An auto driver and the bitchAn auto driver and the bitch


My name is Jaya. I am 48 years old. I am from Bhopal. This incident I am going to share has happened 2 months before, which changed my life. My husband died 5 years ago. My son (24) and his wife live in another county. I was alone here. But I like it and I don’t want to bother anyone.

One day I went to a wedding. It was very far from the city and when it was 11 o’clock in the night; I thought of returning home. Then I was waiting for an auto or any cabs but couldn’t find any. After 30mins one auto came and I got into it. I Told him the address and sometime later my son called and asked if reached home.

Then, I asked the auto driver (he was around 22–24) “Son, what is your name, how much time will it take?”

He: “I am Venu, it will take 1 hr madam.”

Me: “Drive carefully, as this is too dark.”

He: “Don’t worry madam, I know these routes very well, I even know the shortcut, you will reach home safely.”


Slowly I got sleepy and got into sleep unknowingly. After sometime I woke up and saw the auto stopped somewhere. It’s a deserted area, and there is an old room nearby and nothing else. I got tense and was searching for a driver. He then came from the back of that room. He ran towards me and shows me the knife and,

Venu: “Just do as I say, otherwise I will hurt you.”

I got scared and was searching for my phone, but it was not there. He threw it and laughed.

Me: “Please don’t hurt me, I don’t have any cash or jewellery, please leave me.”

Venu: “Who asked you for money, suck my cock and satisfy me.”

It shocked me to hear this, I said “You bastard, I called you son and you asked me to do this, shameful, let me go.”

Venu: “I don’t care, just do as I say otherwise you will get hurt.” I begged him to let me go, but to no avail.

Me: “Please, this is wrong, leave me.”

Venu: “Don’t waste time, do it fast and I will leave you.”

Tears rolled down, and I understood I had no choice. I said “Ok.” Then he took me to the back of that room. It was all dark, but there was a door.

He opened the door and switched some lamps. It was dim. I could see a dirty bed, some old clothes, and there was nothing else.

Then he closed the door and removed his clothes. I turned away, but I could see his body, he was fat and black.

Now he is naked.

He came near me, I was pleased, but he wouldn’t listen. Then he made me sit on the bed. And bought his dick near my mouth and shouted to suck it, while showing a knife. I was crying and opened my mouth. Then he pushed the cock inside. And I slowly sucked.

Then, he moaned “Ah bitch suck it ah.”

Then he fucked me orally for some time and after he took it out and said “It’s not working, take off your clothes bitch.”

I was frightened “Please, I did all that you said, please, leave me.”

Venu: “Shut up and get naked otherwise you will die.”

As I had no choice, I got up and took off my saree and petticoat. I was only wearing underwear; he got excited and came near me and held my boobs and took my bra off then he sucked them and squeezed them like a hungry dog.

Then he pushed on that dirty bed and held my hands up and licked my underarms and licked my boobs and pinched my nipples.

Then he was all furious while biting my boobs and licking my armpits. I was resisting all the time, but I was slowly losing my control as he was sucking my nipples. Then he crept his hand into my underwear. Unknowingly, I was opening my legs for his hand to reach into my hairy pussy.

He understood I got excited and said “Looks like bitch is having fun” and laughed.

I felt humiliated, but I was out of control and my pussy was getting wet slowly.

Venu: “Enjoy bitch I will show you heaven today.”

Out of excitement I moaned, “Ah ah.”

He was surprised and got up. Now he went near my pussy, I widened my legs for him, then he kept his lips on my pussy and started licking it, like a dog. I was totally out of control and gripped his head. And started moaning, “Ah suck ahh suck it ah.”

Then he increased the pace. After sometime he got up and got his cock near my mouth, without thinking I took his black cock in my mouth and started sucking it like hell.

Venu: “Ah bitch, suck it ah.”

After 2 mins, he took it out and came on me then; I understood he is trying to fuck my pussy, and I unknowingly widened my legs but as he was so fat he couldn’t fit, he widened my legs still, and he was rubbing my pussy with his cock. I could not control it.

Me: “Please, push it inside ah fuck Me.”

He: “Take istanbul travesti it bitch ah” in a single stroke he entered completely.

Me: “Ah oh my god ah.”

Venu: “Ah bitch, take it ah.”

Me: “Ah fuck me hard, ah fuck me ah.”

