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An Agreement Between Brothers ~Carefree children playing in safe neighborhoods. ~Fourth of July community picnics and block parties. ~Friendly neighbors that gave you that good all American feeling. Josh and James lived in a small rural town that was the ideal image of Suburban America. Their parents didn’t mind the hour and half commute each day, because they believed it kept James and Joshua from all the big city corrupting influences. After all, everyone knew how wholesome small town life could be. During the winter of Josh’s 12th year, he was hiking between his house and his best friend Freddy’s house. He was out enjoying the snow when suddenly he had a call of nature. He tried to scrambled back to his house and pee but the heavy snow was slowing him down. He had to pee, and pee now! So he immediately stopped and whipped his dick out to pee right there in the snow bank. Josh sighed in relief as the pressure began to reduce its self. He grinned as he started to write his name in the snow with pee. The whole time he was peeing though he felt like someone was watching him. Just as he finished making the “H” in Josh, the boy heard a girlish giggling behind him. He turned without putting his dick back in his pants to see where the mysterious giggling was coming from. Josh was surprised to see his thirteen-year old next door neighbor Sarah, smiling at him from the wooden deck of her house. He’d seen her around but never really paid that much attention to her. From the look on her face she was paying close attention to what Josh was showing between his legs. Sarah waved him over to her house. What Josh didn’t know was that she was extremely horny, a total slut, and her parents were away at work. Josh had a bigger dick than other boys she’d played with from school, and wasn’t about to let him get away. She was about to pounce on the poor unsuspecting boy. She became addicted to sex because of the older brother of her best friend. She was invited to go with her best friend’s family to their beach house. He introduced her to sex when she was twelve last summer, and fucked her silly for two weeks. Making her totally addicted to getting fucked. Josh was embarrassed, but also noticed how sexy she looked. He started to harden up. Sarah smiled. “Come inside and I’ll warm you up.” she giggled. Josh’s shocked stare changed to a smile as they shared a mutual, lust filled look between them. Josh’s cock grew instantly hard as he bounded through the snow, his hard cock leading the way to the stairs up to the deck. Josh stood panting at the open sliding glass door as Sarah gently grabbed a hold of Josh’s cock and pulled him inside her house. Several lust filled hours later of Sarah fucking Josh’s brains out, Josh headed back home. His head in a daze after what just happened to him. He headed back to her house the following day and the two continued to fuck all day long, The following Monday back at school Josh and Sarah announced to all their friends they were now officially dating. Sarah spent a lot of time teaching Josh all about sex and how to please her. Before long Sarah had him servicing her whenever, wherever and however she wanted. They were having sex before school, at school, and after school. She even had Josh sneak out of his house and into her bedroom to have sex with her after everyone had gone to sleep. If she wanted sex, she got it. As time went by, he learned to give it to her long and hard, or anyway other way she wanted it. By the time Josh was a senior, Sarah had conditioned him to fuck her at least once every few hours. He was constantly late to classes as a result and his grades suffered. It was only because of his winning personality and the fact he was the star player and captain of the school’s State Championship basketball team that he managed to not to be held back. Josh was never completely sure if it was genetics or the fact he was constantly fucking Sarah since the age of twelve but he was proud of his ten inches of thick fuck meat. Sarah couldn’t get enough of it in her. His balls were the size of extra large eggs and never seemed to run out of cum no matter how much he fucked his girlfriend. Each load was always as big as the first one of the day, and more often than not, left her leaking out his teen juice as if ten guys had just finished with her. So when Sarah broke the news to Josh that she was moving away because her parents were moving due to a great job offer, Josh was obviously devastated. Last week Wednesday, they spent the whole day in bed fucking, a long hard good bye, then the next day Thursday, she was gone. Josh was not prepared for the hell that awaited him. After six years of having access to a pussy he could fuck, anytime/anywhere, he knew he had been spoiled. Over the course of the next few days he jacked off as often as possible, but it just wasn’t giving him the satisfaction he desperately needed. It just wasn’t the same. As the days passed he began to notice signs and symptoms similar to what a severe drug addict might report ranging from bouts of depression and anxiety to sudden loss of coordination, and the ability to think clearly which even got him thrown out of two school basketball games after getting into fights. Within a week Josh couldn’t think straight. His mind had gone blank except for an overriding need to get off in a tight, warm hole. Every attempt to woo one of the girls from school ended in disappointment. They were all either afraid of his huge dick, waiting for marriage, or didn’t want to date a guy who’s just about to graduate. They couldn’t expect anything long-term to develop. Josh even tried Craigslist only to nothing but flakes and last-minute cancellations. After a second long week of no pussy Josh started to get really desperate. He tried to hookup with the gay guys at his school, but unfortunately the lame pickup lines which had failed on the girls, also failed on the boys who thought he was either setting them up for a prank or simply pulling their chain. Friday of that second long week Josh arrived home from school and found his parents packing suitcases. “Hello sweetie! Kisses! Your father and I are going to a conference, your father has to cover for a colleague who’s sick. We’re leaving right now, you’re in charge of your brother James for the weekend.” Mom said in a blur. “Can’t we get a babysitter? I love my brother but there’s no way I’m staying here all weekend watching him. Besides, don’t you think he’s old enough to be on his own? He gets straight A’s, he’s smart enough to know how to take care of himself!” Josh said desperately. “We don’t have time to get a sitter, this is last minute, y’know. James will be home any minute and until he’s 13 we can’t technically leave him home alone…not overnight. Anyway, here’s $50 for pizza and snacks for you two and $50 for helping us out. Grab that case for me and follow me to the car.” Dad said hurriedly. With a few last minute instructions on emergency numbers and other parental worries Josh’s parents left for the airport. They promised they’d be home by the time the boys were home from school Monday. Josh sank into the couch and pouted for a few minutes, brooding over his misfortune. This weekend is going to be a total washout…how the FUCK is he going to find himself a girl if he can’t even leave the house without towing James along. Josh flicked the TV on and found he was watching an infomercial selling women’s exercise equipment…quickly getting hard at the sight of women in gym shorts he began to channel surf: –Woman cop arresting someone. –Slutty teenage girl on some ‘trailer-trash’ talk show. –Crime drama about a girl who was raped. –Commercial with some women soaked in sudsy water washing a car. “Holy fuck, even the TV is against me!” Josh groaned almost in pain as he was trying to will his cock to go back down but found himself unable to do anything but start groping himself through his jeans. He was just unzipping his fly to have a quick jerk-off when he heard the front door open. “Mom! What’s for dinner?” 12 year old James hollered out as he came bounding through the front. “Mom?! Mom?! Mo�oh, hey Josh.” James was surprised to see his brother home. “Where are mom and dad?” James asked with a questioning look as he came into the living room. “Abandoned us, some conference. I’m in charge till they get back Monday afternoon. How was school, you ace that Math test?” Josh replied. “Of course. How was your day, did you avoid failing your English exam?” James replied mockingly. “Barely, heh, I don’t know what we need to know that stuff for. When am I gonna need to know that shit outside school?” “Yeah, you’ll do fine. Someone’s gotta dig ditches, right? Ha!” James giggled at his big brother. “Fuck you, I ain’t diggin no ditches. Who wants to go to college to become an accountant or something.” Josh said in a huff. “Just work your way up from stockroom to management. That’s what grandpa did. I have my sights set on Wal-Mart. Couple years working there and I bet I could be an assistant manager…who knows, some day I could run a whole store.” Josh said proudly. “That’s it, set your goals high. That’s what you get for having a girl friend like that. All worked up over losing a girl. What did you see in her anyway? She had NO personality, no brains, just tits.” James said mockingly. Oooah, fuck yeah she had tits.” Josh moaned as he openly rubbed his hard crotch thinking about her. “Your such a freak. And quit grabbing yourself, it’s gross!” James said in disgust as he watched his older brother grope himself. But Josh’s open display of rubbing himself did have an effect on James as his little boy cock started to harden up. James suddenly snapped out of his stare. “Hey are you watching anything good