Now it’s our turn to see yours. Let me help you.”

Mom slowly reached over and began to unbutton Trish’s blouse. Trish remained passive as Mom gently pulled her blouse off her shoulders and as Sis unhooked her bra from behind.

“Okay. Let’s see,” Mom said.

Trish modestly tried to keep her cups over her tits, but Sis was not having any of that. Sis gave them a tug and off they came.

After a pause Mom said, “They’re nice, Honey. Those puffy nipples are darling…”

Mom then turned to me and nodded her head. I cleared my throat and said, “Yes…very nice.”

“You have such a cute hourglass figure, Trish. Can we see the rest of it?”

As Sis helped the bewildered Trish to her feet, Mom reached over and unsnapped Trish’s jeans. At that very instant, all three women paused and looked at me.

“Don’t worry about him,” Sis said. “He’s seen us both – sans clothes many times. It’s no big deal.”

As Sis pulled her jeans down, Trish gasped. She wasn’t expecting her bikini panties to come down, too. She quickly covered her genitals with her hands.

“Okay Trishy! Kick off your jeans,” Sis said. “And, don’t be such a little prude!”

Trish rolled her eyes, dropped her hands, and then somewhat childishly looked up at the ceiling. Sis ignored her pose and grabbed Trish to steady her, so she could step out of her jeans.

When Trish moved her hands, Mom and I just stared at her beautiful, sexy, bald, cleft of Venus. It was picture perfect.

“Oh, you shave. That’s…very attractive. Can we see the rest of your assets?”

When Sis gently turned Trish to the side, Mom spoke, again. “Your butt is curvy, full, and smooth. It will serve you well. Are your boyfriends attracted to it…your butt? You know, a girl has to go with what she’s got.”

I am not sure if Trish realized that Mom was saying, ‘Since you have no boobs to speak of – your sexy behind is or should be your major attraction.’

“Okay, girlfriend. istanbul escort Get on the bed,” Sis said, as she gave one of Trish’s fleshy cheeks a little slap. Sis then made eye contact with Mom, who smiled and nodded.

As Trish reluctantly bent down to get on the bed, we all saw her squeeze her ass cheeks together. Obviously, she was self-conscious about exposing her anus.

Sis shook her head slightly, then turned and knelt down to open her bottom nightstand drawer. She patiently shuffled through several items before she pulled out a box and placed it on the bed.

“My Mom bought me these… If you are into dildos and vibrators…you’ll love these toys!”

Sis then opened the box, pulled out the first dildo she saw, and handed it to Trish. Sis smiled broadly as she said, “This one will make your day, babe.”

Trish hesitantly took the dildo from Sis and studied it. It was about 10″ long and 3-4″ thick with large, raised bumps scattered all over the entire length of the shaft. Each bump was approximately a 1/4″ in diameter and raised up from the surface at least another 1/4″ or more. I knew first hand that you feel every bump as the dildo passed through your sphincters.

The tip of the dildo, although large, was somewhat tapered like a cockhead. It was shaped to plow deep…

“Well? What do you think?”

“It’s…it’s…uh…curious looking,” Trish replied as she ran her fingers along the shaft.

“Believe me, you’re going to love it,” Sis confidently said.

Trish’s eyebrows immediately shot up. Her face flushed red, again, as she hesitantly looked up to meet Sis’s broad grin.

“Nooo… I’ll take your word for it,” Trish

stammered as she struggled to her feet.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes… Yes! I’m very sure!”

“Well, in that case, let me show you my favorite.”

“Cool,” a relieved Trish responded as Sis rummaged through her box.

“Here! You can certainly have some fun with this little dandy,” Sis said as she placed a medium-sized butt plug on the bed.

“Ooohhh…” Trish replied as she picked up the plug.

“One added feature to this toy is the vibrator. It puts out the most delicious vibrations…deep inside your ass. I guarantee it will have you begging for more,” Sis proudly explained.

“Mmm,” responded Trish as she began to fondle the butt plug.

“Let’s try it out,” Sis coolly said as she grabbed the waistband of her sweats and thong, yanked them down, and then unabashedly stepped out of them.

