Anal At Last Ch. 07Anal At Last Ch. 07


[The story so far: I’ve recently divorced my wife, and am raising my son by myself. After a long abstinence, I’ve met a woman (Angela) and we’ve been indulging in anal sex, new to both of us. Then one night, the babysitter (Samantha) that normally looks after my son had stayed the night to give her father, a widow, the house to himself on his first date since his wife died. I’d gone out for a drink, and come back home forgetting that Samantha was staying. Angela turned up, and we’d ended up with me coming all over her face in a good old “money shot” – and I saw movement in the dark hallway that must have been Samantha watching from the shadows. Angela and I went to bed, and wanked each other off while Angela talked to me about how Samantha might have joined us and begged me to take her virginity, ending the Angela rimming Samantha as she straddled me. We’d both had intense orgasms as a result fantasy, and then slept and had more anal sex in the morning…. ]

We were both in need of a shower, so we took one together. Obviously, we both got aroused, spending some time washing, stroking, and playing with each other. We both were getting turned on, but we didn’t take it any further.

We then got dressed and headed downstairs for a much-needed breakfast. Mid-way through, Samantha arrived with Daniel from their morning out.

Shit, here goes, I thought, expecting something to be said about last night. But Samantha was discretion itself. We all chatted about the weather, the games that Samantha and Daniel had played in the park, our respective plans for the weekend, and so on. I did catch Samantha looking at me, at my groin, and Angela’s breasts and neck a few times, as though she was re-imagining the night before when she’d seen me wank and come over Angela. But she looked away quickly each time, so I wasn’t quite sure if that was actually what was going on. I couldn’t even tell it she was disgusted, curious, or simply amazed that people of our age had such active sex lives.

I still couldn’t work her out – she seemed very quiet, and somewhat demure. But she was a bit worldly-wise, as she demonstrated that she was quite sure a few nights ago when Angela and I had come back “for an early night” after our meal, and Samantha was quite sure that I wasn’t being truthful. And yet, someone at 18, who I was reasonably sure had a nice body even though she kept it covered up, couldn’t still be inexperienced, could she? She wasn’t THAT bad looking, and was certainly confident enough for it once you broke through her initial quietness.

Anyway, Angela left to go do her weekend shopping, leaving Samantha and I downstairs while Daniel went out into the garden to play catch with the boy next door over our fence.

I waited to see what she would say. She didn’t seem to be about to say anything, as she was avoiding my eyes, so I broke the ice.

“Have you heard from your Dad? How did his date go?”

Her eyes met mine at last. “Oh, yes! Apparently it went very well. They’re even going out again later in the week, so it must have been good.”

“That’s good,” I said, “I like your Dad. He deserves to have someone special in his life.”

“Yeah … I guess so.”

“What’s the matter? Are you not so keen on the idea?”

“Well… it’s been just Dad and I for so long, with David living away from home.” I’d forgotten about David, her elder brother, as she rarely mentioned him. “It’s odd to think that there might be another woman around…”

I reached out to put my hand comfortably on her shoulder, speaking more softly. “Samantha, this probably sounds really harsh of me, but it’s been a while since your Mum died. Don’t you think it’s time to let your Dad have someone else who loves him?”

“But I love him? Isn’t that enough? Why ruin the routine we’ve got going. Nobody can replace Mum, nobody!” Tears were welling up in the corner of her eyes. Obviously, she’d not had a chance to talk about this to her Dad, her brother, or her friend, and it was all coming out now.

“Samantha, I’m sure your Dad is delighted that you and he are so close – any father would be glad to have you as a daughter – but he’s obviously reached a point where he needs more than just a daughter in his life. He needs a woman who loves him for who he is, not just because he’s her Dad. And he’s not trying to replace your Mum. Lord knows, I’ve seen the look in his eyes when he speaks about her, and there’s no way he’s trying to forget or replace her. He’s just ready for someone to love. Someone who can love him back.”

She started to cry, so I pulled her in close for a hug, and she hugged me back strongly. The part of me that had recently been having a lot of fantastic sex (including the fantasy about Samantha that Angela had used to bring us both off the night before) started showing interest, feeling the warmth of her breath blowing through the gaps between my shirt buttons, and her surprisingly large breasts press against me (Why does she wear such baggy clothes almanbahis instead of showing these pups off? I thought).