here? I’ve had the urge to hookup the PS3 and play the new GTA 5. Lemme go get it from my room.” James said eagerly as he ran upstairs to his room to grab his Playstation. While upstairs, James took off his school clothes and stripped down to his underwear. It was Friday and the start of the weekend, James had learned years ago that if he didn’t have to leave the house he didn’t have to wear clothes when he was home, then he wouldn’t have to do laundry as much. And James HATED having to do laundry. He hated doing chores in general. In this house he was in charge of laundry and doing the dishes. While Josh just had to do errands for their mother, like shopping for food and stuff. Life was so unfair! Josh had headed into the kitchen to get a snack when James came running down the stairs in just his underwear, his arms full with his PS3 gear. He quickly hooked up the consul to the big screen TV in the living room, then threw down a body-length pillow on the floor to lay on in front of the huge flat screen and started up the game. Josh headed back to the living room from the kitchen with a bag of chips while drinking a glass of water. As he rounded the corner and came into the living room he suddenly found himself unable to swallow the water, his dick jumped to attention at the sight before him. There was his little brother, naked except for a pair of tight white briefs with a print of Spongebob Squarepants on them grinning back at him. Josh’s view looking at his little brother from behind was breathtaking, in Josh’s case literally as he struggled to swallow that water. He’d never looked at James in this way before. Or maybe it was just the serious withdrawals he’s been having from the longest sexual ‘dry spell’ he’d ever had since he started puberty. He could see the tight fabric stretched over those mounds of flesh, underwear that seemed at least one size too small for James. The little bulge where his little brother’s balls were right underneath. Straddling that body-length pillow, James looked like he was waving and taunting his ass at Josh. James was only 4′ 11” compared to Josh’s 6′ 1”, and whereas Josh was something of a lean jock with a somewhat thin, yet muscularly toned body, James was scrawny. But James had a smoothness to him, and appeared to have no body hair except for the short-to-medium length light brown (borderline dirty blonde) hair that he kept cut in the same style as Josh. His little brother always seemed to copy him when it came to style. Josh realized how much his brother’s face looked like his own. He could almost confuse his brother for a younger version of himself, except that James had a smaller frame and lacked muscle tone with a smoother, almost feminine quality. Josh grabbed his dick through his jeans and squeezing hard, his cock getting desperate for release. He didn’t even seem to notice he’d dropped the glass of water and the bag of chips he was holding, all he could focus on was the cute little ass being waved right in front of his face as his brother played that game. Josh felt hypnotized as he stood there staring at his brother’s ass as it wiggled and twisted on that pillow. It wasn’t until he happened to look down that he saw his own pants were now down to his knees and that he was now openly jacking off right in the middle of the living room right behind James. “Wha�oh fuck!” Josh said suddenly as he tried to turn to get out of there. As James heard his brother swear he twisted his body to look back and was shocked to see his brother seemingly tripping over his own pants and falling face-first into the seat of the couch, on his knees. James had seen his brother in his underwear from time to time but never thought to ‘look’ at him…his older brother was more like furniture or parents…not really a person so much, just there. James slept on the second floor, the same floor as his parents while Josh got the ‘in-law’ semi-apartment in the basement. James never thought it was fair but for some unexplained reason their parents had built that suite in the basement right about the time he started dating that horrible “Sarah girl” from next door. Looking at Josh on his knees, his naked ass exposed and his mammoth ten inch cock dangling down, drooling pre-cum towards the floor, was making James feel strange inside…like butterflies were in his stomach and he found himself getting a hard again like earlier. James started to unconsciously hump the front of his briefs against the pillow underneath him as he found himself unable to peel his eyes from his brother’s cock as his Josh twisted around and tried to unsuccessfully pull his pants up over his ten inch cock. “Ugh, flashing that thing around could put someone’s eye out!” James said breathlessly, fighting the urge to smile as his cock became fully hard underneath him. “S-ssorry. I um, well these jeans must be loose because they just slid down and I tripped.” Josh said quickly in response as he tried to conceal his hardness under with his hands as he sat on the couch. “Your still a freak.” James giggled but then he got serious as he paused his game. “Hey, uh, this is a little embarrassing but can I ask you a question?” James continued hesitantly. “Uh…sure.” Josh said a bit embarrassed at being caught with his hard cock out. “How did your dick get that big? I’ve seen some porn on the interweb and even those guys don’t have anything like that. Is that a family trait?” James asked curiously. James was starting to get hopeful that maybe getting all these embarrassing stiffies at awkward moments might be a worthwhile annoyance if he was destined to have a cock like that. Surely he’d be popular with the girls if he was even 2/3rds as hung as that when his time came. “Heh, thanks. Yeah, it started really getting big around fourteen and reached almost full size at fifteen. Hang-in there and you’ll catch up. I was only about five inches when I was eleven like you.” Josh said reassuringly. “I turned twelve two days before you turned eighteen, that’s why we have our birthday parties at the same time each year, genius.” “Fine Brainiac, how big are you at twelve?” Josh said in a teasing fashion as he pulled out his hard monster cock again, waving it at his brother. “Seriously, do you want to know my dick size?” James paused then choked out. “I mean, uh, ok.” Josh grinned as he watched James roll off the pillow he was laying on, get on his knees and shuffle over to the couch. Josh then lifted himself up onto the couch, pulling his SpongeBob undies down and off and letting them hang off his right foot. His boy cock sprang up as he presented it for inspection as he felt strangely close to his brother at the moment. Josh hadn’t actually realized what he was getting himself into but suddenly his dick was harder than steel. His balls were aching for release. It was so bad it actually felt like a dull constant pain, his cock discharging pre-cum like the prelude to a flood as his little brother`s body was now so close to him. Looking at James’ 4.5″ stiffie, “cut” like Josh’s own dick and the same shade of pink at the head…he lifted his ass off the couch and kicked his pants and boxers off. As soon as his dick was free it sprang back so fast towards his stomach, like a loaded spring, that a glob of the pre-cum that was gathered around the head of his dick actually flung back and struck him in the eye just has his dick made a wet ‘slapping’ noise against his tight abs. “Christ on a crutch! OW!, goddammit!” Josh shouted as he reacted to the stinging cum now in his eye. “Oh My God! To funny!” James said giggling. Josh tried to rub the pre-cum away from his eye but as he slowly reopened it he could see tiny bits of cum on his eyelashes he had to pull off because it was still blurring his vision in that eye. Josh was a little embarrassed at first but when Josh looked over at his brother’s laughing face, and stiff dick he realized he’d completely broken the ice with his little brother. Just then the dull ach of his balls and the intense throbbing in his dick regained control of his brain and pushed his better judgment to the backburner. “We’re brothers, right buddy? I mean, brothers can do things with each other and it’s ok because we’re bothers, right? I mean, if you wanna touch it I won’t tell anyone.” Josh said in a more serious tone. James was pensive for a minute considered the offer. Josh’s dick looked almost like his own forearm but with a drooling head at the end, yet something about it was calling his name, drawing him in like a cobra swaying to hypnotize it’s prey or something. “You sure it’s OK?” James said hesitantly as Josh gave him a reassuring nod. “Go ahead, we’re bros” Josh said with a lust filled look in his eyes. James slowly extended his hand out and gently took his brother’s dick in-between his index and pointer fingers and his thumb, then gave a light squeeze, marveling at how silky smooth the skin felt. And also how it felt so hot, he thought his hands would catch fire. “Yyyeeeeeeeaaaahhh, thaaat feeeeels sooo goood bro.” Josh moaned out as he felt his little brother grasp his cock for the first time. Feeling braver and with curiosity fueling escort izmit his motions, James wrapped his whole hand around his brother’s dick, the ends of his middle finger and his thumb were only quarter an inch from being able to meet after wrapping around the massive dick. James realized that the dick seemed to be a little thicker there in the middle where he’d grabbed it as opposed to either end. As he squeezed the dick and lightly dragged that skin up and down in tiny jerking motions, his older brother suddenly groaned and flinched. “OOOOOOHHHH FFFUUUUCCCKK!!!!” James was startled as Josh’s whole body convulsed for a second and his older brother’s arms and legs went stiff as boards. James looked to his