Amy joins a Sorority Ch. 02Amy joins a Sorority Ch. 02


Sorry for the delay on this one, I was distracted with other projects. As always let me know if you want to see something and I’ll try to work it in.

All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you enjoy!


The dirty blonde haired girl smiled in the mirror, looking at her naked body, fresh out of the shower. Her B-cup breasts with small nipples hung high on her chest and her shaven mound was ready for whatever Stephanie needed her for today. Amy turned around and gave her ass a soft smack and dressed in leggings and a college shirt before leaving her dorm room and walking to the sorority house.

On the short walk, she wondered what Stephanie wanted. After the short walk, Amy opened the door and went inside, quickly finding Stephanie sitting at the table in the dining room, the same one where Amy had been interviewed.

“What’s up?” Amy asked the brunette, who still kept blonde streaks in her hair.

“You know how spring break is coming up? Well the sorority was planning on taking a little cruise.” Stephanie answered.

Amy felt a smile appear on her face and excitement grow in her chest, “And?”

Stephanie smiled, “Well, there is one last spot for you, but being new you need to prove you have what it takes to go with us.”

Amy frowned, “You mean my initiation wasn’t enough?”

Stephanie shook he head “When this sorority goes somewhere together, it can be a crazy time. I want to make sure you can take whatever is thrown at you.”

Amy nodded, “Okay… so when are we doing this?”

Stephanie smiled, “Now. Let’s go downstairs and do this.” Stephanie stood and led the way to the basement and Amy followed. Amy felt worried about what was in store for her. She had already pushed her limits for the initiation. That was the first and only time Amy had to take a bottle in her pussy and had been fisted. Stephanie opened the door and motioned for Amy to go into the dark basement. Amy did so with Stephanie following and reaching the bottom, the older woman flipped the lights on, revealing what appeared to be a shallow, but empty pool. It was about 6 feet on each side. There was a variety of cabinets around the room and a door next to one side of the pool.

“Undress.” Stephanie simply said, already pulling her shirt over her shoulders, revealing her C-cup breasts and small, pink nipples. Amy quickly removed her clothes and soon, both women stood naked in front of each other.

“Now what?” Amy asked.

Stephanie gave Amy a small smile, “Lay in the middle of the pool and put this blindfold on.” Amy nodded and walked into the center of the pool. Stepping in it, Amy could feel that there was a layer of oil on the floor of the pool. Amy stopped in the middle and sat down, tying the blindfold over her eyes. The oil coated the back of her legs, her ass and her pussy mound.

“Lay back!” Stephanie ordered, her voice coming closer. Amy frowned, but did so, feeling the oil cover her hair and back. Amy felt her legs be spread apart and then felt Stephanie begin to feel her body. Stephanie’s hands left streaks of oil over her breasts and stomach. Amy’s nipples hardened at Stephanie’s touch, before Stephanie worked her hands down to Amy’s clit.

Amy let out a soft sigh as Stephanie began to rub her clit using her thumb. Stephanie continued to stimulate the newest member of the sorority, making sure she was sufficiently wet. After several minutes, Stephanie stopped and asked, “Ready to get started Amy?”

Amy smiled, “Bring it on!” Internally, the young woman was actually nervous about what was about to happen to her. This worry went away when Amy heard a low buzzing noise. It’s just a vibrator she thought to herself, before feeling the familiar sensation of a magic wand pressed against her clit. Amy let out a soft moan of pleasure, enjoying the sensation of the vibrator on her clit. Suddenly, a different buzzing sound filled the room and Amy was confused at first. Suddenly, she felt Stephanie’s fingers spread her pussy lips and slide a smaller bullet vibrator into her. Now Amy was being stimulated by two different vibrators at the same time.

Almost instantly, the 18-year-old began to moan loudly, both her g-spot and clit being stimulated at Ataşehir Escort the same time. Amy felt her overstimulated pussy begin to ooze juices, coating the bullet vibrator inside her as well as some of them oozing out and covering the end of the magic wand.

