Anal Epic Ch. 07Anal Epic Ch. 07


“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”


Hearing voices in the bedroom, I peeked into the cracked bedroom door. Mom was on her knees bent over the officer. Her rosy lips were sliding up and down his hard, black cock.

Ruth was lying naked on her back on the bed. She was fat and lumpy.

Mom’s pussy didn’t mind. It was directly above Ruth’s face and remained in constant contact with her long, pink tongue.

Ruth was teasing Mom. She was continuously bringing Mom to the brink of orgasm, only to back off, and then start the cycle over, again.

Eventually, Ruth’s tongue increased its tempo, until it became a steady, rapid, relentless drumbeat on Mom’s clit. Ruth even inserted her middle finger to rub Mom’s g-spot.

Moments later, Mom pulled her mouth off the officer’s cock and hollered, “Oh! Oh god! Don’t stop! Oh! Please, pleassse lady! Please don’t stop! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

As Mom came, Ruth inserted the middle finger of free hand into her own pussy. Moments later, her brown, chubby thighs began slapping against each other. Ruth came, too.

After the women came, Ruth managed to free her head from Mom’s thighs and sat up. Her smiling face was plainly drenched with Mom’s pussy juice.

“Okay Betsy. Stand up! Time to go bowling.”

Before mom could respond, Ruth spit a gob of saliva onto Mom’s asshole. She then pressed her thick thumb into Mom’s puckered anus, while she slowly sunk two fingers into Mom’s pussy.

“There!” Ruth exclaimed as she successfully penetrated my squirming Mom’s fuck holes in unison.

“Two in the pink and one in the sink,” the officer said. “Rock and roll! Make her dance!”

Ruth’s eyebrows furrowed as if in deep concentration as her large hand began squeezing and pressing Mom’s fuck holes together. Mom’s reaction was immediate. She began rolling her head back and forth as her hips made wild thrusts. She was dancing like Tina Turner!

“Mmm…Miss…Mrs. Ruth! I…I… Oh god!”

The more Mom wildly reacted, the harder and faster Ruth seemed to squeeze. Ruth only let up when she saw the officer’s cock jutting straight up.

“I think you are ready for George’s big, black cock sweetheart. Let me lube your little poop chute. Just relax now. He’ll fucking your little ass soon enough. Assume the position bitch.”

After George lubed his cock, he passed the tube to Ruth. She squeezed some lube onto two, long brown fingers and then wiggled them into Mom’s exposed anus.

“There! Now pucker up. Ol’ George is going to fuck your dainty, little, white behind!”

Mom pressed her head down onto the carpet and enticingly raised her sexy ass high in the air, as George straddled her. It certainly appeared Mom couldn’t wait to have her dainty, button-shaped anus looking like the entrance to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

George, acting kinglike, paused to examine the anal treat the women had prepared for him, before he slowly crouched over Mom’s ass, and began pressing his widely flared, greasy cockhead into her. Mom’s reactions were immediate, again.

As the huge invader slowly dilated Mom’s anus open, Mom’s face turned red and her lips curled just before she began blabbering, “Ow! Oh my god! Oh god! That…that’s sooo big. Shit! Aaahhh!”

“Relax. Diddle yourself!”

Mom closed her eyes and began frigging her clit as George slowly rocked his massive cockhead back and forth in her anus. To say Mom’s manipulations heightened her pleasure was an understatement. The clit tweaking triggered an unbelievable orgasm.

As Mom’s cunt spasmed, she lustfully pressed her bottom back against the formidable black, anal intruder. Mom’s hungry asshole was now ready to be plundered.

“That’s it little slut…now let’s see if you can keep up.”

I understood when George began fucking her hard. I knew there was no feeling sweeter than force-fucking a completely subdued, tight ass. Each stroke felt like you were churning the anal canal into warm butter.

“Feel it baby? Feel good? Like that big, black cock deep inside your white ass? You know what they say…”

“Aaahhh! Goddd!”

“That’s right!”

“Shit! Open the drapes Ruth. We forgot about the neighbors. They have to see this. Show the neighborhood that pretty, white ass…”

No doubt, the already open windows, aided by the still night, had carried Mom’s cries and George’s pig like butt-fucking grunts, intertwined with the rapid slapping sounds of large balls against smooth butt cheeks to every corner in the complex. The complex’s inhabitants, who had been curiously peeking out their bedroom windows, now would have a picture to go along with the erotic sounds.

Mom sighed like she was taking a long awaited, enormous dump as George began withdrawing his massive cock all of the way out her ass. Her butt wiggled almost uncontrollably Casibom when the cockhead popped out.