brother’s face and saw that as he slowly jacked his brother off Josh’s eyes were closed but his mouth was wide open with his tongue hanging out and drool pouring down his chin while he moaned incoherently. Equally amused and amazed James suddenly felt the sibling rivalry gene come into play as he wanted to see how much he could affect his brother. “If I lightly squeeze with one hand and move up and down like this…” James thought as he put one hand an inch above the base of Josh’s cock and the other hand an inch just under the head of his dick. He had close to six inches between his hands. James suddenly squeezed in a tight grip and began swiftly moving both his hands up and down in unison. “UUUUUNNNGH!” Josh’s eyes not only opened but they nearly bulged out of his head at the sudden change in pressure and movement on his dick. He grabbed the pillow-back of the couch on either end so tightly he risked breaking the stitches and threw his head back involuntarily bucking his hips up and down thrusting his dick in time with his little brother’s jacking. “OH, UNGH! UNGH!, Haa-aah! OH FUCK YES!” James was just beginning to feel the sexual release he’d been desperately craving for so long for weeks now. He closed his eyes certain that paradise would follow any second now. Josh felt so close to Cumming! “Hahah, wow you’re such a perv. I like playing with my stiffie too, but c’mon Josh it’s not THAT good.” James said in a dismissive tone. “Anyway, thanks for letting me play with it. I want to get back to the game, see if I can finish this mission before dinner time. What’s for dinner anyway?” James said matter-of-factly. Josh’s eyes sprang back open and his jaw dropped as he looked down to see his little brother climbing back on top of the body-length pillow and pick up the game controller. Josh was quite sure his dick had never, EVER, been this hard and this close to Cumming and then just simply abandoned like that. He could not believe someone could leave him hanging like that. Josh was just about to ask why his little brother had stopped when he realized the twelve year old had his legs wrapped around the body length pillow, his knees on the carpet in such a way that his naked boy ass was spread wide open, and aimed right towards Josh on the couch. Pre-cum started flowing out of his cock almost as hard as an actual orgasm as Josh stared at his brother’s twelve year old hole before him. James’ hole was an even brighter shade of pink than his girlfriend’s pussy, framed perfectly by those small mounds of is little pert ass. As James began wiggling around and throwing himself into the game he was playing, Josh could swear James’s boy hole was winking at him, inviting him in. “Ehem, ggrundd…” Josh said clearing his throat. “Whaaaaat?!” James whined as he continued playing his game. “Uh hey, you gotta shut that game off RIGHT NOW little MR. I have a hamper full of laundry and I need some of it for school Monday and there’s a mountain of dishes you need to wash so I can get supper ready. ” Josh said a bit more firmly, but James ignored him as he continued to play his game. “Get to it or I’ll let mom know you skipped your chores and that means your grounded with no allowance this week.” Josh said in a stronger tone, but still no reaction from James as he stroked his still hard cock in his hand. ” Move your ass! Now!” Josh finally said, almost yelling. James paused the game and turned to look back at his big brother with an angry look, still straddling the body length pillow with his naked ass still exposed and pointed right at his big brother. “What the fuck!? Calm down Hitler, what happened to Mister “brother’s do things for each other”? I thought you were going to be cool this weekend? It’s not your “time of the month” is it, Mister moody?” James said in a challenging tone. “Well I could ask you the same thing.” what happened to “brother’s do things for each other?” Josh spat back. “Meaning?” James shot back. “Fucking little prick tease, that’s what you are. You can’t just jack of a guy and then quit cold turkey half way through it like that, my balls are literally turning BLUE here!” Josh said as he nodded down at his rock hard ten inch, dripping cock he was slowly stroking in his hand. “Uuugh…so you’re saying if I just finish jacking you off I can play my game a little longer before I do my chores?” James said in sarcastic tone. “Yes.” Josh replied flatly. “Fine, deal.” James replied in a huff as he got up from his body pillow and waddled over on his knees and settled in front of his older brother, his hard little boy cock wagging as it lead the way. The 12 year old took the base of his big bro’s dick in one hand and began to mechanically jack him off. As James reached for Josh’s dick with his other hand his brother pointed to his balls. James cocked his head sideways not sure what he meant and began tickling his big brother’s balls with his fingertips. Josh smacked his little brother hand away “Here, let me show you.” As Josh bent over reaching down to James’s own balls and grabbed a hold of them in his hand as he gave them a light squeeze and applied just a little downward pressure on them causing James to mew like a kitten. “uuuuunnngh” James’ little four inch boy cock went rock hard as he smiled and quickly caught on as he tried to copy what his big bro did, but Josh’s balls are so huge that James’s hand could barely contain them. He squeezed them and started kneading them with his fingers while using his other hand to make longer strokes on his brother’s cock. “You have to get the whole length going, the head is where it’s at little bro.” Josh commanded. “I’m not going anywhere near that thing, it looks all sticky and gross.” James replied with a sneer as he continued stroking the massive leaking cock. “Do this right, or the deals off.” Josh said breathlessly. James started stroking the whole length of his brother’s dick and found that the slimy pre-cum was making it much easier to move his hand faster up and down the hard shaft while still squeezing it tightly. This went on for close to 15 minutes with little changing from Josh or his cock. Josh looked down at James and smiled to himself at the determined look on his cute little brother’s face. James was working furiously on his brother’s cock but didn’t seem to be doing anything but provide mild pleasure now that Josh was used to the sensation. James’ arms were now starting to get tired, even alternating between the hand that jerked and the hand that toyed with Josh’s balls didn`t help. James realized he wasn’t getting anywhere with the way his hand motions were working and decided maybe one ‘big push’ could do it. He got up on his haunches for a better angle and then started to squeeze with all his might, using both hands to jack his brother off as fast and as hard as he possible could. All that extra effort made him work up a sweat as the extra exertion caused him to pant like a dog, James’s tongue started to hang out of his mouth as he gasped for air. Josh smiled to himself, he was trained well by his girlfriend all those years and could hold back from an orgasm for as long as he wanted, at least when he was only being jacked off. Josh had to admit James was doing a damn fine job, but he was starting to want more. “Damn Josh! I can’t do this much longer, my arms will be so tired I won’t even be able to lift the game controller by the time I get you finished.” James whined as his arms really started to burn. “Keep going or the deal is off.” Josh said with a smirk. “Man! This weekend blows.” James whined again. “Well, hold-up for a minute.” James stopped and caught his breath while still holding on to Josh’s cock. “Interesting you mention blows…If you blow me I’ll help you washing the dishes.” Josh said in a diplomatic tone. “Blow you?” James recoiled “You mean put your cock in my mouth? Ewww! That’s fucking sick dude, no way! You piss out of that thing, it’s not clean!” James said with a shocked look. “Moron, every guy in the world, except you, has had his dick sucked at some point.” Josh said flatly. “It’s perfectly healthy and piss is sterile anyway. Girls love to suck dick, and they’re cleaner and fussier than any guy I know. Don’t tell me you’re a bigger pussy than the girls you know! Not my brother, he’s a wimp.” Josh said in a challenging tone. “H-hey now, I’m not afraid–” James countered. “–terrified more like–” Josh snickered. “–shut the fuck up–” James replied, trying to sound brave as he eyed the leaking bulbous head of Josh`s massive cock.. “–shut the fuck up? Why? Because my baby brother is…OOOooooo HOLY FUUUUCK!” Josh couldn’t believe how much he’d missed the warm, moist feeling of someone’s mouth wrapped around his cock head. James managed to get only three and half inches into his mouth and give a feeble suction like it was a cheap lollipop then pulled off his stunned brother. A continues string of pre-cum still linked Josh’s cock from James’ lower lip. “There, I ain’t a scaredy-cat and I can do anything girls can do. It’s just I didn’t want to is all…” James boasted but then said in more shier tone. “…although it didn’t taste all that bad to be honest.” Josh thought he saw James blush a bit when he made that statement. “Yeah, it wouldn’t taste bad now would it? I mean, cum is protein which makes muscle, so it’s good for you to drink-up, right? That makes sense, doesn’t it? You could use some more muscle buddy, lets face it. This is like taking steroids, gives you a jump on your schoolmates anyway.” Josh said in his most convincing tone. “You’re full of shit!” James said suspiciously but then added in a questioning tone. “Aren’t you?” “Scout’s honor.” Josh said with his best honest look. “If you start working out and drink cum regularly you’ll gain muscle twice as fast.” James still looked