Trish was instantly mesmerized as our golden girl stood before us, basking in her nakedness. Her eyes were obviously glued to Sis’s peach fuzz. It was light and red and highlighted Sis’s camel toe.

My naked Sis never failed to give me a hard-on. As my cock rose, I happened to glance down at Trish’s pussy just in time to see her clit poke through her labia. Sis had made her hard, too!

Sis saw that, as well. She smiled devilishly and quickly scooted behind Trish. She grabbed Trish’s hips, pulled them into her pelvis, and brazenly began grinding her genitalia into Trish’s cupcake, ass cheeks.

“Nooo! Not here! What are you doing?” Trish exclaimed in a surprised, but hushed voice.

“Girls night, Honey,” Sis said as she slowly pushed Trish back down onto the bed.

“Not now!” Trish pleaded as she slumped forward, bent over on the bed.

Trish feebly tried to get into a push-up position to raise herself, but Sis simply put her hand on Trish’s lower back to keep her pressed down onto the bed. Sis then obscenely leaned forward and ground her hips even harder into Trish’s reddening ass cheeks.

“I just love your ass, Trishy! Can I fuck it? Pretty please…”

Mom and I remained spellbound on-lookers as we watched Sis’s hand glide around Trish’ hips. We had never seen Sis interact sexually with another female.

When Trish’s eyes squeezed shut, we knew Sis’s determined fingers had found her pussy. When Trish gasped and shook her ass, we knew Sis had penetrated her pussy.

“You are so slick, Trishy,” Sis cooed.

Sis then removed her fingers, put them into her mouth, and sucked them. We did not have to wait long for the verdict.

“Yummy! Ever taste yourself, Trish? You are sooo delicious. Now turn over, please.”

Thinking Sis was satisfied, Trish naively spread her legs as she flipped over. Her pussy looked like a big, fat clam.

I am sure Mom’s mouth watered, too, as we watched Sis kneel down between Trish’s spread legs. Sis was going to feast on the yeast.

When Trish saw Sis lick her lips, she realized, way too late, what Sis was going to do. She tried to rise up a couple of times, but each time Sis gently stopped her with her hand.

Perhaps sensing that her half-hearted resistance was too obvious, Trish fell back onto her elbows. She opened her mouth to say something, but Sis reached up with her free hand and put a finger over Trish’s mouth.

“Time for some girl fun, Trish. Girl on girl. Relax!”

Apparently, Mom sensed that Trish was still somewhat uncomfortable. yenibosna escort She stood up, leaned down, and gave Trish a little peck on her forehead. She then whispered something into her ear.

Mom’s little kiss and whisper changed Trish’s demeanor completely. She visibly relaxed, upon exhaling deeply.

As Mom moved back, Trish gently reached out and grabbed her hand. She then turned her head up toward Mom, opened her mouth, and gave Mom an irresistible, begging, puppy dog look. Mom couldn’t help but kiss Trish, again, this time more passionately and full on the lips.

Trish closed her eyes and leaned her face forward as Mom slowly opened her mouth. In no time, both women were swapping spit.

Holy shit and hot damn. It wasn’t every day I got to see my Mom – topless and with her pants undone, making out with a naked, teenage beauty.

Meanwhile, Sis had begun erotically kissing Trish’s t-shaped belly button. Mom had taught us that naval stimulation often elicited a distinct tickle in a woman’s pussy.

By the time Sis’s mouth reached the edge Trish’s pussy, Trish was more than ready. However, Sis just flicked her tongue over and around Trish’s pristine pussy, pleasing her, but teasing her at the same time.

Trish did not tolerate Sis’s playfulness for more than a minute or so. She broke away from Mom, grabbed Sis’s head, and pulled Sis’s face right into her pussy.

Sis got the hint. She expertly took both of Trish’s swollen pussy lips into her mouth and began suckling her reddening labia, as Mom gently pulled and tugged on Trish’s pink, puffy nipples.