After taking a few deep breaths, Mom shakily stood up on her bowed legs. Her face was flushed and her long blonde locks were carelessly strewn around her head and slender shoulders as she slowly moved to the window, bent over, and spread her perfect ass cheeks.

Acting as the neighborhood voyeur advocate, Ruth walked over to Mom’s side, reached over her rump, took hold of both ass cheeks, and pulled her supple buns fully apart. As she looked down at Mom’s dilated, swollen asshole, she cooed, “Hmm, so smooth, so wonderfully firm… I would like to fuck this, too.”

“Okay Ruth. Keep’em spread.”

George then positioned himself opposite Ruth. He stood somewhat an angle behind Mom, so that his black neighbors, most of them anyway, could see his black cock skewer the white woman’s behind.

When the bulbous cockhead entered Mom’s anus, she groaned a deep, “Aaahhh”, and then stood up on her tip toes. Her back arched and twisted, as if trying to escape the huge, black anal intruder.

Not taking any chances, Ruth firmly wrapped her large brown hand in a full half-circle around Mom’s thin, white neck. Mom wasn’t going anywhere.

As Mom’s face turned red, I couldn’t help but think that George had at least nine more inches to go! He only had speared Mom’s ass a couple of inches!

“You were made for fuckin’. You’ve got the sweetest, tightest, little asshole I’ve ever fucked.”

At that point, I walked into the bedroom and caressed Mom’s butt cheek. Apparently, I startled her. Despite quickly turning her head to see who was beside her, Mom’s eyes never made it past my erect cock.

As Mom reached for my cock to suck it, George said, “Your turn Ruth…”

Ruth stepped away from Mom, reached under the bed, and retrieved a box. She dumped the box on the bed in front of us.

An awesome pile of dildos of various lengths, anal beads, butt plugs, vibrators, strap-ons, harnesses, double penetrators, etc, lay on the bed. I’d never seen a collection quite like this.

“Whatcha think? How ’bout I strap my new heavy duty dildo harness on? 8″? 10″? 12”? “Save the 12 for special occasions…like punishment…”

“Ten it is. Lie on your stomach in front of your…up the ass girl.”

Looking over at Ruth, I stammered, “That’s pretty big!”

“All the better to fuck you my dear… I am going to loosen your little girlie ass up first…before I sodomize you with my Jeff Stryker…don’t want to hurt you…”

As I laid on my stomach, holding my cheeks open, Ruth slowly pumped two, long, greasy fingers in and out of my willing, puckered anus. The more I loosened up, the deeper she probed.

When Ruth found my prostate, she knew what to do. Using her fingertips, she gently massaged it with light, circular motions. Before I knew it, I was grinding my hard-on into the bed as Ruth fucked me with her hand!

By the time Ruth mounted me, I was yearning to be fucked by Jeff. I couldn’t get it up my ass fast enough. I immediately pushed back on it as soon as I was penetrated.

“Aaahhh,” Ruth said as she pushed in deep and began fucking me. “This really feels wonderful. Exquisite!”

Yes, it was I thought. Being fucked in the ass like a woman by a woman, even a fat one, was wickedly erotic.

“The little bitch’s ass is gonna be stretched all to hell by you get through with it,” George chortled.

Ruth pounded my ass, non-stop, for at least five full minutes, until she started cumming. Then she pounded me even harder! She fucked me forward so hard that my head banged against the headboard. I had to grab it to keep my myself from being knocked unconscious.

“Aaahhh. Aaahhh. Fucking bitch! Damn George!”

After Ruth had rolled off me, I turned over my side. George immediately noticed my stiff cock. He pulled out of Mom and told her to crawl up the bed next to me. He then commanded, “Fuck her ass!”

As I mounted Mom, she looked back at me, spread her sexy butt cheeks, and gave me a winning smile. I returned her smile and then pressed my cockhead into her anus.

Mom began wiggling her rear end as I pushed my cock up her ass. It seemed as if she couldn’t wait to get her ass impaled. Mom got her wish.

Surprisingly, George mounted me, as I lay on top of Mom. As he drove his cock all the way up my ass, my own cock couldn’t help but go deeper into Mom’s ass, too.

Mom’s ass felt good around my cock as I fucked her and my ass back on George’s throbbing black meat. My prostate was in hog heaven. George’s cock was causing it to tingle so rapturously that my balls throbbed mercilessly.

After only a few minutes, George grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back hard onto his plunging cock. He got as deep as he could before unleashing a hot torrent of cum up my ass.

Within seconds, my own face contorted. As George was flooding my bowels, I managed to give Mom a couple of fierce thrusts, before my own throbbing Casibom Giriş cock began shooting cum up her hot asshole.