unconvinced. “You could even be ready for wrestling or football by the time you’re a freshman, have all the chicks swooning over you.” “Hmmph. Sooo if I suck your cock?” James deduced as he started to slowly stroke Josh`s cock again with both of his hands. “…just this once…?” James continued. “You will help me do the dishes?” James asked tilting his head sideways staring at Josh’s cock. “Yep, I’ll even scrub that pot with all the dried pasta sauce for youuuaaaaAAHH, OOOOH FUUUCK BRO!” James had gone back down on his brother’s dick but still couldn’t take more than three and a half inches in his mouth. Josh’s dick was so thick that it took up most of the room in James’s mouth. Josh knew his little brother had no clue what he was doing as James just sat there with the head and a few inches in his mouth poking at it with his tongue and occasionally applying some suction. “Yeaaah, James, that feeeeels great.” Josh moaned. “But you need to give a proper blowjob or it still doesn’t count.” Josh said breathlessly. “Well, help me out.” James said trying to catch his breath. “What exactly should I do?” James hadn’t seen all that much porn and realized he didn’t know what he was doing. “Just do what you were doing and let me guide you.” Josh said in a more serious tone. “Don’t panic if you feel me touching you or holding your head or anything like that.” “Just remember two things. One, I’m not going to let you suffocate, obviously I couldn’t explain that to mom” both Josh, and a slightly nervous James, giggled at that thought. “And two, for the love of GOD don’t let your teeth near my dick.” Josh said seriously to James. ” Cover them with your lips or tongue or whatever until you get used to having my dick in there, OK?” “OK” James replied with nervous anticipation. He leaned in and sucked the head of Josh’s cock into his mouth; getting back to where he was previously with three and a half inches of Josh’s cock stuffed in his mouth. James tensed for a moment when he felt his big brother’s fingers running through his hair, then tracing down the back of his neck to James` back. Josh used his whole hand to massage James’ lower back to just lightly tracing a finger around his little brother’s neck, while his other hand massaged James’ scalp and hair. The 12 year old was starting to feel really relaxed by the light stimulation on the back of his neck and lower back and had gotten used to having Josh’s hand on his head as he worked the top of Josh’s cock in his young mouth. Then Josh stopped moving his fingers through James’ hair and just sort-of grabbed a hold of his head and kept his hand in place while the other one continued to give a sort of backrub and neck massage. After a few more minutes, Josh slowly started to add the smallest amount of pressure to the back of his brother’s head. He was encouraged when this resulted in his brother going down to having four inches in his mouth. Josh slowly applied yet more pressure, …slowly…almost imperceptibly increasing the downward pressure on his brother’s head. James suddenly realized he now had five inches of his big bro’s massive dick in his mouth, but then Josh pulled him up off his dick. “That’s pretty good James, you had five inches of my dick in your mouth, I could actually feel my cock push against the opening to your throat and you didn’t gag.” “Oh, heehee yeah.” James giggled as he tried to catch his breath. “I don’t really have much of a gag reflex. I tried to get out of school once by forcing myself to throw up, a guy showed me you just shove a finger to the back of your throat…I did that but it didn’t do anything to me.” James said proudly. “Fuck, that’s great news for you then…because you still have five more inches to go.” Josh grinned as his cock hardened at that thought. “What are you talking about? You can’t get the whole thing in my mouth, it’s physics!” James protested as he leaned over his brother`s giant hardness.. Josh looked at his 12 year old brother, kneeling naked between his legs with his hair all messed up and a mixture of saliva and his cum glistening off his cheeks and chin. “Fuck my kid brother is really cute!” Josh thought as he started to get really turned on by the idea of fucking his own little brother’s throat with his thick ten inch cock. “Tell you what, you do what you were doing before and I’ll give you some “assistance” and I’ll bet I can get my whole dick to fit in your mouth.” Josh explained. “If I’m right then you have to keep taking the whole thing until I cum straight into your stomach. If I’m wrong then I’ll do the dishes for you. But you have to let me help you in my own way, deal?” Josh said as he tried to hide his lust filled excitement. “God, you must have really sucked at science pretty bad if you think there’s anyway to fit more than MAYBE another inch in my mouth.” James said in a mocking fashion. “Even if I try putting it in sideways or something, there’s just no way…there’s no more room in there.” James continued as he felt confident Josh couldn’t get anymore of his massive cock into James’ mouth. “But you got a deal, those dishes are going to take you an hour!” James giggled, confident he had this all wrapped up. “Ready big bro?” James said with a smirk as he put his mouth over his brother’s dick and forced it in as much as he could until he had just over five inches in. James could feel it pressing against his throat’s opening. Surely he was doing a good enough try to convince is older brother he’d lost. James felt Josh’s fingers running through his hair again and soon realized Josh had one hand on either side of his head, almost the whole back, top, and sides of his head were covered by Josh’s large teen hands. James felt the familiar light pressure building from Josh’s hands but he knew it was a last-ditch effort by is older-brother to win the bet… Suddenly, Josh pushed his ass up off the couch in a sharp upward thrusting movement, a movement that put the whole force of Josh’s 18 year old teen body’s weight into a hard thrust up into James’ mouth and at the same instant he pushed down on his little brother’s head with all his strength with both hands. “Gwwsgrgrgluggshupp” The wet gurgling sounds of surprise got stuck in James’ throat as Josh suddenly forced all ten inches of his thick, hard, cock right through the tight opening of James’ throat. The last five inches of Josh’s monster cock disappeared into James’s mouth. James could feel all ten inches go all the way down his throat, it almost felt as of it could reach all the way into his stomach, it went so deep. Josh could feel his balls swing up under his brother’s lower jaw and could also feel his little brother’s nose twitching as it was being tickled by his pubes. James’ arms began to pound on Josh’s knees in surprise with a desperate need to be freed so he could breath. But Josh just stayed perfectly still, his hips still hunched upward just above the couch, his hands pressing down so hard, that James’ nose was now actually pressing hard into Josh’s stomach at least an inch. Josh was pushing down so hard on his little brother’s head that James’ nose was starting to hurt him. “So deliciously tight.” Josh thought as time stood still, as the 18 year old savored the sensations of James’ 12 year old throat pulsating around his dick. The unmistakable death-grip of James’s throat showed that it was smaller than Josh’s cock, and that James’ throat had been stretched wider than ever before by the surprise thrust of Josh’s cock. James was furiously pounding on his brother’s knees after what seemed like an eternity to him, but in fact was only a few seconds. Josh moved one hand from the top of James’s head down to his chin while still using his other hand to keep the back of James’s head pressed air-tight to his pelvis with every ounce of his strength. Josh then used the hand now on his little brother’s chin to begin rotating James’ head left and right. This caused the boy’s 12 year old tight throat, with it’s steamy-hot moist death-grip, to actually twist and rotate around Josh’s rock hard cock. “Fuuuck bro! Sooo goood!” Josh moaned as he rotated James’ head back and forth on his hard 10 inch cock. The second Josh let go of his brother’s head, James’ throat ejected Josh’s intruding cock. James pulled his head back as he sputtered and coughed, trying to catch his breath as he held onto Josh’s knees for support Josh noticed that his little brother’s entire face was absolutely covered in a mix of thick saliva, throat juice and cum solution that was connected to his brother’s cock with many long strands of the goop. As James caught his breath he found himself sucking these juices back in and swallowing them. James realized he was enjoying the flavor of cum more and more. “Well, I know it was sneaky but technically you did just lose the bet.” Josh said with a wide devilish grin. “Now I get to fuck your throat until I cum straight into your little tummy.” Josh continued as his hard ten inch cock jumped with anticipation. “Get ready for some big-brother protein shake!” Josh said with a big grin. “What!? I’m not gonnuuuuummuggshupp” With that, Josh grabbed his little brother’s head and impaled eight inches of his thick cock deep into his James’ throat. Then Josh yanked James’ izmit escort head back up until the massive member was just barely in the 12 year old’s mouth and began to repeat this process over and over as James sputtered and coughed and gagged with each thrust, hopelessly trying to establish a breathing rhythm as Josh unmercifully skull fucked his little brother. After a few minutes of this James was able to push off his brother, wheezing like he had a bad asthma attack. “No, n-no more. My throat hurts and my knees are sore and I can’t breath. I need a couple minutes to rest-up.” “Nope, not in the deal.” As Josh grabbed