Amy felt Stephanie grab the top of her blindfold and pull it down over her neck. Amy pushed herself up on her elbows and watched, continuing to loudly moan from the stimulation. Both her own naked body and Stephanie’s were shiny from the oil. Stephanie’s hair was back in a ponytail, but some oil had gotten on it anyway. Stephanie held the magic wand over Amy’s clit, sometimes some of Amy’s juices drip off of it occasionally.

Amy cried out in pleasure as she came. Her white cum coating the bullet vibrator inside her as well as the magic wand over her clit. As Amy’s orgasm subsided, Stephanie turned off the magic wand and placed it on the side of the pool of oil before saying “I’ll be back in a sec.” Stephanie stood and walked to the other edge of the pool, looking for another toy while Amy laid back, still enjoying the sensation of the bullet vibrator inside her. Amy’s moans lowered in volume and soon the teen was simply breathing heavily.

After a minute, Stephanie returned, a large, black strap on dildo toed around her hips. It was about 10 inches long and 2 inches wide, made of a hard plastic. “Ready for this?” Stephanie asked as Amy sat up. Amy nodded as Stephanie laid on her back, the strap on pointing straight into the air. Amy stood up, feeling some of the oil begin to run down her back and stomach, coating her whole body in the shiny liquid.

Reaching inside herself, Amy pinched the bullet vibrator in her hand and pulled it out of herself. Her fingers were coated with a mixture of her white cum and juices, both of which also coated the vibrator. Turning it off, Amy placed it on the edge, next to the magic wand, before making her way back to Stephanie.

Stephanie smiled as Amy kneeled over her, the younger girls shiny body ready for more use. Amy rubbed her clit for a second before sliding the tip of the fake cock inside herself. Just taking the tip was hard for Amy, having tightened back up since her last session with Stephanie. Amy slowly began to bounce up and down, taking about half of the length inside herself. Once again, the petite teen began to moan loudly as she rode the toy. Her cum and juices coated the part that had been inside her and began to ooze down the rest of the length.

Stephanie enjoyed watching Amy’s B-cup breasts and small nipples bounce as she took more and more of the toy inside her. Stephanie smiled as Amy sank down once more on the toy, now taking about 6.5 inches of it. Let me make this easier for you love Stephanie though as she thrust her hips upward, forcing the remaining 3.5 inches inside of Amy. Amy squealed as she felt herself get stretched by the toy, buried to the hilt in her snatch.

Stephanie lowered her hips and smiled, seeing Amy’s fluids coating the whole length, some of them dripping onto Stephanie’s stomach. Amy resumed bouncing on the dildo, quickly sliding the whole length in and out of her dripping pussy. Soon, Amy worked her way to another orgasm, leaning forward, her face just above Stephanie’s. Amy’s pussy clamped down on the large toy, trying to milk it for cum, while coating the length with her own cum.

Once her orgasm subsided, Amy sat back up and was breathing heavily. “You surprised me there!” She said, slowly sliding up and down on the now black and white strap on.

Stephanie smiled, “Sometimes a surprise is a good thing right? Now let’s switch it up a bit.” Stephanie began undoing the strap on and Amy got up off of it, her pussy lips hanging open slightly from the use. Once removing the strap on, Stephanie hands it to Amy, who looked slightly puzzled.

Stephanie smiled, “Your turn to use that on me. It’s only fair after what I did to you.”

Amy nodded, putting on the strap on. Stephanie got on her hands and knees, her ass shiny from the oil. Looking back, Stephanie teasingly wiggled her ass from side to side. Amy kneeled behind her and used one hand to grab Stephanie’s hips, and the other to slide to Ataşehir Escort Bayan fake cock into Stephanie’s tight mound.