Mom’s body instantly shuddered as I came. She came, too. I was amazed how strongly her long anal tube contracted around my cock as she grunted through a series of anal orgasms.

For what seemed like several minutes, Mom and I lay on our bellies, floating comfortably in our post-orgasmic haze. We only opened our eyes, when we heard George and Ruth chortling as they stood over us. They were gazing down on our filled to the brim rectums.

“Lick yourselves clean. Tidy up. You’re gonna have company…”

As Mom and I quickly got into a ’69’ position and lovingly sucked and licked the sperm out of each other’s dilated anus, George told us he would be stopping by later for a lunchtime treat…that we should both be ready. Neither Mom nor I responded.

No sooner had George and Ruth walked out the door, they walked back in. They were not alone. George did the introductions.

“These are my horny, home boy’s – Len, Stew, Rupe, and James.”

“And…these two are…are a couple of total sex freaks…who can’t wait to get your big, nigger cocks up their white asses! Enjoy!”

The way the trio looked at us, I knew we were going to be ass-fucked the rest of the night. If Mom was thinking the same thing, her anus had to be clenching, too.

As I wondered if this was the excitement Mom and I were looking for, to be anally gangbanged, Stew boldly walked up to Mom and placed his big hands on her fragile shoulders. Rupe pointed at me and smiled wryly at my clean-shaven genitalia, while Len and James began peeling off their clothes.

Mom didn’t say a word as Stew pushed on Mom’s shoulders, forcing her down to her knees in front of him. He then pulled her face to his crotch and rubbed it against the prodigious bulge to the left of his fly.

After a couple of seconds, Mom bravely pulled her head back, looked up at Stew, licked her lips, and unzipped his trousers. Her eyes got really big when Stew’s cock sprang out. It was already hard and looked to be at least ten to eleven inches long.

Embarrassingly, my own cock immediately hardened in front of the men and Mom, as I stared at Stew’s long cock. It had a nicely pointed head, ideal for ass fucking.

As the men completed undressing, Mom grabbed Stew’s shaft and inserted the head into her hot mouth. She began sucking him as he unbuttoned his shirt.

Len, who had finished undressing first, stepped forward, and grabbed Mom’s 38″ DD’s with both hands. He squeezed and caressed them, before meanly pinching her nipples between his fingers.

When Mom yelped and jerked in pain, I immediately clenched my fists and stepped forward. In an instant, Rupe pinned my arms behind me. His grip was so strong I did not even bother to struggle. He walked me to the bed and pushed me down on it face first.


I thought Rupe was going to butt fuck me; however, he walked over to Mom, put his cock in her mouth, and then slid a hand between her legs. He buried a couple of his fingers into her pussy and began churning her delicious wetness as he fucked her tight throat.

Every once in awhile, Rupe would pull his cockhead back a couple of inches, allowing Mom to gasp for air, before he resumed fucking her tear stained face. Mom had definitely met her match in Rupe.

Apparently, Len seeing my inviting anus absent cock quickly mounted me. With a sudden, violent lunge, he drove his lubed cock several inches up my ass. I gasped, let go of my cheeks, and tried to wiggle forward, but he held my hips firmly.

As I struggled, I looked down at Mom. She was her down all fours trying to wipe Rupe’s sperm off her face as James was pulling her perky ass cheeks open.

Moments later, James was roughly thrusting his cock in and out of Mom’s pussy. Mom had a look of sublime joy on her sperm-streaked face as her tits bounced and swung wildly.

Unable to resist penetrating the pink anus that was, occasionally, winking back at him, James stuck is thumb into Mom’s ass and began wiggling it around. Mom immediately groaned and squeezed her ass cheeks.

“Oh yeah. That’s it little princess,” James determinedly muttered. “Make me cum!”

As soon as James had bred Mom, he pulled out. It was Stew’s turn. He planted his huge cock immediately up Mom’s stretched-out, cum-drenched cunt and began to ride her, as James came around to her front and pushed his semi-hard cock into her mouth, for cleaning.

Len was drilling my ass non-stop, when Stew commanded Mom, “Beg me to fuck your sweaty, white ass. Show us…your little friend…how bad you want my big, black cock up your white, sloppy ass. Show us what a fuck pig you really are!”

Before Mom could say anything, Stew pulled his big cock out of her pussy with a loud pop and bodaciously hawked a luger onto her red, swollen asshole. Mom winced and then her mouth froze when her rectal muscles were forced to give way. A run away Casibom Güncel Giriş black freight train was going up her ass.

After penetrating Mom’s ass a few inches, Stew paused to high-five Len. They were quite pleased with themselves. Both their massive cocks were in tight, white asses.