his brother’s head again and lifted his ass off the couch to leverage his body weight. Josh also used his arm strength to overcome his brother’s flailing attempts to push back. Josh bottomed-out in his little brother’s throat and simply gyrated his hips as his little brother’s nose ground into his big brother’s pubes. “Oh, fuck bro! Your throat is fucking amazing, another 10 minutes just like this and I promise you’ll be drowning in cum.” Josh cried out in ecstasy. James finally regained his composure and pushed off his brother’s dick once more. This time Josh noticed his little brother’s eyes were starting to tear-up. But not from emotion of the being face fucked but simply from the force of the last thrust and the length of time he was held down. “J-josh…I….I can’t kee..up…nemore….please!” James protested. “Sorry, you made a deal. Are you going back on your word?” Josh said with an aggressive tone. “Can’t I do something else just for a few minutes. I’ll jack you off really really hard this time, I swear.” James’ pleaded. “Well, maybe you do need a few minutes to regain your strength. I’ll make a deal with you.” Josh replied. “What?” James said out of breath. “I’ll lay down on the couch and you can lay on top of me and relax. Just lick my dick up and down and jack me off slowly and play with my balls.” Josh explained. “OK?” “But in return for going easy on you and letting you get out of your end of the deal, you need to let me play with your ass.” “You wanna do what?!” James said slightly shocked. “I get to play with your ass until you get my dick back in your throat.” Josh said with a serious, almost lust filled look as James looked at him stunned. “Deal?” “You’re gross! I kinda understand the blowjob but why the fuck do you want to “play” with my rear? You can’t possibly get any pleasure out of it.” James protested. “I have my reasons.” Josh grinned. “Is it a deal or are you going to choke down my dick again right now?” James groaned in protest but stood up as Josh repositioned himself, laying down fully on the couch. James straddled Josh’s body, facing away from Josh and laid down on top of his 18 year old brother, his hard boy cock pressing into Josh’s chest and giving away that James might be enjoying it. James cupped Josh’s balls with one hand and idly licked the head of his big brother’s massive cock, he felt his brother pulling his ass cheeks apart, apparently staring at his bottom. Why? Josh felt so turned on at the amazing boy hole just inches from his face. It was the most gorgeous asshole he’d ever seen. Such a wonderfully beautiful, bright pink, perfectly round hole set in between two of the most perfect ass cheeks he`d ever seen. Josh was having so much fun squeezing and rubbing those silky smooth boy mounds. Josh sat up slightly and stretched one of his arms all the way forward, running two fingers along his little brother’s chin and face, scooping up a whole handful of saliva, throat juices and his own pre-cum. Josh then wiped his hand over his brother’s boy hole, then started rubbing his pointer-finger around the ring, toying with it. Josh then bent his pinky-finger and thumb down. He extended his other three fingers forward so that his pointer-finger, ring finger, and middle finger were in a tight formation. Sort of like a triangle with the middle finger on top, the other two fingers below. Josh was playing the three fingers around James’ hole, ready to shove them in. James felt his brother’s finger tracing his asshole and suddenly realized that he’d actually just given his brother permission to finger-fuck his hole. James quickly turned his head back to protest, but just as he was about to shout out “No Don’t!” the words stopped in his throat as Josh shoved those three fingers into his little brothers tight hole, wiggling them to try and part his brother’s pussy lips for the first time. “AAAAAAAAANNNNGGGHHH!” Josh didn’t even notice his brother was no longer attending to his cock, he was so focused on working his saliva and cum juice covered three fingers into his brother’s hole, stretching James’ lovely pussy for the first time in his life. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Yikes! Take em out Josh! Oh my got, that HURTS!” James cried out as his ass screamed out in pain in his head. “I’ll take your dick in my throat again! Just get your fingers out of me!” “Sorry James, I didn’t think it’d hurt you…maybe three fingers were a bit too much to start you off with…you’re not Sarah after all.” Josh said with a slight giggle, not really feeling sorry. “Look, I’m REALLY close. So just see if you can force yourself all the way to the base of my cock on your own and I’ll finish up and cum.” Josh replied. “OK, let’s just get this over with.” James groaned out. The 12 year old, again forced his head back down on his big brother’s massively hard cock, stretching his throat once again around his brother`s thick ten inch shaft. James noticed that it was slightly easier this time as he got use to the thickness. But suddenly he felt a finger enter his ass again. Just as James was about to pull-off to protest again, Josh leaned forward and used his free hand to force James’ head the rest of the way down his cock until the thick shaft was buried balls-deep in the boy`s throat. Josh quickly gripped the boy’s head tightly between his thighs, holding James’ head in place as he started to hunch his hips upward. At that same moment Josh’s finger found his brother’s prostate, the boy’s love button. He then began rubbing his little brother’s G-spot as Josh leaned forward and swallowed his little brothers dick. Josh worked his little 12 year old brother’s hard cock, causing amazing sensations to shoot through James’ body, pushing the boy higher and higher into sexual bliss as James relaxed his throat completely, sucking like never before on Josh’s cock. “MMMMPPH! …ssslurrp glllrop unn MMMMMPPH! …ssluurp grlosurp…” The sounds of boyish muffled moaning and slurping echoed through the living room until it happened. The most amazing orgasm rippled through both boys as they shared the most intense orgasms they’d had in months. “MMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Their bodies felt connected as wave after wave of ecstasy flowed freely between them. James felt as if his whole body was trying to escape through his dick and into his older brother`s mouth; his orgasm felt so hard as it rippled through his body as Josh continued to rub his prostate. But that thought was interrupted by the sensation of a seemingly endless and unexpectedly powerful stream of Josh’s boy batter gushing down his throat and straight into his stomach. By the time Josh was done cumming, James wasn’t sure he’d need dinner after-all as he tried to breath through his nose. Josh finally released James’ head as his little brother was able to pull off his big brother’s cock. Both boys laid slumped on the couch, both exhausted from the amazing orgasm they just shared together. The boys finally started to move as they both climbed off the couch totally exhausted when they realized it was already 7pm. They had been at it for over two hours! The boys didn’t say anything to each other as they both slowly walked to the kitchen. Josh noticing the odd feeling of having something slippery on his asshole. It made a weird but enjoyable sensation as his ass cheeks flexed while he walked. James tried to wipe all the slim from his face but his hands were equally slimy. Josh saw his brother’s dilemma and for some reason, perhaps the after-glow of a mind blowing cum, he suddenly felt more love for his brother than ever before. He had sudden flashbacks to every happy memory growing up with James. The idea that his little brother had just spent two hours choking on his dick made him feel very different than when he was simply using his girlfriend as a cumbucket….he actually loved his brother with all his heart. Josh often wished he was as organized, book smart, and goal-oriented as his little brother. No doubt one day James would be someone important and he’d just be stocking shelves somewhere the rest of his life. There were times Josh was really proud of his little brother for his work with clubs, winning awards and things he could never do. James noticed how his big brother was looking at him. He knew he should be mad because he’d basically been mouth-raped to the point of exhaustion, but he’d always admired his brother. Josh was tall, strong, stylish, good looking, and a popular athlete…James had always wanted to play with his brother and his friends but was never ‘cool’ enough. Even to this day James would copy his big brother’s hairstyle and clothes. James smiled as he remembered falling off his bike 4 years ago, wrenching his ankle and how Josh had comforted and carried him home while he cried. James was now trying to use the dry parts of his arms to get the cum and other sex-juices off his face as he and his brother now stood in the kitchen. Josh suddenly put his arms around his brother’s waist and started kissing his neck, working his way down to James’ shoulder, then his little brother’s neck, then licked his ear and even nibbled on James’ earlobe. Josh pulled back breathing hard as the two brother’s stared lustfully at each other. Then Josh stuck out his tongue and started licking the slim from his brother’s chin, then cheeks. As Josh did this he moved one hand down to his little brother’s ass, easing a finger into James’s hole while his other hand grabbed the back of James’ head, holding him still while Josh explored his 12 year old brother’s mouth with his tongue. “mmmmmmmmm” James moaned as he enjoyed being kissed and sucked along his neck and face, his dick got hard again as it poked into his big brother’s now raging erection. He was taken aback at first when he