An Ending for EmmaAn Ending for Emma


Mikel met someone. Mikel is my brother who writes as Mikelh at Literotica and yes, Mikel is M from my story “Em & M”. (He said “enough with the M, I don’t care”)

Mikel met Suzy (Don’t you hate her already) about three months ago. Actually I met her and unfortunately I can see why he liked her. She’s pretty, smart (well, pretty smart) and laughs at his jokes. I happen to like her too; she’s a nice girl.

At first it wasn’t serious and after all we both see other people. The evil little green person in my head didn’t start telling me things until Mikel started telling me things. Things like, “Suzy did…then Suzy did…isn’t Suzy…?” (Do you need details?) When he started calling her ‘The Suze’, I wanted to barf – for more than one reason.

Do you find that guys, no matter how smart or sensitive are still idiots when it comes to their relationships with women? We’ve been sleeping together for almost two years and he’s telling me how wonderful ‘The Suze’ is: hello!

The next part has some sentences in it that embarrass me and I made Mikel promise not to read this story if I put it on Literotica. I love him and I realized something with this Suzy business. I want him to be happy but I want him to be happy with me. I want him to love other people but I want him to love me more. I want him to love me most. (This is the aria of the soap opera that my life became “me, me, me, me”) Keats said that truth is beauty. This is true and it’s not beautiful.

I guess I want him to love me the way he wrote in “My sister, Myself” (mascara mess made me look like a raccoon after reading that but of course I’m a little prejudiced since the basic idea was about me – even though we’re not twins)

So altıparmak escort what was I supposed to do, seduce him? I’d already done that (or he had). Maybe I could ‘seduece’ him again by doing stuff with him we’ve never done. I think we’ve covered it except for one area: but in the end, (sorry I couldn’t resist) he knows I’ll do it all with him, anytime – except for the day of ‘The Fight’.

He comes over. He’s kissing me and working his way into my bra when I explode. “What do you think MIKEL; I’m always going to be here anytime YOU feel like it? Well I don’t want to play this game. I don’t want to FEEL THIS WAY. (I’m not going to start crying, but…) The NEXT time something comes up – WHY DON’T YOU GO SCREW SUZY… AND SCREW HER FOR NINE HOURS LIKE IN ONE OF YOUR OVER THE TOP STORIES. (When I say this I almost laugh because I know that this is the sentence we’ll talk about later)

Mikel is standing like a deer in headlights. The last time I yelled at him he was nine, I was ten and he had put ants in my cereal. The look on his face is so concerned, so sweet; I melt. “Em, Suzy is not a thing. It’s not you and me. If you don’t want me see her, I won’t.”

“I do…I don’t…fuck” Mikel holds me and kisses all the wetness on my face.

“Emma, you and me is different. (I’ll say) That’s always.”

He’s Mikel kissing me now: long, soft, slow and deep. “I’m always with you Em”.

I know the good stuff is coming and the green is gone. He’s doing me so slow I don’t know if I can take it. I want to say “touch me Mikel” but I know when he gets like this, if I wait long enough my explosion will be atomic.

As he’s doing, my bursa anal yapan escort head is narrating: your hand is in my bra and the strap cuts into my back; I like it. I know what you’re going to do with my nipple. It’s what you always do. Please don’t surprise me, do what you always do. Yes Mikel I’m wet for you. You don’t have to ask but you like to hear me say it… I like to tell you… I could cry when I feel this good… Nothing else has to happen and I’d be happy… but I’m happy something else is going to happen.

My arms are around your neck and I’m kissing you as you free me so my nipples can move across your chest the way you like…I’m grateful that you never seem to tire of them. You touch them and lick them… and pinch them… and suck them.

Sometimes the quiet is lovely when you’re just touching me this way… only the sound of your hands moving over my skin…I’m waiting as they journey down my now naked back and legs…I’m waiting as they rest on my ass and spread it gently. Soon you’ll be there…Soon you’ll have my wet folds in your hand…Soon I’ll have your fingers.

I want to tell you how you’re making me feel when you get there but some spells are eggshell thin and I’m afraid…I reach for the hardness against my thigh and encircle the velvet skin that covers the stiff shaft… My Mikel.

I’m holding you and my thumb moves along your length. I squeeze as your fingers slide over my hood and I feel the slippery pre-cum spread over the tip as my thumb crosses the opening…I want your cock everywhere.

We go to ‘our’ chair and I’m on you almost before you sit. You hold me down and keep me from raising and lowering myself. bursa bayan escort We’re kissing and I can feel you tensing and releasing your cock inside me. I start circling with my hips and thank God you let me. I could come like this but you usually read the signs and stop me so we can build.

The room is warm, my hair is starting to mat and you lick some sweat beads off my breasts as I arch back for you to suck your Emma’s nipples…I love thinking ‘your Emma’.

You direct me up and then we’re down on the floor, in each other’s mouth. I lie on top of you so we feel the length of each others body as we suck. I love everything about having you in my mouth and being in yours. Again I could come and I feel how close you are too. You stop.

I’m on my hands and knees and you’re behind me. You ask me and I say yes. You’re gentle and there is more pressure and pleasure than pain. I’m filled with you. I’m glad it’s you there. You ask me to touch myself so I can come with you. You start to come and you don’t pump me. I know your body is pushing you there but you will not hurt me. I start to cry. I start to come and it’s more than atomic.

I was shaking when I was done and Mikel held me saying “Oh Em I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you… I shouldn’t have…”

I told him it was wonderful and I wasn’t crying because he hurt me but because he didn’t. He sort of understood and I thought two things. That was the first time I ever made love with anybody without being amused by something or thinking a funny thought. I was only ‘there’. The second thing I thought was: my uncharted territory is behind me – at an end. (Sorry but I’m back to my ordinary reality)

Well, this brings me and Mikel about up to the present and I’m not sure where we go from here but I know we’re in a new place and I know how to end this one myself. I love you Mikel.

Dear Reader,
Your vote and anonymous feedback helps me to know how I’m doing and if I should post more of what I write about Mikel and me.
Thanks, Emma

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