Venu: “That’s my bitch, I will show you today ah.”

Me “Ah yeah, show me ah hard fuck me hard ahh.”

Venu: “You are acting like a prostitute, are you really a prostitute?”

It upset me listening to this, and said “No, how can you say that, I am a decent woman.”

He laughed “I don’t think so, are you still a decent woman bitch.”

I liked his dirty talks and said “I don’t know maybe not, ah fuck me.”

Venu: “Bitch you become a prostitute today”, and was stroking heavily.

Me: “Ahh like this ah ah, I am a prostitute ah.”

Venu: “Ah really, what is your rate bitch.”

Me “Ah I want 5000, ah fuck me.”

He laughed, “5 RS is more for your old pussy ah.”

Me: “You bastard, I won’t let you fuck” then, I pushed him then he held me tightly and stroking my pussy with his full power.

Venu: “Bitch I will not leave to today, I will fuck you from 5 RS only.” I could not control it.

Me: “Ah oh my god ah, ok fuck me for 5 RS only” while fucking he took his shirt and threw some coins on my boobs.

Venu: “Ah, take up 5rs, bitch.”

Me “Ah yeah, make me prostitute ah fuck me ah.”

Venu: “Ah, I am about to cum bitch ah.”

Me: “Please, stop and take it out, you are not even wearing a condom.”

Venu: “No way bitch, I will make you pregnant ah.”

Then he forcefully ejaculated inside and said “Ah have my kids bitch” and laughed.

Me “Ah ok ah” then he was exhausted and fell on me, and was licking all the sweat from my neck and my armpits and asked me to do the same. I even licked his hairy armpits. And he slept with me like that. Even I slept.

After one hour I felt something pushing me, then I woke and saw him fuck me again.

Venu: “Ah bitch, wake up ah.”

Me: “Are you not satisfied?”

Venu: “I want to make you pregnant.”

Me “Yeah make me pregnant, you bastard. Fuck me.”

Venu: “Before you calling me son and now you are begging me to fuck ah you nasty old bitch.”

I felt disgusting but I don’t know how I said this, “Ah yeah I am your mom fuck me son, I don’t even know who’s your father was, many men fucked me for 1 RS only, fuck me, make me pregnant ahh.”

Then he came again “Ah, slut, take it” and I also came. We slept like that.

Around 4 o’clock he woke me up and told me to hurry. It is getting late and we need to leave. Then I woke up and was dressing up in a hurry, then he came near me and asked me to suck his dick,

Me “How many times should I do” then he slapped me and told me “Shut up, suck it bitch I paid you” and I sucked it like a hungry bitch.

And then he came inside my mouth and made me swallow it. Then asked me “How was it?”

Me: “Tasty!”

Then we went out and left for my home. After 1 hr we reached home and I got down. Then he clenched my hand and asked me to kiss him.

I told him anybody could watch. Then he pinched my boob and asked what my name was. I told him “Jaya”, saying nothing before he left. Then I came inside and got freshened and ate some food and slept as I couldn’t properly sleep last night. I woke up around 3 o’clock in the afternoon and was doing my work but I was thinking about the night and actually I had a fantastic night but I was feeling very sad as I couldn’t even see Venu again.

Later that day I talked to my son even though he asked me why I was dull. But I couldn’t explain it to him and said nothing. After that I had dinner and went to bed but these thoughts made it difficult to sleep but after some time I slept at 9 O’clock In the night.

Around 11 o’clock my doorbell rang. I was surprised and rushed to see who it was. I opened and saw Venu with 2 other guys. I was shocked but tensed. Venu took me inside and one guy locked the door.

Me: “What is this, who are they?”

Venu “I sensed you wanted more, so I got company as well. Do you want me to leave?”

Me: “No, but send them away I can’t do it, please.”

Venu “Just try, you will also enjoy, you have more urge despite your age I am sure you can handle.”

I was confused and said nothing, but I was feeling excited inside. I don’t even know these guys, but I am thinking of letting them fuck me. These thoughts made me horny.

I said “Ok “Hesitantly.

Venu: “That’s my bitch,” and said “I told you, this slut will say, yes”.

