An Airport Voyeur’s ExperienceAn Airport Voyeur’s Experience


I was traveling back to Cleveland through Columbus from Nashville. My Nashville flight was on time and I had a long layover in Columbus on the way back. So I went back through security and looked for something to eat. When I got back to the security line i was fortunate enough to be 3 people behind an absolutely gorgeous woman (in my opinion!). She was wearing a light blue two-piece business suit and a white silk button-down blouse with tan pantyhose and blue heels. Her hair (long blonde but pulled back, conservatively) was impeccable. Shiny, well groomed. The skirt was on the ‘short side’. I’d say it was about 5 inches above the knee.She was definitely a business woman on the road. She carried a black shoulder briefcase and had to run her laptop through the xray.i watched carefully as she removed her shoes going through the xray. She obviously worked out; probably a runner, because her legs were shapely with strong calves and slim ankles. When she balanced to remove her shoes, the almanbahis şikayet muscles of her thighs rippled when she steadied herself and I felt a quiver when I was able to glimpse a good 9-10 inches above her knees when she bent to replace the shoes, once past the security post.I decided right there and then that I was going to follow her to see where she was headed and yes; I wanted to watch those legs as LONG as I possibly could!She walked down the concourse and since I had almost 2 hours to kill before my flight, I figured, ‘wherever she goes, I’m going, too’. I walked behind her on the moving walkway and watched her calves flex with each step and the muscles of her thighs ripple, as well. I strained to see if I could sense panty lines beneath the fabric of her skirt – but could see none.I guessed her to be in her late 30’s, maybe even early 40’s. She caught quite a few glances by men walking the opposite way. She was one of those stunners who snapped heads around. a classy almanbahis canlı casino woman who was dressed well and had, in my opinion, great legs.I kept my distance so as to not be too suspicious. I doubt she ever really sensed anyone was following her. As the walkway ended I saw her stride off, glance at her watch and pick up her pace as she headed for her gate. My first reaction was, ‘damn, she’s late for her flight and this is all that I’ll see of her’. I continued to follow and saw her stop at a gate area for Continental. When I arrived at the gate area I looked at the sign above the desk and saw that the flight was headed to Sacramento via Chicago. a closer look revealed that the flight was running late. it was to have left at 1:45 pm and was now delayed to 2:20 pm. this meant i had at least 30 minutes to enjoy the ‘scenery’.I tried not to be too obvious, but I scanned the gate area to see where she had gone. she settled in the middle of a row to the right of almanbahis casino the gate and, as (good) luck would have it, there were open seats opposite her, as well.Again, I tried to be nonchalant about it and worked my way over to the seats across from her. She was settling in, putting things into her brief case and reaching for a book in the side pocket.As she sat, her skirt had slid up a bit more on her thighs but her legs were carefully pressed together – at least for the moment. There was a slight gap as the material stretched across her legs, but not enough to see ‘heaven’ clearly. I settled in and grabbed my newspaper from my own briefcase and opened it – pretending to read it as I stole glances every few seconds at her legs.She seemed totally unaware of my presence and read her book slowly and methodically. and finally, lifted her right leg and crossed it over her left. Yes, I saw it. I was looking up at the right time and had a much better view of her thigh as she crossed her leg. I could also see slightly below her crossed thigh – and strained to see between her legs, but, of course, couldn’t – at least not yet. Nonetheless, I could feel my excitement growing and sensed my cock hardening beneath the fabric of my silk boxers.

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