I should known what was going to happen, when Stew’s eyes narrowed. He was looking at Len’s cock – now fully imbedded in me.

Not to be outdone, Stew grunted loudly as he heaved himself forward. His legs then straightened, as he brutally forced the remaining four-to-five inches of his cock up Mom’s tender rectum.

“Aaahhh!” he and Mom both hollered as he bottomed out in Mom’s ass.

Upon seeing Mom’s anus ballooned around the base of Stew’s thick rod, I decided to raise my ass up slightly. I knew I was encouraging Len to bear down. He did.

Len grabbed my hips firmly and began slamming my ass as hard as he could. I certainly didn’t mind. My prostate was now in direct contact with his cock.

I slipped my hand down between my legs and grasped my throbbing cock. It was slick with precum, which made stroking it so much more pleasurable.

The longer and harder I squeezed my ass, the more frantically orgasmic impulses radiated from prostate out of my ass to my swollen balls, making them contract incessantly around my throbbing cock. My anal gratification was soon ratcheted up so high that my cock and balls simply ached. Nothing compared to being sodomized by a big, thick cock.

Len was feeling the intense, sexual pleasure, too. He was grunting hard and loud as he long-stroked my lust-filled ass. Every time he drove his cock his forward, my ass opened up completely. Every time he pulled back, my ass greedily sucked and pulled on his large tool. He couldn’t do it often enough.

As we rapidly fucked our way to a feverish, divine climax, I furiously beat my meat. I had only one thought in my head and that was to blow my load in Mom’s mouth.

Nearing orgasm, my hips began turning and twisting and as I pushed my ass back onto Len’s cock as hard as I could, my orgasmic damn broke. “Mom!” I cried out as I turned onto my side. “Suck it! I’m cumming! Fuckkk!”

As my spasming anus locked in a vice-like grip around Len’s cock, Mom was able to quickly move her head up and wrap her succulent lips around my cockhead just as I began firing off extremely powerful blasts of cum. The nerve endings around my prostrate had seldom been so electrically charged.

While I ejaculated warm, heavy globs of cum into Mom’s sucking mouth, Len pulled my white ass tight against his black loins, forcing his massive, black cock all the way up my straining rectum. He had completely impaled me with is cock.

Seconds later, I felt Len’s cock swell to almost unbearable proportions. The tip of his cockhead entered my intestines at the same time his remaining girth passed through my anus.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Shit. Aaahhh! Aaahhh!” Len hollered as he began blasting veritable tidal waves of cum into bowels. I immediately felt his warm semen inundating my intestines.

“Holy shit,” Len uttered breathlessly after he came. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard in my life. I think I pulled one of my balls. You like that big cock, don’t ya? I opened your ass up so far it’ll take a week to close. Everybody’s gonna know you got owned.”

“Whew, I’m dizzy,” I said with a giddy laugh. I was so fired up that I still felt him inside me even though I knew it was not there!

“You’re about to get more dizzy,” Stew said as he mounted me.

My body shuddered and my hips wiggled uncontrollably as Stew impaled my weary rectum to the hilt and began fucking me. The squelching noise emanating out of my sperm-filled rectum was so loud that I think the neighbors could even hear it.

Too tired to move, I just watched Rupe and Mom. He was fucking her ass hard, too, smashing his cock belligerently into her rectum.

Nearing orgasm, Mom began babbling, “That’s it… That’s it… Fuck my ass. Make me your bitch. Cum in me!”

Rupe was panting now from the fast ass-fucking he was giving Mom. He was getting close, too, as he switched up and shortened his strokes, leaving his cock deep in her rectum.

Right after Mom started cumming, Rupe began pumping cum deep into her bowels. Each powerful ejaculation made him groan and Mom’s ass cheeks clench.

Rupe left Mom curled up in the fetus position on the floor. Thick, creamy sperm drooled out of her gaping asshole.

Unable to control my carnal desires, I told Stew that I wanted to eat her out. Surprisingly, he released me and I got up off the bed.

I gingerly kneeled down, in front of the guys, and unhesitatingly pressed my face between Mom’s ass cheeks. Mom’s pink asshole was sooo sexy!

“Oh, wow,” Mom breathed. “Keep doing it! Keep licking Mom…my asshole. That feels so hot!”

Encouraged, I went to work on her dilated anus with gusto. My tongue lapped, circled, and poked into her creamy asshole like there was no tomorrow.

“Mmm… Yes! Just like that. Don’t stop licking. Fuck! That feels so damn good!”

No one spoke for the next few minutes. The guys just watched me swallow the cum that Mom pushed out. Mom came at least two more times, before I let up.

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