It shocked me to hear istanbul travestileri this and “What all did you say to them “

(There are two guys, one was Suri and other was Ravi)

Ravi: “He said that he made you a prostitute and you would take only 5 RS to fuck you “

Suri: “And you are an old aunty who has got an outstanding figure.” I started blushing.

Me “Oh is it then, am I what he said was “

Ravi: “No, you are more, your figure is awesome, even my mom is younger than you and I am going to fuck you,” and he laughed.

Me “So, am I looking like your mom, is your mom also a prostitute “And I laughed then he got angry and came near me, held my neck and slapped my ass and pressed it had

Ravi: “Bitch Don’t talk too much you will cry today.”

His words frightened me and said “If it’s like this, please leave.”

Ravi: “Fuck you bitch, there is no going back let me see your body “And he was trying to remove my night gown but I was resisting then

Venu: “Jaya aunty, you also wanted to have fun, why are you resisting just cooperate”

Me “Ok leave me, you bastard,” and I pushed Ravi.

Venu, let’s go into the bedroom. I took them near my bedroom, and

Me, “Who will come first “

Venu: “It’s not like that we all will come inside. We wanted to watch while others fuck you”

Me “But I can’t many at a time, please”

Suri: “Ok we understand we will do it one by one, but will watch while others do it.”

Me in confusion “Okay” Ravi was looking furious. I don’t want him to fuck me, but I didn’t have a choice.

Then we all went inside and they removed their clothes. They are also like Venu only. Then I also removed my clothes. Ravi and Suri are watching me like hungry dogs and both of them came at me and took my boobs at a time and started sucking them. Then I was losing balance, and we fell on the bed. It was like this.

Then I was enjoying it. Then slowly Venu opened my legs and sucked my pussy. I lost control. Then I held both their heads. They were sucking rigorously. After some time. They made me get up and told me to sit down on my knees; I understood and did. They all came near me and unknowingly I took Ravi cock first and second Venu, then Suri, and sucked them very well.

Then they lifted me and made to lie on the bed and Suri came to fuck me other two are masturbating,

I asked “Put some condom please”

Venu: “No need Jaya aunty anyway, you are a prostitute,” and laughed.

I hesitantly said “Okay” Then Suri kept his cock near my pussy and pushed it inside.

Me “Ahhhh fuck Me, ahhhh, hard “He is pushing his dick hard

Suri: “Ahhhh aunty you are super I never fucked a prostitute like you ah”

Me “Ahhh really ahhhh I like to get fucked by kids like you”

Suri: “Ahhh take your money bitch ahh” and he threw coins in my breast

I looked at them naughtily and said, “Now fuck harder, satisfy your aunty.”

Then he came inside only, I was shocked, and said “Why did you come inside, I might get pregnant if this happens frequently please don’t cum inside from now.”

Venu “You will get pregnant anyway, from my sperm yesterday.”

Me “Even though, please.”

Next, Ravi came near me, and he was widening my legs. I didn’t like him, so I was resistant.

Then he pushed his cock deep, forcefully.

Me “What oh! my god, it is huge, it’s painful, push it slowly, please.”

Ravi: “Bitch I will fuck however I want to shut up.”

I understood he would take revenge and kept quiet, then he was pounding hard but I was controlling.

Me “Ahhhh please ahhhh, slowly, ahhhh please.”

Others are laughing at me.

Ravi “Ahhhh now tell me who is a prostitute, bitch?”

Me “Yeah me, I’m prostitute please, slowly” even though I pleaded he didn’t show pity, kept on fucking like that.

After 10 mins, Ravi: “Ahhhh bitch take my cum.”

Me “Please not inside ahhh please, take it out” and I was trying to push but I couldn’t. He drained inside. My pussy was in pain.

Then Venu got up and said, “Aunty you are an angel that came to satisfy us. Please, let us have fun, think us like your son who wants to fuck you hard.” I got horny because of his words.

Me “Ok, Venu but that bastard (Ravi) is pointingly hurting me.”

Venu: “It’s nothing personal aunty, that’s his way of having fun.”

Me: “Okay, you be gentle, ” Venu said “Ok” and pushed his cock slowly. I was enjoying it and his strokes were nice.

Me “Ahhhh fuck Venu, ahhh, fuck your Jaya aunty ahhh.”

Then he took some coins and threw travesti istanbul them on my boobs and said “Take those coins bitch ahhhh, ahhh”, I was more aroused and took them.

