Amy Meets EricAmy Meets Eric

Anal Fucking

Amy nervously walked down to Eric’s room on the eighth floor. When she reached it, she knocked. “Yes?” came a voice from inside. “It’s Amy from upstairs,” she replied. Eric jumped up from his bed, and hurried to the door. He unlocked it and opened it partially. “Oh, hi,” he said with his head peeking around the door. “Why are you here?” “I heard about your little… sessions with Mona,” she grinned. “I was thinking you could give that treatment to me.” Eric couldn’t believe his ears. The hottest girl that he knew, wanted to fuck him. He opened the door further to let her in, and that was when she saw why he hadn’t opened it completely at first. He was naked, and his erection was throbbing. She eyed his dick up and down, thinking how it now would be within almanbahis her soon. Amy closed the door and locked it, then pushed Eric onto his bed. “You’re so fit,” she purred. “And from what I hear, a very good teacher.” Eric didn’t reply, but instead grabbed her nice, curved ass. He held on to it as they kissed, tongues clashing in their mouths. Amy ‘s small hand grabbed his seven inch cock and started to jack him off. He pulled away from the kiss, so he could attend to her perky tits. Eric noticed her thong showing just above the waistband of her miniskirt. He grabbed it and pulled it down. Amy squealed with delight, then assisted him by slowly pulling her thong down to her ankles. Amy knelt on the floor and took Eric’s cock into her mouth. She almanbahis yeni giriş licked the head of it teasingly, causing a little pre-cum to come out, which she licked up while loving every moment. She shoved his cock into her mouth, the full seven inches slightly choking her as her reward. It wasn’t the biggest she’d had, but it wasn’t far off either and it matched her small size perfectly. Amy moved Eric’s hand down to her pebble hard nipple, telling him to play with it. He started off by circling it, then squeezing it, causing her to moan. Eric groaned as he shot a massive load of cum into tiny Amy’s mouth. She couldn’t hold it all and the milky excess flowed generously from both corners of her mouth and down between her beautiful tits. Eric almanbahis giriş pulled Amy to her feet and bent her over his desk. He slammed his still rigid cock inside her freshly waxed little pussy. She screamed loudly at the sudden penetration, which was sure to attract the other residents of the floor. Eric continued to ram her, his cock glistening from her cum and spit. Pulling out momentarily, he came again all over her ass before easing his cock back into her yet again. Amy pulled away and got down onto the floor. Eric moved quickly on her cue, kneeling behind her as she raised her ass higher for him and beckoned him to fuck her doggy style. His hands slid up her slender waist, past her heaving ribcage, before stopping at her throat, which he grasped tightly. Amy writhed in semi resistance, as her ability to breathe was at his mercy. Eric’s body tightened as he readied to release more cum inside her, but Amy pulled away quickly and turned around so she could suck his cock again.

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