Stephanie gasped at the penetration but smiled and began to slide her pussy up and down on the toy. Amy’s juices and cum coated Stephanie’s pussy lips as the sorority leader let the newest member slowly fuck her with the strap on. Amy went slow at first, trying to get used to the thrusting sensation.

After several minutes of Stephanie doing most of the work, Amy grabbed Stephanie’s hips and began to thrust hard. Stephanie cried out in surprise but allowed Amy to fuck her hard and deep. Amy watched as Stephanie’s face was contorted in pleasure as the fake cock rammed deeper and deeper inside her with every thrust. After taking most of the toy, Stephanie’s moans were becoming louder as she neared orgasm.

Amy pulled out most of the way before giving one hard thrust deep inside Stephanie, who let out a loud squeal as she came. Stephanie’s pussy took the whole 10 inches of the toy, Amy’s hips rubbing against Stephanie’s toned ass. Stephanie’s juices began to coat the toy, mixing with Amy’s and splattering against Amy’s thighs as it dripped out. Stephanie looked back at Amy, who was sweating from both riding the fake cock and now using it to fuck Stephanie. Amy slid out of Stephanie and noticed that her pussy now hung open slightly, similar to Amy’s.

“Your first time using a strap on?” Stephanie asked.

Amy nodded, “Yeah. It took a little getting used to.”

Stephanie nodded, “Well you did a pretty good job. Now take it off. And I’ll tell you why we had to do this in the oil room.” Amy began untying the strap on, while Stephanie explained, “So, remember in your initiation when you were in my room and I fisted you?”

Amy laughed, “That was pretty hard to forget. I had never been fisted before.”

Stephanie smiled, “Good point. Well this next part is a chance to get back at me. This is a chance for you to prove that you have what it takes to come with is. If you can’t beat me… well that’s something, I’ll deal with if we get there.”

Amy frowned, “Can you explain, I’m confused.”

Stephanie nodded, “It’s simple. You have to pin me and get your fist in my pussy, while I try to do the same to you.”

Amy nodded, “So like wrestling, but slippery and sexual.”

Stephanie laughed, “Yeah. Anyway… let’s get started.” With that, Stephanie and Amy began to grapple, both slipping around in the lube. Stephanie giggled as they did so, clearly enjoying the fun. Amy was more serious, doing this so she could go on spring break with the sorority. After several minutes, both girls were sweaty and oily, slipping out of the other’s grip easily. However, Stephanie grabbed onto Amy’s breasts, squeezing to help get a better grip. Amy slipped trying to pull away, and fell to the ground, bringing Stephanie down on top of her.

Fuck! Amy thought, trying to squirm out from under Stephanie. Stephanie knew what Amy was trying to do and fought against it, reaching back and quickly finding Amy’s pussy. Balling her hand into a fist, she pushed her knuckles inside of Amy, who cried out in surprise, pain and pleasure. Stephanie’s fist caused a splattering of juices to be forced out of Amy’s pussy. Leaving her hand inside the younger woman, Stephanie rolled off and laid between her legs.

Amy sat up and looked at the fist buried up to the wrist in her loosened pussy. She sighed then asked, “So what now?”

Stephanie smiled, “Well there is one toy… it’s extra-large. You have to take it… all of it.”

Amy frowned, “I’ve already had 12 inches inside me, can it really be larger than that?”

Stephanie smiled, “Well, just wait a few minutes and I’ll be here with it.” Stephanie pulled her hand out of Amy and stood, walking away to the corner of the room and opening a cabinet. Amy watched as Stephanie pulled out a large, realistic cock, about 14 inches in length and 3 inches wide. Holy shit! That’s way too big! Amy thought as Stephanie walked back over with it.

“Follow me.” Stephanie ordered and Amy followed, oil dripping off her sweaty and naked body. Stephanie opened the door near the pool and walked Escort Ataşehir inside turning on the lights. It was a bathroom with a large tub. Amy placed the suction cup base on the floor and made sure the oversized toy was secured to the floor.