I asked him to lie on me and hugged him tightly and he was licking my neck while fucking me hard, then he showed me his arm pits and licked them as well.

After some nice fucking shots he said “Ahhhh I am cumming.”

Me “I don’t matter now, ahhh, don’t take it out cum inside ahhhh.”

Then he cummed and left. I was exhausted and slept. They also came near the bed and slept on it.

Again after 1 hr, Ravi was trying to turn me. Others were also awake.

Then I suddenly got up and asked, “What are you doing?”

Ravi: “Let me see your ass”, and forcefully turned me and opened my ass cheeks and was licking it. I also liked it.

I even bend like a dog so that he can lick properly, he licked it for 2 mins and kept on spitting in it then suddenly he got up and pushed his cock Into my ass, I almost died at that moment, I cried “No, take it out please, pain is unbearable please, it’s paining”, he held my shoulders tightly, so that I can’t get out. I kept on screaming and others were also enjoying this.

Ravi: “How is this bitch is you enjoying ass fucking?”

Me “You pig, why are you hurting me, even though I was cooperating.”.

He said nothing and continue to fuck slowly after some time pain got away and I was enjoying but didn’t make any sound as I don’t want to excite this fucker.

Ravi: “Sorry, aunty I was angry before,” and he felt sad.

Me “It’s okay, just complete it” he was about to stop out of guilt.

I said “Don’t stop, fuck me in the ass, ahhhh fuck me ahhh.”

Ravi: “Ahhhh aunty you are the best ahhhh.”

Me “Call me whatever you want and fuck me like whatever you want.”

Ravi: “Ahhhh, bitch fuck you, ah I will tear your ass today, ahhh.”

Me “Yeah go on, ahhh, tear it ahhh, but don’t stop fucking.”

Ravi then cummed inside and fell on me. I turned towards him, and he kissed me passionately. I liked it. I hugged him and kissed them.

Me: “Tell me now what I am?”

Ravi: “You are a prostitute who fucks for 5 RS”, he was aroused, and he threw coins on me and he slept on me.

After some time I felt horny again, then I took all their cocks one by one in my mouth and woke them up by sucking hard.

Venu: “This bitch is still not satisfied come on, let’s fuck her.”

Then Venu got up and took me in his hands and started fucking me in air. Then Suri from the back pushed his cock in my ass. It was heavenly, being fucked by two cocks at a time, then Venu cummed and Ravi got in his place and fucked hard. After sometime both cummed inside. And I was completely exhausted. And we all slept in the same bed.

Ravi woke me in the morning around 7 o’clock and they said they had to leave.

I said “Give me your phone numbers.”

Ravi: “No, we will suddenly surprise you whenever we want.”

And they asked me to suck their dick before they leave,

I happily said yes and sucked them all cummed inside my mouth and I wontedly swallowed. And was licking every drop from their cocks. Then I said “Now I had my best breakfast” and they all laughed.

And they left, and I woke up in the evening.

I freshened up and cleaned the room until I could not walk properly even because of ass fuck. But I kept on thinking about when they would come back.

Days went by and I was back in my life again. After 8 days, suddenly the bell rang in the night and I knew they had come and I ran towards the door, opened it and they surprised me to see 4 people. Suri wasn’t there, Venu & Ravi, along with 2 unfamiliar faces. I understood and said “Come inside.”

Ravi kissed me and hugged.

Venu: “It’s been a long time aunty are you ready.”

Me: “I was waiting for you guys, what took you so long?”

Ravi: “These guys will join us today.”

Me: “Can I handle this many?”

Venu: “Don’t worry aunty you can.”

Me “Ok then boys do you know me?”

New guys “You are a cheap prostitute who will satisfy us today,” I was aroused again.

Me: “Then what are you waiting for, come on.”

Then all of them lifted me into the air and took me to the bedroom.

You know what happened next.

I had many sessions like this afterwards I even forgot how many people fucked me. As my neighbours got suspicious, I had to change my house. And now I stay at a house near the highway, where many times I would stop lorry drivers and get fucked by them for money. But I would charge more.

And I got pregnant many times but couldn’t stop guys fucking me from not cumming inside me.

This is my legacy. I enjoy it till date. Now also some old lorry driver who paid 50rs is waiting for me to fuck me.

Ok, by now I had to satisfy them.

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