“Sssshhhh,” I said, smoothing her hair, rocking her slightly side to side. “I’m sure this date is a lovely woman, but your Dad’s still going to be pleased to see you back at home today, after being away all night.”

She sobbed something vaguely affirmative, and reached up to dry her eyes. As she did so, her hand brushed against my groin. I don’t think she noticed, but my prick did, and I could feel it start to respond even faster. Shit!. I tried to push Samantha away slightly, breaking the contact we had as a result of the hug, but she just hugged me back and said into my chest, “Just hold me a bit longer Andy.” Oh fuck what am I going to do? I panicked, my cock swelling further despite me telling it to get down, as the little voice at the back of my head said “Maybe she wants the hug to continue so that she can feel me get hard against her.”

Luckily, just then, Daniel came back in, saw us hugging, and asked what was wrong. Samantha pulled away quickly … Did she press her body up against my prick as she pulled away there?…wiping her eyes, and crouched down to be at Daniel’s height. “It’s OK Danny, I’m just being silly. I hurt myself there and your dad was making it all better.” Daniel reached for her hand, then mine, and lead us into the garden saying “OK. Come look what we’ve found, Dad!” all excited.

There at the bottom of the garden, was a bird’s nest that had fallen out of the tree, an egg somehow miraculously still inside it and unscathed. I got a ladder and some rubber gloves, and gingerly climbed up it to place the nest back roughly where I thought it had been, using the gloves to avoid my scent getting on it. Samantha was holding the ladder whilst Daniel watched excitedly from the bottom, and his next-door friend called out for me to be careful. I came back down the ladder, which Samantha was holding steady. But I slipped a bit on some mud that that I’d left on the ladder on the way up, and as she reached quickly for me, her hand landed prime on my ass. I climbed down the last few steps, and she pulled her hand away at an appropriate point. But as I turned to put the ladder back, I could see her look down at her hand and pull it up to cup her cheek. My cock throbbed again…


Samantha left shortly after that, with more assurances from me that everything would be back to normal between her and her Dad, and Daniel and I went swimming. I always love swimming, partly because Daniel loves it so much, and partly because for a man of my age, I’m in pretty good shape. Hell, I’m in a lot better shape that a lot of twenty year olds. I regularly catch women checking out my butt or my chest, and a few times, one of the local vamps has run her hand down my flat stomach whilst chatting to me, or rested her hand on my arse if I’m bending over to pick up Daniel, or made sure I got any eyeful of her surgery-enhanced cleavage as she leaned over in front of me, or leaned away from me to show her admittedly delightful ass and the camels’ hoof of her mound. But that much wanton sexuality turns me off – as I mentioned earlier, I like the more subtle approach, where women leave enough on show to catch a man’s attention, but no more. A little mystery is a wonderful thing, even if that mystery is wrapped up on something so sheer that it reveals everything underneath – it’s still a delight to find that the real thing is actually as pleasant as it looks when covered up

Plus of course, swimming is a chance to eye up some of the local talent whilst Daniel’s larking about, and a chance for me to work on my shoulders, chest, and legs through swimming lengths.

We spent the rest of the day in some prime father and son time, and then Daniel went to bed, and I settled down in front of the computer to do some work. I had a conference coming up soon, at which I was speaking, so things were kind of busy right now.

After a couple of hours of intense work, I remembered something… Angela’s email details. I took the piece of paper out of my wallet, and looked at it, pondering whether to read her mail or not. It’s quite an invasion of privacy, after all.

But I figured she deserved it after setting up her webcam to record me wanking, and after so much teasing about Samantha, so I set up my mail software to log into her account, remembering to check the box saying “leave mail on the server”, so that the software would leave a copy in her account for her own software to read.

I was honest, ignoring what was obviously personal, and double-clicked the mail saying “Re: Another session with Andy” (thankfully, she’d not deleted it herself). Then I sat back and read it.

The first part was the last response from her friend (signed only J, I saw – Julie, Julia, June? I didn’t recognise any of the names from when she’d spoken about her friends)…

Hey Ang, Oh my god, he sounds like almanbahis yeni giriş a right dirty bastard. Good for you girl – you deserve it after being with that loser (BASTARD!!!) for so long. How long’s it been – 18 months? Maybe a bit longer? I can’t believe you went without sex for so long, you ice maiden. Andy must be special to thaw that cold spell, LOL.