Amy looked at it in shock, “I have to take that…”

Stephanie nodded, “All of it to the base.”

“Is there anything else I can do?” Amy asked, worried that she would fail this and not be allowed to go on spring break with the others.

Stephanie shook her head, “Everyone else had to do this before their first spring break with us.”

Amy sighed, clearly there was no use in trying to argue with Stephanie. “Do I at least get lube?” She asked.

Stephanie again shook her head, “Just your natural lube.” She said, motioning to Amy’s dripping pussy.

Amy nodded and began to try to go to work. She rubbed her pussy, coating her hand in oil, cum and her juices, before rubbing the head of the dildo with them, trying to lubricate it as much as possible before trying to take it. Satisfied with her work so far, but still worried, Amy stood over the oversized toy before collapsing down on it. Just taking the head caused her to cry out, as her pussy was stretched wide on the toy, causing Amy to moan loudly. Amy then lifted her feet off of the floor, using her bodyweight to sink down further on the toy. She let out a squeak as she sank down about 4 inches, now taking about 6 inches in her pussy.

Stephanie watched and began to rub her clit watching Amy struggle to take the toy. I wonder if she actually can Stephanie asked herself.

Amy began rubbing her clit and trying to ride the large toy, crying out each time it slid deeper inside her, as she was stretched wide and deep. Amy felt herself begin to cum on the toy, her pussy clenching it, causing her cum and juices to slide down the shaft. Despite her feeling of being filled completely, Amy smiled, that should help me take it.

Amy began to bounce up and down on the toy, feeling herself become sore from the size. Each time it slid deeper inside the 18-year-old, Amy felt like her pussy would explode. Her cum and juices ran down the length as her body became sweaty from her workout of riding it. Nearing another orgasm, Amy looked down and saw she was taking almost 10 inches of the toy. Holy shit! That’s a lot inside me… and a lot more to go!

Amy stood up completely off of the toy, looking down at it. Most of it glistened with her cum and juices, while the rest of it was only wet where they had dripped down. Amy gritted her teeth and collapsed down on the toy, feeling about 12 inches of it sink inside her. Amy screamed in pleasure and pain as she came. Once again, her pussy clamping down on the toy, forcing her cum out of her. Amy began riding with renewed vigor, seeing she only had 2 inches to go. Every time it slid into her depths, Amy cried out from the impact against her cervix. With her hard work, Amy’s pussy slowly stretched to new limits, gradually yielding and stretching around the hard plastic.

After another 10 minutes of work, a very tired and sore teen sank down onto the toy one last time, her pussy finally taking the whole length. Mouth open and breathing heavily, Amy turned and looked at Stephanie, who smiled. “Great job! I knew you could do it. Let me help you off of that!”

Amy reached down and grabbed Amy’s hand. Amy quickly slid off of the toy, the whole length now coated in her cum, a small puddle of sweat, juices, cum and oil surrounding the base of the toy. Amy’s pussy felt empty without being filled by the oversized toy. Stephanie leaned down and said, “Damn girl. Your pussy is really elastic!” Amy looked down and saw what she meant. Amy’s once closed pussy now hung wide open, her pink walls easily visible. Her normally pale pussy lips were red and swollen from overuse.

Amy smiled weakly, “Good thing right.”

Stephanie smiled, “After that I think you deserve the sorority to pay for your cruise!”

Amy smiled wider, “Really?”

Stephanie nodded, “Yeah. We’ll figure out rooms and stuff when we get closer but for now think about all the guys you’re going to be hooking up on spring break while you get cleaned off.”

Amy gave a small laugh, “No guys yet. I need to rest for a bit after that.” Then the 18-year-old turned on the shower and began washing the cum, sweat and oil from her body. Stephanie did the same, both to herself and the toy. The whole time, Amy smiled at the thought of her free trip with her new friends and partners.

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