suddenly felt a finger toying with his hole and his brother apparently giving him “mouth to mouth”, but his inhibitions faded fast as he wrapped his arms around his older brother and kissed him back, their tongues dueling as they tasted the flavor of their spent cum together, both swallowing their remaining drops. When they finally separated, Josh stared down into his brother’s deep, soulful eyes as James stared up into his older brother’s eyes. Suddenly they both were on the verge of tears and hugged each other tight. “I’m sorry about everything tonight. You know I love you, right?” Josh said lovingly as he held his little brother tightly. “Nah, it wasn’t so bad.” James said, trying to be strong. “I was kinda starting to like it…almost.” Josh smiled to himself. They held each other tightly but pulled back and looked lovingly at each other. ” I-I-I love you too big brother.” James smiled through teary eyes as they leaned in slowly and kissed passionately. They kissed for another few minutes, standing naked in the middle of the kitchen, their hard cocks pushing against each other. The brother’s finally stopped kissing and smiled at each other. They turned and looked at the sink and realized there were enough dishes in the sink and on the counter…and on the kitchen table that it would take an extremely long time for one person to finish them off. Then Josh remembered he left a bowl downstairs in his basement bedroom, and there was the cup he’d dropped in the living room. (fuck, he hope it didn’t break). For the next 20 minutes they washed dishes naked at the kitchen sink, mostly in silence but occasionally flicking water or soap bubbles at each other, on the verge of giggle fits. Then Josh accidentally put a stack of already washed plates back in the sink with the dirty ones. “HEY! THOSE ARE CLEAN YOU DORK!” James grabbed the spray nozzle, spraying his older bro as Josh tried to avoid the stream of water, soaking his naked body as they laughed. When the dishes were stacked and done they cleaned up the water they’d sprayed all over the kitchen, and dried themselves off. Josh grabbed a big bag of chips and new fresh glass of water and the brothers headed back to the living room. Josh sat on the couch with his bag of chips and new glass of water to watch his little bro play some well-earned game time with his PS3. “Damn! It must have come unplugged!” James got on his hands and knees and reached behind the TV checking the cables that plugged into whatever had come undone earlier. Josh was gulping down some water, trying to replenish his fluids when he suddenly noticed his brother’s exposed hole, now glistening with the lube from the fingering he gave James earlier…and the water got stuck in his throat again. “Fuck! Look at that hole!” Josh thought “I have to have that hole! Whatever it takes!” Josh decided right then and there that his brother’s ass was going to be his new personal pussy, just like Sarah had been. He wouldn’t need to worry about getting another girlfriend because he’d have access to his brother almost 24/7…if he could just find a way to make it work. James finally fixed the cables and settled back down on the body-length pillow, the one he loved to lay on so much while gaming, his hot 12 year old boy pucker now exposed and wiggling in front of Josh. “Turn the game off James, I want to watch TV.” Josh said in a firm tone. “Fuck you, I’m not turning anything off.” James said, not turning his head as he continued to play his game. “I earned a some game time, I think you understand me when I say “earned” don’t cha? Ha!” James said mockingly. “No, the deal was…you have to do the dishes, which are done, but also five loads of laundry and it’s already 8pm so you’ll be doing that till 1am. While your doing the laundry you can vacuum the carpeted floors, mop the kitchen and bathroom and oh mom said yesterday, if you remember, that you needed to wash all the first-floor windows inside and out.” Josh said with an evil grin. Josh paused the game and whipped his head around “What?! It was just the laundry! What the hell’s with all this extra shit?!” James complained. “I’m dead tired, I don’t even know if I can play this game for much long before I crash.” “Sorry, I really am, but you know the house rules. You need to get at least a couple loads of laundry done and a couple floors cleaned tonight. Saturday night you can stay up till 1am doing the rest of everything. We have to wake up early Saturday morning so I can get the food shopping done for next week. Sunday we have church so no sleeping in then either but you’ll be able to play video games after the church picnic is done late Sunday afternoon.” Josh said with a devilish grin. “WHAT!? The floors!? I never do the floors!? And there’s no way I’m doing any of that extra crap! And you never make us do church when mom and dad are away either?” James complained. “Lets just sleep in and fuck that church picnic! I know you don’t need me to go shopping either, let me sleep in tomorrow. Pleeeease!” James begged. “Rules, buddy. You know them and I don’t make them. I really think that we need to go to church, we haven’t gone much lately and I’ll be able to tell mom how good you were that you went. Plus what would mom think if I told her I left you alone while I was shopping? I’m sorry, but between all those chores and the things I need us to do around the house, I don’t think you’ll get much sleep or have any time to enjoy your weekend or your games.” Josh tried to say with out smirking. “But what about everything we just did together? I mean, doesn’t that sort-of buy me a free pass?” James said sounding a bit sad. “Not by a long shot. You agreed to just get me off one time in return for help with one chore we did together. You worked your throat sore for that one chore.” Josh said with a serious look as he tried to bluff his brother. “Well, let me see if I get this right: Each time I get you off, the more chores I get out of?” James said in a hopeful tone. “Well, I’ll make one offer and only one offer.” Josh replied “OK, what is it?” James said reluctantly. “You can either spend the rest of the weekend slaving on chores and going with me on boring errands, and neither of us sleep in Sunday…it’s church functions all day AND we volunteer if they need help cleaning up after….OR…?” “I hate to ask…” James said with a concerned look. Josh took a depth breath for this next part, not sure how his little brother was going to take it. “Be my sex-slave for the weekend. I don’t mean like an actual slave or anything like that, but any time I get hard, I can just walk up to you and use your mouth or ass however I want.” Josh said as he started to stroke his monster. There was a noticeable sexual tension in the air as the two brothers stared at each other for a moment as they both started to breath heavy from their growing excitement. “You can’t say no or tell me to stop or else the deals off. You have to do EVERYTHING! And act as if we never had the deal.” Josh said in a more husky voice. James’ boy cock was now rock hard and standing at attention as he took in what his brother was saying. “I mean it, I get to do anything I want with your mouth and your ass, as many times as I want when my cock gets hard for the rest of the weekend.” Josh said in a lust filled tone as his hard 10 inch leaking monster flexed in his hand. James didn’t say anything for a moment as he unconsciously stroked his boy cock as he took in all that Josh had just said. “Well, as rough as it was at first, my throat eventually got use to it but it was just too much for too long and I got sore. You really hurt my ass at first too. But when you only used one finger… I don’t know what you did but it was amazing.” James shuddered as he remembered his amazing orgasm that Josh had given him. “Sooo I guess letting you fuck my throat and finger my ass again wouldn’t be so bad?” James reasoned to himself. “I’ll agree to your terms, but only on two conditions: First, I get at least one hour to recuperate between fucks. And second, no sex-session goes on more than two hours. Break either condition and you do all my chores and you don’t get to touch me ever again.” James said breathlessly as he also continued to slowly stroke his leaking boy cock. “Well, that sounds fair. Lets shake and make it official.” Josh said as he reached his hand out to shake as he sat on the couch. James walked over and they shook hands, the ones they had been using to jack off with during their conversation, the pre-cum on their hands mixing as they did. Bonding them once more. “Ok, it’s official. If you make it the whole weekend as agreed, then I’ll skip school Monday and do all your chores and we get to sleep in Saturday and Sunday…AND…you can do anything you want around the house whenever you’re not servicing my cock.” Josh said with a wild grin. “Agreed big bro!” James was happy, thinking he’d finally get to play his games now…not realizing the fun was only just beginning. James went back to his position on the body length pillow, his naked, wide spread ass again obscenely on display for his big bro. As James un-paused the game and began to play again he suddenly he felt his ass cheeks being parted. James tensed up and gritted his teeth in anticipation of what he thought was going to be an unpleasant finger-fuck. But instead his eyes shot open with surprise and he let out a izmit kendi evi olan escort long high pitched boyish moan. “aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!!” Josh suddenly felt something warm and slimy on his hole and realized his brother was licking his ass! Josh started by sticking his tongue all the way out, then running it in one long lick all the way from the back of James’s balls up to his tight boy hole. After a few licks, he then started to probe his