I was overly stimulated by now. I stripped, sat on the bed, and slowly began jacking my cock as I watched. Amazingly, the women did not even notice!

By the look of Mom’s and Sis’s nipples, they were just as sexually excited. Their nipples were just as erect as my cock.

New blood I thought.

Just as Trish began squirming on the bed, Sis eased her pink tongue all the way into Trish’s succulent pussy. Her tongue was in so deep, that when she breathed, you could hear her breathing in Trish’s excess pussy juice!

“That feel good, honey? I think I want to order some cunninglingus, too.”

Mom then stretched out by Trish, lifted her butt up, and pulled off her satin pajama pants. My mouth simply flooded with saliva when I saw Mom’s glorious, bare, adult female pussy.

I didn’t waste any time with foreplay. I immediately climbed between Mom’s legs and began chowing down on her pussy as I stroked my cock.

I had eaten Mom’s pussy many times and knew exactly what to do. My mouth was on her erect clit and my finger was deep in her elastic rectum. In no time, Mom was climbing up the bed, ‘trying’ to get away.

After Mom’s quick, no holds barred orgasm, we switched partners. I got on top of Sis and as Trish mounted Mom, she finally noticed my nakedness and full-blown erection.

I must say Trish give my cock a real hard look – right before she came face to face with Mom’s boobs. I couldn’t blame her. They were prizewinners.

I could tell Trish tell she was in awe by the way she cupped Mom’s full breasts in her hands. She squeezed them and lifted them, taking in their weight and firmness, before suckling each hard nipple.

My swollen balls ached as I imagined Trish’s nursery mouth greedily sucking the precum off my cockhead. Mom must have thinking something similar because she said, “Okay honey. You got all night to suck my titties. My pussy needs your hot, little mouth right now.”

Sis greedily sucked my cock as I ate her wet pussy like crazy and fingered her g-spot. Trish had done a good job lubing Sis.

At some point, Sis reached over and stuck in her finger in Trish’s asshole, as Mom gobbled Trish’s pussy from below. Trish immediately raised her head and wiggled her ass.

“You’re just dying to have my toy shoved up your tight, little ass…aren’t you?”

“Ahhh….just go slow!”

“Let me get my toy…”

Sis immediately jumped up, leaving me high and dry, and came back with a 12″ double-headed dildo. It must have been new because I hadn’t seen it before.

After lubricating her fingers with Trish’s pussy juices, Sis wiped them around one of the dildo heads, and then eased it into Trish’s dripping pussy. Sis then fingered herself and lubed the remaining head.

As Sis backed her butt up to Trish’s, Mom inserted the remaining head into Sis’s pussy and began to twist and turn the rubbery dong.

Watching the three women try to develop a rhythm was funny. Sis constantly had to “Ssshhh!” the groaning Trish.

When the girls finally got going, Mom and I positioned our mouths over their sexy, round asses and began to tongue their clenching, pretty, little anuses. I wasn’t afraid to probe deep into Sis’s rectum and suck hard. She was always prepared.

Mom daintily licked Trish’s anus, before sticking her finger in deep and then pulling it back out. When she saw Trish was clean, she dug her tongue into Trish’s asshole sefaköy escort with gusto.

Soon, Mom and I began an asshole-eating contest. We competed to see who could make their partner moan and groan the loudest and longest.

Mom won easily. After several minutes of feverish tonguing and rimming, Trish let out an irrefutable loud gasp as she noisily saliva-farted into Mom’s open mouth.

After swallowing a couple more of Trish’s farts, Mom gave Trish’s butt a love pat, winked at me, wiped her mouth with her hand, and then fell back on the bed. No doubt, her tongue was exhausted. I know mine was.

Realizing Trish was like putty now, Sis disentangled from us. As she reached for the butt plug, she gave Mom and me a sly smile.

“You’re gonna love this, too. Go ahead, Trishy…stretch out on the bed. Spread your cheeks…”

When Trish got prone, my opportunity to touch her finally crystallized. As she reached her hands behind her butt, I said, “Trish, let me do the honors.”