But christ – anal??? I thought you said you’d never do that in your life. “Exit only” was the phrase you used, as I remember. I know you liked the finger and tongue over the last few weeks, but that’s not the same now, is it? And you know I’ve been doing it for years now – you should have listened closer when I told you all about it.

And coming like that? PHEW. You’re turning into a right little porn starlet. You’ll have to get a new name: Anal Angel or something.

And for chrissake, how long did that take to write? Why are you writing 40 page emails or whatever, instead of fucking the hunk’s brains out? Get a life!

Oh… and has he got a friend for me!!! My love life sucks at the moment. James, the muscle from the gym, finally got what he wanted – ME! Well, he must be on steroids. Big muscles, tiny weener. Jesus, I could hardly feel it in me, and no, that’s not a comment about me and the size of my hole!

He was great up till the final act – it’s great to have a big hard muscled hunk to pick you up like a feather and carry you up to bed. I felt like I weighed an ounce, and you know that ain’t true, sister! That sort of manhandling always brings out the inner woman in me, and I always feel like some weak femme fatale from a 1920’s film, ready for the man to tell her what to do as if she’s got no will of her own and must submit to his manly demands..

But… what a let down. He lasted about a minute, if that, before pulling out and spurting (or I should say, dribbling) on my thigh. I wasn’t even close to getting started, so I told him to get out and don’t come back. He looked angry, and I shat myself when I thought about the steroid rage people talk about, but then he just threw on his jeans and left, slamming all the doors like a little boy. Prick – what did he expect?

What I wouldn’t do for someone like Andy – someone who actually knows how to use his cock as well as his head…. You said I should meet him – can I rent him off you for a night instead? Just one. Go on, you know it’ll be the decent thing to do for a poor frustrated old prune like me. I’ll buy you lunch somewhere expensive afterwards to fill you in on how he filled me in, LOL.

Ah well. I’m getting frustrated just thinking about Jamie and His Magic Weenie, so I’m off for a wank.

Later, J. xxx

Well, it seemed Angela liked me enough to tell her friend all about me. But what had she said? I continued down the mail trail, reading Angela’s next.

Jules babe, how’s it hanging?

Fuck, you’ll never guess what’s happened now. I can hardly believe it myself. It’s about Andy again… yes, I can hear you groan already, just shut up and listen will you, I’m talking.

I went round to see him the other night, he was cooking me a meal. You know how much I love a man who can cook!

I’d put my “fuck me” dress on – that tight little Chinese number. You know I look damn hot in that, and it always makes me feel deliciously wanton as I can’t wear any underwear with it. Plus, I’d been feeling horny all day thinking about the last time we’d had sex, and looking forward to a good hard shag that night. I confess: I’d had a bit of a wank a few times through the day at the thought of it. I’d not made myself come, figuring that I’d tease myself to make it better when Andy did actually fuck me.

Once was at work, believe it or not. I’d locked the office door, telling the girls I was on a call with a client and didn’t want disturbing. I’d just pulled up my skirt, slid my knickers off and stuffed them in my drawer, and started to play with myself, remembering what it was like when Andy had fucked me from behind with his thumb in my arse. (Good job I keep myself clean, eh?) I even slid a hand down to play with my arse while I did it, imagining that it was Andy’s hand stroking me while I wanked myself.

That’s what I’d intended for the night with Andy. I’d planned it all out… we’d have dinner. A little flirting. A bit of banter. Both of us knowing what was coming up for dessert so to speak. I’d take every chance to show off my tight little hiney in that dress – bending over to adjust the stereo, dancing a bit in front of it facing away from him, bending over to adjust my shoe straps, you know the sort of thing. Hell, you taught me most of those moves!!!

Then I’d nip out to go to the loo, and slip the dress off while I was there. I was going to wank a bit, just enough to get my juices flowing, and then come back in, naked apart from my high heels, and I’d walk up to him, stand between him and the dining room table, and slide back onto it. Then I’d lift my leg, resting one foot almanbahis giriş on his chair and the other on the floor, letting my thighs fall open. Letting him see the wetness starting between my legs.