little brother’s hole with his tongue, forcing it in at least an inch and adding to the little bit of fluid which lubed it earlier. “mmmmm…uuuuunnngh…aaawwgggwwaadd…hhhuuunnh…”James was whimpering and mewing like a cat in heat as Josh repeatedly stabbed and fucked James’ hole unmercifully with his tongue. Josh finally eased up his attack on James’s loosened sphincter as he stood up and walked away, leaving James feeling completely open, limp, and relaxed on the body length pillow. James slowly recovered, trying to catch his breath from the tongue fuck that he just received from his big bro. James was slightly disappointed, but also a bit relieved his brother had apparently lost interest with his ass and he could finally get back to playing his game. But what James didn’t know was that Josh was preparing for something more. Josh went around the house makes sure windows where shut and curtains drawn. He even checked the locks on all the doors, making sure they were locked. Then he turned on every TV, radio, or other noise-making device in the house. He went down to his bedroom in the basement and got the hand-lotion he used as lube when jacking off, since real lube was way too expensive until he got a job. Returning to the living room, Josh approached the sprawled out, video game playing boy. “Hey, I hear the sound on this game is real good. I’m gonna turn it up loud, ok?” Josh stated as he procedded to turn up the volume on the TV until the ambient noises and music of the video game made it hard to hear even his own voice, especially with the echoes of all the other radios and TVs and things he had playing throughout the house now. Josh then kneeled behind James as he squirted some lotion on his hand, smearing it all over his brother’s rear-end. “UUUUNGH!” James squealed as the cold lotion made contact with his sensitive ass. Josh continued applying the lotion/lube to his little brother’s ass until his whole backside was slick. Then he applied more onto his fingers and proceeded to slide one finger inside the 12 year old, which caused James to grunt. then moan uncontrollably as he tried to concentrate on his game. “uuuungh…aaaaaggh…mmmmm…gwwaaad…” James continued to moan under his breath as he tried to ignore his brother’s molesting finger. But Josh didn’t let up as he continued to tap and rub his little bro’s prostate unmercifully with his finger. Josh then started to lube his throbbing dick with his other hand. Josh suddenly inserted two more fingers into James, twisting them around, forcing more lotion deeper into the boy. “AAAAAAWWWW FFFUUUUUCCCKKKK!” James howled as Josh repeatedly removed his three fingers to apply more lotion, then quickly shoved them back in. Josh repeated this until he was sure there was enough lotion inside his bro so that he knew his ten inch monster wouldn’t do any real harm to James. Josh kept finger fucking James until he started to fell his little bro start to push back slightly. Josh knew James was starting to get used to his three fingers. Josh pushed in deep, keeping his fingers buried deep inside the boy as he leaned over his brother and whispered into his ear. “James, just remember that I love you.” Josh said breathlessly into James’s ear over all the background noise from the TV. “You won’t think so in a minute, but I promise that 15 minutes from now you’ll be thanking me, begging me for more. But in the next couple minutes you’ll hate my guts.” Josh could feel a shiver ripple through James’ body as his little bro anticipated what was about to happen next. “I turned all this stuff on so it would drown out any screaming you needed to do. You know how at the ocean, you can either tippy-toe into the frigid water and you feel the cold pains as you slowly inch your way in and it’s agony for like an hour? You know how we always decide to just jump in and “deal” with the intense full-body cold for a few seconds so that we acclimate faster?” Josh said excitedly in James` ear. “Uuunngh, oh…fuck you don’t mean you’re going to add a fourth finger do you? I know you can do what you want with my ass, but three fingers….uuungh…ooofffuck…seems bad enough! Oh god! don’t put them in so deep!” James whimpered, begging his big bro. “No, not a fourth finger…” Josh said almost in a whisper. “…oh thank god…” James said slightly relieved. “THIS!” With that, Josh withdrew his three fingers, causing James to grunt. He then lined his dick up with his brother’s well stretched and lubed boy hole. Putting one hand on each of his brother’s shoulders, pinning him down onto the full length body pillow, causing James` ass to arch up perfectly to be fucked. Josh raised his hips up all the way in the air, holding his spear like monster in place as it hovered over it’s target while sharply tugging back on James’ shoulders to stop him from moving. “What are you doing?” James said in a panic as he tried to look back but couldn’t. Then Josh unceremoniously slammed his hips downward with all the force his muscular 18 year old body could muster, combined with natural gravity pulling all of his body-weight down. Josh’s ten inch, abnormally thick, 18 year old cock split his 12 year old brother’s cherry ass, and in one fast motion buried himself balls-deep. Shattering James’ cherry forever and holding it there for almost a full second before the overtaxed connections in James’s brain had a nuclear meltdown. James’s mouth was open in a silent wail. Just like how a fighter jet passes by you as it breaks the sound barrier and it takes a second for the sonic boom to hit you. Josh knew James was going to eventually scream. While Josh held his dick deep in his brother, luxuriating in the unimaginable tightness of the silky walls of his baby brother’s guts….James let out a guttural scream, a primal screech that threatened to shatter glass. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! James clenched onto the game controller he was holding as he began to sob uncontrollably. Josh then raised his ass, withdrawing his dick until only the head remained, then again, with all the force he could muster, he shoved it as hard as he could. Grinding his pelvis into his brother’s ass so hard, Josh though they’d permanently flatten the body pillow underneath them both… Each long-dicking his brother gave him was like a sucker-punch to his gut, knocking the breath out of his lungs. After about 5 or 6 of these brutal assaults Josh figured his brother’s ass had been well and truly opened up and the hard part was done now. Josh let go of James’s shoulders and wrapped his arms around his brother’s upper body in a sort of spooning hug, laying his body on top of his brother and holding his dick up his ass. Josh started to kiss his little brother’s neck and the side of his face whispering sweet words of encouragement. “You did well bro, you took my cock.” Josh moaned. “I love you so much little bro.” Now that the assault was over and hearing the sweet loving words coming from his big bro, James felt the initial shock and pain was wearing off. And he began to hold back the tears better and tried to regulate his breathing. James retreated into his own mind, taking a mental assessment of the state of his own body. His asshole had generally gone numb, but other than a general sensation of slight stabbing pains in his guts and some cramping, James felt he was regaining control of his body again and even tried flexing his ass and stomach muscles. The shock had completely wore off now, as did the numbness he felt in his guts. He quickly returned to reality and turned his head to his brother, wiping away the tears with one of his hands. “What the hell just happened, I feel like I fell off a ten story building. My insides hurt worse than when I broke my arm two years ago. What did you just do to me?” James said out of breath. “I’m sorry about the pain.” Josh whispered into his ear. “I tried to warn you but you’ll see that it was worth it for you as much as it is for me.” Josh said as he kissed and licked some of James’ remaining tears away. “Worth it? What the fuck could be worth this much pain? Don’t pretend this was for me you selfish fuck!” James spat back with a bit of anger in his voice. Josh began to move his hips back and forth just ever so slightly. Causing his monster dick, which was buried balls-deep inside the boy, to move about an inch in and out of the boy’s ass very slowly. “Yeeeah, ooof fuck yeah! Ok, so I did it for me…but you’re getting something from this. You’ll see in just a few minutes I promise.” Josh moaned, as the sensations of James’ tight, clenching boy pussy washed over him. “Unhff, Ungghff…ah, fuck. I can feel you moving around inside of me! It’s like you’re almost up in my chest! Oooawwowow. What do you ughnphhh ahharrrgh. What do you mean I’m going to get something from this?” James panted as the monster cock re-worked his 12 year old insides. “A pussy.” Josh panted in James’ ear. “A boy pussy. You’re getting a brand new cunt. Uuungh! Trust me, you’ll have more fun with your pussy than any video game. I guarantee that by next weekend you’ll the one offering to do MY chores if I’ll fuck you.” Josh grunted as he slowly increased his fucking speed. “Aahhh, uh slow down! No, don’t speed uuuuaarghpp! Fuuaauuaaccckk!” James moaned out as Josh started to move his hips faster and faster. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The sound of wet flesh slamming into wet flesh echoed through the living room, it even drowned out the blasting TV volume. Josh was fucking his 12 year old brother’s boy pussy now with fast, regular motions with about an eight inch range of motion. As Josh wildly fucked his 12 year old brother, he once again began kissing his brother’s neck, nibbling his ear lobe and licking him randomly. Aside from guttural noises one would expect, James didn’t say anything for almost 20 minutes. He just laid there with his eyes shut letting himself be fucked. Eventually, an evil grin crossed Josh’s face as he realized that when his hips were raise at it’s highest point and eight inches of his monster cock were withdrawn from James, James’s ass was raising almost an inch off the pillow, trying to push back. James was learning to fuck back. Encouraged by this, Josh pushed in deep the pulled out of his little bro. He then got up off his brother’s back and sat back, kneeling behind him, he then lifted his brother up into doggy-style position. Josh quickly pushed his monster cock back into James and began to furiously fuck him again. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “Ohhhaoaaaa, fuuuuckk mmmeeeeeee!” James moaned out like a bitch in heat. Hearing that first admission of pleasure from his little brother caused Josh to almost blow his load. He knew it! His brother was his now. Josh slammed hard into his little bro, burying it balls deep into the boy. “Oh fuck, did you say something?” Josh panted as he held his cock in place, sweat starting to drip off his face. “aaaaaghh…yy-yea�yeah I did.” James whimpered. “Fuuuckk, offghh! Fuuuck MEEE HARDER!” James cried out with lust. “Fuck you harder?” Josh withdrew his dick until the tip of his penis rested at the gaping entrance of his 12 year old brother’s formerly virgin hole. “But you’re a boy, how can I fuck you? You don’t have a pussy do you?” Josh said as he teased James` hole with the tip of his bulbous head. “Fuck I feel so empty right now!” James mewed. “Uuungh! You were right! I take back everything I said…this is so much better than those shitty computer games!” James continued to moan out in protest. “What else slut?” Josh commanded. “I want you to fuck me like this every night until we die of old age! Now just fuck me already!” James begged as he tried to push his ass back, trying to capture his big brother’s cock with his gaping ass. Josh pulled back every time in a teasing manner. Not letting Josh have his hard monster. “Not until you tell me where to fuck you.” Josh said with a devilish smirk. “Whaaat?” James groaned. “Unh…in my pussy?! Fuck my pussy hard and cum in me Josh!” James begged like the boy slut he was now transformed into. “and…?” Josh continued. “I want you to shoot gallons of your boy cream up inside me…if I was a girl I’d want you to try and get me pregnant…now do as I say and fucking FUCK ME!” James cried out, begging to be fucked. “Well, if you insist little bro. But now I’m the one getting tired so you need to do the work.” Josh chuckled as he moved James off the full length pillow and laid back on the carpet, putting the body-length pillow behind his head and waited with his lotion-covered dick pointed towards the ceiling. James stood up in a lust filled daze, his ass dripping with his ass juices as he straddled above his older brother`s monster 10 inch cock. The two Brother’s gazed into each other’s eyes as James slowly squatted down on Josh’s cock and took it completely into his new favorite toy…his newly made boy pussy. “ooooooooooooo…fffffuuuuuuuuucck…” Both boys moaned as James easily bottomed out on his big brother’s monster ten inch cock. They stayed motionless for a moment as James and Josh enjoyed the sensation of being connected. “Fuck yeah little bro…UUUNGH!…ride my cock!” Josh grunted lustfully as his 12 year old brother started to slowly bounce on his brother’s dick. “Ride your big bro’s fuck stick!” “aaawww gwwaaaddd…I looove your cockJosssshh…” “Your boy pussy…uuuunngh…is mine…fuck I’m gonna breed your cute ass…uuuunnggh!” Josh watched the amazing sight of his hot 12 year old brother riding his cock, with a lost look of pure lust and desire on it. Josh couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed the back of James’ head, pulling him down and shoving his tongue inside James` mouth. “mmmmmmppphhh!” Josh held his brother tight as he took over the fuck and started plunging his hips up into his young bro, fucking wildly upward. Josh felt so close to cumming. James pulled off from the kiss and started licking Josh’s face while being pumped. His head bouncing from the hard fuck he was getting from Josh. “Fuuccking Breed my boy pussy big bro!” James whispered lustfully in Josh’s ear. “shiit…uuunnggh…I thiiink I mmmight… Bee cuuuming Jooosshh! Ooohh Ffffuuuuckk AAAAAGGHH!” James moaned into Josh’s ear as James started firing shot after shot of his own boy cum all over Josh’s chest. This finally pushed the 18 year old over the edge. “OOOOOOO FFFUUUUUCCCKK UUUUUNNNNNGH TTTAAAAKKKEEE IT SSSLLLUTT!” Josh cried out as he started to unloaded the largest load of cum in his life. He’d had some huge loads before with Sarah but this one felt more like his cum was literally pissing into his brother. His heavy balls unloading jet after jet of his 18 year old teen sperm, flooding his little brother’s insides. Millions upon millions of sperm on a suicide mission. James and Josh stayed locked together as wave after wave of their joined orgasm washed over them. Both boys grinding and humping together as they joined as one. Sharing themselves. After a few amazing minutes of shared bliss the boys finally came back down to earth. “Fuck Josh, you were right. Thanks for showing me…my pussy.” James said giggling, still slightly out of breath as they started to kiss tenderly like the lovers they now had become. “My pleasure bro. You have the best boy pussy every.” Josh smiled as he flexed his deflating cock inside James as they kissed again. “uuuuuggghh sooo nice!” Josh moaned out, laying still, almost totally spent, while he watched James stand up and off his sensitive, and slightly deflated 10 inch cock which was now covered in his own cum with the tiniest amount of blood from the rough taking of brother’s cherry. The amazing site of his massive monster cock sliding out of his 12 year old brother took Josh`s breath away. James now stood over his older brother, feeling the flow of Josh’s cum flowing out of his insides, then streaming down and dripping off his balls and pooling on his brothers chiseled washboard abs. Josh moaned at the warm sensations falling onto his stomach, aroused beyond words by the fact that he’s just taken his 12 year old brother’s cherry, and bred his pussy. Making it his for the taking, anytime he wants, from now on. The brother’s beamed at each other as they shared the moment. “Well, I’m taking a shower and I suggest you take one as well but I suppose I’ve forfeited my right to tell you what to do this weekend, haven’t I?” Josh chuckled. “I have no regrets big bro.” James smiled down at Josh. Josh reached up and wiped some cum from his brother’s gaping ass, brought it up to his mouth and licked it clean from his fingers, then pulled his brother on top of him as they swapped the cum between them. The brothers stroked and fondled each other as they kissed passionately again. Both of them now lost in a sea of absolute pleasure. “OK horny boy, I need to shower.” Josh said as he stood up, then pulled James off the floor. Josh headed upstairs and took a quick shower….well it would have been quick. But he replayed the events of the night back in his head and quickly got hard and tried to jack off again. Try as he might, even after 40 minutes of jacking off with shampoo for lube, he couldn’t get even close to cumming. He decided to wait until the hour was up and claim round two. As Josh left the shower James entered the bathroom. The brothers gave each other sexy looks but held off from jumping one another. They both respected the one hour rule. James hopped in the shower and washed the cum and saliva off his face, stomach, and legs. James then easily slid three fingers into his now stretched open boy hole, He was a little worried at first but was surprised that there was essentially no blood in the cum from his ass so at least no damage was done. He decided he liked the feeling of having all that squishy sperm up inside him so he didn’t completely clean out his hole. After he toweled off, Josh put on a fresh pair of Sponge Bob undies. He then decided to go to his bedroom and get some sleep. Walking into the hallway he saw his brother still standing there in his sweat pants. But with a massive tent in it.. “It’s already been an hour.” Josh panted as he rubbed the massive bulge in his sweat pants with a look of determined lust in his eyes. James smiled as he took in his big brother’s hard cock. The feeling of being tired didn’t even cross his mind now as he felt his body suddenly shudder. “Yeah, an hour is way too long,” James grinned as his boy cock instantly grew hard as it stretched Sponge Bob’s face on the front of his underwear. Josh tore off his own sweatpants and walked over to his brother, his hard 10 inch cock and huge balls leading the way. He yanked his brother’s undies down to his knees. With one hand he grabbed both of his little brother’s wrists and pinned them against the wall above his head. With his other hand he pressed his brother’s chest to the wall. James turned his head to look back at his lover, his brother. Without any preparation, Josh lined his cock up with his brother’s still-loose hole. As Josh’s dickhead broke the seal of his bro, his last cum load mixed with lotion began to ooze out and down, coating his cock and even running down to his huge balls, dripping and pooling on the carpet below. As Josh began to thrust into his brother he realized the next few years of his life would be the best anyone could hope for. And he knew his little brother felt just the same. An agreement made in heaven. “Ffffuuuuck mmeee bro!” Comments: ail Don’t forget to donate to Nifty. Help keep these stories free and available! Support Nifty!

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