Trish and Sis each gave me a strange look when I reached over, grabbed Trish’s soft cheeks, and pulled them apart. I attempted to give them my best innocent smile as I stared at Trish’s saliva-coated anus, but I wasn’t fooling anybody.

If Mom hadn’t blocked me when she inserted a huge glob of Vaseline into Trish’s ass with her finger, I would have mounted Trish right then and there and fucked her ass to kingdom cum. My balls were aching and I needed relief!

Trish was soon moaning, as Mom patiently worked her rectum with her fingers, stretching it out painlessly. Mom could “make a dead man cum.”

“Jesus! That felt so wonderful,” Trish murmured when Mom finally withdrew her fingers.

Seconds later, Sis bulldozed the plug through Trish’s greased sphincter. Trish’s nostrils flared and her entire body shuddered as she tried to shit it out, but Sis kept pushing back, until the plug was firmly wedged inside her rectum.

It was a Kodak moment. The way Trish looked up at us as she lay on the bed, with the plug flange sticking out of her unblemished, flexing anus, was – priceless.

“Good job, Trishy. You’re so gonna cum,” Sis said as she flicked the switch.

Mom, Sis, and I knew first hand that the plug would soon begin generating a slow, rhythmic pulse that would soothingly reverberate inside Trish’s anal canal. We also knew that the fun would really start when the vibration induced waves engulfed her g-spot.

“How does it feel?” Sis asked as she gently began squishing and compressing Trish’s voluptuous hiney cheeks around the plug. Sis’s clever manipulations would greatly amplify the vibrations.

“It’s…uh…ooohhh! Weird. Strange…um…um…”

“Hang on, babe. It gets even better!”

Mom punctuated Sis’s words by sticking her tongue into Trish’s ear as she reached down and tantalizingly walked her fingers, under Trish’s tummy, south to her pussy. Upon arrival, Mom inserted two well-manicured fingers.

With her free hand, Mom teased my cockhead with her fingers. She kept her touches light and feathery.

“Get ready. As soon as she cums, give her pussy a few strokes and then give to her…in the ass…fast and hard. She really wants your cock in her.”

Mom and Sis ensured Trish was going to cum quickly. Mom reared her chest back and pushed her fingers as deep into Trish’s pussy as possible, as Sis pushed the plug, with equal fierceness deep into her ass.

Trish almost screamed as her pussy and ass seemed to simultaneously orgasm. Her pussy squirted and gushed girl cum as her ass shuddered and shook.

“She needs it now,” Mom advised as she removed her fingers.

When Sis followed suit, we heard air escaping from Trish’s rectum. Sis had extracted the vibrating plug from Trish’s sucking ass so quick, that it left her asshole gaping.

Although my cock was iron-hard and my balls were tight against the base of shaft, I continued to watch Trish and her ass as if spellbound. Trish was sobbing and squirming on the bed as she rubbed her vacated pussy and asshole with her hands. I had never seen a woman cum like this.

“Go on. Fuck her!”

Suddenly, I felt very self-conscious as I got up on the bed, and mounted Trish. Besides Mom or Sis, I hadn’t fucked another woman in months. In addition, I had never fucked another woman in front of Mom or Sis!

As soon as I pushed my cock into Trish’s pussy, I forgot about my two voyeurs. The wet heat that instantly clasped around my cock ensured me that Trish was eager to be fucked. In fact, Trish came again, after just a few deep strokes.

I fucked Trish through her orgasm and then for a few more minutes, until her soft, undulating rump became too tempting. I had to fuck it, too.

When I gently started rubbing Trish’s sexy, reddened asshole with my thumb, her re-action was energetic and encouraging. Without hesitation, she let me know that I was on the right track.

“Yes! Oh yeah! Push it in.”

“Honey… Aaahhh… When a young lady is just beginning anal, it’s probably best to use your fingers. Be gentle with her…”

Mom was right to remind me. Trish, unlike Mom and Sis, was an anal novice.

Upon lubing my forefinger with Trish’s bountiful pussy juice, I inserted it into her hot ass. I immediately felt my throbbing, fat shaft in her pussy channel.

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