I wasn’t going to let him touch me, and would make it clear I was in charge. I’d start to wank in front of him, watching his cock… oh, fuck me, I’m getting turned on just thinking about this… watching his cock start to bulge as he looked into my cunt in front of him.

And then… well, that’s where my fantasy stopped, as I realised the office was starting to smell of me, so I quickly stopped playing with myself, sprayed some perfume around, and whisked out of the office, shouting at the girls to drop what they were doing, and let me buy them dinner. We went to that new place, Concertinas or whatever it’s called.

It was only a bit later, when I got back to the office and went into my drawer, that I remembered I’d not had my knickers on. And we’d been sat up on the mezzanine level. I’m sure every guy going to the loo must have been looking straight at my cunt when they walked back out. Maybe that explains the looks I was getting from the waiters (yes, including that dark dusky one you fancy – you’d better get a move on girl!). And there was me thinking it was my natural charm and the excitement of a woman who knew she was on a promise of getting a good stiff one later 🙂

Anyway, back to the plot…

I was wearing that Chinese number, having freshly waxed, and my legs were looking tight after starting that new class at the gym. God I looked hot. Even I wanted me! He let me in, and his eyes lapped it up. I could almost feel them burning a hole in my dress as he watched me walk through to the living room. I didn’t do my trademark arse-wiggle at all. Well, maybe a little bit, but you know I can’t resist playing to a captive audience…

I felt like I was about to come already. Part of me wanted him to just push me onto all fours and ram his hard cock up me there and then… but that would have spoiled my plans.

He’d already started getting the ingredients ready, so I sat at his dining room table (nice piece, worth a mint, I think). Sideways on, legs crossed, my gorgeous firm thighs and slender calves exposed by the slit up the dress. (It was such a great idea of yours to get that slit extended – thanks sistah!).

We chatted a bit, but I could see he was distracted. He was wearing chinos, and they don’t do a good job of hiding a stiffy, especially one like Andy’s. That did it. Stuff the foreplay, I wanted a good hard fucking. I walked over to him, pretending I was going to the fridge for something, and then I turned and pressed myself against him from behind. I slid my hand down to his groin. God he’s big. (Let’s hope your new gym boy’s as big!). He made some cheap crack about him having a few ideas of what to do with his cock, but he carried on cooking, cool as you like. Well, I wasn’t having that, so I slid his zip down and my fingers in, and rubbed him harder, through his pants. The bastard still carried on chopping.

So I raised the game, and undid his belt etc. Then pulled his pants down a bit at the front, and pulled his cock out. Jesus, that was hard work – too much cock, too little space. But it came out, and I could feel it throbbing. Do you get the same buzz as I do at that point? Knowing that it’s you that’s made this cock chomp at the bit for a piece of you? That turns me on so much, that feeling of power.

I could feel my wetness already, as I started wanking him. Not all the length, just the foreskin. That got to him – as I could feel him respond, but he was still chopping those bloody vegetables…

That’s another fantasy that’s kept me going recently: one day, I’m going to bring myself off with a cucumber whilst he licks my ass..MMmmmmmmm.

Anyway, he was still chopping, but not as intently. Enough, I thought, so I pulled him away from the cabinets and plonked myself in front of him, pushing the cooking stuff out the way. I wanted his complete attention (a girl deserves it, I think, especially when I looked as good as I did), so I slid down and gave him a quick BJ. He grabbed my head to help out… I know you don’t like that (Fuck, I still laugh when I remember how much of a balling out you gave Peter at school when he tried that. Poor boy, he must still be scarred by that night)… but I love it. I like the feeling of submitting yourself to someone’s command and being used. It’s gotta be someone decent mind, like Andy, not a tosser who’ll just try to get his own end away and leave you high and dry. I reckon Andy’ll be great to be tied up with for a night. Another one for the list.

So there I was, kneeling before My Master, LOL, giving him my best moves. I grabbed his bum cheeks. It was so tempting to slide my hand in-between his thighs to stroke his arsehole like he’d done mine, but I know a lot of guys would hate that. But the more I think about it, the more I want to do it – fair’s fair after all, he’s played with my ass enough. Who knows, maybe I’ll rim him one day…. Mmmm. That’s a good idea, rimming him while reaching around to wank that big cock of his, pretending it was my cock I was wanking. Hah. That’ll surprise him!

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